Who Was John F Kennedy

Author: Yona Zeldis McDonough
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101639948
Release Date: 2004-12-29
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

The man who saved the lives of his PT-109 crewmen during WWII and became the 35th president fought-and won-his first battle at the age of two-and-a-half, when he was stricken with scarlet fever. Although his presidency was cut short, our nation's youngest elected leader left an indelible mark on the American consciousness and now is profiled in our Who Was...? series. Included are 100 black-and-white illustrations as well as a timeline that guides readers through this eventful period in history.

John F Kennedy

Author: Hourly History
Publisher: Hourly History
ISBN: 9781520656007
Release Date: 2017-04-05
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

John F. Kennedy is the president that everyone knows. He was a rich man’s son, an athlete, a war hero, a ladies’ man, an author, a president, his face rendered forever young because the last time Americans saw him, he was riding in a convertible in Dallas, his glamorous wife at his side. Then the bullets struck, and the assassinated president became a legend, the truth of his life obscured by his tragic and untimely death. But JFK had more depth to his character than the magazine covers indicated. Inside you will read about... ✓ No Irish Need Apply ✓ War and the Kennedys ✓ Kennedy in Congress ✓ Kennedy for President ✓ Kennedy Women ✓ The Presidency And much more! The rich man’s son was the grandson of Irishmen who knew what it was to be denied jobs because Irish weren’t welcome in Boston. The athlete suffered from poor health all his life, from a bad back to Addison’s disease. The war hero whose PT-109 boat became part of his campaign legend was the son who survived; elder brother Joe, flying on a secret mission, was killed for his heroism. The ladies’ man loved his wife, but fidelity was not a concept revered by the Kennedy men. The Pulitzer Prize that he was awarded for Profiles in Courage should have gone to the person who actually wrote it. In 1963, death in Dallas ended his first term as president, bringing an end to the optimism that he inaugurated when he narrowly defeated Vice President Richard Nixon in the 1960 election. But the Kennedy legend, like Camelot, lives forever.

John F Kennedy

Author: Alan Brinkley
ISBN: 1410449645
Release Date: 2012-01-01
Genre: Large type books

Author Alan Brinkley presents an assessment of John Fitzgerald Kennedy as a new kind of president, offering a full picture of the man, his times, and his enduring legacy.

John F Kennedy

Author: Peter J. Ling
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134713257
Release Date: 2013-10-30
Genre: History

A lively, concise and cutting-edge biography of one of the towering figures of 20th-century history. Of all the US presidents of the post-Second World War period, John F. Kennedy is the most clearly idolized. There is a well-documented gulf between the public’s largely positive appraisal of this glamorous historical figure and professional historians’ skeptical and mixed evaluation of a president who had only a foreshortened single term in which to make his mark. What made JFK the man he was? How does he fit into the politics of his time? What were his policy goals, how did they shift, and how far did he manage to advance them? What was the Kennedy style of governance? Why was he killed and how can we explain the unprecedented outpouring of grief that his death elicited? How has his memory evolved since 1963? Acclaimed biographer Peter J. Ling explores all these important questions, sifting and synthesizing the prodigious mass of Kennedy scholarship to provide readers with a fresh and strongly contextualized portrait of the man and his presidency. John F. Kennedy will be essential reading for students of modern American history and anyone else seeking to understand the political and private life of America’s best known president.

Who s Who in the JFK Assassination

Author: Michael Benson
Publisher: Citadel Press
ISBN: 0806514442
Release Date: 1993
Genre: History

A comprehensive guide to information on the assassination of President Kennedy features detailed entries on the 1,400 suspects, victims, witnesses, law enforcement officials, and investigators involved

A Nation Of Immigrants

Author: President John F. Kennedy
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 9781786258564
Release Date: 2016-03-28
Genre: History

President John F. Kennedy’s final book, A Nation of Immigrants, is a most worthy and relevant contribution to the contemporary debate on immigration reform. Throughout his presidency, John F. Kennedy was passionate about the issue of immigration reform. He believed that America is a nation of people who value both tradition and the exploration of new frontiers, people who deserve the freedom to build better lives for themselves in their adopted homeland. This modern edition of his posthumously published, timeless work—offers the late president’s inspiring suggestions for immigration policy and presents a chronology of the main events in the history of immigration in America. As continued debates on immigration engulf the nation, this paean to the importance of immigrants to our nation’s prominence and success is as timely as ever.-Print Ed. “In this book, President Kennedy tells us what immigrants have done for America, and what America has done for its immigrants. It is one of the dramatic success stories of world history....It can stand as a testament to a cause President Kennedy cherished, and which we should carry on.”—ROBERT F. KENNEDY

John F Kennedy A Biography

Author: Michael E Meagher Ph.D.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9780313354175
Release Date: 2011-07-22
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

This biography examines the life and political career of a president whose idealism and policies continue to impact the world today despite his brief time in office. • Includes rarely seen materials from Kennedy's books, writings, speeches, and meetings with advisors • Provides a historical chronology of John F. Kennedy's life from the emergence of the Kennedy family in the early 20th century to his assassination in 1963 • Includes historical maps, such as a map of Germany in 1961 • Contains numerous photographs of the parents and family of John F. Kennedy and Kennedy himself throughout his life • A bibliography lists major primary and secondary sources on Kennedy and his times

The John F Kennedy Assassination

Author: Sylvia Engdahl
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC
ISBN: 9780737758474
Release Date: 2010-10-29
Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction

This essential volume examines the historical events leading up to and following the J.F.K. assassination and controversies surrounding the event, including the validity of the official account of the shooting and the subsequent decline of faith in government. Includes personal narratives from people who experienced the event at home and abroad.

