The Ketogenic Cookbook

Author: Jimmy Moore
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
ISBN: 1628600780
Release Date: 2015-07-28
Genre: Cooking

In 2013, the fifth-most Googled diet search term was "ketogenic"; in 2014, it rose to number two. Now, The Ketogenic Cookbook, one of the most highly anticipated cookbooks of 2015, is set to be the ultimate resource for the growing number of people interested in eating a low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat diet to lose weight, improve their health, and heal their bodies from the inside out. In this first-of-its-kind collection, Jimmy Moore, leading low-carb diet blogger and podcaster and bestselling author of Keto Clarity, joins forces with fellow keto advocate and nutritionist Maria Emmerich to bring you more than 150 delicious, real food–based, keto-friendly recipes that are ideal for anyone who wants to be in nutritional ketosis or simply wants to eat healthier. In addition, The Ketogenic Cookbook explains why a ketogenic diet can help treat chronic illnesses from type 2 diabetes to heart disease to epilepsy, offers practical advice for pursuing nutritional ketosis, outlines the unique combination of whole foods that will help you become ketogenic, and much more. If you're seeking a healthier way to eat that will help heal your body of damage done by years of eating tons of sugar and carbs, the ketogenic diet may be for you. There's no need to sacrifice taste for good health!

Ketogene Ern hrung F r Einsteiger

Author: Food Experts
ISBN: 1980421986
Release Date: 2018-02-27

AKTION ENDET IN K�RZE! Das Ketogene Kochbuch mit leckeren Rezepten f�r maximale Erfolge inkl. 14 Tage Programm! ★ Du willst die Ketogene Di�t kennen lernen und erfolgreich damit abnehmen? ★ Du m�chtest schnelle Ergebnisse, um deine Ziele zu erreichen? ★ Du willst eine gro�e Auswahl an Rezepten f�r jegliche Situationen? ★ Du willst nie wieder ohne unter dem JOJO Effekt leiden? ★ Du willst wissen, wie du kontrolliert und ohne Hungern deine Traumfigur erreichst? ★ Du willst 10 Kilo oder mehr in 30 Tagen mit der Keto Di�t abnehmen? Dann ist dieses Keto Kochbuch genau das Richtige f�r dich! Dieses Kochbuch ist speziell f�r Einsteiger sowie auch Fortgeschrittene mit dem jeder seine Ziele erreichen kann. Ob du nur einen Umstieg auf Keto machst oder deine Traumfigur damit erreichen m�chtest, das ist alles schaffbar mit diesem wunderbaren Konzept! In diesem Buch erf�hrst du alles, was du f�r die Ketogene Di�t wissen musst , was du sofort umsetzen kannst, um deine Ziele zu erreichen. Das bekommst du alles mit an die Hand f�r deinen Erfolg: ★ Ein 14 Tage Programm das dich herausfordert es wirklich durchzuziehen! ★ 77 leckere Rezepte f�r ausreichend Auswahl ★ Fr�hst�ck, Mittagessen, Abendessen, Desserts, Drinks und Smoothie Rezepte ★ Warum eine Ketogene Di�t �berhaupt so effektiv ist ★ Welche Lebensmittel deinen Erfolg maximieren ★ Welche Lebensmittel du meiden solltest BONUS: Wie du deine Fettverbrennung maximierst! Du erh�ltst weitere Tipps wie du deine Fettverbrennung passend zur Keto Ern�hrung weiter ankurbeln kannst! Kaum eine Ern�hrungsweise ist so beliebt wie die Keto Di�t, wenn man seine Wunschfigur erreichten m�chte oder sich einfach gesundheitsbewusst ern�hren m�chte und dabei nicht st�ndig hungrig sein will.Ketogene Ern�hrung ist die perfekte Wahl f�r einen dauerhaft schlanken und definierten K�rper. Wer sind die Food Experts? Food Experts ist ein Team von Menschen, die Experten Know-How im Bereich Ern�hrung und nat�rlich auch mit Ketogene Ern�hrung aufweisen. Sie wissen ganz genau, worauf es zu achten gilt, was funktioniert und was man unterlassen sollte. *Jetzt kaufen und heute noch deine Ver�nderung beginnen! Beginne mit Seite 1!

