The Edge of Medicine

Author: Clarence William Hanson
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780230617537
Release Date: 2009-10-13
Genre: Medical

A trauma physician and medical inventor reveals the changing face of medicine as he looks forward ten to fifteen years to reveal the revolutionary changes and cutting-edge technology that will alter how patients are treated, from robotic surgery to telehealth software, and examines the moral and ethical challenges of future medicine. 35,000 first printing.

What Will Be

Author: Michael L. Dertouzos
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780061873324
Release Date: 2009-03-17
Genre: Social Science

Michael Dertouzos has been an insightful commentator and an active participant in the creation of the Information Age.Now, in What Will Be, he offers a thought-provoking and entertaining vision of the world of the next decade -- and of the next century. Dertouzos examines the impact that the following new technologies and challenges will have on our lives as the Information Revolution progresses: all the music, film and text ever produced will be available on-demand in our own homes your "bodynet" will let you make phone calls, check email and pay bills as you walk down the street advances in telecommunication will radically alter the role of face-to-face contact in our lives global disparities in infrastructure will widen the gap between rich and poor surgical mini-robots and online care will change the practice of medicine as we know it. Detailed, accessible and visionary, What Will Be is essential for Information Age revolutionaries and technological neophytes alike.


Author: Rutger van Santen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199703760
Release Date: 2010-09-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Imagine living in 1958, and knowing that the integrated circuit--the microchip--was about to be invented, and would revolutionize the world. Or imagine 1992, when the Internet was about to transform virtually every aspect of our lives. Incredibly, this book argues that we stand at such a moment right now--and not just in one field, but in many. In 2030, authors Rutger van Santen, Djan Khoe, and Bram Vermeer interview over two dozen scientific and technological experts on themes of health, sustainability and communication, asking them to look forward to the year 2030 and comment on the kind of research that will play a necessary role. If we know what technology will be imperative in 2030, the authors reason, what can we do now to influence future breakthroughs? Despite working in dissimilar fields, the experts called upon in the book - including Hans Blix (Head of the UN investigation in Iraq), Craig Venter (explorer of the human DNA), and Susan Greenfield (a leading world authority on the human brain), among many others - all emphasize the interconnectedness of our global networks in technology and communication, so tightly knit that the world's major conflicts are never isolated incidents. A fresh understanding of the regularities underlying these complex systems is more important than ever. Using bright, accessible language to discuss topics of universal interest and relevance, 2030 takes the position that we can, in fact, influence the course of history. It offers a new way of looking forward, a fresh perspective on sustainability, stability and crisis-prevention. For anyone interested in modern science, this book will showcase the technologies that will soon change the way we live.

Smart Medicine

Author: Dr. William Hanson, M.D.
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0230120938
Release Date: 2011-06-07
Genre: Medical

We're a nation in love with the drama of the medical world—from fast-paced hospital life to the race to discover cures for diseases. In Smart Medicine, William Hanson brings to life the fascinating true world of doctors and nurses and reveals the revolutionary changes that will soon be sweeping through the medical community: pharmacies that double as walk-in clinics; health services that will be delivered online; electronic records that hold the history of every drug or blood test you ever took. You might go to a genome specialist to identify the ticking time bomb in your genes, or you might show a rash to your doctor via videophone from thousands of miles away. The plethora of new options will change the way you and your doctor make decisions. Sophisticated yet written in easily accessible language, this is a penetrating look at the new world of medicine.

Seeking the Cure

Author: Ira Rutkow
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439171734
Release Date: 2010-04-13
Genre: Medical