John F Kennedy the promise revisited

Author: Paul Harper
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group
ISBN: UOM:39015014189883
Release Date: 1988
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The introduction looks at Kennedy as president and as politician, and establishes the two realms, myth and substance, in which the subsequent examination of Kennedy's life and career will be conducted. His presidency is then divided into the broad categories of foreign policy and domestic policy. Within these categories the suceeding chapters touch on the major controversies and conflicts of the Kennedy years in office, from the question of his religion, which clouded the candidacy, to his final days in the White House. The essays use events of the presidency as a means of reflecting on Kennedy the man, the Senator, and the candidate, as well as the President. Nothing is taken at face value, not Kennedy's liberalism, his support of minorities, nor the wisdom of his economic measure or his foreign policy decisions. All are scrutinized for the reality that often has been obscured by the popular myth. Along with the more widely noted issues, such as the communications "flap" over the "vast wasteland" reference, there are chapters on lesser known but nonetheless important issues, such as Kennedy's management of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and his handling of relations with India. A brief concluding section sets the Kennedy presidency within a frame of two others, those of Truman and Reagan, yielding insights into each.

Prelude to Leadership

Author: John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
ISBN: UOM:39015037862631
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A diary written during the summer of 1945, when the future president was a twenty-eight-year-old reporter, shares Kennedy's insights into postwar Europe

John F Kennedy

Author: Robert Dallek
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199813414
Release Date: 2011-01-04
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Robert Dallek's masterful John F. Kennedy: An Unfinished Life was a number one national bestseller, and it remains the most widely read one-volume biography of the 35th President. Now, in this marvelous short biography of John F. Kennedy, Dallek achieves a miracle of compression, capturing in a small space the essence of his renowned full-length masterpiece. Here readers will find the fascinating insights and groundbreaking revelations found in An Unfinished Life. The heart of the book focuses on Kennedy's political career, especially the presidency. The book sheds light on key foreign affairs issues such as the Bay of Pigs debacle, Khrushchev's misguided bullying of Kennedy in Vienna, the Cuban Missile crisis, the nuclear test ban, the race for space, and the initial dealings with Southeast Asia, especially Laos. It also highlights the difficulties Kennedy faced getting a domestic agenda passed, from a tax cut to spur the economy, to federal aid to education, Medicare, and civil rights. Dallek reveals the thinking behind Robert Kennedy's appointment as Attorney General and convincingly argues that Kennedy would never have expanded the war in Vietnam the way that Lyndon Johnson did. The book also addresses questions about Kennedy's assassination and concludes with his presidential legacy and why he remains so popular despite serving only a thousand days in office. Based upon the definitive biography, John F. Kennedy offers readers a concise, authoritative, and highly readable life of one of our best-loved presidents. Acclaim for John F. Kennedy: An Unfinished Life: "One of the most engrossing biographies I have ever read.... Nothing less than a masterpiece." --David Herbert Donald, author of Lincoln "It's hard to believe that someone could find anything new to say about John F. Kennedy, but Dallek succeeds in this riveting and well-documented biography." --The New Yorker "An intimate portrait indeed...unexpected and important.... This is nothing if not a profile in courage." --New York Times Book Review

Who killed John F Kennedy and Why

Author: Kevin Quinn
Publisher: Kevin Quinn
Release Date:

This is an Enhanced E-Book Edition with videos and pictures. President John F. Kennedy tried to Warn us of the secrete Shadow Government that has taken control of our country."There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot." In a speech three weeks before he was murdered, John F. Kennedy asked the American people "for their help in this tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people!" For I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our Citizens whenever they are fully informed." Because he knew that he could not defeat this secrete society of corporate demons on his own. But "I am confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be, Free and Independent." Kennedy realized as do many American's today that the CIA possessed entirely too much power and was placing our Nation in grave danger acting on their own starting war after war, after war, without the consent or authority of either the President, Congress, or the American people. Kennedy angrily vowed to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the winds. "Twice the CIA flatly refused to carry out the President's orders concerning Vietnam and their planned invasion of Cuba, because the agency disagreed with him." Kennedy "likened" the CIA'S growth to a malignancy, which he was not sure even the White House could control any longer." The agency "represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone." Kennedy went on to say that, "If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the Government, it will come from the CIA." John F. Kennedy tried to end the Wars and do away with the Federal Reserve "Banksters" that control our government, and a month later they blew his brains out into a thousand pieces and scattered them to the winds.

Virtual JFK

Author: James G. Blight
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0742557006
Release Date: 2010
Genre: History

The Virtual JFK DVD is now available! For more information on the film companion to the book, visit http: //www.virtualjfk.com/ It Matters Who Is President Then and Now At the heart of this provocative book lies the fundamental question: Does it matter who is president on issues of war and peace? The Vietnam War was one of the most catastrophic and bloody in living memory, and its lessons take on resonance in light of America's current devastating involvement in Iraq. Tackling head-on the most controversial and debated "what if" in U.S. foreign policy, this unique work explores what President John F. Kennedy would have done in Vietnam if he had not been assassinated in 1963. Drawing on a wealth of recently declassified documents, frank oral testimony of White House officials from both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, and the analysis of top historians, this book presents compelling evidence that JFK was ready to end U.S. involvement well before the conflict escalated. With vivid immediacy, readers will feel they are in the president's war room as the debates raged that forever changed the course of American history and continue to affect us profoundly today as the shadows of Vietnam stretch into Iraq."

Ask Not

Author: Thurston Clarke
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 080507936X
Release Date: 2005-09-15
Genre: History

An analysis of the week leading up to JFK's inauguration and his famous "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" speech offers insight into how America was divided by war fears, the president's personality, and his strategic efforts to rally American spirit. Reprint.