Vertical Gardens

Author: Hattie Klotz
ISBN: 1921024925
Release Date: 2018-03-05
Genre: Gardens

Do you have limited space but love the idea of a lush green garden on your balcony, your rooftop or your courtyard? Vertical Gardens is the ideal low maintenance, space-saving, water-smart solution! Vertical gardening is a fun, creative way to grow plants. All you need is a blank wall, a bare fence or an area that needs a green and flowering element to pretty it up and turn your bare spaces into gorgeous living walls. Follow the step by step instructions on how to create and customise your vertical garden to suit your own personal environment or need. Why not grow fresh herbs, or display annuals, even perennials, within your vertical garden. Vertical gardens are perfect for compact living spaces such as balcony gardens, rooftops, outdoor BBQ or dining areas, and courtyards. They also make great privacy screens in high density living environments, they're low to maintain, with water saving methods, Being practical, the leafy surrounds of the vertical garden can create a cooling and shade-enhancing effect to unsheltered balconies and help reduce heat in summer.

Vertical Gardening

Author: Derek Fell
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 9781609613990
Release Date: 2011-04-26
Genre: Gardening

The biggest mistake gardeners make each season is starting out too big and then quickly realizing their large plot requires too much weeding, watering, and backbreaking labor. Vertical gardening guarantees a better outcome from the day the trowel hits the soil—by shrinking the amount of "floor" space needed and focusing on climbing plants that are less prone to insects, diseases, and animal pests. Notable author and gardener Derek Fell has tried and tested thousands of varieties of vegetables, flowers, and fruits and recommends the best plants for space-saving vertical gardening. His grow-up, grow-down system also shows which ground-level plants make good companions underneath and alongside climbing plants. Best of all, many of Fell's greatest climbers and mutually beneficial plants are available in seed packets in every local garden center. With a mix of DIY and commercially available string supports, trellises, pergolas, raised beds, skyscraper gardens, and topsy-turvy planters, the vertical garden system reduces work, increases yields, makes harvesting easier, and can be practiced in spaces as small as a container or a one-by-four-foot strip. Vertical Gardening features 100 color photos of the author's own vertical methods and showcases beautiful, troublefree perennials, shrubs, vegetables, annuals, and fruit perfect for this new, rewarding way to garden.

Vertical Gardens

Author: Anna Lambertini
ISBN: 0500513694
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Jardinage vertical

Bringing nature into urban environments has always been a challenge for metropolitan areas. One of the most spectacular solutions to this problem is the vertical garden. These gardens are more than just an unusual decoration attached to a wall they are a means of bringing life and greenery to a bleak courtyard, a grey city street, or a cold modern building. Vertical Gardens is the first publication to present a collection of the most important examples of this emerging trend.

Vertical Gardens DIY Vertical Gardens

Author: Beth White
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1500799378
Release Date: 2014-08-11
Genre: Gardening

Vertical Gardens The Do It Yourself Step-By-Step Vertical Garden Playbook Vertical gardening is one of the most popular trends currently in home gardening. I first discovered it looking at pins on Pinterest, and I was immediately intrigued by the idea. When I started doing research, I discovered that vertical gardening means different things to different people. It can mean an outdoor vegetable garden where vining or sprawling plants are trained to grow up a trellis or other vertical structure. Or, it can mean growing plants in containers attached to an outdoor wall or other structure. Finally, it can mean growing plants in containers on a wall indoors. We will take a look at each of these types of gardens.

The Vertical Garden

Author: Patrick Blanc
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393732592
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Gardening

A botanical tapestry artist for such sites as the Marithé & François Giraud boutique in Manhattan, the Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan explains how to cultivate more than one thousand plant varieties on vertical surfaces.

Vertical Gardening More Garden in Less Space

Author: Nina Greene
Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC
ISBN: 9781634283373
Release Date: 2014-07-25
Genre: Gardening

Vertical gardening is a viable gardening alternative for gardeners with small plots of land because plants grown vertically off the ground, thereby conserving space. This well-organized booklet is a mini course; walking readers through the essential elements of vertical gardening so that a novice gardener can quickly get up to speed and tend to his or her vertical garden like a pro. Greene's nine brief chapters are focused and narrow in scope so that a starting point is provided for further investigation. In each of this booklet's chapters, Greene starts off with a general concept and then provides a detailed breakdown of that concept in small snippets so that the material informs without overwhelming. Greene honestly discusses the benefits and limitations of vertical gardens in detail so that curious readers can wisely decide if a vertical garden is a good investment for their gardening space. Greene dispenses creative ways to grow fruits and vegetables in small spaces and elaborates on how to train plants to climb on common structures to maximize gardening space in the smallest lots and gardens. If you have ever been curious about vertical gardening, this is a great guide for nailing the basics of harvesting crops and cultivating natural beauty in small spaces.