A timely, authoritative, and entertaining history of medicine in America by an eminent physician Despite all that has been written and said about American medicine, narrative accounts of its history are uncommon. Until Ira Rutkow’s Seeking the Cure, there have been no modern works, either for the lay reader or the physician, that convey the extraordinary story of medicine in the United States. Yet for more than three centuries, the flowering of medicine—its triumphal progress from ignorance to science—has proven crucial to Americans’ under-standing of their country and themselves. Seeking the Cure tells the tale of American medicine with a series of little-known anecdotes that bring to life the grand and unceasing struggle by physicians to shed unsound, if venerated, beliefs and practices and adopt new medicines and treatments, often in the face of controversy and scorn. Rutkow expertly weaves the stories of individual doctors—what they believed and how they practiced—with the economic, political, and social issues facing the nation. Among the book’s many historical personages are Cotton Mather, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington (whose timely adoption of a controversial medical practice probably saved the Continental Army), Benjamin Rush, James Garfield (who was killed by his doctors, not by an assassin’s bullet), and Joseph Lister. The book touches such diverse topics as smallpox and the Revolutionary War, the establishment of the first medical schools, medicine during the Civil War, railroad medicine and the beginnings of specialization, the rise of the medical-industrial complex, and the thrilling yet costly advent of modern disease-curing technologies utterly unimaginable a generation ago, such as gene therapies, body scanners, and robotic surgeries. In our time of spirited national debate over the future of American health care amid a seemingly infinite flow of new medical discoveries and pharmaceutical products, Rutkow’s account provides readers with an essential historic, social, and even philosophical context. Working in the grand American literary tradition established by such eminent writer-doctors as Oliver Wendell Holmes, William Carlos Williams, Sherwin Nuland, and Oliver Sacks, he combines the historian’s perspective with the physician’s seasoned expertise. Capacious, learned, and gracefully told, Seeking the Cure will satisfy armchair historians and doctors alike, for, as Rutkow shows, the history of American medicine is a portrait of America itself.

The Business of Medical Practice

Author: David E. Marcinko, MBA, CFP, CMP
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780826105769
Release Date: 2010-12-15
Genre: Medical

Praise for the previous edition: "This comprehensive multi-authored text contains over 450 pages of highly specific and well-documented information that will be interest to physicians in private practice, academics, and in medical management. . . [Chapters are] readable, concise yet complete, and well developed. I could have used a book like this in the past, I will certainly refer to it frequently now." 4 stars Carol EH Scott-Conner, MD, PhD, MBA American College of Physician Executives Does Health 2.0 enhance or detract from traditional medical care delivery, and can private practice business models survive? How does transparent business information and reimbursement data impact the modern competitive healthcare scene? How are medical practices, clinics, and physicians evolving as a result of rapid health- and non-health-related technology change? Does transparent quality information affect the private practice ecosystem? Answering these questions and more, this newly updated and revised edition is an essential tool for doctors, nurses, and healthcare administrators; management and business consultants; accountants; and medical, dental, business, and healthcare administration graduate and doctoral students. Written in plain language using nontechnical jargon, the text presents a progressive discussion of management and operation strategies. It incorporates prose, news reports, and regulatory and academic perspectives with Health 2.0 examples, and blog and internet links, as well as charts, tables, diagrams, and Web site references, resulting in an all-encompassing resource. It integrates various medical practice business disciplines-from finance and economics to marketing to the strategic management sciences-to improve patient outcomes and achieve best practices in the healthcare administration field. With contributions by a world-class team of expert authors, the third edition covers brand-new information, including: The impact of Web 2.0 technologies on the healthcare industry Internal office controls for preventing fraud and abuse Physician compensation with pay-for-performance trend analysis Healthcare marketing, advertising, CRM, and public relations eMRs, mobile IT systems, medical devices, and cloud computing and much more!

Cancer Radiation Therapy and the Market

Author: Barbara Bridgman Perkins
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781351978132
Release Date: 2017-07-04

Appraising cancer as a major medical market in the 2010s, Wall Street investors placed their bets on single-technology treatment facilities costing $100-$300 million each. Critics inside medicine called the widely-publicized proton-center boom "crazy medicine and unsustainable public policy." There was no valid evidence, they claimed, that proton beams were more effective than less costly alternatives. But developers expected insurance to cover their centers' staggeringly high costs and debts. Was speculation like this new to health care? Cancer, Radiation Therapy, and the Market shows how the radiation therapy specialty in the United States (later called radiation oncology) coevolved with its device industry throughout the twentieth-century. Academic engineers and physicians acquired financing to develop increasingly powerful radiation devices, initiated companies to manufacture the devices competitively, and designed hospital and freestanding procedure units to utilize them. In the process, they incorporated market strategies into medical organization and practice. Although palliative benefits and striking tumor reductions fueled hopes of curing cancer, scientific research all too often found serious patient harm and disappointing beneficial impact on cancer survival. This thoroughly documented and provocative inquiry concludes that public health policy needs to re-evaluate market-driven high-tech medicine and build evidence-based health care systems.

