Author: John Corey Whaley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781442458741
Release Date: 2014-04-08
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

2014 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST Travis Coates has a good head…on someone else’s shoulders. A touching, hilarious “tour de force of imagination and empathy” (Booklist, starred review) from John Corey Whaley, author of the Printz and Morris Award–winning Where Things Come Back. Listen—Travis Coates was alive once and then he wasn’t. Now he’s alive again. Simple as that. The in between part is still a little fuzzy, but Travis can tell you that, at some point or another, his head got chopped off and shoved into a freezer in Denver, Colorado. Five years later, it was reattached to some other guy’s body, and well, here he is. Despite all logic, he’s still sixteen, but everything and everyone around him has changed. That includes his bedroom, his parents, his best friend, and his girlfriend. Or maybe she’s not his girlfriend anymore? That’s a bit fuzzy too. Looks like if the new Travis and the old Travis are ever going to find a way to exist together, there are going to be a few more scars. Oh well, you only live twice.


Author: John Corey Whaley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781442458727
Release Date: 2014-04-08
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

After dying at the age of 16, Travis Coates' head was removed and frozen for five years before being attached to another body, and now the old Travis and the new must find a way to coexist while figuring out the changes in his relationships.

Olivia s Noggin

Author: Daryl N. Long
ISBN: 1320201733
Release Date: 2014-11-07

When a little girl, playing with a handful of goo bonks her noggin, whose fault is it? The eyes that are looking at the goo? The hands that are playing with it? The feet who are walking too fast? And what does ice cream have to do with it? Why, everything, of course!

Nina Nandu s Nervous Noggin

Author: Barbara deRubertis
Publisher: Triangle Interactive, Inc.
ISBN: 9781684440566
Release Date: 2017-12-16
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Nina Nandu has just moved to a new neighborhood, and she does NOT want to go to a new school. But Granny Nandu and teacher Alpha Betty have other ideas—plus a big surprise for Nina!

Kartoffel Noggin

Author: P. J. Hoge
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781462055074
Release Date: 2011-10-10
Genre: Fiction

Kartoffel Noggin, the fifth installment of the Prairie Preacher series, transports readers from the small North Dakota farming community the Schroeder family calls home to war-torn South Vietnam. The year is 1969, and Andy Schroder, the little boy we first met in Prairie Preacher, is now eighteen and has been drafted by the army to serve in the Vietnam War. During his tour of duty, Andy learns a lot about humanity, morality, and the will to survive. He worries about his family at home, especially his dear Annie who had promised to become his wife. He also befriends a wide variety of characters: Jackson, an Indian boy from South Dakota; Chicago, a young black man from Chicago’s inner city; Swede, a tall kid from northern Minnesota; and Bandaid, the medic from Boston. Together, they face death, fear, and tragedy, and forge a special bond that can never be broken. Andy’s harrowing experiences force him to shed his simplistic attitude toward morality. He discovers that he is capable of things he never imagined, and he witnesses “good guys” succumb to hatred and “bad guys” display love and compassion. He soon realizes that when he returns to North Dakota, he will not be the same person he was when he left. Though he may leave Vietnam, Vietnam will never leave him.

