Rebel Threads

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
ISBN: 1786270943
Release Date: 2017-09-05
Genre: Design

Featuring over 1300 examples of rare vintage clothing, from the swing, counterculture and blank generation eras, detailed photographs and factual stories of the clothes origins, alongside many previously unseen fashion and film stills. The book traces how these distinct street punk styles were originally put together and worn by the predominant teenage sub-cultures that emerged between 1940 - 1980, and set these kids apart from mainstream fashion. With 50 years' experience collecting vintage street fashion, costume designer, stylist and former mod, the author, supplied original mod clothing for the 1978 cult film Quadrophenia, before establishing the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection, to provide street fashion for TV and Film. He went on to dress literally hundreds of influential bands, from David Bowie to the Rolling Stones. The archive now exceeds some 20 thousand items and serves as a valuable resource for leading fashion and film stylists, designers and important museums around the world. Rebel Threads is prerequisite for all lovers of vintage clothing, collectors, fashion students, designers, costumiers and anyone fascinated by the history of street style.


Author: Alan R. Palmiter
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
ISBN: 9780735578265
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Law

Examples & Explanations: Corporations is a practical and straightforward guide that has won enduring popularity by demystifying corporate law for students with no business background. Through clear introductions and visual aids, students are able to grasp the rules of corporate law and apply them in context, using the examples. A leading study guide in corporate law for over 15 years, Examples & Explanations: Corporations, now in its Sixth Edition, features: the time-tested and class-proven Examples & Explanations pedagogy --clear introductions are followed by questions in the form of examples (or hypos), followed by full and lucid explanations with analysis thorough coverage that tracks topics typically covered in a corporations or business organizations class statutes and cases presented in context examples that illustrate the intersection of law and business--and highlight the differences between the Model Business Corporation Act and Delaware law sensible organization that outlines the principal legal themes of corporate law helpful visual aids, such as tables and diagrams student-friendly writing style that neatly unpacks the intricacies of corporate law and requires no business background from the reader Updated throughout, the Sixth Edition includes: new cases on shareholder proxy access new developments in executive compensation new examples of institutional shareholder activism new cases on duty of good faith, the direct/derivative distinction, inspection rights, and the definition of independent director continuing coverage of Sarbanes-Oxley revised examples drawn from social responsibility and alternative energy business models Students struggling to understand corporate law will get more out of their casebook assignments and classroom experience if you steer them toward the help they need. Alan R. Palmiter's Examples & Explanations: Corporations is the leading study guide in this area--an authoritative, timely, and student-friendly aid to a more complete understanding of basic coverage, now in its Sixth Edition.


Author: Lewis D. Solomon
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
ISBN: STANFORD:36105062032037
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Corporation law

Students who need extra help can rely on Solomon and Palmiter's CORPORATION: Examples & Explanations for dependable guidance. Now in itsThird Edition, this popular study guide continues to lead students through the material covered in the typical Corporations or Business Organizations course, step by careful step. In the proven style of the entire Examples & Explanations Series, the text first presents explanations, then poses examples with questions, followed by thoughtful answers. Students can test their understanding as they progress through the book. What makes this book so effective? the authors' clear and lucid writing style is accessible to students who do not have a business background Statutes and cases are examined in context to illustrate the interplay between law and business Comprehensive coverage includes topics that sometimes receive minimal class coverage, such as public offering of securities and the common law of insider trading A conceptual structure that facilitates full and logical coverage of the relevant legal provisions New material includes: expanded coverage of shareholder voting rights update treatment of insider trading developments unified analysis of creditor protection rules new corporate formations including limited liability entities new organization of the material centering around the sets of legal protections that resolve conflicts in the corporate environment. For clarification of a specific topic or general reinforcement of underlying concepts, instructors can adopt or recommend CORPORATIONS: Examples & Explanations, Third Edition, with confidence.

