Journeys in Calligraphy

Author: Denise Lach
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 050051819X
Release Date: 2015-09-01

Not only do scripts and alphabets form bridges between cultures, but their history and the stories they tell are the perfect springboard for calligraphic experimentation. From India to Ethiopia, Tibet and beyond, Denise Lach has travelled widely in the world of script. Here, she documents complex and simple characters, playful shapes and vibrant colours, which she then translates into her own visual art. She demonstrates the exciting design possibilities offered by script: you can repeat, turn, mirror and rotate letters; you can also experiment with rhythms, contrasts, colours and line widths. In addition to calligraphic techniques, Lach introduces examples from printmaking, fabric printing, collage making and digital techniques. As illustrated by its beautifully photographed works of art - on paper, stone, fabric or ceramic material- Journeys in Calligraphy will take you to many surprising destinations.

Journeys to the Edge

Author: Peter M. Gardner
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 0826265227
Release Date: 2013-09-27
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

In this fascinating and vivid account, Peter M. Gardner takes us along with him on his anthropological field research trips. Usually, the author’s family is there, too, either with him in the field or somewhere nearby. Family adventures are part of it all. Travel into the unknown can be terrifying yet stimulating, and Gardner describes his own adventures, sharing medical and travel emergencies, magical fights, natural dangers, playful friends, and satisfying scientific discoveries. Along the way, we also learn how Gardner adapted to the isolation he sometimes faced and how he coped with the numerous crises that arose during his travels, including his tiny son’s bout with cholera. Because Gardner’s primary research since 1962 has been with hunter-gatherers, much of his story transpires either in the equatorial jungle of south India or more than one hundred miles beyond the end of the road in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Other ventures transport readers to Japan and back to India, allowing them to savor ancient sights and sounds. Gardner closes the book with a journey of quite another sort, as he takes us into the world of nature, Taoist philosophy, and the experimental treatment of advanced cancer. Throughout this fast-moving book, Gardner deftly describes the goals and techniques of his research, as well as his growing understanding of the cultures to which he was exposed. Few personal accounts of fieldwork describe enough of the research to give a complete sense of the experience in the way this book does. Anyone with an interest in travel and adventure, including the student of anthropology as well as the general reader, will be totally intrigued by Gardner’s story, one of a daily existence so very different from our own.

design is a journey

Author: Tammo F. Bruns
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783642590764
Release Date: 2013-03-07
Genre: Computers

Renommierte Gestalter verschiedenster Disziplinen stellen unterschiedlichste Positionen zur Gestaltung vor. Die sehr persönlichen Gespräche mit national und international bekannten Designern geben Ihnen einen spannenden Einblick in die facettenreiche Design-Diskussion der 90er Jahre. Das Buch enthält Interviews mit Franco Clivio, Produktdesigner, Zürich; Kurt Weidemann, Gestalter und Unternehmensberater, Stuttgart; Erik Spiekermann, Metadesigner und Typograf, Berlin; Thomas Rempen, Werber und Gestalter, Düsseldorf; Michael Menzel, Werbeberater, Hamburg; Peter Rea, Inspirator und Professor, Multimedialist, London; Michael Erlhoff, Designvermittler und Theoretiker; Michael Klar, Gestalter und Professor, Berlin; Jürgen W. Braun (fsb), Designmanager, Brakel; Fritz Hahne (wilkhahn), Unternehmer, Bad Münder; Wolfram Siebeck, Berufsesser und Journalist, Südfrankreich; Hans Hansen, Fotograf, Hamburg; Rolf Heide, Innenarchitekt und Designer, Hamburg; Axel Kufuß, Produktdesigner, Berlin

Journeys and Journals

Publisher: Kubik Pub
ISBN: STANFORD:36105114841039
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Travel

Traces the history of travel diaries, from the earliest, sometimes crude, collections of drawings and notes to volumes that are today considered works of art in themselves.