The Big Ketogenic Cookbook Delicious and Nutritious Keto Diet Recipes

Author: Recipes365 Cookbooks
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1544299109
Release Date: 2017-07-07
Genre: Ketogenic diet

Love great food but hate what it does to your body? Want to burn fat without resorting to dull diets? With The Big Ketogenic Cookbook you really can have your cake (or steak) and eat it. This book brings together 4 of our bestselling keto cookbooks in one powerful package. When you pick up this book you'll get a whopping 120 ketogenic recipes. These mouth-watering meals will have you springing out of bed in the morning, looking forward to lunch and diving into dinner & dessert, totally guilt free. Unlike other recipes books, this one includes precise macros broken down into calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein to help you stay on track, leaving you free to enjoy the meals. When you love your diet results come easy. Go keto to see the change for yourself.


Author: Dr. med. William Davis
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 9783641088446
Release Date: 2013-01-21
Genre: Cooking

Weizen gefährdet Ihre Gesundheit Brot, Gebäck, Pizza, Pasta – Weizen ist in unserer Nahrung allgegenwärtig. Doch kaum jemand weiß, was für ein gesundheitsschädigender Dickmacher das goldgelbe Korn ist. Denn in der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts wurde das Getreide genetisch so verändert, dass es mit dem »Urweizen« nicht mehr viel gemein hat. Der »neue Weizen« macht dick, fördert Diabetes sowie den Alterungsprozess, schädigt Herz und Hirn und ist schlecht für die Haut. Dr. med. William Davis zeigt glutenfreie Ernährungsalternativen auf, und wie man gesund und schlank ohne Weizen leben kann.

Dumm wie Brot

Author: Dr. David Perlmutter
Publisher: Mosaik Verlag
ISBN: 9783641125295
Release Date: 2014-02-24
Genre: Cooking

Achtung Weizen - gefährliches Hirnfutter! Weizen, das „Killerkorn“: Der Neurologe Dr. David Perlmutter belegt mit neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen, dass Weizen unsere Gesundheit, speziell unsere Denkleistung und unser Gedächtnis, massiv angreift. Das genetisch veränderte Getreide des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts zerstört schleichend unser Gehirn. Eine Folge können chronische Kopfschmerzen, massive Schlafstörungen, Demenz oder sogar Alzheimer sein. Dr. Perlmutter zeigt dem Leser Alternativen mit kohlenhydratarmer und fettreicher Ernährung auf. Für ein gesundes Leben mit einem leistungsstarken Denkorgan bis ins hohe Alter hinein.

The Ketogenic Cookbook Diet

Author: Katherine Johnson
Publisher: Leopol Press
ISBN: 6069440404
Release Date: 2017-09-19
Genre: Cooking

This is the diet that you need to try if you want to remain in optimum health and also cut down on excess body fat. This book features a selection of recipes that will help you through the Ketogenic Diet. In addition, you will also find a detailed four-week plan that offers insight on what you need to do to get the most out of this diet.

Real Food Keto

Author: Jimmy Moore
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Release Date: 2018-11-06
Genre: Cooking

Everyone is talking about ketogenic diets now, and for good reason—a low-carb, high-fat nutritional approach is a highly effective way to lower blood sugar and insulin levels, reduce inflammation, increase energy, stabilize mood, and so much more. But far too many people are trying to go keto without shifting the focus of their diet to real, whole foods. That’s what Real Food Keto attempts to educate readers about, explaining the reasons why whole foods are a critical element in optimizing your pursuit of nutritional ketosis. Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Christine Moore has teamed up with her husband, health podcaster and international bestselling ketogenic book author Jimmy Moore (Keto Clarity, The Ketogenic Cookbook, and The Keto Cure), to help you apply the principles of nutritional therapy to a healthy low-carb lifestyle. Most people think that going on a ketogenic diet will fix all their health and weight woes, but this book explains that sometimes it takes a little fine-tuning in your diet and supplementation to get the desired results. Real Food Keto provides detailed information about a variety of topics that are rarely discussed in ketogenic circles, including:DigestionBlood sugar regulationDetoxificationEndocrine functionVitamin and mineral deficienciesHydrationStomach acidThe importance of eating real food …and a whole lot more! Real Food Keto also shares information about specific foods that provide the proper vitamins and minerals, resources on where to find quality foods, and a connection to Nutritional Therapy Practitioners who can help you with your ketogenic diet. An incredible collection of amazing keto recipes from international bestselling cookbook author Maria Emmerich rounds out this low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic approach to healing yourself from the inside out.