Sunshine Bleeds A Black Edge

Author: A. Wilding Wells
Publisher: A. Wilding Wells
ISBN: 9780998665238
Release Date: 2017-05-19
Genre: Fiction

Ruby Mae Some people would say running away from your problems won’t solve them, but it might have saved me. I was the only one who knew the truth about the events of that unforgettable night, or so I thought. My glamorous life in Paris as a world-famous model was a great distraction and ensured I didn’t dwell on the past. I tried to forget everything I lost, until an anonymously sent box arrived and flipped my world upside down. The contents of it my ruin, but was it also the answer to my seventeen years of whys? And if I go back home, will the man I left behind still be waiting for me? Rebel I have no right to stake a claim to her even though I told her I’d wait for her in our tiny hometown of Snowvale, Wisconsin. So maybe I lied. Sure, I moved on. Well, sort of. Yeah, I married, had a kid who’s cool as hell and now a teenager. But here I am, still running my successful hardware store, and claiming the title of the most eligible bachelor in town. I ought to be over the moon with my life, but it’s missing one thing. Her. Ruby Mae Rose. And local gossip says she’s coming home. Will she finally give me what I’ve always wanted—Answers and a Forever? Murder, mystery, darkness, and comedy collide in a tornado of small town family drama wrapped in second chances. Addictive, quirky, all-too-human characters, meets heartwarming, un-putdownable page after page of surprising twists and turns. Sunshine Bleeds A Black Edge is the third full-length contemporary romance in The Wild Things Series. It’s told in alternating points of view and can be read as a standalone.

Scarlet Threads

Author: Perry Stone
Publisher: Charisma Media
ISBN: 9781621369998
Release Date: 2014-10-07
Genre: Religion

The undeniable power of praying women In the Bible God cannot resist the prayer of a godly woman, and a godly woman cannot resist communicating with God. Women's prayers have tremendous power to touch the heart of God, move the hand of God, change the mind of God, and attract the favor of God. Perry Stone takes you on a tour of the prayer life of several women of the Bible to show you how to effectively pray for your family. Focusing on the story of Rahab, whose covenant with God was symbolized by a scarlet thread hanging from her window, he provides specific, practical prayers and examples that will help you access your spiritual authority to keep your family safe. You will discover: · Four spiritual tools every mother can use · Five prayers for when your family is in trouble · How to prepare your children for their destinies · How to pray your lost sons and daughters back home · How to break Satan’s stronghold over your bloodline, and more! Your scarlet thread is your faith that holds on to a promise when the town is shaking and walls are falling all around you. Your scarlet thread is your prayer that will protect your family from outside battles. Your scarlet thread is what you tie around your loved ones, holding the rope, sticking to your prayers and confessions, until you can lift them from the pits of despair and destruction. From one act of faith—a scarlet thread in a window—a family legacy was forged. It is time to do the same with yours.

Wings of Lomay

Author: Devri Walls
Publisher: StoneHouse Ink
ISBN: 9781624821059
Release Date: 2014-05-06
Genre: Fiction

WINGS OF LOMAY (SOLUS SERIES BOOK FOUR) BY DEVRI WALLS In defense of the small remaining group of rebels, Kiora has to cross lines she never thought she would, redefining herself and her understanding of what's right and wrong. Outnumbered and out of time, Kiora turns to the only two groups that can help—the Shifters and the Dragons. But will either of them come to her aid? It’s looking less likely by the day. As they prepare for war against the evil army, Kiora must find the strength within herself to defeat Jasmine. The magic she needs is potent and too much for her body to handle, but at the end of it all, Kiora's the Solus. She's their only hope. THE SOLUS SERIES Wings of Arian Wings of Tavea Wings of Nestor Wings of Lomay For fans of Julie Kagawa, Cinda Willams Chima, Christopher Paolini, Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, dragons, unicorns, mythical creatures, high fantasy, epic fantasy, teen & young adult myths & legends, teen & young adult sword & sorcery, and magic.

Thread of Blood

Author: Ana Mar’a Alonso
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 0816515743
Release Date: 1995
Genre: History

"This outstanding volume links the analysis of community and social organization with macro-level processes and history. Examines how gender, ethnicity, and local concepts of power relate to national identity, economy, and power. A fascinating discussionof Mexican society and the revolutionary change occurring along Mexico's northern border"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 57.

