My Enemy s Enemy

Author: Laura Zittrain Eisenberg
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 081432424X
Release Date: 1994
Genre: History

My Enemy's Enemy is the first comprehensive study of prestate Zionist policy toward Lebanon. Laura Zittrain Eisenberg identifies early Zionist perceptions about Lebanon, considers efforts to construct a lucid Zionist policy toward that country, and characterizes the nature and course of Zionist-Lebanese relations prior to 1948.

My Enemy s Enemy

Author: Geraint Hughes
ISBN: 1845196279
Release Date: 2014-02-01
Genre: History

The topic of proxy war is currently subject to intense debate with reference to US, British and Israeli accusations that Iran is sponsoring subversive and insurgent movements from Lebanon to Afghanistan; contemporary academic and media controversies over the effect of international assistance to the Afghan mujahidin in the subsequent destabilisation of the country; and the contentious circumstances surrounding the Russo-Georgian war of 2008, and the 'independence' of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. While there is no shortage of academic literature dealing with specific cases of proxy warfare, there is no work providing an overarching analysis of the factors which lead to this type of conflict, or the potential consequences for the states concerned, the non-state proxies and their external patrons. Using examples from post-1945 history, and focusing on three case studies (the Afghan war of 1978-1989, Lebanon 1975-1990, Angola 1975-1991), Geraint Hughes offers terminology intended to clarify scholarly understanding of proxy warfare, a framework for understanding why states seek to use proxies (insurgent groups, militias, terrorist movements, mercenaries, and even organised criminal groups) in order to fulfil strategic objectives, and an analysis of the potential impact of such an indirect means of waging war on not only the states that are subjected to this phenomenon, but also the proxies, their sponsors and the wider international community. This book has a historical focus, but will be of utility to contemporary security scholars, and those involved in political/military policy.

My Enemy s Enemy

Author: George Crile
ISBN: 1843540851
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Afghanistan

When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, pressure mounted for the Americans to support the Afghan resistance. This title tells the story of what became the largest covert operation in history - funding eventually grew to over $1 billion a year. The book features a vivid cast of characters: Charlie Wilson the maverick congressman; Gust Avrakotos, head of the CIA operation in Afghanistan; and President Zia of Pakistan. Moving from meeting rooms in Washington to secret chambers at Langley, to arms-dealer conventions, to the Khyber Pass. The book is a remarkable account of the last battle of the Cold War, a battle that helped weaken the Soviet Union and led to its collapse - and of course paved the way to the rise of the Taliban.

My Enemy s Cradle

Author: Sara Young
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547892535
Release Date: 2008-10-06
Genre: Fiction

Cyrla's neighbors have begun to whisper. Her cousin, Anneke, is pregnant and has passed the rigorous exams for admission to the Lebensborn, a maternity home for girls carrying German babies. But Anneke's soldier has disappeared, and Lebensborn babies are only ever released to their father's custody-- or taken away. A note is left under the mat. Someone knows that Cyrla, sent from Poland years before for safekeeping with her Dutch relatives, is Jewish. The Nazis are imposing more and more restrictions; she won't be safe there for long. And then in the space of an afternoon, life falls apart. Cyrla must choose between certain discovery in her cousin's home and taking Anneke's place in the Lebensborn--Cyrla and Anneke are nearly identical. If she takes refuge in the enemy's lair, can Cyrla fool the doctors, nurses, guards, and other mothers-to-be? Can she escape before they discover she is not who she claims? Mining a lost piece of history, Sara Young takes us deep into the lives of women living in the worst of times. Part love story and part elegy for the terrible choices we must often make to survive, MY ENEMY'S CRADLE keens for what we lose in war and sings for the hope we sometimes find.

Dein Ego ist dein Feind

Author: Ryan Holiday
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag
ISBN: 9783960920458
Release Date: 2017-06-10
Genre: Self-Help

Viele Menschen glauben, dass die Gründe, die sie daran hindern, erfolgreich zu sein, in ihrer Umwelt zu finden sind. Aber in Wirklichkeit steckt der größte Feind in jedem von uns selbst: unser Ego. Es macht uns blind für unsere Fehler, verhindert, dass wir aus ihnen lernen, und hemmt unsere Entwicklung. Denn gerade in Zeiten, in denen die schamlose Selbstdarstellung in sozialen Netzwerken oder im Reality-TV eine Selbstverständlichkeit ist, liegt die wahre Herausforderung in der Idee, weniger Zeit in das Erzählen der eigenen Größe zu stecken und stattdessen die wirklich wichtigen Missionen des Lebens zu meistern. Mit einer Fülle an Beispielen aus Literatur, Philosophie und Geschichte zeigt Ryan Holiday eindrucksvoll und praxisnah, wie die Überwindung des eigenen Egos zum unnachahmlichen Erfolg verhilft. Bewaffnet mit den Erkenntnissen aus diesem Buch kann sich jeder seinem größten Feind stellen – dem eigenen Ego.

