Using Circle Time to Learn About Stories

Author: Craig Deed
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446266243
Release Date: 2007-10-25
Genre: Education

Includes CD-Rom By combining the traditional classroom activity of reading stories with Circle Time, these activities provide students with opportunities to practise listening, expressing ideas, asking questions, using imagination, making predictions, experimenting with thinking and learning strategies and collaborating with other students. Each of the six stories in this book is linked to a series of key questions, games and activities. These help the students to explore the stories' contexts (time and place) and patterns (plot and choice) and to analyze the characters and their own emotional responses. All the stories and activities are easily printable from the accompanying CD-rom. Written for teachers in primary settings, this book is linked to the National Literary Strategy and the PSHE curriculum.

Circle Time

Author: Teresa Bliss
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446264027
Release Date: 2006-05-15
Genre: Education

Written for the busy classroom teacher, this book provides quick access to an abundance of Circle Time activities. Building on the success of the first edition, this new book retains the original edition's clarity and ease-of-access, whilst providing more than twice as much material. It has also been updated to take account of new legislation, including Every Child Matters and The National Standard for Healthy Schools. Clear headers guide the reader to core games and appropriate themes, each with helpful hints for planning and implementation, and to assist the smooth running of the sessions. The theme section demonstrates ways of using core Circle Time activities such as 'Sentence Completion' and 'Silent Statements' to explore sensitive issues such as friendships and bullying. An important new feature is a structure to help readers understand what they should be expecting from pupils during Circle Time at each key stage. New and expanded sections on group work and the development of Circle Time are also included. This is a valuable resource for teachers, educational psychologists and youth workers, whether they are experienced Circle Time practitioners or new to the technique.

Pushing Back the Furniture for

Author: Kate Button Margaret Winter
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446234932
Release Date:
Genre: Education

This book written by two practitioners is the culmination of 18 years work in Kirklees. It started as a co-operative learning project and developed into a wonderful resource for all those who not only want to Push Back the Furniture to do Circle Time but are looking to extend and develop their ideas. The notes are comprehensive and explicit to promote the development of: " Confidence and responsibility " Roles and responsibilities as citizens " A healthy lifestyle " Good relationships As well as 25 lessons there are: " Themes on self, others, responsibilities and non-verbal communication. " A resource section with 29 co-operative games and activities " Photocopiable resources also provided on CD-ROM. This is an exciting and inspiring resource written by practitioners for practitioners in primary schools. The material demonstrates the authors blend of real experience with fresh enthusiasm from Circle Time.

Making Literacy Real

Author: Joanne Larson
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412903319
Release Date: 2005-10-03
Genre: Education

'Joanne Larson and Jackie Marsh's Literacy Learning is easily the most theoretically sophisticated and practically useful discussion of sociocultural and critical approaches to literacy learning that has appeared to date' - James Paul Gee, Tashia Morgidge Professor of Reading, University of Wisconsin-Madison Making Literacy Real is the essential reference text for primary education students at undergraduate and graduate level who want to understand literacy theory and successfully apply it in the classroom. Doctoral students will find this a useful resource in understanding the relationship of theory to practice. The authors explore the breadth of this complex and important field, orientating literacy as a social practice, grounded in social, cultural, historical and political contexts of use. They also present a detailed and accessible discussion of the theory and its application in the primary classroom.

Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing

Author: Sue Roffey
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446297957
Release Date: 2014-02-20
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

