History of the Formation of the Constitution of the United States of America

Author: George Bancroft
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781584770022
Release Date: 2000-05
Genre: History

Bancroft, George. History of the Formation of the Constitution of the United States of America. Second Edition. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1882. Two volumes. xxiv, 520; xiv,501 pp. Reprinted 2000 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 99-23946. ISBN 1-58477-002-3. Cloth. $175. * Traces the formation of the federal constitution from its origin to the inauguration of Washington, with an extensive appendix of letters and papers illustrating the formation of the constitution.

The Constitution of the United States of America

Author: Mark Tushnet
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781509901753
Release Date: 2015-08-27
Genre: Law

This is the second edition of Professor Tushnet's short critical introduction to the history and current meaning of the United States' Constitution. It is organised around wo themes: first, the US Constitution is old, short, and difficult to amend. Second, the Constitution creates a structure of political opportunities that allows political actors, icluding political parties, to pursue the preferred policy goals even to the point of altering the very structure of politics. Deploying these themes to examine the structure f the national government, federalism, judicial review, and individual rights, the book provides basic information about, and deeper insights into, the way he US constitutional system has developed and what it means today.

The Constitution of the United States and Other Historical American Documents

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 9781616404659
Release Date: 2010-01-01
Genre: Political Science

Presented here for the first time in one volume are the three founding documents of the United States and another that altered and divided the Union for a brief moment in history. Declaration of Independence: Adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, this may be the most famous angry letter in history. Written by Thomas Jefferson and addressed to King George III of England, it lays out the grievances of the king's 13 colonies in North America, and announces that those colonies were now free of English rule. By 1783, after a long, bloody, and expensive war, that freedom became a reality. Articles of Confederation: Soon after independence from England was declared, the Second Continental Congress instituted this first organizing document of the new United States, which was ratified in March 1781. A compromise between those delegates who wanted a strong central government and those who demanded that the states be sovereign, its shortcomings became obvious during the war--such as the fact that the central government had no power to collect taxes or even to enforce requests for funds from the states, which led to a perpetually underfunded revolution against England. United States Constitution: This document replaced the Articles of Confederation on June 21, 1788. One of the most influential works of political philosophy and practicality ever written, it is the oldest national constitution still in use today, and continues to inspire freedom-loving peoples around the world. Its three-pronged system of government--balancing power among legislative, judicial, and executive branches--was groundbreaking. But it failed to address one issue, slavery, that would come to a head a century later. Constitution of the Confederate States: This 1861 document organized the new nation created by the seceding slave states. While quite similar in many ways to the U.S. Constitution, it includes more references to God and religion and more emphasis on state sovereignty, offers specific clauses that seek to limit the influence of big business on politics, and codifies the right to own "negro slaves."Together, these four documents offer a firsthand perspective on the political history of the United States.

The Constitution of the United States of America

Author: United States
Publisher: Government Printing Office
ISBN: 0160723795
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Business & Economics

Updated edition- Year 2014-- The Constitution of the United States of America, Analysis and Interpretation 2014 Supplement: Analysis of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court to July 1, 2014 is available here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/052-071-01574-4 Senate Document 108-17. 2004 revision. Published at the direction of the U.S. Senate for the first time in 1913, it is popularly known as the “Constitution Annotated” or "CONAN." This publication has been published as a bound edition every 10 years, with updates addressing new constitutional law cases issued every two years. The analysis is provided by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in the Library of Congress. The print version is used primarily by federal lawmakers, libraries and law firms. Other related products: Constitution, Jefferson's Manual, and Rules of the House of Representatives of the United States, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress can be found here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/052-071-01572-8 Civics and Citizenship Toolkit can be found here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/027-002-00575-9 The Citizen's Almanac: Fundamental Documents, Symbols, and Anthems of the United States can be found here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/027-002-00606-2 How Our Laws Are Made, 2007 can be found here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/052-071-01465-9 Our Flag can be found here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/052-071-01446-2

Der Proze

Author: Franz Kafka
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 9783843029803
Release Date: 2015-07-10
Genre: Fiction

Franz Kafka: Der Prozeß Entstanden 1914/15. Erstdruck: Berlin 1925. Vollständige Neuausgabe mit einer Biographie des Autors. Herausgegeben von Karl-Maria Guth. Berlin 2013. Textgrundlage ist die Ausgabe: Franz Kafka: Gesammelte Werke. Herausgegeben von Max Brod, Band 1–9, Frankfurt a.M.: S. Fischer, 1950 ff. Die Paginierung obiger Ausgabe wird in dieser Neuausgabe als Marginalie zeilengenau mitgeführt. Umschlaggestaltung von Thomas Schultz-Overhage unter Verwendung des Bildes: Vincent van Gogh, Die Runde der Gefangenen, 1890. Gesetzt aus Minion Pro, 11 pt. Über den Autor: 1883 in Prag als ältestes von sechs Kindern eines deutschjüdischen Kurzwarenhändlers geboren, studiert Franz Kafka Jura und arbeitet nach seiner Promotion für eine Versicherungsgesellschaft. Gleichzeitig erscheinen seine ersten Prosastücke in der Zeitschrift »Hyperion«. Der literarische Erfolg zu Lebzeiten bleibt aus. Er ist zeit seines Lebens von Selbstzweifeln geplagt, fühlt sich von einem übermächtigen Vater belastet und unterhält nacheinander wankelmütige Beziehungen zu Felice Bauer und Milena Jesenská, die er literarisch verarbeitet. Seine schwer angeschlagene Gesundheit zwingt ihn 1922 zur Aufgabe seines Brotberufes. 1924 stirbt Franz Kafka im Sanatorium Kierling bei Wien an Tuberkulose. Sein langjähriger Freund Max Brod gibt sein nur in Teilen zu Lebzeiten veröffentlichtes Werk aus dem Nachlass heraus. Kafka hatte dessen Vernichtung ausdrücklich verfügt.