The 52 Weeks

Author: Karen Amster-Young
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781626365025
Release Date: 2013-11-05
Genre: Self-Help

Edging into forty-something, Karen and Pam found themselves in a state of stuck. They had checked off many of their major life goals—career, husband, children, friends—but they’d lost momentum. After griping over drinks one night, they came up with a plan to face their fears, rediscover their interests, try new things, and renew their relationships. They challenged themselves to try one new thing every week for a year—from test-driving a Maserati to target practice at a shooting range to ballroom dance lessons—and to blog about their journeys. They quickly realized it was harder than they ever imagined but came through it with a sense of clarity and purpose that has them itching to share the possibilities with the millions of middle-aged women out there who feel the same way about one or many areas of their lives. Getting "unstuck" doesn’t have to mean running a marathon, traveling the world, or ending a relationship with your partner. Through their experiences and a good dose of no-nonsense advice, Karen and Pam show readers how achieving small goals can give you a renewed sense of accomplishment and how you can keep growing, learning, and moving forward at any age. Interspersed with personal stories is expert advice from doctors, psychiatrists, artists, and even a poker diva (who also happens to be a Fortune 500 executive).

My 52 Weeks of Worship

Author: Ekpedeme “Pamay” M. Bassey
Publisher: BalboaPress
ISBN: 9781452545813
Release Date: 2012-02-29
Genre: Religion

Suffering the loss of her father and grandmother, and dealing with the ending of a relationship left the author tired, bereft, disappointed, emotionally drained, and feeling like God had forgotten her. She wondered what she could do to heal from this holy triumvirate of personal pain. She decided that spirituality would be the context from which she would make her journey back to herself. If she felt like God had forgotten her, then she would look for him everywhere and in the eyes of everyone she met. She made a commitment to visit a different place of worship every week for a year, whether that place of worship reflected her religious tradition or not. In total, she visited sixty-one churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and gathering places in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa. My 52 Weeks of Worship is the story of one woman’s courageous journey. Read and see—will her journey lead her to deep, dark places in her soul or help her find peace and acceptance?

52 Weeks

Author: T. Mohn
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 9781504367349
Release Date: 2016-11-22
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

A quote for each of the fifty-two weeks by renowned spiritual icons of our world will lead you on an inspirational journey through your life as it currently is and will whisk you straight to your destiny! Your journey will be individual, exciting, meaningful, inspirational, and intuitive. The inspiring, tailored explanations contained in each quote analysis will leave you wondering where the adventure might take you next. Fifty-two mini journeys, when taken in succession, will lead to a larger transformative process. This unique process is designed to empower and encourage clarification of your individual truths, gifts, and talents. The transformation will happen right before your eyes but will be so fun and fulfilling that you may want to do it again!

52 Stories in 52 Weeks

Author: Phillip McCollum
Publisher: Fantastic Shorts via PublishDrive
ISBN: 9781949728033
Release Date: 2018-08-29
Genre: Self-Help

Do you call yourself a writer, yet feel you’re a fraud because you’ve never finished anything, let alone achieved publication? Is there a nagging voice inside your head telling you to give up because you’ll never nail this ‘writing thing?’ I was once you. Within 52 Stories in 52 Weeks, you will find a culmination of a 52-week journey I commenced on July 31st, 2017. The basis for this experiment was at the suggestion of Ray Bradbury who recommended that all beginning and intermediate writers follow this ‘writer’s hygiene’ program, because there’s just no way you can write 52 bad stories in a row. Here, I present all 52 stories along with a journal of the process behind each one. Also included are general lessons I've learned that I hope will turn struggling writers into prolific writers.

In the Light of a Child

Author: Michael H. Burton
Publisher: SteinerBooks
ISBN: 0880104503
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

A collection of fifty-two verses that examine the course of the year in nature, arranged so that they can be followed in both northern and southern hemispheres.

The Insider s Guide to 52 Homes in 52 Weeks

Author: Dolf de Roos
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471761532
Release Date: 2006-04-17
Genre: Business & Economics

A real estate guide unlike any other, The Insider's Guide to 52Homes in 52 Weeks is the true story of a seemingly impossibleinvesting challenge and the two investors who pulled it off--all toprove that you can do it too. Successful real estate investors Dolf de Roos and Gene Burns wantedto show skeptical investors that there are always great deals to befound. So they set out to buy fifty-two homes in just one year. Notonly did they succeed, they did it in less than ten months andearned a lot of money in the process! Tracing this ten-month realestate adventure in depth and detail, The Insider's Guide to 52Homes in 52 Weeks explains the authors' strategies and techniquesfor acquiring almost any property in any market. Inside, you'llfind step-by-step guidance on: * Finding the perfect market to invest in * Designing your strategy and getting started * Making your first deal * Finding the help you need to succeed * Changing strategies midstream * Networking to find new leads and opportunities * And much more Combining unbeatable investing guidance with firsthand accounts ofreal deals, The Insider's Guide to 52 Homes in 52 Weeks armsinvestors with a diverse mix of strategies and tactics that willturn every real estate deal into a moneymaker.

