The Enemy Next Door

Author: Robert L. Boyer
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462813407
Release Date: 2007-03-13
Genre: History

Robert L. Boyer is a native Detroiter. After serving in the United States Army for two years, he was honorably discharged, but was notified that he had been laid off from his job as a city bus driver. He was soon recalled to work, but in the sanitation department. Boyer saw this as an opportunity to enroll in night school at Highland Park Junior College in order to better himself. He soon transferred to Wayne State University where he acquired a bachelor?s degree in sociology, with which he began a career in social casework. He went on to earn his master?s degree from the college of education. He changed careers and went to work for General Motors where he was employed for nearly twenty-seven years. He retired as manager of Southeast Michigan Regional Benefit Centers. He is a member of Hopewell Baptist Church in Detroit where he teaches Sunday school and serves on the Board of Trustees.

The Reluctant Superstar

Author: Robert L. Boyer
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781450002561
Release Date: 2010-01-27
Genre: Fiction

A young man who went by the name of Jay Cee lived in a small town in Pennsylvania. He worked as a carpenter’s helper at a job that paid less than a dollar an hour above minimum wage. Teaching Sunday school was a passion of his. He arrived in Detroit one day to attend a four-day religious retreat along with twenty thousand other Christian believers from several midwestern states. Due to an incredible set of circumstances, he found himself at the Detroit Lions’ training facility in Allen Park, Michigan, a nearby suburb of Detroit. In an even more bizarre twist of fate, he found himself practicing with the Detroit Lions football team at the position of quarterback. He dazzled everyone on the field, especially the head coach. His pinpoint passing, his ball handling, and his elusiveness in the pocket were nothing short of amazing! However, he had absolutely no desire to play professional football. He was very satisfied living and working in that small town and teaching Sunday school there. No amount of money offered to him could make him change his mind. One evening, Jay Cee attended a class at the retreat during which the instructor told them, “God wants us to live up to our potential by using the talents He has given us. Sometimes, we have to step outside of our comfort zones before we can recognize what those talents are.” That made him realize that perhaps living in a small town and working for minimum wage was not his destiny; maybe it was time for him to broaden his horizons.

The Right to Remain Silent

Author: Robert L. Boyer
ISBN: 1413468144
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Genre: Fiction

Stoney waited down the street until he saw two cops come out of the restaurant. They headed for their car at the back end of the parking lot. One was female. They had no idea how close they were to drawing their last breaths. Someone they did not know was about to bring down the final curtain on them. Stoney thought for a moment about not wiping out the female officer. She was about five feet, nine or ten inches tall, and was quite attractive. The shapeliness of her body showed in spite of all of the gadgets she wore around her waist. Stoney soon decided that today just was not her day. He could not allow her gender to get in the way of what he knew he had to do. In this situation, he would be an equal opportunity destroyer.

Slowing Down for Sanity

Author: Robert L. Boyer
Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated
ISBN: 1592864988
Release Date: 2003-04-21
Genre: Family & Relationships

Buy this book! That's right, you out there. You know what it's like to hit 50 and still be a failure? To feel that you can't keep pace with society? If you do, then you know I need some success in my life. Make my day with a few dollars, and I'll take you along for the ride. Join the 50-something club! I'm Bob Boyer. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Let me take you on a hilarious journey through the 'burned-out' life. See it through a loser's eyes. Experience the single's scene, workplace, travel, family life, auto shopping, book stores, and coffee shops -- as a 50-plusser. My book's all over the map, so don't look for any cogency here. I've tried hard to touch on nearly 50 topics that you should relate to. But there's no plotline. No common thread. Except that my rantings and ravings have that certain 'ring-of-truth.' I guess that makes my words both funny and sad at the same time. If you're not inspired, at least I'll get a few nods of recognition. I've got no secret formula that's worked forme. All I know is that we've got to slow down. Let's start there and see where it goes. Just buy the book first!

