Dickens and Empire

Author: Grace Moore
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351944502
Release Date: 2017-03-02
Genre: Literary Criticism

Dickens and Empire offers a reevaluation of Charles Dickens's imaginative engagement with the British Empire throughout his career. Employing postcolonial theory alongside readings of Dickens's novels, journalism and personal correspondence, it explores his engagement with Britain's imperial holdings as imaginative spaces onto which he offloaded a number of pressing domestic and personal problems, thus creating an entangled discourse between race and class. Drawing upon a wealth of primary material, it offers a radical reassessment of the writer's stance on racial matters. In the past Dickens has been dismissed as a dogged and sustained racist from the 1850s until the end of his life; but here author Grace Moore reappraises The Noble Savage, previously regarded as a racist tract. Examining it side by side with a series of articles by Lord Denman in The Chronicle, which condemned the staunch abolitionist Dickens as a supporter of slavery, Moore reveals that the tract is actually an ironical riposte. This finding facilitates a review and reassessment of Dickens's controversial outbursts during the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857, and demonstrates that his views on racial matters were a good deal more complex than previous critics have suggested. Moore's analysis of a number of pre- and post-Mutiny articles calling for reform in India shows that Dickens, as their publisher, would at least have been aware of the grievances of the Indian people, and his journal's sympathy toward them is at odds with his vitriolic responses to the insurrection. This first sustained analysis of Dickens and his often problematic relationship to the British Empire provides fresh readings of a number of Dickens texts, in particular A Tale of Two Cities. The work also presents a more complicated but balanced view of one of the most famous figures in Victorian literature.

Charles Dickens the Mid Victorian Press 1850 1870

Author: John Drew
Publisher: Legend Press Ltd
ISBN: 9781789551372
Release Date: 2013-04-24
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

With the phenomenally popular weekly magazines Household Words and All the Year Round, Charles Dickens effectively re-invented periodical literature in the nineteenth century. Already enjoying huge stature as a world-famous author, Dickens was often the principal contributor of the journals that carried the novels serialised within them. As, by his own term, the conductor of the weekly magazines, he was able to direct the gaze of his readership, easily eliding fiction and non-fiction, to those things that most concerned him: poverty, crime, education, public health, women, social welfare and reform. This collection of new essays from a rich variety of contributors explores the journalism and fiction in Household Words and All Year Round and their relationship to the wider publishing world. The essays were presented at the Dickens Journals Online Conference launched in March 2012. Contributors include: Laurel Brake, Koenraad Claes, Iain Crawford, Daragh Downes, John Drew, Judith Laura Foster, Holly Furneaux, Ignacio Ramas Gay, Clare Horrocks, Louis James, Patrick Leary, Hannah Lewis-Bill, Helen Mckenzie, Pete Orford, David Parker, David Paroissien, Robert L. Patten, Jasper Schelstraete, Paul Schlicke, Joanne Shattock, Michael Slater, John Tulloch and Catherine Waters.

Texts Contexts and Intertextuality

Author: Norbert Lennartz
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 9783847002864
Release Date: 2014-10-22
Genre: Fiction

Galt Charles Dickens lange Zeit als der Verfasser umfangreicher seichter und sentimentaler Kinderliteratur, als Produzent leicht konsumierbarer Massenware, so zeigt diese Aufsatzsammlung, dass Dickens nicht nur Leser hochwertiger Literatur war, sondern dass er seine Werke im Kontext sowohl der großen Weltliteratur als auch der zeitgenössischen wissenschaftlichen und wirtschaftlichen Debatten wahrgenommen sehen wollte. Von Sidney, Shakespeare, Cervantes, über Swift, Smollett bis hin zu Bulwer-Lytton reicht die Riege der Autoren, die Dickens im Kosmos seiner Romane verarbeitete und zu einem intertextuellen Netz verwob.

Bleak House

Author: Charles Dickens
ISBN: BML:37001102945404
Release Date: 1852
Genre: Guardian and ward

With their estate entangled in an interminable legal case, the young wards of the court Richard Carstone and Ada Clare are taken into the benevolent care of the kindly John Jarndyce. Ada's companion, the gentle and good-hearted Esther Summerson, is devoted to the old man and, although she loves another, becomes betrothed to him. But behind Esther's supposed orphan past lies a dark secret that leads tragically to deceit, blackmail and murder. And as the endless lawsuit erodes their inheritance, the happiness that Richard and Ada have found in each other is brought into desperate jeopardy.