Kill You Twice

Author: Chelsea Cain
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9780230767263
Release Date: 2012-08-02
Genre: Fiction

Archie Sheridan should be recovering from his past run-ins with serial killer Gretchen Lowell, yet he's just as haunted as the day she let him go. But when a cyclist comes across a corpse in Mount Tabor Park on the eastern side of Portland, Archie suddenly has a new case to focus on. Then comes a call from an unlikely source. After months of ignoring calls from a doctor at the mental hospital where Gretchen is supposed to be locked away forever, Archie hears that she might have inside knowledge about the new investigation. But is she bluffing just to get close to him, and can he risk losing his only lead? One thing is for sure: Gretchen Lowell is back, and Archie must decide if catching a killer is worth facing his demons one more time.

Kill Me Twice

Author: Burt H. Slaughter
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781499079869
Release Date: 2014-10-06
Genre: Fiction

Desperate men do desperate and sometimes foolish things. This story chronicles the life of a compulsive gambler who chose to try to clean the slate by faking his own death and wound up on a slippery slope and in the business of prostitution. In the end, he paid with his life. John Cansler, Private Investigator, is called into action when Cindy the grieving widow who is (secretly) glad to be rid of the lying, cheating louse, receives a package from beyond the grave. Can she find love again? How will the knowledge that her dead husband is not really dead affect her ability to love again? Can she persuade John to give up his exciting, adventurous life as a P. I. in exchange for a ready-made family? A close-up look at how a weakness or addiction can lead to a disastrous end.

Kill Me Once Kill Me Twice

Author: Carol Shuman
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781449022105
Release Date: 2010-11

Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Middleton and best friend Jasmine Meens make their "trip of a lifetime" to the Queen's "Jewel in the Atlantic," oblivious to secrets beneath the island's idyllic guise and to the horrors that await them on the dark side of Paradise. Sunny days and teal surf welcome the Canadian teenagers as they roam the twenty- square miles of the seemingly pristine British territory. But on this searing July night, a full moon, an unusual storm, a cancelled cruise, absent taxis, and chance meetings end in the gruesome kidnap, rape, torture, and murder of Rebecca Middleton. Emotions left over from long-standing racial inequities impact Becky's case from the moment of her slaughter--especially the hangings of two black men for the murders of five white men during those racially charged 1970s--a matter many still prefer not to discuss. Repercussions from the young Canadian tourist's death and its investigative and judicial failures create international uproar that catches the attention of famed U.S. forensic scientists Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Henry Lee. During an inquiry brought about by a tourist boycott of Bermuda, advocate LeYoni Junos exposes truths behind this tangled web of deceit.But it won't be long before LeYoni Junos suffers those consequences typically experienced by those who fail to "lie in the tide." Then, almost eight years after Rebecca's murder, the case catches the attention of British human rights lawyer Cherie Booth, QC, wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who terms Bermuda's responses "repugnant to justice." Meanwhile, despite responsibility for territories' "good governance," Britain treads lightly. This is a true story of murder, collusion, conspiracy, and cover-up designed to protect the secrets of privilege, and hide the poverty, violence and drugs that darken Bermuda's tranquil pastels, a third-world setting of mysterious beauty and international influence incongruent with its size.

Kill Him Twice

Author: Richard S. Prather
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781480498754
Release Date: 2014-04-01
Genre: Fiction

It was a bright and shiny Beverly Hills afternoon when Shell Scott opened his door to find intrigue lying at the foot of his the form of a corpse! Just another day in the sun for the private eye with a nose for danger. He’s got to dodge bullets and bounce Beverly Hills beauties in his search for the thug that interrupted his afternoon nap before someone puts him to sleep permanently. Now the only way this private dick is going to cop z’s is by pouncing on this perpetrator and making sure to kill him not just once... Kill Him Twice is the 30th book in the Shell Scott Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Explosive Reaction

Author: Jacquelyn E. Moore
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469122816
Release Date: 2008-06-15
Genre: Fiction

