The Eagle s Shadow

Author: Mark Hertsgaard
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 9780374706326
Release Date: 2003-09-01
Genre: Political Science

What America looks like to the rest of the world Americans rarely used to think about the outside world. As the mightiest nation in history, the United States could do as it pleased. Now Americans have learned the hard way that what outsiders think matters. When terror struck last September 11, author Mark Hertsgaard was completing a trip around the world, gathering perceptions about America from people in fifteen countries. Whether sophisticated business leaders, starry-eyed teenagers, or Islamic fundamentalists, his subjects felt both admiring and uneasy about the United States, enchanted yet bewildered, appalled yet envious. This complex catalogue of impressions--good, bad, but never indifferent--is the departure point for a short, pointed essay in the tradition of Common Sense and The Fate of the Earth. How can the world's most open society be so proud of its founding ideals yet so inconsistent in applying them? So loved for its pop culture but so resented for its high-handedness? Exploring such paradoxes, Hertsgaard exposes uplifting and uncomfortable truths that force natives and outsiders alike to see America with fresh eyes. "Like it or not, America is the future," a European tells Hertsgaard. In a world growing more American by the day, The Eagle's Shadow is a major statement about and to the place everyone discusses but few understand.

Die Rolle der Think Tanks in der US Au enpolitik

Author: Kubilay Yado Arin
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783658010447
Release Date: 2012-12-14
Genre: Social Science

Wie ist der Wandel von der auf kooperative Hegemonie ausgerichteten Außenpolitik der Clinton-Administration zu der auf Suprematie ausgerichteten Politik unter der Administration von Bush Jr. zu erklären? Hängt dies mit dem Einfluss von Think Tanks zusammen, die als partikulare Interessengruppen die Definition expansiver außenpolitischer Ziele zu Lasten breiterer, gesamtgesellschaftlicher Interessen manipulieren? Kubilay Yado Arin untersucht Forschung, Analysen und Politikberatung der US-amerikanischen Denkfabriken American Enterprise Institute, Progressive Policy Institute, Heritage Foundation, Brookings Institution, Council on Foreign Relations und Project for a New American Century und kommt zu dem Schluss, dass die genannten Institute eine Neuordnung der aus der Zeit des Kalten Krieges stammenden institutionellen Arrangements durch ihre ideologischen Parteistreitigkeiten bis zum heutigen Tage verhindern.

Events That Formed the Modern World From the European Renaissance through the War on Terror 5 volumes

Author: Frank W. Thackeray
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9781598849028
Release Date: 2012-05-31
Genre: History

This comprehensive five-volume set contains readable essays that describe and interpret the most important global events since the European Renaissance, some accompanied by related document excerpts and primary source materials. • Entries covering 62 major events that changed the world • Contributions from dozens of well-respected scholars from a variety of disciplines • An extensive timeline accompanies each volume • Appendices for subjects such as States Achieving Independence since 1945 and Ruling Houses and Dynasties • An annotated bibliography of many recent works on each subject event

Anti Americanisms in World Politics

Author: Peter J. Katzenstein
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801445175
Release Date: 2007
Genre: History

A distinguished group of experts, including historians, polling data analysts, political scientists, anthropologists, and sociologists, to explore global anti-Americanism in depth, using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Between Ally and Partner

Author: Jae Ho Chung
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231511186
Release Date: 2006-11-28
Genre: Political Science

China and South Korea have come a long way since they were adversaries. The arc of their relationship since the late 1970s is an excellent model of East-West cooperation and, at the same time, highlights the growing impact of China's "rise" over its regional neighbors, including America's close allies. South Korea-China relations have rarely been studied as an independent theme. The accumulation of more than fifteen years of research, Between Ally and Partner reconstructs a comprehensive portrait of Sino-Korean rapprochement and examines the strategic dilemma that the rise of China has posed for South Korea and its alliance with the United States. Jae Ho Chung makes use of declassified government archives, internal reports, and opinion surveys and conducts personal interviews with Korean, Chinese, and American officials. He tackles three questions: Why did South Korea and China reconcile before the end of the cold war? How did rapprochement lay the groundwork for diplomatic normalization? And what will the intersection of security concerns and economic necessity with China mean for South Korea's relationship with its close ally, the United States? The implications of Sino-Korean relations go far beyond the Korean Peninsula. South Korea was caught largely unprepared, both strategically and psychologically, by China's rise, and the dilemma that South Korea now faces has crucial ramifications for many countries in Asia, where attempts to counterbalance China have been rare. Thoroughly investigated and clearly presented, this book answers critical questions concerning what kept these two countries talking and how enmity was transformed into a zeal for partnership.

Issues in Americanisation and Culture

Author: Neil Campbell
ISBN: 0748619429
Release Date: 2004
Genre: History

Americanisation--the cultural, political and economic influence of the USA--has played an important role in the shaping of modern Europe. This has been the case from the 19th century, when new and old worlds were negotiating fundamental issues such as race and empire, to the 20th century, when mass media communications intensified and reconfigured the transatlantic relationship.Developments since the Cold War, including the September 11th attacks and the second Gulf War, have made this process ever more globally complex, contested and relevant. This textbook offers students an interdisciplinary and theoretically informed understanding of the cultural processes of Americanisation. Designed with classroom use in mind, it provides a number of different routes into the debates and problems surrounding the notion of Americanisation. The editors' introduction offers an accessible in-depth survey of the theoretical questions and is followed by two chapters which present responses to contemporary Americanisation. Subsequent chapters are focused on specific case studies and are grouped in the following themed sections:* Histories* Cultural Geographies* Popular Music* Literary Narratives* Mass Media* Visual and Material CultureEach chapter includes teaching points addressed to students and a guide to further reading. The editors' conclusion considers the key contemporary question of Americanisation in relation to globalisation.Key Features:*The first student-friendly introduction to the Americanisation of European culture*Includes chapters on music, art, film and literature*Considers the cultural, political and economic of influence of the USA on Europe*Can be read as a linear narrative or used as a sourcebook from which key case studies can be selected for study

After Iraq

Author: Charles W. Kegley
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: UOM:39015066786115
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Political Science

After Iraq conducts a sweeping survey of America's present position in the global arena and identifies the opportunities and risks that the United States will likely face once the war in Iraq draws to a close.

American Politics After September 11

Author: James M. Lindsay
Publisher: Atomic Dog Publishing
ISBN: 1592600697
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Political planning

American Politics after September 11 focuses on the effects of September 11 on American government and the political environment. Two selections are entirely new and twelve others have been thoroughly updated to reflect events that have occurred in the second year following September 11.