Author: W. M. Noble
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107645967
Release Date: 2012-12-13
Genre: Science

This guide to Huntingdonshire by W. M. Noble was first published in 1911 as part of the Cambridge County Geographies.

The Penguin Book of Ghosts

Author: Jacqueline Simpson
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9780141920740
Release Date: 2008-10-02
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Shiver at the story of the malevolent apparition of 50 Berkeley Square no one has survived seeing. Listen for the tapping cane, when Jeremy Bentham’s mummified body walks through the corridors of University College. Watch out for the Roman centurion who still patrols the causeway linking Mersea Island to Essex. Shudder at the ghosts of kings and queens that keep returning to their old home at Windsor. Beware the black dog of Shap Fell: a sighting presages fatal accidents. England’s history echoes with stories of unquiet spirits and hauntings, of headless highwaymen and grey ladies, of premonitions of death and indelible blood-stains. Here, county by county and place by place, Jennifer Westwood and Jacqueline Simpson gather together all the most interesting supernatural tales from The Lore of the Land. From a ghostly army marching across Cumbria to landlords’ appeals against rates (because no one will rent their haunted house), from the phantom hitchhiker of the Blackwall Tunnel to Francis Drake’s drum summoning him when England is in danger, these fascinating and unforgettable stories are part of our legendary past – and present.

Haunted Skies

Author: John Hanson, Fsg Fil
ISBN: 0957494440
Release Date: 2015-04-08

Volume 11 contains over 750 pages with a foreword written by retired USAF Colonel Charles Halt - then the Deputy Base Commander of RAF Woodridge - during the now famous UFO incident that has attracted worldwide attention, which took place in late December 1980. Like its predecessors Volumes 8, 9, and 10, it is also in colour but is even larger in pagination, making it excellent value for money. It continues with further chronological reports of UFO activity over Great Britain, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, for the period 1989-1990. As with the former Volumes, published by the authors, this has been painstakingly and meticulously prepared from over 20 years research. It is priced at 25, which is good value taking into consideration the earlier books (Volumes 1-6, approximately 320 pages in black and white, sold at 14.99). John Hanson and Dawn Holloway, with Brenda Butler, have accumulated a vast amount of information over the years, including material from the late Essex UFO researcher Ron West, which identifies the presence of what has become labelled as appearances of the 'Triangular UFO', sighted over Belgium and Europe towards the end of the 1980s and, on occasion, chased by Air Force Jets. They will show that previously unpublished accounts of a 'wave' of similar sightings around the Essex area are now being brought to the attention of the public, who would not have been aware of how prolific sightings were during that period. Disappointingly, recent attempts to attract the attention of the Essex newspapers and media have been unsuccessful. The authors contend than nothing should be left out, as these books form part of our social history. It is their wish, at great personal expense to themselves, that these unique books will endure and provide future historians of the UFO subject an opportunity to see exactly what took place, rather than fading from history. It also includes an examination of UFO reports covering the period of 1963-1964, including some sightings from the archives of Project Blue Book for the first time. In addition, the Volume outlines the valuable commitment made by the researchers themselves and their efforts to preserve what forms part of our important social history, rather than relying on other dubious sources of information. Unfortunately, despite their greatest efforts, the authors have been unable to secure any reviews of their work by any of the National newspapers, although having sent many books to them. The authors point out that very few of the UFO sighting reports published in the Haunted Skies books will be found in any declassified MOD files."

Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey

Author: Kathryn Tucker Windham
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 9780817318420
Release Date: 2014-07-10
Genre: Fiction

Curated with loving expertise, these thirteen tales showcase both Windham and Fighs masterful selection of stories and their artful and suspenseful writing style. In crafting stories treasured by children and adults alike, the authors tell much more than ghost tales. Embedded in each is a wealth of fact and folklore about Alabama history and the old South. I dont care whether you believe in ghosts, Windham was fond of saying. The good ghost stories do not require that you believe in ghosts.


Author: Lisa Morton
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 9781780235370
Release Date: 2015-09-15
Genre: History

From that cheerful puff of smoke known as Casper to the hunkiest potter living or dead, Sam Wheat, there is probably no more iconic entity in supernatural history than the ghost. And these are just recent examples. From the earliest writings such as the Epic of Gilgamesh to today’s ghost-hunting reality TV shows, ghosts have chilled the air of nearly every era and every culture in human history. In this book, Lisa Morton uses her scholarly prowess—more powerful than any proton pack—to wrangle together history’s most enduring ghosts into an entertaining and comprehensive look at what otherwise seems to always evade our eyes. Tracing the ghost’s constantly shifting contours, Morton asks the most direct question—What exactly is a ghost?—and examines related entities such as poltergeists, wraiths, and revenants. She asks how a ghost is related to a soul, and she outlines all the different kinds of ghosts there are. To do so, she visits the spirits of the classical world, including the five-part Egyptian soul and the first haunted-house, conceived in the Roman playwright Plautus’s comedy, Mostellaria. She confronts us with the frightening phantoms of the Middle Ages—who could incinerate priests and devour children—and reminds us of the nineteenth-century rise of Spiritualism, a religion essentially devoted to ghosts. She visits with the Indian bhuta and goes to the Hungry Ghost Festival in China, and of course she spends time in Mexico, where ghosts have a particularly strong grip on belief and culture. Along the way she gathers the ectoplasmic residues seeping from books and film reels, from the Gothic novel The Castle of Otranto to the 2007 blockbuster Paranormal Activity, from the stories of Ann Radcliffe to those of Stephen King. Wide-ranging, informative, and slicked with over fifty unearthly images, Ghosts is an entertaining read of a cultural phenomenon that will delight anyone, whether they believe in ghosts or not.

