Finding Our Way Again

Author: Brian D. McLaren
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418572372
Release Date: 2008-05-04
Genre: Religion

Shines a practical light on the spiritual disciplines that have been in use since the time of Abraham. In a sense, every day of our lives is labor. It is questionable if you can ever be exactly the same person waking up on two consecutive days. How are spiritual sojourners to cope with the constant change? Many are beginning to explore the ancient Christian spiritual practices that have been in use for centuries, everything from fixed-hour prayer to fasting to sincere observance of the Sabbath. What is causing this hunger for deeper spirituality? Brian McLaren guides us on this quest for an explanation of these spiritual practices, many of which go all the way back to Abraham and the establishment of Israel. In the midst of contemporary Christianity, we discover the beauty of these ancient disciplines and the transformation through Christ that each can provide. Why have certain spiritual disciplines been in use for centuries and why is it important? It is questionable if one can ever be exactly the same person waking up on two consecutive days. How are spiritual sojourners to cope with the constant change? Many are beginning to explore the ancient Christian spiritual practices, such as fixed-hour prayer, fasting and sincere observance of the Sabbath. What is causing this hunger for deeper spirituality? Brian McLaren guides us on this quest for an explanation of these spiritual practices, many of which go all the way back to Abraham and the establishment of Israel. In the midst of contemporary Christianity, we discover the beauty of these disciplines and the transformation through Christ that each can provide.

He Shall Not Pass This Way Again

Author: Stephen L. Wasby
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre
ISBN: 9780822974482
Release Date: 1990-12-15
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

After a successful career as a law professor and government regulator, William O. Douglas was appointed to the Supreme Court by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. During his thirty-six years on the court, he became known as one of its most outspoken and controversial members. In this volume, which was originally published for the William O. Douglas Institute, distinguished scholars examine four major aspects of Justice Douglas's work: his relations with his colleagues; his views on civil liberties, which primarily led to his reputation as a liberal; his stance as an environmentalist; and his views as an internationalist.

Can I Find My Way Back to God

Author: Dave Ferguson
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 9781601427847
Release Date: 2015-01-13
Genre: Religion

Sold as a 10-pack Wherever You Are Right Now, You Can Move Toward God Do you believe God exists but struggle to connect with him? Do you feel like you’ve forgotten a God you used to know? Or do you feel that God has forgotten you? Most people say they believe in God, but many don’t feel connected to God. That’s just as real for long-time church attenders as it is for long-time spiritual wanderers. Many times in the course of our lives, we sense a distance between where we are and where we want to be. Dave and Jon Ferguson help you start right where you are and take the first step in finding your way back to God. Go further with the complete book by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson Finding Your Way Back to God:Five Awakenings for Your New Life From the Trade Paperback edition.

My Way Back to You

Author: Pamela Hearon
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781460379875
Release Date: 2015-04-01
Genre: Fiction

Married too young, divorced too soon? Jeff Wells hasn't seen his ex-wife, Maggie Russell, in years. Yet as they reunite to settle their son into his college dorm, Jeff discovers the attraction between them is still present—and very strong. Yet so are the reasons they shouldn't be together… Still, what's the harm in giving in to their desire for a few days? No expectations, no strings. But the affair is so passionate, soon Jeff wants more. He wants what they used to have, only better. First he needs to convince Maggie this is their second chance at love and not simply a repeat of the past.

Working My Way Back to You

Author: Doreen Alsen
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc
ISBN: 9781628307344
Release Date: 2015-01-23
Genre: Fiction

Beth and her ten-year-old son are living happily in Lobster Cove, Maine--the only place she's felt true love. She works hard as a single mom to provide for her son. Her world is rocked by the appearance of her high school sweetheart. Love for Jeff battles with fear that he will find out he's the father of her precious son. Lies pile upon lies as she dodges his questions about the child. PE teacher Jeff Myers can't believe his eyes when he spots a familiar face in the diner. Though the beautiful Beth ducks his advances, his persistence finally wins out and she agrees to a dinner date. But when he discovers she gave birth to a son rather than the daughter she'd told him about, he is over-the-top angry. Can they escape the quagmire of emotions, rediscover love, and bring three people together as a family?

The Way Back to Paradise

Author: Joseph M. Felser
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing
ISBN: 1612831966
Release Date: 2005-01-05
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Paradise is not the state of being in harmony, but the process of harmonizing. It is not a garden of bliss, but the bliss of gardening. Paradise is about mending the self, restoring the balance, getting back into tune, bringing all our discarded and forgotten parts into the whole. That means paying attention to and honoring synchronicities, precognitive dreams, telepathic communications, visions--and all manner of experiences of psychic sensitivity. Philosophy professor Joe Felser realized that what he calls the "decrepit, decaying cultural ideologies," in exclusively favoring reason and logic, were excluding the equally real world of magic and psychic activities. He began to investigate, and the closer he looked, the more he found. But he wasn't ready to abandon the world of reason and logic. Instead, he wanted to see if he could find a way to blend the two. He did. The result is this book. In The Way Back to Paradise, Felser takes you through his day, showing what everyday life looks like when you live that blend. His stories, both magical and reasonable, point the way toward a new kind of paradise, one suited to the 21st century.

