Cover Up  A Tale of Art  Intrigue  Murder  and High Society

Cover Up A Tale of Art Intrigue Murder and High Society

Written by: Dagmar Lowe

  • Publisher: Green Dragon Books
  • Publish Date: 2007-02
  • ISBN-10: 9780893347789
  • ebook-cover-up-a-tale-of-art-intrigue-murder-and-high-society.pdf

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Book Summary

“There was nothing particularly clever about solving the case,” Molly Miller says about her sleuthing of a murder two years ago on a Palm Beach golf course that bewildered even the FBI and won her local renown as a Floridian Miss Marple. “I knew the murderer and the victim better than the police, and I had ample opportunity to watch what went on. In fact, that is the whole secret of detective work - look and listen.” Intrepidly Molly looks and listens while patiently amassing clues and, teaming up once again with FBI Special Agent Emilio Gonzalez, follows the murderer's trail to a shady art auction house and the victim's Miami apartment. But it's at the splashy opening of a new Manhattan gallery where Molly single-handedly uncovers the heist's astonishing motive and identifies the thief, a shocking revelation that had gone unsuspected by everyone else, even though the ill-fated schemer had been in plain sight all along. What readers are saying about this book: In this frothy tale of theft and murder, Lowe sticks to the basics of the classic mystery with great success; Molly and [her nephew] Scott make an elegant, intelligent amateur detective team. -Library Journal Like a charming female Columbo, Molly Miller gets the job done and ingeniously solves the case while making friends in the process. I know because she certainly made one out of me in Cover Up. Indeed, I would welcome her as a house guest anytime. Not only is Molly delightful company, but undoubtedly a crime waits around the corner and soon she would be off on another crime-detecting adventure for me to raptly follow. - River Jordan, Author Don't tell anybody but life in Palm Beach is rarely as fun and exciting as Dagmar Lowe makes it in her new novel. But I'll excuse her for having written such an entertaining book. -Larry Leamer, Author Author Dagmar Lowe has done it again! Her second book in the Molly Miller series perfectly captures the gloriously colorful side of Palm Beach, providing a chic backdrop for this story of intrigue and suspense. -Lilly Pulitzer, Fashion Designer and Author Dagmar Lowe's recipe for a satisfying mystery is to begin with a fascinating Palm Beach setting, fold in a confounding art theft, an elusive murder, and cast of intriguing characters, then add a generous pinch of high society glamour and have the zesty mix brought to a boil by Molly Miller. And I can't help but notice that the matronly Molly's hair is always well coifed. Believe me, that’s not easy when you're sleuthing two crimes at the same time. -Kathy L. Patrick, Owner, Beauty and the Book, Jefferson, Texas

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