Herself an Author

Author: Grace S. Fong
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824831868
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Literary Criticism

Grace Fong has written a wonderful history of female writers participation in the elite conventions of Chinese poetics. Fong s recovery of many of these poets, her able exegesis and elegant, analytical grasp of what the poets were doing is a great read, and her bilingual presentation of their poetry gives the book additional power. This is a persuasive and elegant study. Tani Barlow, author of The Question of Women in Chinese Feminism In this quietly authoritative book, Grace Fong has brought a group of women poets back to life. Previously ignored by scholars because of their marginal status or the inaccessibility of their works, these remarkable writers now speak to us about the sensualities, pains, satisfactions, and sadness of being a woman in a patriarchal society. Professor Fong a superb translator of Chinese poetry, prose, and criticism has rendered the works of these women in a way that is true both to our theoretical concerns and theirs. Dorothy Ko, author of Cinderella s Sisters: A Revisionist History of Footbinding Professor Fong approaches the poetry of Ming-Qing upper-class women as a social-cultural activity that allowed these women to manifest their agency and assert their own subjectivity against the background of virtual and actual networks of fellow female poets. As the distillation of more than ten years of research by one of the leading scholars in this field, this work is a timely contribution that eminently deserves our attention. Given the inclusion of translations of some of the texts discussed, the book provides a comprehensive introduction to the reading of women s poetry of the Ming-Qing period. Wilt Idema, Harvard University Herself an Author addresses the critical question of how to approach the study of women s writing. It explores various methods of engaging in a meaningful way with a rich corpus of poetry and prose written by women of the late Ming and Qing periods, much of it rediscovered by the author in rare book collections in China and the United States. The volume treats different genres of writing and includes translations of texts that are made available for the first time in English. Among the works considered are the life-long poetic record of Gan Lirou, the lyrical travel journal kept by Wang Fengxian, and the erotic poetry of the concubine Shen Cai. Taking the view that gentry women s varied textual production was a form of cultural practice, Grace Fong examines women s autobiographical poetry collections, travel writings, and critical discourse on the subject of women s poetry, offering fresh insights on women s intervention into the dominant male literary tradition. The wealth of texts translated and discussed here include fascinating documents written by concubines women who occupied a subordinate position in the family and social system. Fong adopts the notion of agency as a theoretical focus to investigate forms of subjectivity and enactments of subject positions in the intersection between textual practice and social inscription. Her reading of the life and work of women writers reveals surprising instances and modes of self-empowerment within the gender constraints of Confucian orthodoxy. Fong argues that literate women in late imperial China used writing and reading to create literary and social communities, transcend temporal-spatial and social limitations, and represent themselves as the authors of their own life histories.

Weekend journeys

Author: Philadelphia Inquirer
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub
ISBN: 0836270371
Release Date: 1995-04-01
Genre: Travel

Suggests a variety of vacation activities and destinations in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.


Author: Kathleen Winter
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781448182602
Release Date: 2015-02-05
Genre: Travel

In 2010, bestselling author Kathleen Winter took a journey across the legendary Northwest Passage. From Greenland to Baffin Island and all along this arctic passage, Winter witnesses the new mathematics of the melting North – where polar bears mate with grizzlies, creating a new hybrid species; where the earth is on the cusp of yielding so much buried treasure that five nations stand poised to claim sovereignty of the land; and where the local Inuit population struggles to navigate the tension between taking their part in the new global economy and defending their traditional way of life. In breathtaking prose charged with vivid descriptions of the land and its people, Kathleen Winter’s Boundless is a haunting and powerful story: a homage to the ever-evolving and magnetic power of the North.

Atlas of Emotion

Author: Giuliana Bruno
Publisher: Verso
ISBN: 1859848028
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Architecture

Named a 2003 Book of the Year by The Guardian [London], winner of the 2004 Kraszna-Krausz Moving Image Book Award in Culture and History (honoring "the world's best book on the moving images") and honored as an "Outstanding Academic Title" in Choice, the publication of the American Library Association. With forays into the fields of geography, art, architecture, design, cartography, and film, Giuliana Bruno's Atlas of Emotion is a highly original endeavour to map a cultural history of the visual arts. She insists throughout on the inseparability of seeing and travelling. In so doing, she touches on the art of Gerhard Richter and Annette Messager; the filmmaking of Peter Greenaway and Michelangelo Antonioni; the architecture of cinema and its precursors. Visually luscious and daring in conception, the voyage opens new vistas and understandings at every turn.