The Way Back Round

Author: Brenda Sorrels
ISBN: 9781483405056
Release Date: 2013-11

Set in rural Minnesota in the 1930's, The Way Back 'Round follows young Jake Frye, who enjoys nothing more than sitting between his father's legs while driving a wagon team of horses. However, when a large buck juts across their path and pitches Jake from the seat, his mother, tender from a string of miscarriages, reins him in. Jake's frustration builds and he makes a devastating mistake. Rejected by his mother and wracked with guilt, Jake hops a freight train joining the thousands of men and boys riding the rails during the depression. He meets Franz, another runaway, and they become brothers. Picking fruit in California, and cotton in Texas, they beg at back doors, eat in soup kitchens, sleep in "jungle" camps - all under the threat of brutal railroad "Bulls" who patrol the tracks. While Franz dreams about marrying a red-headed girl, Jake yearns for his family. When a farmer tells them about Roosevelt's Conservation Corps camps set up to help young men like themselves, they head to California and join up.

The Way Back

Author: Carrie Mac
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
ISBN: 9781459807174
Release Date: 2014-09
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Things go from bad to worse when Colby, who is drug-addicted, loses her home and then ends up pregnant. Maybe now she will find a real family.

No Way Back

Author: Matthew Klein
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780857898593
Release Date: 2013-03-01
Genre: Fiction

Jimmy thinks he knows about loss, about fear, about paranoia. He should think again. Every time Jimmy Thane has been faced with a crossroad, he's taken the wrong path. But after years of drinking and womanising, he has been given one last chance to save both his career and his marriage - he has seven weeks to transform a failing company. From the moment he enters the building there's something wrong - the place is too quiet, too empty. When the police come calling about the disappearance of the former CEO, Jimmy starts to wonder what he's got himself into. Then he discovers surveillance equipment in his neighbour's house, looking straight into his front room. And his wife isn't just tired, she's terrified and trying to hide it. Nothing is at it seems. Jimmy's not living his dream - he's been plunged into the worst kind of nightmare. And when the truth comes out, it's more terrifying than he could ever imagine...

The Long Way Back

Author: Fuad al-Takarli
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781617971914
Release Date: 2007-09-01
Genre: Fiction

The Long Way Back tells the story of four generations of the same family living in an old house in the Bab al-Shaykh area of Baghdad. Through exquisite layering of the overlapping worlds of the characters, their private conflicts and passions are set against the wider drama of events leading up to the overthrow of prime minister Abd al-Karim Qasim and the initial steps to power of the Baath party in Iraq in 1962-63. The skilful building-up of the characters and their worlds within a brief and clearly determined period of recent history allows for a bold and intelligent portrayal of the ambiguous strengths and weaknesses of Iraqi and wider Arab culture. In addition, the dramatization of the relationships between generations, social groups, and genders is achieved with a mixture of humor, bitter irony, and compassion that identifies it as a great work of Arabic literature.

The Way Back

Author: Stephanie Doyle
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781459226470
Release Date: 2012-04-01
Genre: Fiction

Starting over sounds good…in theory! The reality? Well, Gabriella Haines isn't enjoying that so much. Once a top-rated TV host, suddenly becoming the junior editor at a publishing house isn't playing to her strengths. She does have one chance to fast-forward a few career steps, however. If she can manage the impossible—convincing former American hero Jamison Hunter to finish the autobiography he owes them. Too bad he's resistant to all her tactics. Worse, that little star crush Gabby had on him before his downfall? She isn't quite as over it as she thought. In fact, the more she knows the real him, the more she wants to uncover the truth about what happened. Because restoring him in the public eye may be the best chance they have at a future together.

The Way Back Home

Author: Harold Southwick
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 9781607997511
Release Date: 2009-10
Genre: Fiction

Through the bloody battlefields of Vietnam and Iraq, to the most precious moments in life, Hal and his son, Eddie, find themselves on separate journeys as they seek to find their way in life. As Hal takes up his call to ministry, Eddie begins a spiral of pain, anger, and resentment toward God after many of life's tragedies. Both will come to understand why life is full of pain and hardship and how God's presence never leaves. Harold Southwick's "The Way Back Home" is the fascinating story of not only the Edwards family's struggles and triumphs but of a God who relentlessly pursues and draws them to himself. Anyone who has a reason to resent God will find this book full of His goodness and grace through the good times and the worst. A story of war, love, and hope⎯"The Way Back Home" shows how God uses the ordinary and weak in extraordinary ways through life's many battles. Harold Southwick is a retired rancher-farmer who served a tour of duty in Germany, and then was recalled for another tour during the Berlin Crisis and the early days of the Vietnam conflict. He and his wife, Sue, are the parents of three grown daughters and are grandparents to seven grandchildren. They reside in Glenns Ferry, Idaho, which is nestled along the banks of the Snake River.

Long Way Back

Author: Brendan Halpin
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781504009683
Release Date: 2015-03-31
Genre: Fiction

Francis has two childhood encounters that shape his life: one with God, and the other with Dee Dee Ramone. When his life falls apart in adulthood, Francis, feeling betrayed by God, turns to his other spiritual mentor, emerging as that rarest of beings, a middle-aged punk rocker. A love letter to punk rock and the spiritual power of music, Long Way Back rocks through grief and tragedy toward a new beginning for Francis and an ending sure to make even the hardest of hardcore punks cry.