The Deliciously Keto Cookbook

Author: Molly Pearl
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781465458124
Release Date: 2016-11-08
Genre: Cooking

The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet originally developed to reduce the frequency of seizures in epilepsy patients. More recently, however, it has found a mainstream audience who view it as a real foods-based diet with weight loss and other overall health benefits. By focusing on dietary fat and ketones instead of simple carb-derived glucose as a primary energy source, the body becomes more efficient at burning body fat and is spared the conversion of leftover glucose calories into body fat. The Deliciously Keto Cookbook offers 150 deliciously satisfying recipes for breakfasts, appetizers, snacks, mains, desserts, and sides, all designed to help readers set and reach personal health and weight loss goals. The recipes follow a high fat/low protein/ultra low carb ratio designed to induce readers into a state of nutritional ketosis where they are consistently burning ketones (fat molecules) for energy instead of glucose (carbohydrates). Additionally, readers who have attained health goals and are looking to follow a longer-term maintenance program will benefit from simple modifications for each recipe that enable them to adjust the nutrient ratios to a slightly lower fat and slightly higher carbohydrate ratio. Also included: + Tips and tricks for cooking keto-friendly dishes, eating out on the keto diet, and managing the side effects, including the temporary "keto" flu that accompanies the induction of ketosis. + Helpful modications that enable readers to modify recipes from a high fat induction phase to a moderate fat maintenance phase.

Das Keto Kochbuch

Author: Maria Emmerich
Publisher: Riva Verlag
ISBN: 9783959711685
Release Date: 2016-11-07
Genre: Health & Fitness

Ketogene Ernährung ist aus gutem Grund ein großer Trend. Denn mit dieser besonders kohlenhydratarmen, aber fettreichen Kost können Sie nicht nur wirkungsvoll abnehmen, sondern sogar chronischen Krankheiten wie Diabetes oder Epilepsie entgegenwirken. Um den Schaden, den jahrelanger übermäßiger Zucker- und Kohlenhydratkonsum im Körper angerichtet hat, rückgängig zu machen, müssen Sie aber nicht auf Genuss verzichten – Das Keto-Kochbuch zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie gesund mit lecker kombinieren! Der Low-Carb-Blogger und Bestsellerautor Jimmy Moore und die Ernährungsspezialistin und Keto-Expertin Maria Emmerich haben mehr als 150 Keto-Rezepte jeden Schwierigkeitsgrads entwickelt, von einfachen Frühstücksideen über raffinierte Sushis bis hin zum köstlichen Schokokuchen. Jedes Gericht ist wunderschön bebildert und enthält die wichtigsten Nährwerte. Zusammen mit den vier einwöchigen Ernährungsplänen, darunter ein Diätplan und ein vegetarischer Plan, sind die Rezepte das ideale Rüstzeug, um gesund und genussvoll abzunehmen oder einfach nur bewusster und gesünder zu essen. "Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach kreativen Low-Carb-Rezepten sind, werden Sie im Keto-Kochbuch fündig. Begeistert werden Sie Ihren Lieblingsgerichte mit neuen Zutaten zubereiten, die Ihren Geschmackssinn verführen." Diane Sanfilippo, Autorin des New York Times-Bestsellers Das große Buch der Paläo-Ernährung

The Ultimate Ketogenic Cookbook

Author: Ella Sanders
Publisher: Castle Point Books
ISBN: 9781250183811
Release Date: 2018-01-02
Genre: Cooking

