A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests

Author: Esther Strauss
Publisher: American Chemical Society
ISBN: 9780195159578
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Medical

Designed to serve as a guidebook that provides a comprehensive overview of the essential aspects of neuropsychological assessment practice. Also intended as a comprehensive sourcebook of critical reviews of major neuropsychological assessment tools for the use by practicing clinicians and researchers. Written in a comprehensive, easy-to-read reference format, and based on exhaustive review of research literature in neuropsychology, neurology, psychology, and related disciplines, the book covers topics such as basic aspects of neuropsychological assessment as well as the theoretical background, norms, and the utility, reliability, and validity of neuropsychological tests.

Key Words in Religion Media and Culture

Author: David Morgan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134060665
Release Date: 2008-06-30
Genre: Religion

'From The Passion of the Christ to the presumed 'clash of civilizations', religion's role in culture is increasingly contested and mediated. Key Words in Religion, Media, and Culture is a welcome and interdisciplinary contribution that maps the territory for those who aim to make sense of it all. Highlighting the important concepts guiding state-of-the-art research into religion, media, and culture, this book is bound to become an important and frequently consulted resource among scholars both seasoned and new to the field.' –Lynn Schofield Clark 'David Morgan has assembled here a fine team of scholars to prove beyond a doubt that the intersections of religion, media, and culture constitute one of the most stimulating fields of inquiry around today...This highly useful and theoretically sophisticated text will likely assume 'ritual' status in this emergent field.' – Rosalind I. J. Hackett, University of Tennessee, US 'This volume is a major intervention in the literature on religion, media and culture. Drawing together leading international scholars, it offers a conceptual map of the field to which students, teachers and researchers will refer for many years to come. The publication of Key Words in Religion, Media and Culture is a significant moment in the formation of this area of study, and sets a standard for cross-disciplinary collaboration and theoretical and methodological sophistication for future work in this area to follow.' – Gordon Lynch, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK 'This book offers a range of refreshing essays on the relationships between media and religion. Its selected keywords open doors to understanding contemporary society. The cultural perspectives on mediation and religious practices give some illuminating and surprising analyses.' – Knut Lundby, University of Oslo, Norway

Stotty n Spice Cake

Author: Bill Griffiths
Publisher: Northumbria University Press
ISBN: 1904794211
Release Date: 2006-08-01
Genre: History

Bringing together recipes, dialect, social history, and technology, this compilation is an intriguing insight into how North East kitchen skills, tools, and diet options have developed. From the griddle on an open fire and the beehive oven to the widely used, much loved, and polished kitchen range as well as the modern-day microwave oven, this is a journey through cooking history. Changing tastes—and supplies—of meat, fish, and grain and the traditions of oatcakes, broth, and bread are detailed with fond personal accounts from across the region with stories, poems, and humor throughout.

Boredom Busters

Author: Tommy Donbavand
Publisher: How To Books Ltd
ISBN: 1857037952
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Amusements

Veteran children's entertainer Tommy Donbavand gives tips on keeping children entertained, whether it's a single child or an entire playscheme. The book is full of activities that will keep parents from tearing their hair out. CONTENTS: All the fun at the fair - around the world - arty party - body shots - comic strip - crazy golf - dinosaurs! - funny Formula One - get up, stand up - the great indoors - Hallowe'en horrors - hold the front page - hot on the tail - how to train your teacher - knights of the Round Table - let's do the show right here - lost in space - make a volcano - the monster olympics - now you're cookin' - oh, what a circus - on safari - on the catwalk - personalize your computer - pirates - pop stars - potty picture holder - quiz kids - really robotic - redesign your room - science lab - secret agents - under the sea - what a novel idea - wild on the web - write a song About the author Tommy Donbavand is also the author of Quick Fixes for Bored Kids and More Quick Fixes for Bored Kids.

Muslim Rap Halal Soaps and Revolutionary Theater

Author: Karin van Nieuwkerk
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9780292742598
Release Date: 2011-12-15
Genre: Social Science

From "green" pop and "clean" cinema to halal songs, Islamic soaps, Muslim rap, Islamist fantasy serials, and Suficized music, the performing arts have become popular and potent avenues for Islamic piety movements, politically engaged Islamists, Islamic states, and moderate believers to propagate their religio-ethical beliefs. Muslim Rap, Halal Soaps, and Revolutionary Theater is the first book that explores this vital intersection between artistic production and Islamic discourse in the Muslim world. The contributors to this volume investigate the historical and structural conditions that impede or facilitate the emergence of a "post-Islamist" cultural sphere. They discuss the development of religious sensibilities among audiences, which increasingly include the well-to-do and the educated young, as well as the emergence of a local and global religious market. At the heart of these essays is an examination of the intersection between cultural politics, performing art, and religion, addressing such questions as where, how, and why pop culture and performing arts have been turned into a religious mission, and whether it is possible to develop a new Islamic aesthetic that is balanced with religious sensibilities. As we read about young Muslims and their quest for a "cool Islam" in music, their struggle to quell their stigmatized status, or the collision of morals and the marketplace in the arts, a vivid, varied new perspective on Muslim culture emerges.