Beyond Human

Author: Eve Herold
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312375218
Release Date: 2016-08-16
Genre: Health & Fitness

Never before in the history of medicine has mankind faced such hope and peril as those of us poised to embrace the radical medical technologies of today. Eve Herold's Beyond Human examines the medical technologies taking shape at the nexus of computing, microelectronics, engineering, nanotechnology, cellular and gene therapies, and robotics. These technologies will dramatically transform our lives and allow us to live for hundreds of years. Yet, with these blessings come complicated practical and ethical issues, some of which we can predict, but many we cannot. Beyond Human taps the minds of doctors, scientists, and engineers engaged in developing a host of new technologies while telling the stories of some of the patients courageously testing the radical new treatments about to come into the market. Beyond Human asks the difficult questions of the scientists and bioethicists who seek to ensure that as our bodies and brains become ever more artificial, we hold onto our humanity. In this new world, will everyone have access to technological miracles, or will we end up living in a world of radical disparities? How will society accommodate life spans that extend into hundreds of years? Will we and our descendants be able to bring about the dream of a future liberated by technology, or will we end up merely serving the machines and devices that keep us healthy, smart, young, and alive?

Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine

Author: Lee Know
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 9781603587679
Release Date: 2018

With information for patients and practitioners on optimizing mitochondrial function for greater health and longevity Why do we age? Why does cancer develop? What's the connection between heart failure and Alzheimer's disease, or infertility and hearing loss? Can we extend lifespan, and if so, how? What is the Exercise Paradox? Why do antioxidant supplements sometimes do more harm than good? Many will be amazed to learn that all these questions, and many more, can be answered by a single point of discussion: mitochondria and bioenergetics. In Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine, Naturopathic Doctor Lee Know tells the epic story of mitochondria, the widely misunderstood and often-overlooked powerhouses of our cells. The legendary saga began over two billion years ago, when one bacterium entered another without being digested, which would evolve to create the first mitochondrion. Since then, for life to exist beyond single-celled bacteria, it's the mitochondria that have been responsible for this life-giving energy. By understanding how our mitochondria work, in fact, it is possible to add years to our lives, and life to our years. Current research, however, has revealed a dark side: many seemingly disconnected degenerative diseases have tangled roots in dysfunctional mitochondria. However, modern research has also endowed us with the knowledge on how to optimize its function, which is of critical importance to our health and longevity. Lee Know offers cutting-edge information on supplementation and lifestyle changes for mitochondrial optimization, such as CoQ10, D-Ribose, cannabinoids, and ketogenic dietary therapy, and how to implement their use successfully. Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine is an invaluable resource for practitioners interested in mitochondrial medicine and the true roots of chronic illness and disease, as well as anyone interested in optimizing their health.

The Stem Cell Hope

Author: Alice Park
Publisher: Hudson st Press
ISBN: 159463078X
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Medical

A Time magazine senior science writer explains how the latest achievements in stem-cell research have enabled huge advances toward eliminating intractable diseases, in a report that addresses stem cell's controversies, profiles key contributors and reveals what is being learned about disease. 20,000 first printing.

Ride the Wave

Author: Fred A. Rogers
ISBN: 1484856554
Release Date: 2013-07-11
Genre: Technological forecasting

Ride that wave into a new era of prosperity...or be swept away by the wave. Despite its stagnant appearance, the world is about to be hit by a massive wave of technology-driven economic change. Careers, fortunes and businesses will be made and destroyed, almost overnight. In "Ride the Wave", you'll learn about the 12 dazzling technologies of the coming "golden age" and how you can profit from them. Drawing upon over three decades of research and consulting for tens of thousands of the world's top executives, investors, and venture capitalists at the world's leading corporations and government agencies, Fred Rogers and Richard Lalich now explain the next phase of the Digital Revolution for a wider audience. Filled with startling facts, insights, and predictions, "Ride the Wave" shows you how to position yourself and your firm to profit in this new era of prosperity. You'll discover what types of business to start, where to invest for tomorrow's big profits, and how your life will be transformed by the 12 technologies. Along the way, you'll learn the fascinating answers to 14 critical questions: How and why can we be certain that the world is on the verge of the greatest economic turn-around in history? What lies beyond Moore's Law and why does it make so much difference? How will trillions of networked computers improve every aspect of every life on the planet? How will "smart machines" impact your career, life, and investments? What are "service robots" and how will they change our lives, our cities, and our businesses? Why do we care about quantum computers? (They really are a big deal.) What will the amazing potential of bioinformatics mean for you? Why will "personalized medicine" become the dominant 21st century healthcare paradigm? How will bio-reengineering literally save our world? How will synthetic life forms impact our economy and our lives? What happens when we begin to understand how the brain works? How will nanomaterials, microelectromechanical systems, and digital fabrication end the "Age of Scarcity"? How will the American energy revolution unleash the wave that changes the world? How will you use these trends to take command of your future? "Ride the Wave" devotes one chapter to each of those 13 questions, explaining the latest breakthroughs in biotech, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, MEMS, and much more - as well as the practical implications for these technologies for our everyday lives, our businesses, and our investments. In the tradition of best-selling books like "The Rational Optimist" by Matt Ridley, and "Abundance" by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler, "Ride the Wave" offers solid, compelling evidence that the future will be brighter than most people expect. And it will be even brighter for those who know what's coming.