The ketogenic diet, which is high-fat and low-carb (similar but more extreme than Paleo and a throwback to Dr. Atkins) is on fire these days. By drastically reducing the amount of carbohydrates you consume daily and eating lots of protein and fat, a metabolic process called ketosis kicks in, allowing your body to burn fat for fuel. With this book, best-selling author Ella Sanders brings readers 100 easy, delicious, low-carb and high-fat recipes that will melt pounds and improve overall health. The easy-to-prepare recipes include nutritional analyses to help readers track macronutrients with ease. From Cauliflower Mac 'n' Cheese and Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatballs to Keto Blueberry-Lemon Bread and Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Blondies, there's a little something for everyone to make taking on the keto diet a no-brainer.

Ketogenic Cookbook for Beginners

Author: Vanessa Olsen
ISBN: 1091113270
Release Date: 2019-03-21
Genre: Cooking

Everything you've been told about fat is wrong. It's time to learn the truth! It isn't fat that makes people gain weight; it's sugar. This is just one of the revelations this book contains. When you fuel your body with the healthy fats found in red meat, dairy, fish, avocados, and nuts, your body enters ketosis, which is when it burns fat instead of carbs/glucose for energy. Benefits of being in ketosis include improved energy levels, sharper mental clarity, deeper sleep, and healthier skin. This book breaks down everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet, including what you can eat, what you can't eat, and how to maintain a lifestyle that's free from refined carbs and full of fat. You will get 100 amazing recipes that cover breakfast, poultry, beef, pork, seafood, and more. Dishes include: Classic steak + eggs Turkey pot pies Herb-rubbed pot roast Gingery-orange pork roast Garlic-butter shrimp Chicken cordon bleu soup Bacon guacamole bites Low-carb raspberry daiquiris Macadamia brownies Lemon-lime bars You'll also learn how to make your own pantry staples like pesto, Caesar dressing, cocktail sauce, and so on. All the recipes contain detailed instructions, ingredient lists, and nutritional info. Studies support the ketogenic diet's reported health benefits, and unlike a lot of diets these days, you get to eat full-fat dairy. A diet where you don't have to give up cheese? What could possibly be better? Get this comprehensive cookbook today and start your journey towards better health, without giving up delicious food.

Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Author: Stacy Shoneyfelt
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1799026027
Release Date: 2019-03-07
Genre: Health & Fitness

Explore and exploit the potential powers of the Low Carb Diet and the Keto Lifestyle. Expedite holistic healing for your body, brain, brawn & beauty! "The Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: 70 Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes and 21-day Keto Meal Plan" provides you with a variety of 70 inspiring and delectable ketogenic recipes, categorized under breakfast, lunch, dinner, soups, sauces, and desserts. Let these easy ketogenic recipes inspire your ketogenic daily meal plans. And excitingly, you will eventually have your moments of glory in formulating and concocting your own recipe variations. This will be especially true as you get the hang of practicing the dietary program! Let's take a look at what you'll receive in this Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: 20 Ketogenic Breakfasts 15 Keto Lunches 15 Ketogenic Diners 10 Ketogenic Soups and Stews 5 Keto Desserts 5 Ketogenic Sauces 21-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Revitalize Your Life and Enjoy Delicious Meals while Restoring Your Healthy Weight. Just Click on "Buy now with 1-Click (R)" And Start Your Journey Toward a Healthier You Today! Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED! Tags: keto diet, keto instant pot, keto diet cookbook, ketogenic diet, keto recipes, simply keto, ketogenic diet cookbook, keto diet for beginners, easy keto, vegetarian keto, keto vegan, lazy keto, keto 28, keto quickstart, keto recipe books, the ketogenic cookbook, ketogenic bible, keto reset diet, 5 ingredient ketogenic cookbook, keto 500, keto 101, keto sweet treats, ketogenic instant pot cookbook, lazy keto diet, keto cycling, diet ketogenic, keto nutrition, low carb diet, the complete ketogenic diet for beginners, ketogenic diet for beginners, ketogenic diet food list, what is the keto diet, low carb diet for beginners, what is ketogenic diet, keto diet for beginners, keto recipes, keto ebook, keto books

