Toltec Tarot

Author: Heather Ash Amara
Publisher: Toltec Center Of Creative I
ISBN: 9781442126893
Release Date: 2009-04
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

A wonderful Visioning and Energy work tool that will open your perception of reality into realms of mystery and magic, while helping you clear out limiting and heavy beliefs. These beautiful books are blessed with 22 new and original images created by Indigo Flores in collaboration with Heather Ash just for this book. Incorporating symbols and places from Teotihuacan mexico and the teachings of the Toltec into the base concepts of the tarot has created an incredible beauty in each card that will truly astound you. Each card has an inspiring poem created just for it by Heather Ash, awesome seeds that will empower you to truly channel the energy of each card. There is a 20 page introduction to the tarot and a page of information for each card that has never before been taught.

Banish Mind Spam Four Steps for Deprogramming Self Limiting and Self Sabotaging Beliefs

Author: Sheri A. Rosenthal
Publisher: Sheri Rosenthal DPM
ISBN: 9780981478104
Release Date: 2008-04-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Rosenthal explains how people's minds are programmed from birth through the domestication and socialization process. She sets out a clear avenue to explore the structure of one's mind and personal programming, and then lays out steps for obtaining personal freedom and emotional peace.

The Toltec Path of Transformation

Author: Heather Ash Amara
Publisher: Hierophant Publishing
ISBN: 193828903X
Release Date: 2012-10-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Change is a constant, defining characteristic of life. Seasons change, weather changes, leaves change, and so do people. In HeatherAsh Amara's The Toltec Path of Transformation: Embracing the Four Elements of Change, we are encouraged to embrace the changes in our lives and create the kind of change that we want to see in ourselves and our world. The Four Elements: air, fire, water and earth--all carry specific properties and functions that can lead to a complete life transformation along the Toltec path. Air represents our mental body, and grants clear perceptions once we shift our focus from the negativity surrounding us to the love and gratitude that lie just below the surface. Fire, the energetic body, gives us the opportunity to clean out the agreements, behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve us, so that we can make room for new, beneficial connections. Water, the emotional body, encourages us to open to new things, people and experiences. By staying open, we can gracefully accept what life brings while still working to create our own changes. Earth, the physical body, acts to nourish us from the inside out, proving again that both beauty and health start from within. It is through HeatherAsh's carefully composed instruction and guidance that we can use the Four Elements of Change to navigate the Toltec Path into our Divine center, where comparison and judgment drop away, and we can meet ourselves as the beautiful beings that we were meant to be.

Beyond Fear

Author: Mary Carroll Nelson
Publisher: Council Oak Books
ISBN: 1571780386
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

The wisdom in this life-changing book has the power to replace fear with joy. Fear, the source of all the negative agreements we've made in life, can alienate us from the joy that is our birthright. When we are able to look at our lives and our worlds without fear or judgment, we realize that this dream we are dreaming - reality - can be whatever we want it to be.

The Wheel of Change Tarot

Author: Alexandra Genetti
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9780996384803
Release Date: 2016-01-17
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Originally published as a boxed set in 1997, The Wheel of Change Tarot companion book is now available separately. Included in the print version of the book are descriptions of the symbolism and reading interpretations for each of the 78 cards, as well as black and white images of each one. Ten years in the making, The Wheel of Change Tarot is a unique and brilliant creation. The rich and detailed watercolors remain true to the traditional structure of the Tarot, but infuse it with layers of pattern and meaning drawn equally from the natural world, Goddess-centered beliefs, traditional religions, and contemporary culture. In doing so, The Wheel of Change Tarot transcends any single belief system. It enables a realization of the deep interconnected nature of all things and of the eternal cycle of transformation, of change, that is the only constant in the world. The Wheel of Change Tarot book includes many new spreads for doing both simple and sophisticated readings, a solitaire game designed to help beginners familiarize themselves with the Tarot, and guides to astrology and symbolism that will help readers develop their own philosophical system. Also included in the book is a new and completely original underlying pattern for the cards of the major arcana. Titled "The Tarot Tree", it helps people learn and understand the archetypes more easily and completely, and establishes several profound interrelated groupings, which lead to a new understanding of the structure of the major arcana. In addition, there is a philosophical commentary by Stanley V. McDaniel, Professor Emeritus, Sonoma State University, with whom Alexandra studied in the 1970s.