'This is a very practical guide to a teaching approach that enables children to become more powerful learners; it is also an opportunity to spend time with a big-hearted person who understands what happens for children in school and how circles can help them grow.' - James Park, PROGRESS Director, Human Scale Education ( 'Grounded in contemporary research, Roffey ignites the reader's conviction that 'I can do this too!' Gifting the educator with a treasure chest of fresh, engaging, practical and applicable ideas, this book makes it possible for every teacher to build both the learning and well-being of all young people.' - Kerry Bird, Project Manager for Personal and Social Development Education in Catholic Education - Cairns and Brisbane First published as Circle Time for Emotional Literacy, this new edition has been updated to reflect how the Circle Solutions philosophy and pedagogy can be used to build relationships and resilience for children and young people. Putting current research on wellbeing into practice, Circle Solutions addresses issues not incidents, solutions rather than problems, and strengths rather than deficits, providing a framework for student engagement and learning. New to this edition: a chapter on promoting the positive: thoughts, feelings and approaches more anti-bullying strategies, with cyber-bullying covered explicitly a quick reference appendix of games ways of embedding Circle Solutions as a tool for wellbeing updated and expanded resources. Activities and games included in the book promote positive communication skills, empathy and connectedness, class cohesion and co-operation, friendship skills and ethical behaviour. The book is suitable for all phases of education. Interview with Sue Roffey! Attend the Fulfilling Lives: Worldwide Online Summit 6-10 May 2014 More info and register free at

Music and Circle Time

Author: Margaret Collins
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446265314
Release Date: 2006-05-09
Genre: Education

Visit the author's own website here! ' The book shows you how to confidently intergrate music into circle time and will be a useful addition to many teachers' resources'-Early Years Update '[A]n excellent resource for all teachers looking to introduce music to children aged from four to seven-years-old... The instructions are clear and precise, making it easy to use... an invaluable resource for all busy practitioners' - Early Years Educator 'The book is packed with ideas and the simple format makes it easy to use. Many of the suggestions can be used straight from the book or easily adapted to fit the interests of your own class... The book shows you how to confidently integrate music into circle time and will be a useful addition to many teachers' resources' - Early Years Update In the same popular and accessible style as Margaret Collins' established and successful Circle Time series, this book provides user-friendly classroom activities to engage young children. It uses Circle Time techniques to help children use and learn about: o rhythm, jingles, raps and chants o songs o instruments o ring games o music, art and story projects. The enjoyable activities can also enhance learning of other aspects of the curriculum. There is evidence that children who are familiar with a wide ranging repertoire of rhymes and songs learn to read earlier. Using this book all teachers will be able to use music in their Circle Time sessions in a confident and creative manner. Margaret Collins is a former headteacher of infant and first schools. She is now Senior Visiting Fellow in the School of Education at the University of Southampton. She researches children's perceptions of health education topics, writes teaching materials for children, books and articles on PSHE.

Just the Same on the Inside

Author: Juan Bornman
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1904315569
Release Date: 2004-11-30
Genre: Education

Visit the author's own website here! Juan Bornman's series of stories about children with disabilities accompanied by explanations of the nature and causes of their difficulties helps children to improve understanding and relationships with their peers. Stories about a looked after child and an asylum seeker are also included. Margaret Collins has provided accompanying: - information for adults about the disability or difference - Circle Time activities for young people aged 6 to 8 and 8 to 11 This book can provide a term's work on inclusion or one story and set of activities can be selected to prepare a class or group for the inclusion of a new member who has a difficulty. The programme also encourages reflection on difference and individuality. Margaret Collins is a former headteacher of infant and first schools. She is now Senior Visiting Fellow in the School of Education at the University of Southampton. She researches children's perceptions of health education topics, writes teaching materials for children, books and articles on PSHE.


Author: Sue Palmer
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 0748785191
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Education

Sue Palmer and Pie Corbett are the best-known names in Primary Literacy. This book distils their vast experience, and the experience of five years of the Literacy Strategy. Enables the reader to discover 'how to really teach with what really works'.

Picture This

Author: Murray White
Publisher: Paul Chapman Publishing
ISBN: 1873942621
Release Date: 2004-08-01
Genre: Imagery (Psychology)

This disk provides a very clear developmental introduction to guided imagery. The author provides a child-speak definition of what the imagination is and how it can be enjoyed. By gently introducing imagery skills such as relaxing and listening Murray White quickly captures the confidence of the listener the stories take the listener through a number of journeys, building the complexity of each one. I recommend this resource' -" Devon Group Work " A one-hour CD and activity booklet divided into 10 sections. Featuring stories and exercises which: " develop imagination " improve concentration and memory " teach relaxation " encourage a sense of well being " increase self-confidence and self-respect. Without any prior preparation, this resource provides both facilitator and young people with an opportunity to participate together in a positive experience. Research has shown that imagery is powerful in changing internal feelings about self, and improving mental health. Just find the CD player and press play!

