Metal Detecting the Beach

Author: Mark Smith
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1482365189
Release Date: 2013-02-13
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

Do you ever dream of finding buried treasures on the beach? Have you sat there and watched as other people comb the beach with their metal detectors wondering if they ever really find anything? Do you think that they would be there doing it if they were not finding anything? These people are digging up silver, gold, diamonds, platinum, old coins, and every other type of treasure that you could imagine. It is real. There is an entire world of buried treasure right beneath your feet, and it is waiting for you to dig it all up. Finding that buried treasure does not have to be a dream. In fact, it is pretty darn simple as long as you know a few basics. You can get lucky. Anyone can get lucky, but knowing how to look at a beach and know exactly where the gold is, is a skill that most people only learn from experience. In this treasure hunting book, Mark Smith, a professional beach bum tells you exactly how he has found loads of treasure. There is more to it than swinging a coil, enjoying the scenery, and enjoying the breeze. Learn how to find treasure by: learning common metal detector terminology, types of water metal detectors, a metal detectors anatomy, other equipment you will need, proper etiquette, what you can expect to find, why you should never throw anything away, how to identify your finds, how to identify jewelry, how to tell if it is real gold, how to metal detect with children, the influence of the tides, how seasons and weather can uncover lost treasures from years past, how to pinpoint targets, how to quickly retrieve targets, how to zero in on certain locations and leave nothing uncovered. Learn from more than just words. Fully illustrated diagrams and real life pictures describe in detail various conditions of the beach, and how to find treasure on them. This book is more than just a how to metal detect at the beach book. It is full of real life treasure finding experiences that can easily happen to anyone that is swinging a coil over the sand. Learn how you can find Silver, Gold, Diamonds and more.

How to Research for Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting

Author: Otto Von Helsing
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1480186775
Release Date: 2013-01-04
Genre: Reference

Treasure hunting is all about research. Jars of gold coins are hard to find. Even harder if the treasure hunter doesn't do proper research. Ever wanted to learn how to find virgin coinhunting spots? Or get leads on buried caches of coins? The research methods are presented herein, but only for those who want to learn the craft. Within these pages you will find wisdom and knowledge of how to do proper research for treasure hunting and metal detecting. Written by a seasoned professional who is retiring from the field and wants to show others how to be great at researching treasure leads and coinhunting sites. Chapters of interest: -Obtaining Treasure Leads -Purging Treasure Leads -A Primer on Internet Searching -Research Tools -Authority Rank or "Should I trust that guy?" -Map Resources -Geneology -State Library -Research Workflow -How to Do Proper Reconnaissance -Treasure Sense and Common Sense -Hunt Locally, Research Locally -Record Keeping -Example Workflows -Wizard's First Rule and the KGC 214 pages

Metal Detecting a Beginner s Guide

Author: Mark Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1494964414
Release Date: 2014-01-15
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

Old coins, lost jewelry... there is an entire world of buried treasure right under our feet. Smith shows you how to claim your share. Fully illustrated diagrams and real life pictures describe in detail the easiest ways to not only locate treasure, but safely recover it as well.

Buried Treasures of the South

Author: W. C. Jameson
Publisher: august house
ISBN: 0874832861
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

This fifth volume in W.C. Jameson's Buried Treasure series contains 38 tales gathered from the breadth of the American South. Eight states are included: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Gold Beneath the Waves

Author: Jim F. Brouwer
ISBN: 0984889108
Release Date: 2012-01
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

"Finding gold on the beach or in the surf with a metal detector is not luck. Successful beach/surf hunters hunt hard and EARN every gold ring. But they also hunt smart. They use the right equipment. They know how to 'read' the beach and surf. They analyze the clues, good and bad, to determine where to put in their time to maximize their gold finds....This book is your treasure map. It will increase the number of ring dance you do and give you the power to build your pile of gold." --back cover.

Modern Metal Detectors

Author: Charles L. Garrett
Publisher: RAM U.S.A., Publications and Distribution
ISBN: 0915920751
Release Date: 1985-04-01
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This book has been extremely useful to me in understanding all there is to know about metal detectors. To a beginner this is absolute required reading, and for the experienced detectionist, it is still of profound value because of the advice that it gives. This book helped me purchase the right metal detector and following its advice paid for the book the first time I went out metal detecting after reading it. If you are only going to have only two or three books in your personal metal detecting library this one should be one of those two or three! Happy Hunting!

Buried Treasures You Can Find

Author: Robert F. Marx
Publisher: RAM U.S.A., Publications and Distribution
ISBN: 0915920824
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

Explains how to use a modern metal detector to find buried treasures, discussing types of detectors, detector operation, and types of treasure, and identifies a variety of sites in each of the fifty states.

European Metal Detecting Guide

Author: Stephen L. Moore
Publisher: RAM U.S.A., Publications and Distribution
ISBN: 0981899161
Release Date: 2010-03-01
Genre: History

European metal detectorists know that any given ploughed field can produce hammered silver coins, gold staters, a Celtic brooch, a medieval fibula or a rare treasure worth millions of dollars-such as the Middleham Jewel (seen to left) found with a Garrett detector in England.

Incredible Metal Detecting Discoveries

Author: Mark Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1499504012
Release Date: 2014-05-08
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

"I knew people were finding stuff with their metal detectors, but I had no idea they were finding treasures like this! Absolutely incredible!"Mike in Florida "The incredible stories are well worth the cost of this book, but its the lessons learned from each story that make this book priceless!" Don in Texas "After reading about the incredible monster gold nuggets that people have been finding with their metal detectors I had to pick my jaw up off the floor!"Ben in Indiana "Incredible stories with priceless information anyone can learn from!" Bill in Montana "I have been metal detecting for over 7 years. The incredible treasure stories in this book will have me hunting until they pull my metal detector from my cold dead hands."Jimmy in Texas "My metal detector has seen more time in the closet lately. After reading these metal detecting stories, I realize it is time to dust it off and claim my own treasure. Unbelievable!" Frank in Alabama "Fascinating stories had me turning the pages all the way to the end. Amazing!"Bill in North Carolina Veteran detectorist, treasure enthusiast and best selling author Mark Smith continues to provide great information to anyone interested in the great hobby of metal detecting. In his third book on the subject, he showcases the best treasures unearthed using nothing more than a metal detector. Each true story of amazing treasure discoveries will have you itching to get out there and find your very own piece of treasure. From monster gold nuggets worth millions of dollars to ancient buried hoards that consist of thousands of gold coins, the stories in this book will take your breath away! But this book contains much more than treasure stories. Each story teaches a valuable lesson that anyone can learn from. It doesn't matter if you are interested in metal detecting or not. These stories will fascinate anyone who has even the smallest interest in treasure and adventure. "There are incredible untold stories just waiting below the surface of the earth and all it takes is a metal detector to locate them. This book is loaded with some of the most incredible metal detecting stories in the world. If you are not already hooked on the idea of metal detecting, I can guarantee you will be once you are done reading these stories. Every single one of them is true. This is the reality of metal detecting. Jump right in. Dig in and prepare to be amazed!" Happy Hunting Mark Smith