Threads of Colours

Author: Leslie Lucas
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781588202765
Release Date: 2000-07-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

"Cutbait" is the story of a fisherman, a town and it's Mayor who would stop at nothing to win a fishing tournament. The book records their downward spiral into the depths of immorality, fueled by greed. The setting is backwater coastal Alabama, where rivers run dark and sluggish, and the mood is grim. The protagonist is an unrefined, disturbed individual named J.M.Teredos. Included in the unsavory stew is his alcoholic fishing partner, Zeke; Roland Stark, the sadistic hate filled Police Chief; Becky Youngblood, the promiscuous secretary; Joe Cotton, the crooked Mayor, and the millionaire antagonist, Erik Lindstrom. Together, they "flesh out" the "bones" of the story. Central to the narrative is Teredos' cutbait, a gruesome concoction born of vileness and depravity. "Cutbait" paints a picture of disparity between the "haves" and the "have nots." It's about flawed human nature and how easily the thin veneer of civility is stripped away to reveal a side of ourselves that we prefer not to think about . Coated with a healthy dose of twisted humor, Cutbait's rancid core is sure to test one's palate. It's a tale of dysfunction and guaranteed to appeal to your darker sensibilities.

Rebel s Bargain

Author: Annie West
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781460341759
Release Date: 2014-11-01
Genre: Fiction

When the thrill-seeker returns! Five years ago, Poppy Graham married Orsino Chatsfield beneath a confetti of paparazzi flashbulbs. But in her darkest hour, he let her down. Their split was bitter, and Poppy has strived for her independence and acceptance ever since. But now her arrogant husband is back… Injured in a climbing accident, there's only one person Orsino can turn to…his wife! They have unfinished business, and he'll face it before he walks away forever. But the blazing passion between them reignites in an instant, leaving Orsino to wonder whether it will kill or cure! Welcome to The Chatsfield, London!

The Tortured Rebel

Author: Alison Roberts
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781459212732
Release Date: 2011-09-01
Genre: Fiction

He's the only one with the key to unlock her heart… Army medic and emergency specialist James "Jet" Munroe thrives on danger. Physical danger—never emotional. Beautiful helicopter pilot Becca Harding has spent long years trying to forget Jet, but she's never been able to forgive him. Now, trapped together for the first time in years, it's time for them to stop running from the shadows that have marred their relationship…and from the scorching attraction that lingers between them.

Mage Knight 1 Rebel Thunder

Author: Bill McCay
Publisher: Del Rey
ISBN: 9780345469755
Release Date: 2003-08-26
Genre: Fiction

Inspired by the award-winning game, here is a spellbinding tale of intrigue, mystery, and betrayal among warlords, mages, and revolutionaries that sweeps from battlefield to throne room. . . . MAGE KNIGHT: REBEL THUNDER Atlantis—a floating city five hundred feet in the air—is suspended by the force of the magical Magestone. But its power comes at a price. The precious gems must be strip-mined from the earth by human and Dwarven slaves under the ruthless command of Atlantean overseers. Sarah Ythlim, head of the Black Powder Rebels, is a woman with only one thing on her mind: the destruction of the Atlantean Empire. In secret, she plots with her cohorts to introduce a new weapon to the fight: gunpowder. Blaize is an elite Guardsman who lives to serve the Atlantean government. When his superiors discover that a rebel group plans to attack the empire, Blaize is ordered to act as a spy. But during his covert assignment, Blaize discovers that the lines between good and evil are often blurred. Now he must decide where his allegiances lie. . . . [WIZKIDS LOGO] WWW.MAGEKNIGHT.COM Includes an exciting new Mage Knight game scenario From the Paperback edition.

Rake Most Likely to Rebel

Author: Bronwyn Scott
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781460382882
Release Date: 2015-06-01
Genre: Fiction

The art of fencing, like the art of love, requires three important skills: 1. Anticipating your partner's every move, working them into the exact position you desire. 2. Being completely attuned to each other's bodies. 3. Absolute dedication, no matter how many hours are spent sweating it out. Viscount Amersham has come to Paris to prove his skill with the blade. But feisty Alyssandra Leodegrance is not the opponent he was expecting! As expert swordplay leads to sizzling sensuality, it's difficult to say who will win…and what they will claim as their prize! Rakes on Tour Outrageous hell-raisers let loose in Europe!