The Pomegranate Princess

Author: Edward Hower
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595336715
Release Date: 2004-11
Genre: Fiction

On these pages we meet adventurous princes, romantic princesses, wily peasants, tricky animals-and an abundance of monsters, djinns, gods, goddesses, and powerful magicians. In colorful, exotic settings reminiscent of The Arabian Nights, brave heroes and virtuous heroines triumph over the forces of evil, often with fantastical or comic results. These folktales, collected orally in the desert state of Rajasthan in 1986-87, are eloquent reflections of the great cultural traditions of India, and are stories that bring enchantment to audiences everywhere.

Vanishing England

Author: Peter Hempson Ditchfield
ISBN: 9781326061074
Release Date: 2014-10-27
Genre: History

This book is intended not to raise fears but to record facts. We wish to describe with pen and pencil those features of England which are gradually disappearing, and to preserve the memory of them. It may be said that we have begun our quest too late; that so much has already vanished that it is hardly worth while to record what is left. Although much has gone, there is still, however, much remaining that is good, that reveals the artistic skill and taste of our forefathers, and recalls the wonders of old-time. It will be our endeavour to tell of the old country houses that Time has spared, the cottages that grace the village green, the stern grey walls that still guard some few of our towns, the old moot halls and public buildings. We shall see the old-time farmers and rustics gathering together at fair and market, their games and sports and merry-makings, and whatever relics of old English life have been left for an artist and scribe of the twentieth century to record.

The Lore of the Land

Author: Jennifer Westwood
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: STANFORD:36105123567369
Release Date: 2006-09
Genre: Folklore

Where can you find the 'Devil's footprints'? What happened at the 'hangman's stone'? Did Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street, ever really exist? Where was King Arthur laid to rest? Bringing together tales of hauntings, highwaymen, family curses and lovers' leaps, this magnificent guide will take you on a magical journey through England's legendary past.

Domesday Book

Author: Ann Williams
Publisher: Penguin Classics
ISBN: 0141439947
Release Date: 2003
Genre: History

Domesday Book has been described as 'the most valuable piece of antiquity possessed by any nation.' (David Hume) But a complete translation has never been available before at an affordable price. Penguin's edition will change that. Compiled in a matter of months in 1086 at the behest of William the Conqueror, Domesday quickly established itself as document of immense legal importance. It was last consulted for legal precedent in 1982. It is also the most remarkable portrait of England in thelate eleventh century. The publication of a complete translation of Great and Little Domesday is already being eagerly anticipated by historians. There are advance quotes from Norman Davies, Michael Wood, Roy Strong and Antonia Fraser.

The Stoneground Ghost Tales

Author: E. G. Swain
Publisher: The Oleander Press
ISBN: 9780906672433
Release Date: 2013-03
Genre: Fiction

CLASSIC EARLY HORROR IN THE STYLE OF MR JAMES BY A FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE "The Stoneground Ghost Tales" are an atmospheric collection of unsettling supernatural stories, first published in 1912 by E.G. Swain who had been chaplain of King's College, Cambridge, and was a colleague and friend of M.R. James. These charmingly ghoulish tales, written by Swain as a tribute to his friend, have been favourites of ghost story fans for many years. The nine tales, each narrated in the Jamesian manner, are, however, rather milder in tone and regularly incorporate a playful humour not often found in James' work. The stories are set in and around Stanground, on the edge of the Fens, where Swain was vicar for many years and recount the adventures of the genial, ghost-hunting rector Rev. Roland Batchel. Who is the alluring young woman that appears, tearfully pleading, in Mr Batchel's study - only to disappear the very next minute, with no clue as to her purpose? Why is a previously unblemished photograph now displaying a man "with an indescribably horrible, suffering face"? Is it possible that a mirror could have "the power of retaining indefinitely the light which fell upon it"? And if so, what horrors might one see? And what might be the bloody repercussions of ignoring the warning, "MOVE NOT THIS STAKE" even after 200 years? The answers to these and more eerie mysteries are to be found in Oleander's reprint of this classic horror text, "The Stoneground Ghost Tales" which, having been out of print for many years, are now available once more. OTHER RARE, CLASSIC HORROR LITERATURE FROM OLEANDER RANDALLS ROUND by Eleanor Scott (Cut & Paste 9780900891953 to search) THE HOLE OF THE PIT by Adrian Ross (Cut & Paste 9780900891861 to search) TEDIOUS BRIEF TALES OF GRANTA AND GRAMARYE by INGULPHUS (Cut & Paste 9780906672860 to search)

Cambridgeshire Murders

Author: Alison Bruce
Publisher: The History Press
ISBN: 9780752484136
Release Date: 2012-02-29
Genre: History

The cases covered here record the county's most fascinating but least-known crimes, as well as famous murders that gripped not just Cambridgeshire but the whole nation. From the mysterious barn fire at Burwell that killed seventy-six people to the unsolved murder of Cambridge shopkeeper Alice Lawton, and from poisoning in St Neots to the murder of a fifteen-year-old drummer boy whose ghost haunted the killer and drove him to confess, this is a collection of the county's most dramatic and interesting criminal cases. Alison Bruce has gone back to original records and documents to uncover the truth about these extraordinary crimes. Using contemporary illustrations and tracing the stories through the words of those who were actually there, she re-creates the drama of case and courtroom. Cambridgeshire Murders is a unique re-examination of the darker side of the county's past.