Ernest L Boyer

Author: Todd C. Ream
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9781438455655
Release Date: 2015-03-17
Genre: Education

Assesses the challenges plaguing our higher education system through selections of Ernest L. Boyer’s writings. Having served as chancellor of the State University of New York, the United States commissioner of education, and president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Ernest L. Boyer (1928–1995) was one of the most prominent leaders in the history of American higher education. Arguably more aware of the challenges facing colleges and universities than any of his peers, the administrative decisions and the writings he left behind provide a wealth of possibilities for subsequent generations of administrators and faculty members. In this book noted higher education scholars examine some of the most pressing crises in higher education today, pairing their thoughts with relevant selections from Boyer’s important writings—some published here for the first time. The volume provides answers to questions perceived to be plaguing academe, while reintroducing readers to the optimistic and insightful wisdom of Ernest L. Boyer. “Such a marvelous tribute to Ernest Boyer is richly deserved and a long time coming. I can think of no one more instrumental in the advancement of education in our era, and the State University of New York was profoundly shaped by his leadership. This volume and its lessons will go a long way toward guiding and inspiring generations of teachers and administrators.” — Nancy L. Zimpher, Chancellor, The State University of New York

Revelation Exegetical Commentary 2 volume set

Author: Robert L. Thomas
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9780802495457
Release Date: 2016-08-15
Genre: Religion

Get back to the roots on Revelation Through the centuries since its writing, the book of Revelation has captured the fascination of the Christian church. The earliest Christians were unanimous in understanding it along a premillennial view of Jesus' second coming, but other hermeneutical approaches began to emerge in the third century. These clouded, and added complexity to, the task of explaining the book’s meaning. For most of the Christian era, consequently, many readers have viewed this last of the NT writings as though it were hopelessly embedded in an aura of deep mystery. An avalanche of interpretive literature has evidenced remarkable interest in the book’s contents, but along with the interest has come widespread bewilderment. Written especially for the informed layman, student, and scholar, this commentary seeks to clear the air. The book is interpreted according to a historical and grammatical hermeneutic and propounds a conservative, evangelical theology, but the reader will not get a narrow view on areas of disagreement. This commentary interacts with a range of major views, both evangelical and nonevangelical. It reaffirms the basic framework of eschatology espoused by ancient Christianity, but with added help from centuries of maturing thought and doctrinal progress in the Body of Christ. All exegesis and exposition in this 2-volume commentary are based on the original language of the text. Translations used are those of the author, and textual criticism and word study are included where appropriate. This in-depth commentary also includes extended excursuses on important topics of theological and historical interest.

Zakim and Boyer s Hepatology

Author: Thomas D. Boyer
Publisher: Saunders
ISBN: CHI:70731365
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Liver

Long considered the defining work in Hepatology, this trusted 2-volume masterwork has been refocused to zero in on just the clinical knowledge you need to provide today's best patient care. The most comprehensive text on the subject, this book is still thoroughly grounded in basic science-but now that science is focused on the most clinically relevant developments. Find definitive coverage of all aspects of liver disease in a new full-color format that keeps pace with your evolving practice. Log on to to find the entire contents of the 2-volume set online and fully searchable for speedy consultation wherever you go, plus a downloadable image collection for your presentations. Covers all liver diseases currently seen in clinical practice-in two clinically focused volumes. Replaces previous editions' basic science section with the new, more concise "Pathophysiology of Therapeutic Targets" section. Highlights key references, all current and up to date, to help you get straight to the significant literature. Contains new contributions from recognized experts worldwide. Presents hundreds of detailed illustrations, now in full color! Includes access to the entire contents online, completely searchable, plus hundreds of downloadable illustrations, review questions and answers, and more! A new full-color format and a totally new organization make reference much easier and faster. Includes access to the entire contents online, completely searchable, with an electronic image collection full of more than 400 illustrations (many in color) downloadable into presentation software, and review questions and answers.

Prescribing Health

Author: David F. O'Connell
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781442226272
Release Date: 2015-06-11
Genre: Medical

Prescribing Health: Transcendental Meditation in Contemporary Medical Care includes important contributions from leading experts on Transcendental Meditation and health, and provides the reader with the most important, cutting edge health research on the effects of Transcendental Meditation (TM) on serious mental health problems and medical disorders. It features practical, proven programs to improve health outcomes, decrease morbidity/mortality, and reduce health care costs with a wide range of patient populations. The authors explore advances in neuroscience and the brain changes associated with not only the impact of TM on health recovery, but also the effects of meditation in daily activity and permanent changes in neuropsychological functioning resulting from the purification of consciousness through meditation. Included is coverage of an ancient yet newly introduced approach to therapy, Vedic Psychotherapy, and methods for integrating Transcendental Meditation and other Vedic health approaches into primary medical care.

The Magic Necklace of Al Andalus

Author: Robert H. Boyer
Publisher: Peregrino Press
ISBN: 0999357433
Release Date: 2017-07-13
Genre: Fiction

Religion is important in the development of the four main characters, Cass, Thea, and Alan, teenagers from Philadelphia in 1951, and Sebastian, a young officer of the Queen's Guard, in Spain in 1491. Religion is also one of the ingredients in the interactions of secondary characters, several of whom are historical figures. The Magic Necklace and its resident sprite, the Djinni Maiden, are the fantasy part of the novel. They spirit the characters off to key times and places of Al-Andalus. As they discover the nature of the Necklace and Maiden, the main characters realize that they have been chosen. They are on a perilous quest affecting themselves and others across the centuries.

