Ad Hominem Arguments

Author: Douglas Walton
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817309225
Release Date: 1998-09
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Douglas Walton presents a clear account of the structure of the ad hominem argument and how that structure can be used to evaluate specific cases of this type of argumentation as fallacious or not.

Ad Reinhardt

Author: Michael Corris
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1861893566
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Art

Born in Buffalo, New York, Ad Reinhardt (1913–1967) was a highly influential pioneer of conceptual and minimal art. His influence as teacher, writer, activist and critic was as significant as his art – Reinhardt taught at Brooklyn College from 1947 to 1967, and during this time also lectured at the California School of Fine Arts, the University of Wyoming, Yale University and Hunter College, New York. In latter times Ad Reinhardt has largely fallen out of the spotlight, and in this much-needed book Michael Corris gives a comprehensive account of the artist’s life, works and contributions to modern art. An artist with definite political beliefs, Ad Reinhardt immersed himself in the vibrant left-wing political and cultural circles of the 1930s and ’40s, only to find himself marginalized by the social and cultural conservatism that arose in postwar America. Corris examines Reinhardt’s art in this historical context, tracking the development of his entire oeuvre, ranging from his abstract paintings to his popular graphic artwork, which took the form of illustrations and cartoons. Ad Reinhardtalso evaluates Reinhardt’s role in the art world as younger artists created successive avant-garde movements, such as Minimal and Conceptual art, and the impact his political beliefs ultimately had on his reputation and reception in the art world. This long-awaited book is a major contribution not only to Reinhardt scholarship, but also to the history of contemporary art in America.


Author: Prasant Mohapatra
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387226907
Release Date: 2006-01-16
Genre: Technology & Engineering

AD HOC NETWORKS: Technologies and Protocols is a concise in-depth treatment of various constituent components of ad hoc network protocols. It reviews issues related to medium access control, scalable routing, group communications, use of directional/smart antennas, network security, and power management among other topics. The authors examine various technologies that may aid ad hoc networking including the presence of an ability to tune transmission power levels or the deployment of sophisticated smart antennae. Contributors to this volume include experts that have been active in ad hoc network research and have published in the premier conferences and journals in this subject area. AD HOC NETWORKS: Protocols and Technologies will be immensely useful as a reference work to engineers and researchers as well as to advanced level students in the areas of wireless networks, and computer networks.

Mobile Ad Hoc Networking

Author: Stefano Basagni
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471656887
Release Date: 2004-10-07
Genre: Technology & Engineering

From physical issues up to applications aspects, Mobile Ad Hoc Networking comprehensively covers all areas of the technology, including protocols and models, with an emphasis on the most current research and development in the rapidly growing area of ad hoc networks. All material has been carefully screened for quality and relevance and reviewed by the most renowned and involved experts in the field. Explores the most recent research and development in the rapidly growing area of ad hoc networks. Includes coverage of ad hoc networking trends, possible architectures, and the advantages/limits for future commercial, social, and educational applications. Ad hoc networks have been an intense area of research and development but many products that fully utilize this technology are only now being widely deployed throughout the world.

Ad Hoc Mobile and Wireless Networks

Author: Thomas Kunz
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540372462
Release Date: 2006-08-03
Genre: Computers

Summary: "This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Ad-Hoc Networks and Wireless, ADHOC-NOW 2006, held in Ottawa, Canada in August 2006. The 25 revised full papers and 10 revised short papers presented together with the abstracts of 2 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from over 170 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on routing in sensor networks, Routing in MANET, short papers on routing, security, wireless MAC, short papers on security, QoS and TCP, and upper layer issues."--Publisher description.

Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

Author: Hongke Zhang
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540770237
Release Date: 2007-11-19
Genre: Business & Economics

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, MSN 2007, held in Beijing, China, in December 2007. The 73 revised full papers presented together with 2 keynote speeches were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 304 submissions. The papers address all current issues in mobile ad hoc and sensor networks and are organized in topical sections on routing, network protocols, energy efficiency, data processing, self-organization and synchronization, deployment and application, as well as security.

Ad Hoc Networking Towards Seamless Communications

Author: Liljana Gavrilovska
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402050664
Release Date: 2007-01-07
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This book reveals the state-of-the-art in wireless ad-hoc networking. It addresses many complex and open problems for researchers in the field of ad hoc networks. It further discusses some of the key research topics that are expected to promote and accelerate the commercial application of these networks (e.g., MAC, routing, QoS, optimization issues, service discovery, traffic models, mobility, handovers, security). It also presents "killer applications".

Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

Author: Jagannathan Sarangapani
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420015311
Release Date: 2007-04-23
Genre: Technology & Engineering

With modern communication networks continuing to grow in traffic, size, complexity, and variety, control systems are critical to ensure quality and effectively manage network traffic. Providing a thorough and authoritative introduction, Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor Networks: Protocols, Performance, and Control examines the theory, architectures, and technologies needed to implement quality of service (QoS) in a wide variety of communication networks. Based on years of research and practical experience, this book examines the technical concepts underlying the design, implementation, research, and invention of both wired and wireless networks. The author builds a strong understanding of general concepts and common principles while also exploring issues that are specific to wired, cellular, wireless ad hoc, and sensor networks. Beginning with an overview of networks and QoS control, he systematically explores timely areas such as Lyapunov analysis, congestion control of high-speed networks, admission control based on hybrid system theory, distributed power control of various network types, link state routing using QoS parameters, and predictive congestion control. The book also provides a framework for implementing QoS control using mote hardware. Providing a deeply detailed yet conveniently practical guide to QoS implementation, Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor Networks: Protocols, Performance, and Control is the perfect introduction for anyone new to the field as well as an ideal reference guide for seasoned network practitioners.

Cicero Epistulae Ad Quintum Fratrem Et M Brutum

Author: Cicero
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521607000
Release Date: 2004-06-10
Genre: History

This volume brings to completion Professor Shackleton Bailey's edition of the whole of Cicero's correspondence, published in the Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries series. Like the previous volumes it contains an introduction, a revised text and critical apparatus and a detailed commentary which concentrates on the fundamentals of the text, the dating of the letters and events mentioned in them and the identification of the persons concerned. The edition is intended for use by students and specialists in Roman literature and history.

Multi hop Ad Hoc Networks from Theory to Reality

Author: Marco Conti
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 1600216056
Release Date: 2007-01-01
Genre: Computers

Mobile Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks are collections of mobile nodes connected together over a wireless medium. These nodes can freely and dynamically self-organise into arbitrary and temporary, "ad-hoc" network topologies, allowing people and devices to seamlessly internetwork in areas with no pre-existing communication infrastructure, (e.g., disaster recovery environments). The aim of this book is to present some of the most relevant results achieved by applying an experimental approach to the research on multi-hop ad hoc networks. The unique aspect of the book is to present measurements, experiences and lessons obtained by implementing ad hoc networks prototypes.

Guide to Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Author: Sudip Misra
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1848003285
Release Date: 2009-03-02
Genre: Computers

Overview and Goals Wireless communication technologies are undergoing rapid advancements. The past few years have experienced a steep growth in research in the area of wireless ad hoc networks. The attractiveness of ad hoc networks, in general, is attributed to their characteristics/features such as ability for infrastructure-less setup, minimal or no reliance on network planning and the ability of the nodes to self-organize and self-configure without the involvement of a centralized n- work manager, router, access point or a switch. These features help to set up a network fast in situations where there is no existing network setup or in times when setting up a fixed infrastructure network is considered infeasible, for example, in times of emergency or during relief operations. Even though ad hoc networks have emerged to be attractive and they hold great promises for our future, there are several challenges that need to be addressed. Some of the well-known challenges are attributed to issues relating to scalability, quality-of-service, energy efficiency and security.

Art Therapy and AD HD

Author: Diane Safran
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 1846421594
Release Date: 2002-04-16
Genre: Psychology

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is increasingly being diagnosed in people of all ages, and this book demonstrates how art therapy can not only assist with diagnosis, but also provides a valuable means of helping to improve skills such as concentration and focus, boost self-esteem, and cope with impulsivity. Educational social skills art groups can help with understanding of AD/HD in addition to teaching strategies to relieve the symptoms. Art therapy is also important for alleviating feelings of isolation and confusion that may come with the diagnosis, and, as an ongoing process, it can be a useful tool for checking clients' progress from the initial assessment onwards. In the first part of her book, the author explores ways of using art therapy and of setting up art therapy groups. Her advice and practical suggestions will be useful to anyone with an interest in AD/HD. The later chapters offer therapists more detailed guidance on therapy sessions with clients with AD/HD. Practical and informative, and based on the author's long experience with art therapy and AD/HD, this will be a valuable book for therapists, mental health professionals, and people who live or work with AD/HD.

Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks

Author: Subir Kumar Sarkar
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420062220
Release Date: 2007-10-26
Genre: Computers

Ad hoc mobile wireless networks have seen increased adaptation in a variety of disciplines because they can be deployed with simple infrastructures and virtually no central administration. In particular, the development of ad hoc wireless and sensor networks provides tremendous opportunities in areas including disaster recovery, defense, health car