Toolkit for Counseling Spanish Speaking Clients

Author: Lorraine T. Benuto
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319648804
Release Date: 2017-11-14
Genre: Psychology

This timely practical reference addresses the lack of Spanish-language resources for mental health professionals to use with their Latino clients. Geared toward both English- and Spanish-speaking practitioners in a variety of settings, this volume is designed to minimize misunderstandings between the clinician and client, and with that the possibility of inaccurate diagnosis and/or ineffective treatment. Coverage for each topic features a discussion of cultural considerations, guidelines for evidence-based best practices, a review of available findings, a treatment plan, plus clinical tools and client handouts, homework sheets, worksheets, and other materials. Chapters span a wide range of disorders and problems over the life-course, and include reproducible resources for: Assessing for race-based trauma. Using behavioral activation and cognitive interventions to treat depression among Latinos. Treating aggression, substance use, abuse, and dependence among Latino Adults. Treating behavioral problems among Latino adolescents. Treating anxiety among Latino children. Working with Latino couples. Restoring legal competency with Latinos. The Toolkit for Counseling Spanish-Speaking Clients fills a glaring need in behavioral service delivery, offering health psychologists, social workers, clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, and other helping professionals culturally-relevant support for working with this under served population. The materials included here are an important step toward dismantling barriers to mental health care.

Transcendentalism Overturned

Author: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400706243
Release Date: 2011-04-02
Genre: Philosophy

This collection offers a critical assessment of transcendentalism, the understanding of consciousness, absolutized as a system of a priori laws of the mind, that was advanced by Kant and Husserl. As these studies show, transcendentalism critically informed 20th Century phenomenological investigation into such issues as temporality, historicity, imagination, objectivity and subjectivity, freedom, ethical judgment, work, praxis. Advances in science have now provoked a questioning of the absolute prerogatives of consciousness. Transcendentalism is challenged by empirical reductionism. And recognition of the role the celestial sphere plays in life on planet earth suggests that a radical shift of philosophy's center of gravity be made away from absolute consciousness and toward the transcendental forces at play in the architectonics of the cosmos.

Cuerpo Espacio Y Movimiento en Psicoterapia

Author: Marcelo R. Ceberio
Publisher: Teseo
ISBN: 9789871354399
Release Date: 2009-10
Genre: Psychology

Cuerpo, espacio y movimiento en psicoterapia. El cuerpo del terapeuta como herramienta de intervencion es un texto que invita a reflexionar y, principalmente, concienciar el volumen y el lugar que ocupa el cuerpo del terapeuta y del paciente en la sesion, $como tambien los movimientos que se desarrollan en tal coreografia relacional. Propone entender que el lenguaje paraverbal, del cual se posee escaso dominio, tiene valor de intervencion, ademas de reflexionar sobre la flexibilidad del terapeuta y las pautas de rigidez que los modelos tradicionales impartieron como dogmas en los terapeutas noveles. Intenta, por sobre todo, agotar instancias de intervencion, apelar a la creatividad y usar otros canales mas alla de la palabra, con las expectativas logicas de un terapeuta que desea ser eficaz en tiempos breves, en una epoca que asi lo exige."