The Beginner s KetoDiet Cookbook

Author: Martina Slajerova
Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)
ISBN: 9781592338153
Release Date: 2018-04-03
Genre: Cooking

The ketogenic diet has become the go-to healthy diet for losing weight, managing diabetes, and possibly preventing and managing conditions such as neurodegenerative illnesses and cancer. The transition to a keto diet can be difficult, but this “induction” phase doesn’t have to be! Bestselling author of The KetoDiet Cookbook, Martina Slajerova, explains the first tricky few weeks as your metabolism readjusts to burning fat rather than carbs. Every recipe in The Keto-Induction Cookbook is designed to meet the special nutrient requirements of the induction phase. Just some of the dishes you’ll be enjoying include: -Breakfast Chili -Anti-Inflammatory Egg Drop Soup -Ricotta & Pepper Mini-Tarts -Avacado Power Balls -Salmon Ramen -Dulce de Leche Fudge -Chocolate Electrolyte Smoothies From quick "keto-flu" remedies and curbing cravings, to avoiding pitfalls like incorrect macronutrient balances and “zero-carb” approaches, The Keto-Induction Cookbook puts you on the right path to lose weight, get healthy, and enjoy all the benefits of the ketogenic diet for the long-term.

Ketogenic Diet Instant Pot Cookbook

Author: Olivia Stratton
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1976214130
Release Date: 2017-09-23

Limited-time offer! Buy Paperback at the discounted price of only $16.99 and get Kindle version FOR FREE! Love cooking with Your Instant Pot pressure cooker or just thinking about getting one? Interested or already doing a low carb diet that is also high in fat? Then this Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is perfect for You! Please note this is full color edition.However, i do have black&white edition available for $7.95. To get it, click "See all 3 formats and editions", then click "Paperback" and then "Paperback". So what is a Ketogenic Diet? We know that carbohydrates are the body's preferred source of fuel. Once You decide to stop eating carbohydrates, Your body will need more energy, thus will try to find and stimulate new sources of energy. As a result, we get a ketone body, which is an alternative source of fuel produced in the process of ketogenesis. Ketone body is a universal source of energy that can be used by almost every group of cells in your body. If You are still considering whether this diet is right for You, check these benefits of the Keto Diet: Healthy Weight Loss Appetite Control Reduced Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Insulin Level Improved Brain Function Improved Memory Fewer Migraines More Energy Better Sleep On top of that scientific data proves that Keto dieting helps people with such conditions: Epilepsy Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Alzheimer's disease Chronic Inflammation Obesity Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Fatty Liver Disease Cancer In this low carb Instant Pot cookbook, You will find simple recipes that are easy to cook and are proven to work. All recipes can be cooked with commonly used ingredients. Every recipe comes with detailed instructions on how to slice/mix, exact measurements and cooking time/temperature, nutritional information, as well as pictures of what Your dishes will look like! On top of that, You will also get tips for Instant Pot pressure cooker along with tips for Ketogenic Diet itself. By using this Keto Diet Cookbook, You will be able to eat healthy and get Yourself into ketosis and healthy weight loss in practically no time. Check what You can get in this book: Useful Tips For Ketogenic Diet Useful Tips For Instant Pot Chicken, Beef Recipes Vegetable Recipes Seafood Recipes Easy Keto Snacks Easy To Cook Ketogenic Recipes Detailed Instructions And Nutritional Information For Every Recipe And More! Do not lose Your chance and buy Your copy today for a limited-time price of only $16.99! ketogenic, keto, keto cookbook, ketogenic cookbook, keto diet, ketosis, keto diet plan, keto diet for beginners, ketogenic diet recipes, low carb diet, nutritional ketosis, weight loss, keto diet meals, keto diet weight loss, low carb keto diet, ketogenic diet weight loss, ketogenic instant pot cookbook, instant pot recipes, pressure cooker cookbook, pressure cooker recipes, keto instant pot, healthy eating, healthy recipes, healthy living, weight loss, low carb, low salt, lose weight fast, electric pressure cooker, poultry, vegetarian