The Green Wall Learning More about Vertical Gardening

Author: Dueep Jyot Singh
Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books
ISBN: 9781370146550
Release Date: 2016-10-10
Genre: Gardening

Table of Contents Introduction Benefits of Green Walls Different Paneling Structures Loose Medium Coir Mat/Felt Mat Medium Polyurethane Sheet Medium Structural Mediums Hanging Containers Shoe Holder Racks How to Make a Trellis Using Moss and Coco fiber Best Plant Choices Self Watering Planters How to Make a Self Watering Planter – Subirrigation Planter Water Circulation in Green Walls Final Tips for Green Wall Planting Hydroponics Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction How many times have you gone into a neighbor’s garden and admired one of his walls, completely or even partially covered with lots and lots of greenery? Or you may have gone to a place to see some old buildings and their harsh, bleak and stony exterior may have been softened with lots of ivy. This book is going to tell you all about vertical gardening, where you are going to be using a wall as a support. A green wall is always going to need a way in which you can water the plants so that you have living green walls. These vertical gardens are going to be the focus of everybody’s envy. The next time they come visiting your home, just point them out to that green growth covering the sides of your stone or brick pride and joy. So what is the difference between a green wall and a green façade? A green façade is going to be many plants planted at the base of the wall, and covering the wall up with the help of a trellis or any other sort of support, like ropes. The plants are going to be rooted in this soil, which may be on the ground, or maybe in containers. Metal and wire supports, especially for climbing plants can provide creepers with a firm hold. But a complete green wall is going to have a number of necessary growing mediums like soil, which are placed on the wall’s face. So you can have these containers either hanging at intervals off the green wall, or have your plants growing from niches and cracks in the wall, – this is how plants grow naturally in the wilderness, especially when they are looking for any sort of space from which to grow, especially on stone walls. You can have a green wall inside your house or outside it, depending on the weather. You can either attach it to a solid wall, or you can have it, freestanding all alone on its own. In ancient times, it is said that one of the seven greater ancient wonders of the World, the Hanging Gardens of Nineveh – absolutely not Babylon, such a site never existed at all – were made of a number of plants hanging down walls in different stages on a pyramid like ziggurat structure. As this was totally plain and desert area, one would wonder where the water came from to water all those plants? According to historians, water systems brought water down from the mountains and channels were cut into rows, so the water could go straight into the plant beds. I would not be surprised if a number of these plants were grown in water, as in modern-day hydroponics. Because what goes around comes around, and I am certain that the gardeners would have looked at other mediums in which they could plant plants, apart from soil. We are so used to seeing flowerbeds, spreading all over the land, horizontally, that we have not bothered much about vertical gardening. That is because instinctively our minds are set to just one way of gardening, since childhood. Make a hole in the ground, place the plant in it, stamp the soil down until the plant is firm, moisturize the soil, and then keep caring for your plant until you get an excellent harvest.

Vertical Gardening

Author: Micheal Platt
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1546656596
Release Date: 2017-05-13
Genre: Plant growing media, Artificial

Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Vertical gardening: (FREE Bonus Included) 30 lessons how to create amazing vertical gardens and aeroponic vertical tower gardens at home! This ebook mentions 30 lessons and ways of creating amazing vertical gardens at your home. It even tells about the aeroponic vertical tower gardens at home and how to make them, use them and maintain them. This ebook is the complete guide towards learning the perfect measures which you want to use in your garden. Many people have issues of having small spaces in their garden and which is why they cannot pursue their dreams about growing flowers, herbs or fruits in their garden. Get this ebook as fast as you can and learn in great details about vertical gardening methods and how to apply in your life. This ebook does not only mention regular and normal ways of applying the vertical gardening method but it also tells some of the most attractive and easiest methods of applying vertical gardening at your home. This ebook mentions lessons about vertical gardening that can help you if you have limited space in your garden, if you want to make your garden look more attractive or if you wish to apply the do it yourself method of vertical gardening. This ebook mentions the following chapters: Vertical gardening ideas for small spaces DIY methods of growing strawberry vertical gardens Easiest DIY methods of vertical gardening Attractive vertical gardening ideas Aeroponic vertical tower gardens at home Download your E book "Vertical gardening: 30 lessons how to create amazing vertical gardens and aeroponic vertical tower gardens at home!" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

