Living Pain Free With Pilates

Author: Mehret Hope
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 9781329771529
Release Date: 2015-12-18
Genre: Health & Fitness

This book illustrates a comprehensive collection of uniquely structured exercises that can help you eliminate pain and achieve a healthy mind and body. Compiled by one of the UK's leading experts in common orthopedic conditions, caused by and including pregnancy, sports injuries, JHS (Joint Hypermobility Disorder), Tennis Elbow, back, knee, hip, wrist and neck pains. Hope Pilates can help you address the source of the pain and help get you mobile and PAIN FREE. Pilates, created and developed by the German physical fitness specialist Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), creates a strong core by retraining the body to work efficiently with minimal effort and no tension. Stamina and co-ordination are improved. The body becomes balanced and aligned, the immune system is stimulated and the level of general health very often improves because the internal organs can now sit and function correctly.

Living Pain Free

Author: Doreen Virtue
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781401947019
Release Date: 2014-11-17
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

No longer must you suffer with chronic or acute pain! In this book, Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves (a successful Australian naturopath) explain how you can reduce or eliminate physical discomfort with their unique blend of natural and spiritual healing methods. You’ll understand the origin of, and reasons for, your pain; and, rather than just covering up symptoms, you’ll be guided in building a foundation of true wellness. Living Pain-Free contains detailed guidelines for healing, taking you through the research and offering recommendations for nutrition, exercise, and physical and energetic therapeutic methods. Learn which modalities may be best for you, and how to get well without the need for harsh chemical drugs or surgery. You’ll also be inspired by stories shared by readers and clients who were able to relieve their pain with the help of the angels. Don’t allow pain to hold you back any longer. Underneath your suffering is a perfectly comfortable, healthy body. Within these pages you will find out how to ease pain naturally so you can reveal it. Get ready to enjoy life again!

Muscular Retraining for Pain Free Living

Author: Craig Williamson
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0834824914
Release Date: 2007-08-14
Genre: Health & Fitness

Here's an innovative and practical approach to eliminating chronic muscle pain, written by a popular occupational therapist with thirty years of experience freeing people from the discomfort of tendonitis, lower back pain, and neck and shoulder tension. These types of chronic pain can be caused by a number of factors, including old injuries, habitual movement patterns, problems with body alignment, psychological causes, and inability to sense your own body movements accurately. Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living clearly and concisely explains the causes of persistent muscle pain and offers a therapeutic exercise program to address these problems and end pain. This book explains the basic principles behind Williamson Muscular Retraining, which helps people to use their bodies more efficiently and gracefully, in a way that is practical and easy to understand. The problems of poor posture, muscle tension, and stress-caused pain are corrected by seeing them through the lens of kinesthetic awareness. The importance of kinesthetic awareness is typically overlooked precisely because it is lacking in so much of our population, including health care practitioners. Retraining for Pain-Free Living presents case examples of how people have used body awareness to improve how they sit, stand, and move - to rid themselves of ongoing muscular pain.

Pain Free Living for Drug Free People

Author: Marvin D Seppala
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781592859740
Release Date: 2010-06-04
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

An authoritative guide to pain control and pain medications for people in recovery People in recovery who suffer from pain, whether it's acute, chronic, or the result of an ongoing condition such as cancer--face a special challenge. How can they use effective pain medications without triggering a relapse? Pain-Free Living for Drug-Free People is an information-packed guide to pain management in recovery and other issues related to pain control and addiction.

Natural Posture for Pain Free Living

Author: Kathleen Porter
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781620551417
Release Date: 2013-07-22
Genre: Health & Fitness

Restoring healthy posture from childhood for relief from chronic pain, easy flexibility, and enduring strength and vitality well into old age • Offers 12 physical exercises to become mindful of your posture and discover pain-free alignment of your pelvis, rib cage, shoulders, neck, and back • Provides simple yet detailed instructions on how to sit, stand, walk, bend, get up from a chair, sit to meditate, sleep, and practice yoga with proper alignment • Includes full-color diagrams and posture photographs from around the world Our bones are the framework of support for our bodies, much like the wall studs and beams of a house. Yet the alignment of the skeleton along the vertical axis of gravity is largely overlooked today, even by fitness experts and yoga teachers. In a culture of cocked hips, sauntering models, and slouching TV watchers, where “chin up, shoulders back, stomach in” is believed to be good posture, we have forgotten what healthy alignment looks and feels like--leading to chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain for millions. Sharing photographs from around the world of “gurus” of natural posture and authentic strength, such as women in their 80s who easily carry heavy loads on their heads and toddlers learning to walk, Kathleen Porter shows what natural skeletal alignment truly looks like. With insights based on the fundamental laws of physics and detailed full-color diagrams, she guides you through an understanding of the body’s naturally pain-free design. She explains that when the body is aligned as nature intended, your weight is supported by your bones rather than your muscles, allowing a blissful release from chronic muscular tension--which you may not even be aware you had. She offers 12 physical exercises to become mindful of your posture and discover healthy alignment of your pelvis, rib cage, shoulders, neck, and your body as a whole. Providing easy-to-follow instructions for mindful alignment during the most ordinary daily activities, even sleeping, as well as a chapter on practicing yoga safely, Porter shows how returning to our forgotten alignment from childhood can offer relief from chronic pain and tension and can provide easy flexibility, enduring strength, and vitality well into old age.

