45 Years In Wall Street

Author: William D. Gann
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781681464121
Release Date: 2015-08-24
Genre: Business & Economics

Dr. Gann gives a thorough explanation of investment rules in this book for new and seasoned investors alike. Read this over and over until they become clear and fluid practices in your everyday portfolio management. This is the only eBook you will find that includes all the original charts and tables.

Ten years in Wall Street or Revelations of inside life and experience on change

Author: F. Worthington
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 9785871269169
Release Date:
Genre: History

Histories, mysteries, and men of the "street" — the stock exchange — the gold room —the speculations in stocks, gold, governments, pork, petroleum, grain, etс. — sketches from life of the noted speculators and money kings, with anecdotes and incidents of their careers — the women who speculate — the great rises and panics, and how and by whom they were formed — a description of the battles of the giants, and of the great gold ring of 1869, etс., etс., etс. "All of which i Saw, and part of which i Was", since 1857. By William Worthington Fowler.

The Secret Code of Japanese Candlesticks

Author: Felipe Tudela
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470772829
Release Date: 2008-04-30
Genre: Business & Economics

A simple guide for using Japanese candlesticks correctly, and profitably Candlesticks have gotten a lot of attention lately, but few traders truly know how to use them wisely and profitably. Without the proper context, candlestick charting won't work. In this book, technical analysis expert Felipe Tudela shares candlestick creator Sokyu Honma's Great Market Cycle theory. With the Great Market Cycle, candlesticks reveal their powerful and simple logic and give traders the insight and context they need to use them successfully. Using these insights, readers will be able to trade each market phase in accordance with his or her own personal strategy. Felipe Tudela (Paris, France) is a researcher and specialist in technical analysis, as well as President of the Center of Financial Research in Paris.

Twenty Years of Wall Street on Main Street

Author: Craig Boulton
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595193363
Release Date: 2001-07-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Twenty Years of Wall Street on Main Street is about the author's experiences working with myriad clients in just about every investment venue in existence. It also includes his observations of his peers and how they worked with the investing public and the use of various firm proprietary investment products to enhance firm revenue, often at the expense of the client's financial best interests. In the course of presenting his story, the author explains 20 years of financial market history and how that impacted his choices of investments for his clients. Additionally the author spends considerable time explaining the mechanics of investing through NYSE member firms including the rules of broker conduct, firm operations, the investment banking process, and how various firms exercised (or failed to exercise) their responsibilities in controlling broker misconduct. Finally, the text contains a wealth of information pertinent to investment decision making for investors of all levels of sophistication; a collection of necessary skills the author repeatedly demonstrated as a skilled practitioner under a multitude of difficult market conditions.

The Trading Methodologies of W D Gann

Author: Hima Reddy
Publisher: FT Press
ISBN: 9780132734394
Release Date: 2012-09-21
Genre: Business & Economics

W.D. Gann’s works helped to pioneer the discipline of technical analysis, and they still offer immense potential value to investors and traders. However, Gann’s original publications are esoteric and can be challenging to read and use. In this book, long-time trader and expert technical analyst Hima Reddy brings these works to life for modern traders and investors. She distills Gann’s tenets into crystal-clear, bite-size explanations, and illuminates them with exceptionally intuitive charts and illustrations. Drawing on extensive personal experience, Reddy explains how Gann’s insights into price, pattern and time can be applied in all types of markets and market conditions. Using this book, any experienced trader can discover the value of Gann’s approach, and start utilizing it in his or her own trades. Then, with Reddy’s discussion as a foundation, traders and investors can delve even more deeply into all of Gann’s works, identifying even greater opportunities for profit.

Trading Triads

Author: Felipe Tudela
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470971584
Release Date: 2010-05-28
Genre: Business & Economics

Trading Triads explains the ‘Triads’ method, a system that enables simple market analysis, flagging accurate turning points as well as precise entry and exit points for trades. The book begins by introducing the reader to the Triads method and how it was developed, as well as explaining how it reflects the fundamental structure of the market. The author goes on to explain the oscillatory nature of markets, their structure and their key elements. The book explains why most indicators give false signals and explains how to avoid them. After exploring fundamental market structure, the book explains the Triads strategy. It covers precise entry and exit points as well as stop placement. Also it explains how to use Triads at the same time as other indicators to trade the markets most successfully – for example, how a simple moving average traded with the help of Triads becomes a powerful trading tool that avoids most false signals. It also shows how to trade an MACD, stochastic or any other indicator/method with the help of Triads. The purpose of these examples is to show how the Triads methodology improves significantly any trading method or trading tool. The book aims to explain to the reader a new trading method which can simplify analysis of the market, and provide a simple and extremely versatile strategy which can sit alongside the trader’s current range of tools to increase precision, and results, in their trading of the markets.

One Up On Wall Street

Author: Peter Lynch
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743200400
Release Date: 2000-04-03
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The manager of a top investment fund discusses how individuals can make a killing in the market through research and investment techniques that confound conventional market wisdom.

From Cairo to Wall Street

Author: Anya Schiffrin
Publisher: New Press, The
ISBN: 9781595588371
Release Date: 2015-06-02
Genre: History

“The first essential text of a new and remarkably dynamic era of social activism that has already brought profound change to the world.” —Bob Herbert Something was in the air in 2011, as protest movements swept through the world—from the Arab Spring, to Spain’s Indignados, to the Occupy Wall Street movement that spread from Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan across the United States in the wake of the global financial collapse. This volume collects firsthand accounts and essays about this extraordinary period—providing not only an overview of recent historical events and personal insights about what motivates people to take a stand, but also food for thought on how these events marked a turning point that shaped our current world.

Wall Street Scandals

Author: Winston Overton
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781479772513
Release Date: 2013-01-14
Genre: Business & Economics

Read an Expose’ on the operational indiscretions at Stock Exchanges in the United States. A compelling account of shady business practices and historical events as it affects the economy and the small investors on Wall Street. Be informed about executives of mega-corporations, Banks, and Mortgage Companies that inflate their egos with greed and illicit trading. Susan Shapiro in her writing advises, • “People, who have too little faith in their potential or business acumen to attempt a business venture on their own, turn their money over to complete strangers to do that very thing”. (Shapiro, Wayward Capitalists, 1984), 1