The Book on Negotiating Real Estate

Author: J. Scott
Publisher: Biggerpockets Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 1947200062
Release Date: 2019-03-28
Genre: Business & Economics

With over 1,000 successful real estate deals between them, the authors combine the science of negotiation with real world experience to dive into all aspects of the real estate negotiation process -- from the first interaction with a buyer or seller, to renegotiating the contract after unexpected issues arise, to last-minute concessions at closing. Aimed at real estate investors and agents at any level, this book not only covers all aspects of negotiating real estate deals, but also contains dozens of true-life stories that highlight how strong negotiation can result in more and better deals, as well as dialogue that will teach you what to say and how to say it, strengthening your ability to close profitable transactions.

The Real Estate Investor s Handbook

Author: Steven D. Fisher
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780910627696
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Business & Economics

The Real Estate Investor's Handbook is a must-have for beginning investors, real estate veterans, commercial brokers, sellers, and buyers. Real estate investing has created more millionaires than any other investment vehicle in this country. This comprehensive step-by-step proven program shows beginners and seasoned veterans alike the ins and outs of real estate investing. This book is a road map to successful investing in real estate. You do not need to re-invent the wheel, and you won't have to make the same mistakes others have. Investing in real estate is one of the safest and smartest investments you can make. Real estate appreciates at a rate far greater than the rate of inflation, builds equity, provides a steady return on investment, provides cash flow, and can offer substantial tax benefits. This handbook is the resource for novices and pros alike; it will guide you through every step of the process of real estate investing. This new exhaustively researched book will arm you with hundreds of innovative ideas that you can put to use right away. This book gives you the proven strategies and actual case studies from experts to help you invest better and wiser with less time and effort. A sampling of what's covered in this encyclopedic book includes: how to find below-market deals, investing with little or no down payment, seller financing, foreclosures and REOs, investment property, negotiating, purchase offers, managing rental property, flipping, auctions, tax sales, financing, mortgage terms, agents, cash flow, inspections, contracts, tenants, lease agreements, insurance, taxes and accounting, escrow, essential mathematical calculations, sample forms, development, taxation, exchange rules, and regulations. This book is loaded with case studies and success stories from real people. You will uncover secrets that expert real estate investors use every day. This comprehensive resource contains a wealth of modern tips and strategies for getting started in this very lucrative area. This book is the foundation for understanding how to invest in real estate. Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company presidentâe(tm)s garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice. Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.

Trump Style Negotiation

Author: George H. Ross
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118038975
Release Date: 2010-12-14
Genre: Business & Economics

Ever since he wrote The Art of the Deal, Trump has been the world’s most famous negotiator—even though he didn’t reveal his actual deal-making secrets. Now, George Ross explains the tactics that too Trump to the top and how you can use those same tactics and strategies in your daily negotiations. A practical, real-world negotiation playbook, this is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to negotiate like a proven winner.

The Pre Foreclosure Property Investor s Kit

Author: Thomas Lucier
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471717393
Release Date: 2012-07-02
Genre: Business & Economics

Pre-foreclosure real estate is one of the hottest investment opportunities on the market. The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor?s Kit offers step-by-step instruction and no-nonsense advice on how to find great deals, estimate fair market value, negotiate with sellers, sell your property on your own, and win big in real estate. You?ll learn how to get the best deals on foreclosure properties before they go to auction and utilize simple ready-made worksheets, checklists, forms, and agreements that make getting started easy. Even people of modest means can get into pre-foreclosure investing—all it takes is a little hard work, persistence, and the tools you?ll find in this handy guide.

The No Nonsense Real Estate Investor s Kit

Author: Thomas Lucier
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470036259
Release Date: 2007-03-31
Genre: Business & Economics

In The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investor’s Kit, noted author and real estate expert, Thomas J. Lucier provides detailed information, step-by-step instructions and practical advice for both beginning and experienced investors, who want to join the ranks of America's real estate millionaires! You get Tom Lucier’s lifetime of real estate investing expertise and experience in twenty-three meaty chapters. You also get all of the nitty-gritty details on five proven strategies for making money in real estate today. You’ll learn all of the fundamentals of successful investing and get the guidance that you need on these and many more vital topics: Choosing the right investment strategies Financing your deals Limiting your risk and liability Earning tax-free income from the sale of real estate Setting up and operating your own real estate business Investing in undervalued properties Following state and federal real estate related statutes Negotiating the best possible deal for yourself Buying properties at below-market prices Performing due diligence, inspections, and estimating property values Preparing purchase and sale agreements The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investor’s Kit is as close as you can get to a graduate degree in real estate investing without ever going to college. It arms you with the specialized knowledge that you need to compete successfully against the seasoned real estate professionals in your local real estate market. And this book comes complete with FREE downloadable and customizable forms to help you get started on the fast track.

Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies

Author: Peter Conti
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118051856
Release Date: 2011-02-09
Genre: Business & Economics

Thinking about becoming a commercial real estate investor? Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies covers the entire process, offering practical advice on negotiation and closing win-win deals and maximizing profit. From office buildings to shopping centers to apartment buildings, it helps you pick the right properties at the right time for the right price. Yes, there is a fun and easy way to break into commercial real estate, and this is it. This comprehensive handbook has it all. You’ll learn how to find great properties, size up sellers, finance your investments, protect your assets, and increase your property’s value. You’ll discover the upsides and downsides of the various types of investments, learn the five biggest myths of commercial real estate investment, find out how to recession-proof your investment portfolio, and more. Discover how to: Get leads on commercial property investments Determine what a property is worth Find the right financing for you Handle inspections and fix problems Make big money in land development Manage your properties or hire a pro Exploit the tax advantages of commercial real estate Find out what offer a seller really-really wants Perform due diligence before you make a deal Raise capital by forming partnerships Investing in commercial property can make you rich in any economy. Get Commercial Real Estate For Dummies, and find out how.

Wise Women Invest in Real Estate

Author: Lisa Moren Bromma
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071508445
Release Date: 2007-01-08
Genre: Business & Economics

Create a Lifetime of Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investment As a woman, you have inherent skills that can make you a savvy and successful real estate investor-even if you have never owned property before. Wise Women Invest in Real Estate helps you to combine the skills you already have with real estate investment know-how from experts in the field, giving you the power to take complete control of your financial future. Whether you're looking to build on the skills you already have, or simply master the nuts and bolts of buying, selling, and investing in real estate, this is the hands-on guide for you. It provides valuable insight into why women naturally make ideal investors, as well as tools to help you successfully Find, negotiate, and finance properties Determine viable and appropriate deals “Buy and hold,” fix and remodel, and sell at the right time Manage money and clients Build confidence and expertise in the real estate market “This is the best book I've seen for women who want to be assured that real estate can make you wealthy. Read this book, get wise, and get wealthy. It is the best way to overcome the earnings gap over a lifetime.”-Rachel Bondi, author of The Wealth Gap

Real Estate Investing in Canada

Author: Don R. Campbell
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470158890
Release Date: 2009-01-16
Genre: Business & Economics

FREE DOWNLOAD OF PROPERTY ANALYZER SOFTWARE Canadians in greater numbers than ever before are turning to real estate to build wealth. The Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) system is the first of its kind to show average Canadians how to profit from investing in residential real estate. In Real Estate Investing in Canada, you will discover how to cut through the hype and emotion of any real estate market and accurately assess the inherent risks and rewards. Whether you are buying your first property or your 100th, this book provides new-found tools, strategies and condence to help you achieve your investment goals. WHAT CANADIAN INVESTORS SAY ABOUT REAL ESTATE INVESTING IN CANADA AND DON R. CAMPBELL: "This is a great book. The information in just one of the chapters alone saved me over $28,000." Michael Millenaar "Full of practical Canadian content and presented in an organized and respectful system. It directly addresses how to get the money and financing you need to purchase real estate and achieve your goals." Tamara MacLaren "One of Don Campbell's great gifts is his near-genius ability to take something that appears complex and break it down into a simple step-by-step system that anyone can follow. I am convinced that everyone will thoroughly enjoy, and more important, benefit financially, by reading this book." Russell Westcott "The power of Real Estate Investing in Canada lies in the super simple, market-proven system that it offers you. It makes real estate dreams possible for any Canadian. If you are serious about learning the truth, cutting through the hype and being successful, this is your real estate bible!" Valden Palm, The markets across the country are continually shifting and you must keep on top of the latest information. So, as a bonus, every registered reader of Real Estate Investing in Canada will have proprietary access to critical forms and ongoing market research at

Real Estate Investing For Dummies

Author: Eric Tyson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0764525654
Release Date: 2011-03-08
Genre: Business & Economics

"This is simply the best book on the topic.” —Randall Bell, Author, Home Owner's Manual "Tyson and Griswold have truly opened the world of real estate investing to all by tackling often complex issues in this easy to understand and use book. I can't think of a better way to get smart about building wealth through rental properties than to read their excellent Real Estate Investing For Dummies!" —Vern Hoven, CPA Non-prime time TV is cluttered with infomercials about how you can buy non-prime real estate for next to nothing and get rich quick. Common sense should tell you that’s an exaggeration. (If common sense doesn’t tell you, bankers will.) Nevertheless, it is possible to get rich gradually by investing in real estate. Long term, you can expect to realize an annual return of 8 to 10% a year. Real Estate Investing for Dummies gives you the keys to successful real estate investment, whether it’s in single family homes and condos, apartments, vacation homes, commercial properties (office, industrial, and retail), raw land, or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). With guidance from authors Eric Tyson, MBA, a financial counselor, and Robert S. Griswold, a veteran real estate investor, you’ll discover how to: Find and buy the best properties at a fair price Capitalize on opportunities such as foreclosures, no money down deals, auctions, tax sales, and more Secure financing and good mortgage terms Value, evaluate, and negotiate everything to do with real estate Work with agents and other professionals Project income potential and cash flow Handle contracts, inspections, and closings Whether you’re interested in a fixer supper for rental, premier office space you can lease, or a vacation home you can enjoy and rent, when you become a buyer, you also become a landlord. That means you can hear from tenants any time, night or day. It means you may not hear from them when the rent is due. Real Estate Investing for Dummies also helps you: Find and keep good tenants Negotiate lease agreements Insure and maintain your property Keep good records for tax and accounting purposes Remember, with any deal, you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. So Real Estate Investing for Dummies gives you guidelines on when and how to sell and how to reinvest to build wealth. It also lists 10 real estate investments you shouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Especially if you’re tempted by those late-night infomercials, that warning could save you a fortune!

