Body Safety Education

Author: Jayneen Sanders
Publisher: Educate2Empower Publishing
ISBN: 0987186086
Release Date: 2014-11
Genre: Child sexual abuse

This book is a step-by-step guide on how to protect children from sexual abuse through Body Safety Education. It contains practical and age-appropriate ideas, as well as information on how abusers groom and signs a child is being sexually abused. Body Safety helps keep children safe from sexual abuse, ensuring they grow up assertive and confident.

My Body

Author: Jo Ellen Moore
Publisher: Blake Education
ISBN: 1921143614
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Activity programs in education

Reproducable full-colour storybooks and storyboard cutouts provide ready-to-use activities. Includes information on: my body parts; my five senses; I grow and change; taking care of my body; and keeping my body safe.

If I Don t Like Something Or Someone I Can Say No

Author: Megha Bhatia
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 9781642490350
Release Date: 2018-02-15
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Children need to be protected at all times from the “Stranger Danger” and even from the known people. Empower your child with the extremely important and emancipating guidebook on Child Body Safety. Composed in a child-friendly and easily comprehendible way for the kids, the book teaches about: Feelings, Safe and Unsafe Body’s Early Warning Signs Body’s Private Parts Our Safety Circle Surprises and Secrets Our Body Bubble Something Strange About Strangers It’s Not Your Fault Kids are encouraged to speak out their feelings and choices. Say NO! because ‘My Body is My Body, No Trespassing!’ An excellent and one of its kind compilation for empowering your children, informing the parents, guardians and the educators about child body safety and their right to say NO!

My Body Belongs to Me

Author: Jill Starishevsky
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 9781575425948
Release Date: 2014-04-10
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Without being taught about body boundaries, a child may be too young to understand when abuse is happening—or that it’s wrong. This straightforward, gentle book offers a tool parents, teachers, and counselors can use to help children feel, be, and stay safe. The rhyming story and simple, friendly illustrations provide a way to sensitively share and discuss the topic, guiding young children to understand that their private parts belong to them alone. The overriding message of My Body Belongs to Me is that if someone touches your private parts, tell your mom, your dad, your teacher, or another safe adult.

Health and Wellbeing in Childhood

Author: Susanne Garvis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781316623008
Release Date: 2017-07-31
Genre: Education

The period from birth to twelve years is crucial in a child's development and can significantly impact future educational success, resilience and participation in society. Health and Wellbeing in Childhood, 2nd edition provides readers with a comprehensive foundation in health and wellbeing education across key priority areas, covering physical, social and emotional learning and development. This edition has been thoroughly updated to include the latest research and resources and incorporates expanded material on diversity, mental health and contemplative practice. Learning is supported through a suite of features including key terms, case studies, links to curriculum documentation, reflective activities and end-of-chapter questions. A new instructor companion website features a curated suite of reading materials, extension questions and sample responses. Written by an expert author team comprised of leading academics and practitioners, Health and Wellbeing in Childhood equips readers with the knowledge and skills to promote and implement effective practice in the field.

Attention Disorders Body Safety

Author: Lisa Foster
Publisher: Epitome Books
ISBN: 9788190773454
Release Date: 2009-07-01
Genre: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Attention disorders involve a set of chronic conditions marked by an inability to pay attention, hyperactivity and a tendency to engage in impulsive acts. Children with attention disorders often struggle academically and may have difficulty in establishing friendship and other relationships. As a result, they may develop poor self-esteem. This book presents a detailed account of attention deficit hyperactivily disorder, communication disorders, conduct disorders, dyslexia, oppositional defiant disorder, stuttering, Alzheimer's disease and dementia, explaining their causes, risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis methods and treatment options. Also, it deals with safety measures from bites, burns, bruises, cuts, heat related illness, and botox.

My Body What I Say Goes

Author: Jayneen Sanders
Publisher: Educate2empower Publishing
ISBN: 1925089266
Release Date: 2016-07-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Through age-appropriate illustrations and engaging text, this book will empower children by teaching them crucial skills in personal body safety. This in turn will help protect them from inappropriate touch. Also included are in-depth Discussion Questions to further enhance the learning and to initiate important conversations around body autonomy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy An Issue of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America E Book

Author: Todd Peters
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9781455709090
Release Date: 2011-04-27
Genre: Medical

This issue provides a unique and valuable perspective on forensic matters in child and adolescent psychiatry, with an approach that adds new thinking to the discussion, rather than rehashing known facts. The issue is divided into several sections: juvenile offenders, family law/custody and visitation, child maltreatment, personal injury law suits, forensic issues in clinical child and adolescent psychiatry, and training in child and adolescent psychiatry. A wide range of topics are explored within each section. All articles are geared toward child psychiatrists in clinical practice, providing practical information in this very important area of study.

Keeping Kids Safe

Author: Pnina Tobin
Publisher: Hunter House
ISBN: 089793332X
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Family & Relationships

With 80 percent revised material, Keeping Kids Safe arms children with safety skills and helps adults teach kids prevention strategies. This trusted resource for teachers, parents, and counselors includes age-appropriate curricula and word-for-word scripts.

Driving With Care Alcohol Other Drugs and Driving Safety Education Strategies for Responsible Living

Author: Kenneth W. Wanberg
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 141290594X
Release Date: 2004-11-10
Genre: Political Science

Driving With CARE (DWC) is a three-level education and treatment program for persons convicted of driving while impaired (DWI). Clients learn that change in behavior is made by changing their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. They learn about their own patterns of drug use and abuse and how to make cognitive and behavioral changes so as to prevent recidivism into DWI behavior and prevent future involvement in a pattern of alcohol or other drug (AOD) use that can lead to AOD problems and to impaired driving behavior. Participants take an active part in exercises, work sheets and group discussion.