Special Agent Tate Edison is a woman on a mission. Her life hasnt gone in the direction that she wants it to. She enjoys the challenges of the bombing investigation division but would rather be solving missing persons cases. Every time she tries to transfer they find a way to keep her in her division. Her office isnt exactly stress free. One of her co-workers is an ex-boyfriend. Then her assistant director sends her to Coronado to enlist the help of someone named Aidan Blayne. In Coronado, shes a little surprised to find that the address is on a naval base and that the man shes looking for is actually a Navy SEAL master chief. After securing his cooperation, she heads home to Jacksonville to track down more leads on her serial bomber. As soon as the man shows up, he does everything possible to get under her skin. Offhanded remarks, starting fights between her and her ex, showing up unexpectedly. Anything possible to get a rise out of her. Even trying to get her case handed off to CID the military investigations division when they realize that the bomber has a military background. One thing she figures out about Aidan Blayne though is that he is a force to be reckoned with and when he wants results, he gets them. After all the arguments, their attraction to one another is more than mutual and leads to more than just an explosive reaction. They delve into each others lives finding more than a common bond. Though they both have a problem with giving orders and expecting them to be carried out. Tate definitely enjoys the dance of seduction though as long as its Aidan taking the lead, corrupting her in some of the most sinful ways. His skill for combat obviously allows him to slide past her walls of protection to steal her heart.

I Don t Want To Kill You

Author: Dan Wells
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9780755354313
Release Date: 2011-01-06
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

I Don't Want to Kill You is the third darkly comic novel in the John Wayne Carver series by Dan Wells, the first of which - I Am Not a Serial Killer - is now a major motion picture. Sixteen-year-old John Wayne Cleaver has always known he's different, but not because he only has one friend (and doesn't much like him) and not because he regularly helps out in his mother's mortuary. He's different because he recognizes the classic signs of an incipient serial killer in his own personality, and he's created a rigid set of rules to follow to keep his darker nature, the one he calls Mr Monster in check. But John discovers it's the personality traits he so fears that put him in the best position to save the people of his town from a series of horrific and disturbing killers...

Navaho Indian Myths

Author: Aileen O'Bryan
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486275922
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Social Science

Rich compilation of tribal fables and legends recorded in the 1920s from an elderly Navaho chief. Myths include "The Creation of the Sun and Moon," "The Sun's Path," "The Maiden who Became a Bear," "The Making of the Headdress," "The Story of the Rain Ceremony and Its Hogan," and many more.

Perish Twice

Author: Robert B. Parker
Publisher: Oldcastle Books
ISBN: 9781842434932
Release Date: 2012-09-28
Genre: Fiction

Sunny Randall comes to the aid of three very different women, with deadly consequences. Hired by prominent feminist Mary Lou Goddard to protect her from threatening phone calls and shadowy pursuers, Sunny must contend with Goddard's reluctance to reveal all she knows about the unwelcome attention bestowed upon her. When a member of Goddard's staff is gunned down, it's called a case of mistaken identity. And when the murder suspect is found to have eaten his own gun, two cases are settled, neither to Sunny's satisfaction. At the same time, Sunny must help both her dearest friend and her older sister, each of whom face wrenching personal battles. When the murder investigations lead her to the Boston underworld, Sunny's footing-despite backup from her close friend Spike and ex-husband, Richie-is treacherous at best.

Cheyenne Raiders

Author: Robert Jordan
Publisher: Forge Books
ISBN: 9781466809703
Release Date: 2001-06-01
Genre: Fiction

With over six million books in print worldwide, Robert Jordan is an international bestselling sensation. Yet even the most rabid Jordan fans don't know that the blockbuster talent behind The Path of Daggers is also one of the finest storytellers to take on the Old West. Written under the name Jackson O' Reilly, Cheyenne Raiders is a stunning tale of the bravery, and discovery of love in the time of war. Yale-educated Thomas McCabe accepts a position with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and is soon sent to live among a nomadic tribe in the wilds of Missouri. After saving the life of a young brave, Thomas is grudgingly accepted by the Cheyenne-until he falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful Night Bird Woman. Determined to marry the girl he has seen all his life in his dreams, Thomas must first prove himself by passing the excruciatingly painful and spiritually breathtaking Test of Fire. It is through this initiation that he is visited by a Spirit Vision, one that carries a message powerful enough not only to teach Thomas the true meaning of courage, but to remake the lives of the proud-and imperiled-people he will come to call family. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

False Prophets Can Kill You

Author: Tony C. Little
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 9781490856568
Release Date: 2014-12-01
Genre: Religion

Karen Little’s desire for more of God led to these events. Her main focus was on signs, wonders, and miracles. She followed the wrong crowd, which led her into a deep depression, causing stress. I thought she was taking us in the right direction. She was not. We were subjected to mind control, brain washing, and extortion. Strange things happened at our church. They became disgusting. We were influenced by bad suggestions, emotions and witchcraft. We saw things that didn’t exist. False teachings were exposed in our religion and others. Karen died in my arms of a heart attack. Later, someone accused me of having an affair with a woman. They said I killed her husband, another man, and my wife. I forgive them.