Vertical Gardening

Author: Brielle Cross
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1544640978
Release Date: 2017-03-09

Vertical Gardening Vertical Gardening How To Build A Vertical Vegetable Garden This book focuses on building, maintaining, and choosing the correct plants to grow in a vertical garden. With the inner cities becoming more crowded than ever and the ever need to increase healthy eating, growing a garden on an unused wall seems like it will be the best option both aesthetically and economically. We'll go over a couple different designs for vertical gardens and cover the pros and cons of each one. We'll also go over how to make your own vertical garden in the same section. In the second chapter, we'll talk about how to maintain your vertical garden so that you can prevent issues like mold and the materials you should avoid using because the toxicity can leak into your plants. The third chapter will cover some plants that are well suited for growing in a vertical garden since vertical gardens are usually limited on space This book will give you the steps you need to get started with your vertical garden in the correct direction.

Vertical Gardening

Author: Jason Johns
Publisher: GroundSwell Books
ISBN: 1570673756
Release Date: 2019
Genre: Gardening

A vertical garden can run the gamut from a simple arrangement of flowers in a large container on a deck to an elaborate display of strawberries and geraniums amid climbing peas and vines of small squash growing up a backyard fence. Any upright structure that can support vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers, whether these plants are in containers or in the ground, can be used in vertical gardening. Although vertical gardening is of particular interest to apartment dwellers and to city residents with limited yard space, it's also used by suburban and rural gardeners to grow vining plants up supports, so valuable space can be freed up for root crops. Gardening expert Jason Johns offers examples of many types of vertical gardens and gives suggestions for the most appropriate plants to grow vertically. He also gives tips for how to plan a vertical garden to take advantage of sunlight, allow for easy watering and care, and provide protection from wind and insect damage. Included are many photographs illustrating innovative and creative vertical gardening containers and arrangements.

Hanging Gardens of the World

Author: Leigh Nicholson
ISBN: 1517196108
Release Date: 2015-09-05

This book has been written in response to the growing interest in urban ecology and the renewed urgency of bringing gardens back into the city to improve the environment as well as to provide humans with greater contact to nature.The book is a visual account of the historical developments of gardens and their role in the urban environment, the development of vertical gardens as urban structures and the movement of vertical gardens from the initial phase of large experimental structures to the rapid adoption of their use in every space in the urban environment.The book offers valuable information that is relevant to a wider audience than just the home gardener, as it has information that is valuable to developers, facility managers, architects, landscape designers, urban designers and urban ecologists and hence is relevant to the issues we are facing with urban development in a time of rapid climate change and growing urban population. The book covers the following:-* Vertical gardens history & introduction* Modern architecture and relevance today* Types of living walls & why we need them* Living wall applications - green facades, public spaces, interiors and residences* Vertical garden products and how to install vertical gardens* Plants for vertical gardens

Interior Gardens

Author: Haike Falkenberg
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9783034610452
Release Date: 2012-12-13
Genre: Architecture

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the planning and implementation of this special kind of garden, taking the concrete planning process as its guide. From design fundamentals and concept development with different typology variants all the way to the choice of materials, the various construction principles, and building services, all subjects relevant to planning are comprehensively presented. The planning information is illustrated with numerous international examples, with projects ranging from a "green wall" as interior design element and private house gardens in Australia, New Zealand, and Germany all the way to award – winning ecological office buildings in the USA and the Netherlands, an old - age home in Sweden, and an indoor park in Canada.

Vertical Gardening for Beginners

Author: Amber Norato
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1495205495
Release Date: 2013-04-05
Genre: Gardening

Learn how to garden ANYWHERE with the power of vertical gardening! By using methods such as vertical gardening, container gardening, and various other indoor gardening techniques, you can now have a thriving garden no matter where you live! In this book you'll discover: - The Benefits of Vertical Gardening - Types of Vertical Gardening - Necessary Supplies - Getting Started with Vertical Gardening ...and much more! This guide also discusses vegetable gardening, organic gardening and urban gardening! Take the first step towards saving money and having fun by growing your own food with vertical gardens! Scroll up and click the "buy now" button today!