Japanese Women Poets An Anthology

Author: Hiroaki Sato
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317466963
Release Date: 2014-12-18
Genre: Political Science

Throughout history, Japanese women have excelled in poetry - from the folk songs of the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) compiled in 712 and the court poetry of the 9th to the 14th centuries, on through the age of haikai and kanshi to the 19th century, into the contemporary period when books of women's poems have created a sensation.This anthology presents examples of the work of more than 100 Japanese women poets, arranged chronologically, and of all the major verse forms: choka, tanka, haikai (haiku), kanshi (verse written in Chinese), and free verse. The poems describe not just seasonal changes and the vagaries of love - which form the thematic core of traditional Japanese poetry - but also the devastations of war, childbirth, conflicts between child-rearing and work, experiences as refugees, experiences as non-Japanese residents in Japan, and more.Sections of poetry open with headnotes, and the editor has provided explanations of terms and references for those unfamiliar with the Japanese language. Other useful tools include a glossary of poetic terms, a chronology, and a bibliography that points the reader toward other works by and about these poets. There is no comparable collection available in English.Students and anyone who appreciates poetry and Japanese culture will treasure this magnificent anthology. Editor and translator Hiroaki Sato is a past winner of the PEN America translator prize and the Japan-United States Friendship Commission's 1999 literary translation award.

The Secret Art of Talking to G D

Author: Rae Shagalov
ISBN: 1937472000
Release Date: 2015-04-15

Speaking to G-d is easy -- or is it? "The Secret Art of Talking to God" is a step-by-step introduction to Jewish prayer and meditation which is central to Jewish life and faith. The beautiful art and calligraphy of Jewish artist, Rae Shagalov, guided meditations, and creative prayer journal prompts will inspire you to create a consistent, loving, intimate relationship with God in just 30 days. This is the first volume in the Holy Sparks 30 Day Soul Journey series for spiritual and personal growth. You already talk to G-d? Great! You will love that each Soul Adventure in the book focuses on a unique theme to help you develop the nuances of your soul and deepen your relationship with G-d. Never tried to talk to G-d before? These Soul Adventures and meditations will guide you through a magnificent inner journey into your own soul. Enjoy the journey! Embark on a Creative Soul Adventure for the next 30 Days! Talking to G-d is very simple and one of the most powerful of all of the Jewish meditation techniques. It is so important to the growth of the soul and the perfection of the world that our inner resistance will rise in many disguises to try to stop us. This book will help you navigate your challenges and look forward to creating a consistent daily meditation practice. This Holy Sparks Soul Journey includes 30 creative Soul Adventures, Rae Shagalov's beautiful calligraphy Artnotes (suitable for framing), and a link to an exclusive gallery of Rae's inspiring Artnotes and a bonus 31st Soul Adventure. "A gem of a book! Rae Shagalov's beautiful book is an amazing gift to give yourself and others, full of the profoundest wisdom, all beautifully enhanced by the masterful calligraphy and artwork. Keep this book by your side, move slowly through the pages, and allow the wisdom of each teaching to seep deep within. It is truly a gem! Reba Linker, author of, "Follow the Yarn" ----------------------------------------------- Rae Shagalov is a Jewish author, master calligrapher, and founder of whose mission is to ignite your spark! Rae Shagalov helps you rediscover and deepen your Jewish spirituality with art, books & creative tools to inspire you to energize & elevate your Jewish connection. Rae has been developing and refining her craft for over 30 years. In her sketchbooks is a rare and extraordinary journey of a Jewish artist's spiritual journey. Rae has created a rich legacy of over 3,000 pages of lively and engaging calligraphic notes contain Jewish wisdom from hundreds of Torah, Jewish mysticism and kabbalah classes on every major theme in Judaism. These calligraphic pages are, for the most part, copies of actual notes written during the classes. The calligraphy quotes in this book are selections from this body of work and from her website,