The Encyclopedia of Tarot

Author: Stuart R. Kaplan
Publisher: U S Games Systems
ISBN: 0913866113
Release Date: 1978
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Provides information on every important theory and intepretation and every recognized deck, illustrating and commenting on the symbolism of the early Tarocchi decks and the major later decks.

The Pixie Solution

Author: Heatherash Amara
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 145385178X
Release Date: 2010-09-23
Genre: Self-Help

With her playful blend of creative curiosity, insightful clarity, and deep love of humans, Pixie (aka HeatherAsh) concocts a tasty blend of word soup to nourish your heart and soul and feed your internal bank-of-love account, even in the most difficult of times.The Pixie Solution shares nuggets of kick-butt wisdom that will gently guide you to:* Thoroughly enjoy clearing obstacles from your path* Creatively detangle all your relationships* Happily stoke your inner fire and passion* Honestly embrace death as your bestest friend* Effortlessly clear out the gunk of your past AND keep your house blissfully cleanThe Pixie Solution blends the unconditional love of your favorite childhood teddy bear with a few bolts of clarifying lightning that illuminates and shatters old structures and stuck places.

The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah Bilingual

Author: Daath Gnosis
ISBN: 9781105510816
Release Date: 2014-09-20
Genre: Religion

This is the definitive Gnostic text on Kabalah. This Book consists of 7 parts: -Prologue -Esoteric Study and Description of the Tarot -Initiation through the Arcana of the Tarot -Kabalah -Numerology and Esoteric Mathematics -The Kabalah of Predition +Editor's Appendix Este es el texto definitivo Gnostica de Kabala. Este Libro consta de 7 piezas: -Prologo -Descripcion y Estudio Esoterico del Tarot -La Iniciacion a traves de los Arcanos del Tarot -Kabala -Numerologia y Matematicas Esotericas -Kabala De Prediccion +Apendice del Editor

The Fifth Agreement

Author: Don Miguel Ruiz
ISBN: 1401928749
Release Date: 2011-04-15
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Based on the New York Times best-selling book The Fifth Agreement, the 48 cards in this deck offer a fresh perspective on the Four Agreements, and a powerful new agreement for transforming our lives into our personal heaven. The Fifth Agreement takes us to a deeper level of awareness of the power of the Self, and returns us to the authenticity we were born with. In this compelling sequel to the book that has changed the lives of millions of people around the world, we are reminded of the greatest gift we can give ourselves: the freedom to be who we really are.

The Winged Prophet from Hermes to Quetzalcoatl

Author: Carol Miller
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: PSU:000049320725
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Egyptian and Italian tarot decks carry the hermetic discipline in the 22 cards of the major arcana. Demonstrates that whether we look to European or Aztec archetypes for inspiration, the wisdom of the gods is available to us all.

Aztec Christic Magic

Author: Samael Aun Weor
Publisher: Timeless Gnostic Wisdom
ISBN: 193420627X
Release Date: 2007-12
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

A beautiful explanation of the Kabbalistic wisdom hidden in the Aztec Pantheon. It is stated that the Toltecs said: Quetzalcoatl, Tula succumbs, Tula is wrecked! Yes, it is finished, the lost Eden is finished, the distant Tula turned into ashes, the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Hesperides became cosmic dust. The human being lost his transcendental faculties and converted himself into a beggar, he abandoned ancient wisdom, he degenerated completely; yet now, only the glory of Quetzalcoatl (the Cosmic Christ) in this Universe can radically transform us and convert us into super-humans. We are in a terribly Dark Age! We need to regenerate ourselves; we need to study in depth the Quetzalcoatlian mysteries. We need to carry this message of our Lord Quetzalcoatl throughout all of America, so that America can burn with the marvelous blazing glory of Quetzalcoatl. This book was written by Samael Aun Weor for the most advanced and demanding level of Gnostic practice, therefore this book is one of the most subtle and complex that he wrote. One of the most striking features of this book is the sequence of practical exercises that build from chapter to chapter, resulting in a powerful and direct method to access personal inner experience of the superior planes of existence.