My Enemy s Enemy

Author: Avinash Paliwal
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780190685829
Release Date: 2017
Genre: History

The archetype of "my enemy's enemy is my friend", India's political and economic presence in Afghanistan is often viewed as a Machiavellian ploy aimed against Pakistan. The first of its kind, this book interrogates that simplistic yet powerful geopolitical narrative and asks what truly drivesIndia's Afghanistan policy.Based on an extensive repertoire of hitherto untapped primary sources including official memoranda, diplomatic correspondence, and a series of interviews with key political actors, My Enemy's Enemy provides a comprehensive analysis of India's strategy debates and foreign policymaking processesvis-a-vis Afghanistan, from the last decade of the Cold War to the 1990s Afghan civil war and the more recent US-led war on terror. It demonstrates that Indian presence in Afghanistan has been guided primarily by an enduring vision for the region that requires a stable balance of power across theDurand Line.

ONSET My Enemy s Enemy

Author: Glynn Stewart
Publisher: Faolan's Pen Publishing
ISBN: 9781988035826
Release Date: 2018-09-13
Genre: Fiction

An paranormal agency in tatters A critical alliance that must not fail A betrayal in their darkest hour The demon Ekhmez ripped out the heart of America’s supernatural defenders and strengthened their foes. The agencies of the Omicron branch of the US government face a newly expanded threat with their resources stretched to the breaking point. To hold the line, newly promoted Commander David White of ONSET is sent to forge an alliance with the Elfin Conclave, a supernatural organization with its own history, grudges and politics. When violence wracks the Conclave and guts the allies they sought, David White must hunt the Elfin’s foes across the Pacific northwest, taking any help that comes his way—because when the world is on fire, can you turn away your enemy’s enemy?

My Enemy s Tears

Author: Karen Vorbeck Williams
Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.
ISBN: 9781604946284
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Fiction

"A story of the New World venturers, of wilderness and settlement, of witchcraft and war ... Based on the lives of Mary Bliss Parsons and Sarah Lyman Bridgeman and the men they loved, this fictional account of a true story transports [the reader] to a land founded on a dream, where life was uncertain, and where fear and jealousy would lead to ruin."--Page 4 of cover.

In My Enemy s House

Author: Carol Matas
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 9781443124577
Release Date: 2013-02-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

I survived. Protected by the Nazis that killed my family. Could I ever forgive myself? Award-winning novelist Carol Matas brings readers into the heart of Nazi Germany with the harrowing story of Marisa, a Polish Jew whose blond hair and blue eyes make it easy for her to pass as a Christian. With the Nazis ready to herd the remaining Jews of her town into a ghetto, and with her family either scattered or dead, Marisa takes the papers of a Polish girl and goes to Germany in a desperate attempt to survive as a Polish worker. Marisa finds work as a servant for the Reymanns, a German family that treats her with respect. But she must never forget that Herr Reymann is a high-ranking Nazi. Marisa is hiding in plain sight in her enemy's house. This unflinching account of Marisa's dilemma as a Jew living a lie in order to survive will give readers a new perspective on the nature of good and evil, even as it touches their hearts.

My Enemy s Enemy

Author: Robert Buettner
Publisher: Baen
ISBN: 1481484052
Release Date: 2019-06-04
Genre: Fiction