Developmental Signaling by Noggin and Wnt in the Frog Xenopus

Author: John Joseph Young
ISBN: OCLC:904238575
Release Date: 2013

Xenopus has provided a powerful system to study cellular, developmental, and neuro-biology. The availability of their embryos and the advent of modern molecular techniques allowed investigators to revisit the observations of classical embryologists and begin to determine the molecular mechanisms underlying germ layer formation and axis induction. My thesis work took advantage of the frog Xenopus to first address the developmental role of Noggin, a Bone morphogenic protein (Bmp) antagonist, and then to determine the mechanism of Wnt-induced anterior-posterior patterning of the neural plate. The frog Xenopus, an important research organism in cell and developmental biology, currently lacks tools for targeted mutagenesis. In the first part of this work, I address this problem by genome editing with zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs). ZFNs directed against an eGFP transgene in X. tropicalis induced mutations that are consistent with results of non homologous end joining at the target site, resulting in mosaic loss of fluorescence phenotype at high frequencies. ZFNs directed against the noggin gene produced tadpoles and adult animals carrying up to 47% disrupted alleles. Founder animals yielded progeny that carry insertions and deletions in the noggin gene with no indication of off-target effects. Furthermore, functional tests demonstrated an allelic series of activity among three germline mutant alleles. Breeding an identified null allele to homozygosity resulted in tadpoles with deformaties in the cranial skeleton. Anatomical analysis revealed severe reductions in Meckel's cartilage with joint fusions. Gene expression analysis via in situ hybridization for chondrogenesis regulating factors in noggin mutants revealed a reduction in sox9 and col2a expression domains. Analysis of Bmp targets showed an expansion of hand2, edn1, and msx2 in the pharygeal arches (PAs) of mutants. This suggested a mechanism whereby incresed Bmp signaling inhibits chondrogenesis and ventralizes the PAs resulting in the jaw deformities observed in mutants. Neural development in amphibians occurs as a two-step process. First, ectodermal precursors adopt a neural fate in the absence of Bmp signaling. A second signal is then required to pattern the anterior posterior neuraxis. Signaling through Fibroblast growth factor (Fgf), retinoic acid (RA), and Wnt have each been demonstrated to be both necessary and sufficient for inducing posterior fates in undifferentiated neural tissue. Wnt signaling in particular has been closely studied. However, the mechanism by which this pathway induces posterior fates remains unclear. To address this question, I used RNA-Seq to identify direct transcriptional targets in neural tissue by activating Wnt signaling in Xenopus neural explants pretreated with the translation inhibitor cycloheximide. Wnt-activated neural tissue resulted in over 200 genes with expression increased greater than 2-fold when compared to anterior neural tissue. in situ hybridization analysis of highly expressed transcription factors and RNA-binding proteins showed posterior expression. Of particular interest, the transcription factor sal-like 1 (Sall1) and sal-like 4 (Sall4) showed specific posterior neural expression suggesting a role in Wnt-induced neural patterning. The RNA-Seq screen found sall1 and sall4 expression to be induced by canonical Wnt signaling in the presence of cycloheximide, and TCF/LEF sites present in the first intron of sall4 were enriched in [beta]-catenin chromatin imunoprecipitations. Knockdown of Sall4 resulted in the loss of spinal cord marker expression and an increase in the expression of pou25, pou60 and pou91 (pouV genes), the three Xenopus homologs of the stem cell factor pou5f1/Oct4. Overexpression of the pouV genes resulted in the loss of spinal cord identity, and knockdown of pouV function restored spinal cord marker expression in Sall4 morphants. Finally, knockdown of Sall4 blocked the posteriorizing effects of Fgf and retinoic acid signaling in the neurectoderm. These results suggest that Sall4, activated by Wnt signaling, represses the pouV genes to provide a permissive environment that allows for additional Wnt/Fgf/RA signals to posteriorize the neural plate.

Highly Illogical Behavior

Author: John Corey Whaley
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780147515209
Release Date: 2017-06-13
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Agoraphobic sixteen-year-old Solomon has not left his house in three years, but Lisa is determined to change that--and to write a scholarship-winning essay based on the results.

Where Things Come Back

Author: John Corey Whaley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781442413351
Release Date: 2011-05-03
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Winner of the 2012 Michael L. Printz and William C. Morris Awards, this poignant and hilarious story of loss and redemption “explores the process of grief, second chances, and even the meaning of life” (Kirkus Reviews). In the remarkable, bizarre, and heart-wrenching summer before Cullen Witter’s senior year of high school, he is forced to examine everything he thinks he understands about his small and painfully dull Arkansas town. His cousin overdoses; his town becomes absurdly obsessed with the alleged reappearance of an extinct woodpecker; and most troubling of all, his sensitive, gifted fifteen-year-old brother, Gabriel, suddenly and inexplicably disappears. Meanwhile, the crisis of faith spawned by a young missionary’s disillusion in Africa prompts a frantic search for meaning that has far-reaching consequences. As distant as the two stories initially seem, they are woven together through masterful plotting and merge in a surprising and harrowing climax. This extraordinary tale from a rare literary voice finds wonder in the ordinary and illuminates the hope of second chances.

Joggin Your Noggin

Author: Mary B. Randolph
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1480023760
Release Date: 2012-12-14
Genre: Health & Fitness

This third book in the series introduces several new word games, while retaining much of the popular format presented in prior issues. Some of the new challenges include: Name the Activity Name the Synonym Identify the Action or Use of an Object Name the Occupation, Given its Tools Name the Food, Given its Ingredients Identify the Famous Location All tasks are carefully designed to challenge the minds of seniors, particularly those in mild to moderate stages of Alzheimer's disease. Some of the games may be easy to complete; others may take more time or a little help. No matter what the level of difficulty, the activities provide essential calisthenics for the brain to help maintain memory and word-finding skills. Seniors may complete the books independently, or along with a family member, friend or caregiver. Activity directors may engage a group of seniors in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Regardless of the setting, all will enjoy reminiscing, laughing, sensing the pride of success or simply appreciating the moment.

Noggin Knockers Express

Author: H. E. McCabe
ISBN: 1938743040
Release Date: 2013-07

Fact- Very little fiction, it creates thoughts lot of them wampum, paid for NY City, This book helps the process, this is like buying a new car, it will always smell like a new one, you will enjoy the trip. There are no stop signs on this trip, Enjoy!!