Global Citizenship for Young Children

Author: Margaret Collins
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781849203531
Release Date: 2008-04-16
Genre: Education

Citizenship education equips children with the skills necessary to play an active part in society and act as socially and morally responsible citizens. Margaret Collins has used her considerable experience to create another fantastic age appropriate practical resource for children aged 4-9 that widens the concept of citizenship so that it incorporates global issues. The book explores six topics: - Basic needs - Environmental issues - Fairness - Exploring various cultures - Democracy - Global issues. Each section has an introductory page and ideas for resources, followed by activities on the same topic differentiated for younger and older primary pupils. Clear guidelines are provided for discussion and activities which could take place in Circle Time. At the end of each section there is a story for children to consider accompanied by developmental activities and activity sheets, as well as a page of reflections related to the global challenges we all face. This exciting resource will act as a starting point for stimulating teachers and encouraging children to widen their learning. Teachers will be able to use these activities to set further challenges, to help explore current situations and to help with understanding present concerns. Margaret Collins is a former headteacher of infant and first schools. She is now Senior Visiting Fellow in the School of Education at the University of Southampton. She researches children's perceptions of health education topics, writes teaching materials for children, books and articles on PSHE. Visit the author's own website here!

The Crescent

Author: Elizabeth Yeowart
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 144623780X
Release Date: 2004-08-27

The 24 stories in this resource provide a years work based around the people who live in The Crescent. The characters provide a continuity and the themes include: - giving and taking - bullying and friendship - honesty and lies - birth and new arrivals - environmental issues. With every story there is a warm up exercise, Circle Time discussion, supplementary ideas, National Curriculum links and photocopiable worksheets. A comprehensive resource using a mini soap opera storyline, which will help children identify and emphathise with the characters so that they can experience and experiment to gain understanding of their own world.

School Effectiveness

Author: Marilyn Tew
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446265611
Release Date: 2007-11-12
Genre: Education

Includes CD-Rom `This resource was a very valuable tool in helping us to incorporate SEAL lessons into the PSHE curriculum for Years 7 and 8 this year...the activities are set within the context of research into social work and emotional aspects of learning conducted by the author, and, in practice, they work with the students! Feedback from our 7 and 8 students on these lessons was overwhelmingly positive' - Jenny Tinnelly, Henry Floyd Grammar School Are you looking for a quality programme to help promote emotional literacy in your school? School Effectiveness provides a complete activity and resource pack for implementing emotional literacy within your school. Filled with strategies, activities, resources, games, lessons and materials, the pack includes: - A guidebook for teachers, clearly explaining the theory behind emotional literacy and providing practical ideas for the classroom - A CD Rom containing a colour student workbook, designed to involve every student in the development of emotional literacy - Lesson notes, games and copiable activity sheets for classroom use, also available on the CD Rom - A second CD Rom containing the easy-to-install TalkiT software programme, which can be used as a powerful classroom assessment tool to measure and evaluate personal and social development. The CD Rom allows over 30 free trials and uses clear and simple operating instructions throughout. Success at school is more than academic achievement. Personal and social development is just as important. To create this pack, Marilyn Tew led a fascinating project in British secondary schools to uncover how young people felt about school life, showing that, for most, it was personal and social success that was of primary importance. This valuable resource pack takes the findings of Marilyn's research and builds them into exciting practical applications to help students develop self-awareness, self control, motivation and the understanding to get along with others. The additional TalkiT software makes it an essential, all-in-one resource for every school. Marilyn Tew is a visiting fellow of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Bristol. She is experienced in secondary education as a teacher and manager. In addition, she has been a researcher and national trainer in PSHE, groupwork, Circle Time and emotional literacy for the past nine years. Her special interest is groups, particularly the circle, emotional literacy and work with the community to support learning.