Beating Gout

Author: Victor Konshin
Publisher: Ayerware Publishing
ISBN: 9780981662466
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Health & Fitness

The most comprehensive and up-to-date book on managing gout written for the gout sufferer. Covers all aspects of the disease from its progression, diagnosis, and treatment, to the latest research on diet and lifestyle choices that affect gout. No other source has more practical, scientifically backed information that gout sufferers can start using immediately to reduce or stop attacks while living a healthier, pain free life.

Living Pain Free with Acupressure

Author: Devi S. Nambudripad
Publisher: Delta Publishing Company(CA)
ISBN: 0965824209
Release Date: 1997-01-01
Genre: Health & Fitness

Expand your body's natural power to promote and maintain health and well-being. This do-it-yourself acupressure handbook is easy to use with more than 130 illustrations and provides definitive treatment plans for 280 health conditions. This book is the ultimate resource for people who want to learn about treating their illnesses and healing themselves using non-invasive procedures. Your body is already equipped with the necessary tools for gaining and maintaining good health. All you need to do is learn how to use them. This book shows how.

Dreaming Your Way to Pain Free Living

Author: Neil McHugh
Release Date: 2014-09-01
Genre: Health & Fitness

Describing the life of the author who had great ambitions but came from a family with minimal resources or connections, Neil McHugh was told from an early age that he did not have the aptitude for a career in technology, and yet became an executive in two of the largest technology companies in the world. All through his life he was told he was not capable or eligible for opportunities or positions he was striving for, and yet he achieved all of his goals. This success was not achieved merely by good luck and hard work, but by the belief in the “Power of the Mind”. From a very early age practiced visualization and meditation. The book explains the process he used to successfully build his life and career. However, it was not all plain sailing as his biggest challenge in life was to use the skills he had developed to resolve a crippling spine disease. When consultants and surgeons told him his life was over as he knew it, he was determined to prove them wrong and would not accept their diagnosis. For 12 months he battled with pain and negativity within his own mind and developed a process that allowed him to 1) manage the pain. 2) ease himself off pain killers 3) start rebuilding his spine and lastly learning to walk, run and lead a normal life. This was all done using the power of his mind. In this book, you will learn to control your emotions, manage those negative internal voices, visualize, meditate and build the life you deserve by dreaming your way to pain free living and prosperity. Tags: Pain Management, Chronic Pain, Pain Relief, Pain Free, Healing,Meditation, Visualization, Spine disorders, Disc problems, Chronic Pain Cure, Sciatica relief, nerve problems, Sciatic nerve, Herniated disc, Slipped disc, pinched nerves, muscle spasms, Laminectomy, Diseases and conditions, Lower back pain, lumbar muscle fatigue, Backache

Pain Free Living

Author: Pete Egoscue
Publisher: Sterling Ethos
ISBN: 1402786433
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Health & Fitness

Drawn from the author's program of postural therapy--which treats chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or manipulation--this guide, using Eastern religions, explores the mental, emotional, and physiological processes of his Method.

Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living

Author: Julie Donnelly
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
ISBN: 9781599320403
Release Date: 2007-11-01
Genre: Health & Fitness

Wouldn't you like to get up each day with a flexible body that is ready to go out and enjoy life? The normal aging process does not have to hurt. This book gives you fast and easy techniques you can do yourself so your joints will move freely and without pain. A healthy, drug-free way to revitalize your muscles and eliminate joint pain, you'll refer to this book again and again.

Pain Free Living

Author: Anne Rennie
Publisher: Sally Milner Pub
ISBN: 1863510141
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Cooking

The Pain-Free diet, which is suitable for sufferers of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, is based on a simple fisherman's diet. It includes simple, quick and delicious recipes designed to relieve suffering while making use of the widest possible range of different foods.

Live Pain Free

Author: Mark V Wiley
ISBN: 1943155208
Release Date: 2016-08-10
Genre: Health & Fitness

The information, strategies and methods presented are not simply a collection of popular techniques. Nor do they argue the superiority of any approach or program over another. It goes much deeper, combining various therapies and approaches to offer the best chance for immediate pain reduction and improved quality of life.

Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain

Author: Joseph Christiano
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN: 9780768484304
Release Date: 2014-09-16
Genre: Health & Fitness

Pain does not need to rule your life anymore! Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain is your daily “go-to” guide on breaking free from your prison of chronic pain. Chronic pain has become an epidemic, with over 100 million Americans suffering from this debilitating condition on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Joseph Christiano shares out of his personal struggle with chronic pain, turning his years of suffering into a message of hope for you to experience a pain-free life. He shows you… Solutions and answers to many common questions associated with chronic pain The dangerous side effects of managing your pain with medications How to walk though emotional struggles that come with chronic pain, such as fear and doubt Remedies and tips from contributing doctors, with expertise ranging from natural healing practices to pain management therapy to neurosurgical procedures The possibility of living pain-free through practicing blood-type nutrition Your life was never meant to be a prison defined by chronic pain. Experience freedom and healing today!