52 Weeks to Financial Fitness

Author: Marshall Loeb
Publisher: Crown Business
ISBN: 9780609504284
Release Date: 2001-03-01
Genre: Business & Economics

52 Weeks to Financial Fitness is your personal financial trainer -- a friendly and authoritative expert that will guide you week by week to manage your finances and make your money grow. In the current frenzied market it's hard to know whom to turn to for solid advice. Into this void steps the calm presence of Marshall Loeb, personal finance pioneer and former editor of two of the most successful magazines in history, Fortune and Money. Personal finance and investments are a lot like doing exercise. Few of us are happy with our finances or our physiques. For many people, just getting started on a fitness program is the hardest part. But once you begin, you marvel at how easy it is and wonder how you ever did without it. Marshall Loeb's program for financial fitness, like any good exercise program, starts simply and moves gradually to heavier lifting, boosting your confidence as you move forward. Not only will you learn how to budget your accounts and get your insurance in order, but you'll also have a strong enough background to choose the investments that are right for you (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds) and the know-how to pick a financial planner and get the most out of his or her services. No matter what kind of financial shape you're in, Marshall -- week by week -- carefully brings you to the next level. 52 Weeks to Financial Fitness tells you everything you need to know to become financially fit. With its comprehensive coverage and ease of use, the book will serve as your practical financial guide. Some examples: * Week 2: Ten ways to boost your savings. * Week 7: Design a realistic family budget with Marshall's three-stage method. * Week 11: Thirteen ways to cut your taxes this year. * Weeks 18 and 19: Get your debt under control and design a sensible borrowing plan. * Week 22: Start investing profitably in stocks. * Week 23: Look into investing in bonds. * Week 33: Cut the cost of your car insurance without cutting your coverage. * Week 46: Calculate and save what you will need to retire comfortably and without worry.

52 Weeks of Ordinary People Extraordinary God

Author: Jody Neufeld
Publisher: Energion Publications
ISBN: 9781893729247
Release Date: 2005-03
Genre: Religion

A retired nurse who began a ministry with her husband Henry, a biblical teacher, shares from her heart ordinary moments with an extraordinary God. This weekly devotion book is made up of 52 devotions with questions or suggestions for discussion that will work well with small groups.

Coffee With Jesus

Author: Lucinda Berry Hill
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 9781449733650
Release Date: 2012-01-12
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

In this book you will find words to encourage you, to make you smile, and that will make you think. Each week is a new inspirational poem with corresponding scripture. Also included is a topical index. You pick the subject and the topical index will tell you which devotion to turn to.

Choose Peace and Happiness

Author: Susyn Reeve
Publisher: Red Wheel
ISBN: 1590030591
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Health & Fitness

What would peace on earth look like? How would we know it? Where would it come from? Following the advice of Mahatma Gandhi to "be the change you wish to see in the world," Susyn Reeve has set out to help each of us answer these questions for ourselves. It is from the small stuff of daily choices and activities, from phoning an old friend to planting seeds, among a myriad of others, that peace and happiness thrive in our lives. As Reeve writes in the Introduction, "Another way of saying this is from the New Thought religion: 'Thoughts held in mind manifest over time.'" Book jacket.

52 Weeks and Counting

Author: Ebony Webster
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781468543766
Release Date: 2012-05-01
Genre: Fiction

China is a successfull businesswoman who worked her way to the top the old-fashioned way; through hard-work, dedication and the retirement of her most precious sexual gem. But she meets Malcolm and he puts her loyalty to the test. Tabitha is a little girl trapped in the body of her imaginary friend, Bobby. But is Bobby really her friend or her abuser? Trampled by love over and over, and bearing the emotional scars to prove it, a women finally finds Mr. Perfect and love but is stood up by the man of her dreams. Will she let this dream be a reality of her former nightmares? And due to checkout at any time, a man's wife is battling cancer. In his mind, she will not be here much longer to hold him and love him the way she had for so many years. Who will be there to love him and motivate him and even console him when she is gone? He lets other ladies ease his mind and stroke his ego among other things. At last... my love has come along.... He just knew they were going to be the next first family until the unthinkable happens. The wife of an over-worked politician has an affair, has a baby outside the marriage and the family is falling apart. In a church world, many secrets surround the sanctuary, primarily in the pulpit. Boggled by guilt, Bishop McFoster wants to reveal his secret, right before offering time, but is shot to death before he can. These collections of short stories, plus more, reveal what happens next in their year later.

52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts

Author: Francine Ward
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781616494438
Release Date: 2012-04-27
Genre: Self-Help

Francine Ward helps readers practice commitment and honesty to achieve self-esteem. In this age of instant gratification, extreme makeovers, and fleeting success, Francine Ward offers a decidedly unconventional approach to gaining self-esteem. Earning it. How? With commitment, honesty, and most of all, daily practice. Fifty-Two Weeks of Esteemable Acts is a program of action designed by a woman who transformed her own life of addiction, crime, and dysfunction into one of remarkable integrity, service, and achievement. How? Through the practices of esteemable acts.

52 Weeks with Jesus

Author: James Merritt
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736961035
Release Date: 2015-01-01
Genre: Religion

Jesus Christ is the most influential human to ever walk the earth. We've heard and seen so many depictions of Him that we think we know Him better than we actually do. If we took the time to really look at Him, we might be surprised at what we'd find. In 52 Weeks with Jesus, author and pastor James Merritt leads you on a transformational journey as he shares what he's learned over a lifetime of studying Jesus' life and ministry. As you join Dr. Merritt on this journey, you will come to know and encounter Jesus in new and surprising ways and be inspired anew to embrace His invitation, "Come, follow Me." Filled with practical applications and surprising truths, this book will help you more ably answer that ancient question that's as timely today as when it was first posed: "Who do you say that I am?"