Product Liability

Author: John S. Allee
Publisher: Law Journal Press
ISBN: 1588520269
Release Date: 2018-05-28
Genre: Law

This book analyzes the theory and practice of products liability litigation, whether the issue is drugs, food, chemicals, or any of the 100s of other products that may be the subject of litigation.

The Rough Guide to Cambodia

Author: Beverley Palmer
Publisher: Rough Guides
ISBN: 1858288371
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Travel

The Rough Guide to Cambodia, in full color throughout, is the ultimate travel guide to this spectacular region. With 30 years of experience and our trademark "tell it like it is" writing style, Rough Guides covers all the basics, includes practical details travelers need to know, and unmissable alternatives to the usual must-see sights.

Forever in Love with Jesus Workbook

Author: Kathy Troccoli
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418559373
Release Date: 2012-06-18
Genre: Religion

Fall more deeply in love with Jesus and be transformed into the woman you long to be by spending thirty minutes a day with Him and the Forever in Love with Jesus Workbook. The workbook contains ten lessons, each divided into five days. Remarkable paintings, elightening discussions, related movie selections, and interactive questions will draw you ever closer to Jesus – the Love of your life . . . and beyond.

Death Penalty USA 2001 2002

Author: Michelangelo Delfino
Publisher: MoBeta Publishing
ISBN: 9780972514170
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Genre: Law

The taking of a human life is in all circumstances reprehensible and must be punished within the confines of U.S. law.The basic concept underlying the Eighth Amendment is nothing less than the dignity of man. While the State has the power to punish, the Amendment stands to assure that this power be exercised within the limits of civilized standards. (Trop v. Dulles (1958) 356 U.S. 86, 100) This is the third book in a series of books providing a brief history of 21st century capital-punishment executions in the United States. Each volume in the series begins with an overview of capital punishment in the United States and follows with the case histories of two consecutive years of U.S. executions.These books are not intended to be easy reading. The crimes for which the death penalty was imposed are truly horrific and described in graphic detail based on public record. Compilations are taken from and referenced to case citations. Original names and places are retained. Some cases are necessarily more comprehensive than others. High profile murders and those involving multiple victims, difficult conviction, and vigorous defenses have more extensive records than capital crimes involving the murder of a homeless person or a clerk during a convenience store robbery. Cases where the conviction is based on circumstantial evidence tend to be more detailed than those based on voluntary confessions as do cases that take advantage of the appellate process.Each case history is written in a nonsensationalized way that is respectful of all those touched by death. The crimes are written such that each is self-contained and can be read either sequentially or randomly. Supplemental information such as a condemned prisoner's last meal and last words are added when such material is insightful, and the prosecution and the disposition of accomplices is included when known. The names of the executed prisoners are indexed chronologically in the Table of Contents. A reference list and an Index are provided.

101 Language Games for Children

Author: Paul Rooyackers
Publisher: Hunter House
ISBN: 0897933699
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Education

Language games allow children to stretch their communication abilities, enhancing vocabulary, conversation, and storytelling skills. A suggested age range accompanies each game in this book; some games may be adapted to different age groups. Language games for beginners focus on making children aware of the ways letters look, the presence of letters in their surroundings (on signs, for instance), and the different letter systems in different cultures. More advanced games include creating poems and haiku, making up stories, and joke-telling. 39 black-and-white illustrations are included in this wonderful resource for teachers, therapists, and social workers.

That Magic Feeling

Author: John C. Winn
Publisher: Potter Style
ISBN: 9780307452405
Release Date: 2009-06-16
Genre: Music

From Revolver to Let It Be, That Magic Feeling: The Beatles Recorded Legacy, Volume Two, 1966—1970, continues the chronicle of the group’s spectacular career from its creative zenith to its irrevocable split As the Beatles moved into the mid and late 1960s, their collective and individual musical talent and innovations evolved at an unparalleled pace. Like its companion volume, Way Beyond Compare: The Beatles’ Recorded Legacy, Volume One, 1957—1965, this unique work thoroughly chronicles all known and available Beatles recordings during this period of incredible creative growth. Have you ever watched a Beatles film clip and wondered: • Where was that filmed? • Is any more of that footage available? Have you ever heard a Beatles interview and asked: • When was that taped? • Where’s the best place to find the complete recording? That Magic Feeling answers these and thousands of similar questions. With more than 500 entries, it includes recording sessions, concerts, newsreel footage, press clips, TV and film performances, home movies, radio interviews, documentaries, studio outtakes, home demos, and alternative mixes–all of which are given complete coverage for the first time. Author John C. Winn has spent two decades poring over, scrutinizing, organizing, and analyzing hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings and compiling them into a digestible chronological framework, creating the ultimate reference guide to the Beatles’ legendary musical and cultural evolution. From the Trade Paperback edition.