Love Me Or I ll Kill You

Author: Lee Butcher
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
ISBN: 9780786037827
Release Date: 2007-02-01
Genre: True Crime

Love At First Sight Angel-faced Paula Guitierrez was 15 when she met 14-year-old Nestor (Chino) DeJesus on a subway platform in New York City. Almost immediately they began a torrid affair fueled by sex and marijuana. But while Chino charmed Paula's parents, behind closed doors he was a sadistic control freak who forced Paula into submission and beat her when she tried to escape. And A Gun With A Plan Moving to Tampa, Florida, the couple found themselves penniless and hungry with a two-year-old daughter to feed. The only thing going for them was a semiautomatic Mac 11 pistol and a reckless plan. On the morning of July 6, 2001, the sordid saga of Paula and Chino finally reached its inevitable violent end. Make A Deadly Pact Hats and bandannas over their faces, the desperate duo rushed into a bank with their gun raised and walked out with $10,000. Believing they'd made a clean getaway, within the hour they found themselves in a tense standoff with two SWAT teams--one cop dead in the street. The only way out was suicide. Pointing the guns at themselves, Chino began counting to three. . .but only one would die. Includes 16 Pages Of Shocking Photos!

Don t Look Down

Author: Jennifer Crusie
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781429903356
Release Date: 2007-04-01
Genre: Fiction

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Crusie teams up with USA Today bestselling author Bob Mayer to write a sizzling, high-octane romantic adventure about a straight-talking woman and a straight-shooting man... Lucy Armstrong is a director of television commercials who's just been recruited to finish a four-day action movie shoot. But she arrives on the set to discover that the directing staff has quit, the make-up artist is suicidal, the stars are egomaniacs, the stunt director is her ex-husband, and the lead actor has just acquired as an advisor a Green Beret who has the aggravating habit of always being right. Green Beret Captain JT Wilder had thought that hiring on as a military consultant for a movie star was a good deal: easy money and easier starlets. Instead he has to babysit a bumbling comedian, dodge low-flying helicopters, and resist his attraction to a director who bears a distracting resemblance to Wonder Woman. Then the CIA calls and he realizes that somebody is taking "shooting a movie" much too literally. Full of suspense and humor, non-stop action and fast-paced dialogue, Don't Look Down is the perfect blend of male and female, adventure and romance, Mayer and Crusie.

It s Not Going to Kill You and Other Stories

Author: Erin Flanagan
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803246997
Release Date: 2013-09-01
Genre: Fiction

“It’s not going to kill you,” a mother tells her protesting child. And maybe it won’t, but that doesn’t mean anyone is getting off scot-free. A no-man's-land between exoneration and repercussion, this is the place where the people in Erin Flanagan’s stories live: in events as big as 9/11 and as small as an infatuation with a dog groomer, as meaningful as the birth of a baby and as senseless as a car crash, as unique as a 1980s air band living out dreams for a city in decline and as common as an afterschool job that sucks. These stories accept that we all make mistakes, but it’s what we do in the aftermath that defines us. Sharp-witted and tenderhearted, these are stories in which readers will find people they know but never really knew until now.

Creatures That Can Kill You Townsend Library

Author: Marie Noble
Publisher: Townsend Press
ISBN: 9781591942689
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Animal attacks

In Africa, night after night, two young lions creep into a sleeping village. Screams shatter the stillness as the lions grab their human victims by the head and drag them off into the tall grasses. Soon the screams stop, and the sound of crunching bones drifts back to the village. In South America, explorers jump back in horror as they come face to face with a huge spider. It is as wide across as a dinner plate, and it is feasting on a bird it has just caught. And near a crowded beach in New Jersey, a massive great white shark lurks. Suddenly, there is a shriek, followed by frantic splashing. Within seconds, a pool of blood spreads across the water. These are just a few of the terrifying stories you'll find in Creatures That Can Kill You. And not only are they terrifying--they're also true!