How to Buy Bank Owned Properties for Pennies on the Dollar

Author: Jeff Adams
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118133569
Release Date: 2011-10-07
Genre: Business & Economics

Buy bank-owned properties at fire-sale prices! Banks and lending institutions today own more than one millionforeclosed properties, more are in the foreclosure pipeline. Banksdesperately want to get these properties off their balance sheets,but there aren't enough buyers. The result is a soft real estatemarket with prices investors and homeowners may not see again intheir lifetime. In recent years many bargain-hunting investors and homebuyersmade the mistake of trying to get foreclosure prices via shortsales and pre-foreclosure-- before the bank reclaimed the property.They've been burned by endless delays and uncertainty of the messyforeclosure process. With bank-owned properties, that's over. Youdeal directly with a motivated seller—the bank—and getthe foreclosure price without the hassles and complexity of a shortsale or pre-foreclosure. This book shows you how to negotiate the best possible termswith the real estate owned (or REO) department of a bank or lender,including step-by-step instructions and no-nonsense advice onfinding great deals, estimating fair market value, and closing thedeal. You don't need a ton of cash, because REO investing atfire-sale prices is affordable for almost any investor orhomebuyer. Provides detailed, step-based guidance on buying REOproperties Written by a super-successful REO investor with fifteen yearsof experience

Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit

Author: Peter Conti
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471746829
Release Date: 2005-09-15
Genre: Business & Economics

FREE $1,595 Quick-Start Real Estate Success Program! See page 217for details. Buy Real Estate Without Cash or Credit! Imagine having two multi-millionaires take you by the hand andpersonally mentor you to get started making big money investing inreal estate. That's exactly the step-by-step coaching you'll get inBuying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit, as Peter Conti and DavidFinkel, two of the nation's leading real estate experts, walk youthrough the fastest and easiest ways for you to launch yourinvesting business. You'll learn the same secrets, strategies, and organized actionplans that their past mentorship students have used over the lastdecade to make millions. Best of all, you'll learn exactly how todo it without cash or credit! This book will show you the fastest way to succeed investing inreal estate--step-by-step, action-by-action,strategy-by-strategy. You'll learn: * The 5 fastest ways to close your first deal in 30 days orless! * 21 scripts to negotiate profitable win-win deals * The 6 best sources to fund your "nothing down" deals * 7 ways to maximize your cash when investing "This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to live the Americandream but thinks they can't invest in real estate for lack of cashor credit. Conti and Finkel make it simple to understand and easyto achieve." --Attorney William Bronchick, coauthor of the bestselling bookFlipping Properties "David and Peter have done it again! They've taken their provenmillionaire-making real estate program and broken it down intoeasy-to-use steps that anyone can use. This book will tell you howyou don't need cash or credit to succeed in real estateinvesting." --Diane Kennedy, CPA/Tax Strategist, coauthor of The Insider'sGuide to Real Estate Investing Loopholes

I Buy Houses

Author: Paul Do
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118302668
Release Date: 2011-12-30
Genre: Business & Economics

Are you sick of attending open inspections every weekend in afruitless search for the right property? Do you want to know moreabout the property-investing market and how it can make youmoney? I Buy Houses is a comprehensive handbook that will haveyou buying, managing and selling property like an expert. Paul Doexplains how to build a property portfolio using research, ratherthan legwork, allowing you to invest in the best properties in themost effective way. His tried-and-tested SYSTEM Tspanstyle="font-size: xx-small;"TM/span framework is perfectfor beginning and experienced investors alike. In this insightful book you will discover: how to determine the right time to buy why buying a property every year is the wrong thing to do why some people are better off renting than buying why selling should be a last resort why other property investing strategies are no longereffective.

How to Be a Real Estate Investor

Author: Phil Pustejovsky
Publisher: Freedom Mentor
ISBN: 9781475235210
Release Date: 2012-06-11
Genre: Business & Economics

America's most trusted real estate investing mentor and coach, Phil Pustejovsky, shows you step by step, how to be a real estate investor, regardless of how much money you have, your credit rating or your experience level. This book was created for anyone looking for a simple to read, easy to follow guide on real estate investment in today's market.