Memoires de M de Bourrienne Ministre D Etat

Author: Anonymous
Publisher: Theclassics.Us
ISBN: 123047529X
Release Date: 2013-09

Ce livre historique peut contenir de nombreuses coquilles et du texte manquant. Les acheteurs peuvent generalement telecharger une copie gratuite scannee du livre original (sans les coquilles) aupres de l'editeur. Non reference. Non illustre. 1829 edition. Extrait: ... vent ferait tourner la tete du roi de Suede? Ce prince malencontreux prit tres-mal la lettre de M. Netzel, et M. de Wetterstedt lui-meme recut d'une maniere tres-dure l'ordre de temoigner a M. Netzel le mecontentement de son souverain, de ce qu'il avait ose prendre sur lui de se rendre chez un ministre francais, et plus encore de ce qu'il etait entre avec ce ministre dans une conversation politique qui, cependant, n'etait qu'une conversation. Le roi ne se borna pas a des reproches: M. Netzel vint m'annoncer, les larmes aux yeux, qu'il avait ordre de quitter Hambourg sur-le-champ, et sans attendre son successeur; il regardait sa disgrace comme complete. J'eus le plaisir de revoir M. Netzel, en 180g, a Hambourg, ou il vint charge d'une mission du roi Charles XIII. CHAPITRE XV. Naissance du systeme continental.--Le decret de Berlin.--Tyrannie fiscale et systeme de fraude.--Marchandises jetees a la mer.--La peine de mortpour un sucre.--Le Continent arme contre la rhubarbe.--Ineptie des conseillers de Bonaparte.--La foret de Fontainebleau plantee en betteraves.--Brutalite du systeme continental.--De son execution.--Indignation generale.--L'or et la fraude.--Les douanes de Hambourg.--Lettre particuliere a l'empereur.--Enormes benefices sur les denrees coloniales.--'Mes avis adoptes par l'empereur, et soixante millions de benefices pour lui.--Influence politique, et cause de rupture avec la Russie.--Licences prodiguees.--Visite que me fait Bernadotte prince royal de...

Napoleon Against Himself

Author: Falk, Avner
Publisher: Pitchstone Publishing (US&CA)
ISBN: 9781939578723
Release Date:

Although Napoleon Bonaparte has been a favorite subject of biographers for nearly two centuries, to date no full-scale psychobiography of arguably the most compelling, fascinating, and complex leader in world history has ever been published. With Napoleon Against Himself, internationally recognized scholar Avner Falk fills this void. He not only considers Napoleon’s intellect but also what use he made of it, how it affected his emotional life, and whether he used intellectualization as one of his unconscious defensive processes. Additionally, he examines Napoleon’s ambivalent relationship with his mother, his identification with the “Motherland,” and his fits of narcissistic rage, violence, and aggression. Specifically, Falk focuses on his numerous irrational, self-defeating, and self-destructive actions. In weaving in the psychological interpretations that have previously been proposed for Napoleon’s actions with his own new insights, Falk has created a most stimulating and original work that sheds much needed light on Napoleon’s troubled inner world.

Napoleon and the Rebel

Author: Marcello Simonetta
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0230120520
Release Date: 2011-06-07
Genre: History

Lucien was the most talented of the Bonaparte brothers, who not only can be credited for helping Napoleon seize power, but who also had a promising political career of his own. He was a romantic, an idealist, and an anti-monarchist whose love for Alexandrine, the woman he married in spite of Napoleon's objections, caused him to fall out of favor with his powerful brother. In Napoleon and the Rebel: A Story of Brotherhood, Passion, and Power, authors Simonetta and Arikha draw from a massive trove of first-hand documents, allowing them to present a rare, detailed portrait of this remarkable dynasty that reveals Emperor Napoleon and his family at their most intimate and vulnerable moments. The turbulent relationship between Napoleon and his favorite brother, Lucien, of whom the emperor said, "of all my siblings, he was the most gifted, and the one who hurt me most," creates the perfect springboard to illustrate the bloody power struggles, romantic idealism, and corruption that characterized nineteenth-century Europe, as well as the rise and fall of the French empire.

Paris The New Rome of Napoleon I

Author: Diana Rowell
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9781441126030
Release Date: 2012-08-23
Genre: History

Napoleon I employed a myriad of media through which to promote his propaganda and his universal hegemony. Classical Rome - home to the great Caesars - was central to his ambitious visions for the transformation of Paris into an imperial metropolis of unprecedented magnitude. Exploring the interrelationship between antiquity, the display of power and the reinvention of Paris, this volume evaluates how the Roman world and post-antique exploitations of Rome influenced Napoleonic Paris, and how Napoleon promoted his authority by appropriating Rome's triumphal architecture and its associated symbolism to relocate 'Rome' in his own times. The volume shows how consideration of Louis XIV's legacy is crucial to understanding the evolution of Napoleon's fascination with imperial Rome. It also charts Napoleon's manipulation of the populist rhetoric of Republican France (and Rome) as he moved from being a general fighting for the Revolutionary cause to become the 'absolute' ruler of a new empire.

Citizen Emperor

Author: Philip Dwyer
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300162431
Release Date: 2013-11-26
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Traces Napoleon's rise to power, early mistakes, and military campaigns, while considering the emperor's darker side and the lengths to which he went to establish himself as a legitimate ruler.