Regulation Theory

Author: Robert Boyer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134559961
Release Date: 2005-08-03
Genre: Business & Economics

Robert Boyer and Yves Sailard's Theorie de la Regulation introduces the Francophone public to one of the most important new currents in social science of the past half-century. This long-awaited translation will help broaden its impact still further. Regulation Theory focuses on the structural features of a given model and has helped enliven the examination of core economic concepts.

Religion Explained

Author: Pascal Boyer
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 9780465004614
Release Date: 2007-03-21
Genre: Social Science

Many of our questions about religion, says renowned anthropologist Pascal Boyer, are no longer mysteries. We are beginning to know how to answer questions such as "Why do people have religion?" Using findings from anthropology, cognitive science, linguistics, and evolutionary biology, Religion Explained shows how this aspect of human consciousness is increasingly admissible to coherent, naturalistic explanation. This brilliant and controversial book gives readers the first scientific explanation for what religious feeling is really about, what it consists of, and where it comes from.

The Productive Models

Author: Robert Boyer
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
ISBN: 1403900728
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Business & Economics

Until recently most observers were of the opinion that firms had to adopt a Japanese model of management or perish. They overlooked the fact that there are a number of efficient productive models and that there is no single 'best way'. This book shows the diversity of productive models and discusses the optimum macro and micro economic and social conditions that a firm needs to stay profitable. In conclusion the authors suggest an analytical framework of profitability conditions, easily accessible to practitioners, academics and students.

Order in the Amorphous State of Polymers

Author: Steven E. Keinath
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461318675
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Technology & Engineering

In 1975, a symposium was held in Midland, Michigan, co-sponsored by the Dow Chemical Company and the then Midland Macromolecular Institute in honor of Raymond F. Boyer on the occasion of his 65th birthday and retirement from Dow. The topic of that first Boyer symposium dealt with an area of interest to Boyer, namely, polymer transitions and relaxations. One decade later, after ten years of additional fruitful scientific endeavor at MMI, Ray Boyer was again honored with a symposium, this time celebrating his 75th birthday and 10th anniversary at the Michigan Molecular Institute. The topic of the second Boyer symposium in 1985 was somewhat more focused, this time concentrating on the subject of order (or structure) in the amorphous state of polymers and the attendant polymer transitions that are observed. This volume contains the full manuscripts of the contributors to the 17th MMI International Symposium, held in Midland, Michigan on August 18-21, 1985. Eleven one-hour plenary lectures and ten 20-minute contributed papers were presented during the Symposium. An open forum panel discussion was also scheduled; the edited transcript of that session is included at the end of this volume. One of our tasks in organizing this Symposium was to attempt to gather together a number of speakers who would be able to define what, if any, physical structure might be present in anwrplwus polymers and what the nature of this order might be.

Custer s Last Campaign

Author: John S. Gray
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803270402
Release Date: 1993
Genre: History

'Easily the most significant book yet published on the Battle of the Little Bighorn."--Paul L. Hedren, Western Historical Quarterly "[Gray] has applied rigorous analysis as no previous historian has done to these oft-analyzed events. His detailed time-motion study of the movements of the various participants frankly boggles the mind of this reviewer. No one will be able to write of this battle again without reckoning with Gray"--Thomas W. Dunlay, Journal of American History "Gray challenges many time~honored beliefs about the battle. Perhaps most significantly, he brings in as much as possible the testimony of the Indian witnesses, especially that of the young scout Curley, which generations of historians have dismissed for contradictions that Gray convincingly demonstrates were caused not by Curley but by the assumptions made by his questioners . . . The contrasts in [this] book. . . restate the basic components of what still attracts the imagination to the Little Bighorn."--Los Angeles Times Book Review "Gray's analysis, by and large, is impressively drawn; it is an immensely logical reconstruction that should stand the test of time. As a contribution to Custer and Indian wars literature, it is indeed masterful."--Jerome A. Greene, New Mexico Historical Review John S. Gray was a distinguished historian whose books included the acclaimed Centennial Campaign: The Sioux War of 1876. Custer's Last Campaign is the winner of the Western Writers of American Spur award and the Little Bighorn Associates John M. Carroll Literary Award.