Uncle Merl s Bar Grill

Author: Peter D'Alessio
Publisher: Stasheff Literary Enterprises
ISBN: 9780984862320
Release Date: 2011-04-14
Genre: Fiction

Enjoy this comedic urban fantasy about dragons and demons, mortals and magic, vampires and... baseball? Yes, baseball! You'd be surprised how much baseball has to do with human history — and you can hear it all from the dragons hanging out at Uncle Merl's Bar & Grill in Newark! But as Merlin the bartender will tell you, don't talk to them when they're watching a Mets game. That's right, supernatural sports fans! Welcome to the opening game of the End-of-the-World Series! From the depths of the underworld, from the ninth circle of hell, please welcome the visiting baseball team — Satan and the real Hell's Angels! And now, from across all of time and space, from every season of every team in every city, please welcome the home team — the Hall of Fame Heroes! That's right, baseball fans — all the baseball legends, from Georgia Peach Ty Cobb to Jiltin' Joe DiMaggio, have returned from their graves to duel the demons on the diamond! So grab some peanuts and head to the bleachers with a few beered-up dragons to watch the best of humanity play the worst of hell! The stakes are high, and the winner takes all — all the world, that is!

Double Keltic Triad Collection Two Books Four Six

Author: Lizzie Starr
Publisher: Elizabeth Struble
Release Date:
Genre: Fiction

In the fey Otherworld, a half-faerie child is born. To protect him from evil and a crusade to protect the purity of the faerie race, he is abandoned in the human world, never to know of his magical heritage. Jaye accepts his heritage, and love sparkles around him. Now his sisters and children are grown and search for loves of their own while continuing the battle against the evil Faerie determined to destroy them all. Falling in love was easy in Wild Keltic Carouselle. But demons of the past and evil-doers intent on destroying the present tear Carrie and Bryce from their newfound love, throwing them into a world of deception, lies and revenge. In Keltic Dreams, a spiritual quest throws Bard, naked and alone, from his world to the desert Sahara. Each grueling step through the shifting sands only adds to his questions and confusion. Burying her emotions, Kaelea retreats into the research of fey texts, searching for a clue--for anything, to protect her clan from an ever-present evil. The appearance of a stranger at the oasis is an unwelcome interruption. Hotter than the desert sun, attraction blazes between Bard and Kaelea, but personal concerns and that ancient evil drive a wedge between them. Prince of Dark Ness is a tale of the Keltic Multiverse. The story takes place before the final book of the Double Triad, and introduces characters who come to play significant roles in the Keltic worlds. Torn between duty and love, Morghan stand alone to protect two worlds from and ancient fire elemental bent on escaping from the world between worlds, He’s loved Coralie long upon long, yet never acted on his desire. Raised in the royal household, Coralie has remained silently at Morghan’s side through long human years. She’s hidden her true feeling for him, even from herself. A forensic artist from America, Lucidea Galvagin travels to Scotland to determine the identity of a skull found on Morghan’s land. What she discovers will change her life and the fate of two worlds. The tales of the Double Keltic Triad conclude with A Faire Keltic Renaissance. When her uncle disappears into the world between worlds, Lucidea discovers it ain't easy being fey. Especially when he had no idea her father wasn't human. Now, as the half Alfar-Sindhu heir, she's forced to assume the leadership of a parallel, underwater world. Then she meets Jaysson Zeroun...who has Otherworldly issues of his own. Once again evil plagues his clan and protecting a newborn child takes priority over personal dreams. When Lucidea offers a solution, the family accepts and Jayse willingly accompanies them to Scotland. He just doesn't know how Lucidea will react to the news he's a quarter Faerie. Three worlds are in danger. Ancient prophecy might defeat the separate evils, but will it also bring them love?