Whispers across Time

Author: Stuart Coates
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475911432
Release Date: 2012-05-31
Genre: Fiction

The first time Tiffany Abernathy travels through time is in 1898, right before her parents are killed. An automobile runs their carriage off the road. Tiffany is thrown into a nearby tree, while her parents plunge to their deaths at the bottom of a ravine. As Tiffany hangs from its limbs, the tree is struck by lightning; strangely, Tiffany finds herself transported decades into the future. It won’t be the last time. Although Tiffany eventually returns to 1898, in 1910, an even bigger shock comes her way. Directly following her wedding, an electric shock sends her to the year 2011. Tiffany understands what has occurred, but her great-granddaughter, Kate Dixon, does not. Suddenly, Kate finds herself transported to the year 1910. Not only that, but she is inhabiting the body of Mrs. Tiffany Abernathy Nichols. A modern science experiment has created a black hole deep beneath the surface of Portland, Maine. Time travel occurs through this black hole, but the ramifications are much more severe than body-swapping. Because of the black hole, the trajectory of Earth in 1910 has been thrown into the path of Halley’s Comet and certain destruction. Will Tiffany and Kate be able to fix what has been done, or will they also die, each trapped in the body of the other?

Reading the Bible outside the Church

Author: David G. Ford
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781532636820
Release Date: 2018-07-12
Genre: Religion

In many places in the Western world, churchgoing is in decline and it cannot be assumed that people have a good grasp of the Bible's content. In this evolving situation, how would "the person on the street" read the Bible? Reading the Bible Outside the Church begins to answer this question. David Ford spent ten months at a chemical industrial plant providing non-churchgoing men with the opportunity to read and respond to five different biblical texts. Using an in-depth qualitative methodology, he charts how their prior experiences of religion, sense of (non)religious identity, attitudes towards the Bible, and beliefs about the Bible all shaped the readings that occurred.

Silver linings

Author: Matthew Quick
ISBN: 3463400812
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Popular literature

Eigentlich hat Pat nach seinem Psychiatrie-Aufenthalt nur eins im Sinn: seine Frau Nikki zurückzuerobern. Aber sosehr sie ihn auch beschäftigt, zu Gesicht bekommt er sie nicht. Und dafür gibt es gute Gründe... (Quelle: Buchdeckel verso).

Banning Branches

Author: Leroy F. Banning
ISBN: WISC:89066466582
Release Date: 1997
Genre: History

The Banning family is said to have come from Denmark, Holland, England and Ireland. The first Banning in America was Edward Banning, who settled in Talbot Co., Maryland prior to 1678. He is said to have come from England. He had three sons, James, who settled in Maryland and John and Samuel, who settled in Lyme, Connecticut abt. 1700. Fourty years later Benoni Banning came from Dublin, Ireland and settled in Talbot Co., Md. The Bannings of Delaware came from those in Maryland. Most descendants of James Banning of Maryland live in Ohio, Indiana, Delaware, Maryland and elsewhere. Members of the New York branch of Bannings migrated to Canada and the central and western United States.