The Future of Almost Everything

Author: Patrick Dixon
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 9781782831815
Release Date: 2015-08-27
Genre: Business & Economics

From the man the Wall Street Journal describes as a 'global change guru', more than one hundred of the trends that touch every aspect of our lives. Patrick Dixon looks at how the future will be Fast, Urban, Tribal, Universal, Radical and Ethical - a future of boom and bust and great economic change as the emerging markets grow up; a future of great advances in medicine and also greater threats from viral epidemics; a future of political shocks and greater conflicts; a future in which people will strive for more privacy and businesses will change the way they relate to their staff and their customers; a future in which there will be driverless cars and solar power generated in the desert will power cities thousands of miles away. In short, with great perception and insight, Patrick Dixon highlights the risks that a future-proof business needs to be aware of, and what to prepare for if it is to prosper and survive in a world where customers and markets, politics and demographics, technology and skills, and opportunities and choices will be very different.

100 Plus

Author: Sonia Arrison
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 9780465027705
Release Date: 2011-08-23
Genre: Medical

Humanity is on the cusp of an exciting longevity revolution. The first person to live to 150 years has probably already been born. What will your life look like when you live to be over 100? Will you be healthy? Will your marriage need a sunset clause? How long will you have to work? Will you finish one career at sixty-five only to go back to school to learn a new one? And then, will you be happily working for another sixty years? Maybe you’ll be a parent to a newborn and a grandparent at the same time. Will the world become overpopulated? And how will living longer affect your finances, your family life, and your views on religion and the afterlife? In 100 Plus, futurist Sonia Arrison takes us on an eye-opening journey to the future at our doorsteps, where science and technology are beginning to radically change life as we know it. She introduces us to the people transforming our lives: the brilliant scientists and genius inventors and the billionaires who fund their work. The astonishing advances to extend our lives—and good health—are almost here. In the very near future fresh organs for transplants will be grown in laboratories, cloned stem cells will bring previously unstoppable diseases to their knees, and living past 100 will be the rule, not the exception. Sonia Arrison brings over a decade of experience researching and writing about cutting-edge advances in science and technology to 100 Plus, painting a vivid picture of a future that only recently seemed like science fiction, but now is very real. 100 Plus is the first book to give readers a comprehensive understanding of how life-extending discoveries will change our social and economic worlds. This illuminating and indispensable text will help us navigate the thrilling journey of life beyond 100 years.

Powering Up

Author: Rebecca Mileham
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470712078
Release Date: 2008-05-27
Genre: Computers

When it comes to computer games, the numbers are astounding: the world's top professional gamer has won over half a million dollars shooting virtual monsters on-screen; online games claim literally millions of subscribers; while worldwide spending on computer gaming will top £24 billion by 2011. From techno-toddlers to silver surfers, everyone's playing games on their PCs, Wiis, Xboxes and phones. How are we responding to this onslaught of brain-training, entertaining, potentially addicting, time-consuming, myth-spawning games? In Powering Up, Rebecca Mileham looks at the facts behind the headlines to see what effect this epidemic of game-playing is really having on us and the society we live in. Is it making us obese, anti-social, violent and addicted... or just giving us different ways of getting cleverer, fitter and more skilled? She examines the evidence, from experts and gamers alike, and asks some controversial and thought-provoking questions: Are car-driving games turning us into boy racers? Could becoming a virtual bully help children solve classroom disputes? Should you feel remorse for killing pixel people? Does it matter if you cheat in a single-player game? Can games get ex-prisoners back to work? If you're part of the gaming revolution yourself, or are just curious to know what's fact and what's fiction in the media coverage of this topic, then this is the book for you. About the author Rebecca Mileham has written for the Sunday Times, She magazine, and for museums all over the UK. In ten years at the Science Museum, London, she developed exhibitions on topics as diverse as Charles Babbage's Difference Engines, robotic submarines, face transplants and the male pill.