ORIGINAL TRADE PAPERBACK In September 1939, Nazi mystic Heinrich Himmler, The Holocaust’s mastermind, conscripts physicist Peter Winter to devise a secret weapon of supernatural power, and a revolutionary aircraft to deliver it. Himmler wants to win both World War II and the contest to succeed Hitler. But Peter, and his Jewish wife, Rachel, have their own agenda. In April 1945, novice Aerial Photographer Specialist Jimmy Righetti arrives in England from Brooklyn, spoiling for a fight. But with Germany reeling, Jimmy’s running out of war. In 2020 Pakistan, the elite terrorist known only as The Asp survives a US drone strike, then undertakes a solo mission to penetrate America’s heartland, and revive Radical Islam. In 2021, aircraft historian Cass Gooding and aging Colorado cowboy Frank Luck unlock an aviation relic’s secret. Atop North America’s backbone, old secrets collide with new, and Cass and Frank must prevent World War III, or die trying. Praise for My Enemy's Enemy: "Finely researched and gripping, as well as incredibly well-written. . . My Enemy's Enemy is an impressive and highly-recommended novel."—Brendan DuBois, best-selling mystery author Praise for The Golden Gate: "Futuristic and imaginative, The Golden Gate by Robert Buettner sweeps across continents and centuries in a thrilling chase for the truth about longevity. The science is fascinating, and the suspense never lets up. Readers will revel in this terrific roller-coaster ride."—Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins ". . . reverberates with echoes of current concerns over biomedical ethics, religion, and political machinations . . . interesting ideas about life extension and the implications of technological advances . . . and . . . the underlying mystery and unpredictability keep the pages turning."—Publishers Weekly About Robert Buettner's Balance Point: "Buettner . . . conducts his thriller action with suspense and plausibility. All the separate threads balance neatly, as if in homage to the book's themes of balance between antagonistic polities . . . and [Balance Point] carries forward nobly the kind of core SF tale pioneered by writers such as Anderson, Gordon Dickson, Christopher Anvil, James Schmitz, and C. J. Cherryh, offering entertainment aplenty with thoughtful meditations on how humanity can get along with itself or not!"—Locus About Robert Buettner and the Orphan's Legacy Series: “Buettner goes well beyond . . . military science fiction . . . he understands . . . living as a soldier—the boredom punctuated by terror, the constant anxiety and self-doubt, the random chaos that battle always is, and the emotional glue that holds together people who may have nothing in common except absolute responsibility for one another's lives.” —Joe Haldeman, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author “[O]nce in a while . . . a contemporary author penetrates to the heart of Heinlein's vision . . . to replicate the master's effects. . . . [O]ne such book [is] Robert Buettner's Orphanage.” —The Washington Post “Entertaining. Buettner shows the Heinlein touch.” —Denver Post

My Enemy s Enemy

Author: Barrie Hyde
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1518835147
Release Date: 2015-11-12

The story of a young Oxford graduate with a gift for languages. He joins MI5 and is then seconded to 'The Organisation'. A clandestine operation funded through government sources from around the world which nobody would admit to. Countries have to be seen to be playing it straight, and sometimes can't get at the bad guys. This is where 'The Organisation' comes in. At the end of his last adventure 'A Higher Authority' our hero, code named Jonathan is mortified when Zan his fiance and colleague is killed. This story begins with Jonathan living on a canal boat in Amsterdam, having dropped out because of his loss. Friends from The Organisation want to help him rebuild his life and he is asked to find a colleague who has gone missing in Africa. Jonathan soon finds himself embroiled in the middle of a plot for world domination by a major economic power, determined to destroy its adversaries and all who stand in their way."

The Enemy of My Enemy

Author: Richard Bard
ISBN: 1611098033
Release Date: 2013-04-30
Genre: Fiction

When a freak accident gave Jake Bronson near-superhuman mental powers and landed his loved ones in the crosshairs of an Islamic terrorist, the only way out was with guns blazing. But Jake was unable to put a stop to his nightmares or his murderous nemesis, Luciano Battista, in that ferocious showdown in the mountains of Afghanistan. Now the terror czar and his minions have brought the fight to American soil — along with the most terrifying bioweapon that has ever threatened the free world. They demand vengeance, and Jake's family and friends are caught in the crossfire. From California's beaches and Mexico's deserts to the depths of a raging underground river and the treacherous Venezuelan jungle, Jake and his unlikely alliance of combat veterans and gangsters wage a rolling war of wits, weapons, and indomitable will — to rescue those they love and to stop a madman's bid for global conquest dead in its tracks.

Star Trek Der Feind mein Verb ndeter

Author: Diane Duane
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 9783641114589
Release Date: 2014-02-25
Genre: Fiction

Kirk lässt sich auf ein riskantes Spiel ein Die Romulanerin Ael ist eine gefährliche, aber traditionsbewusste Raumschiff-Komandantin. Als die Romulaner ein vulkanisches Schiff kapern und die Besatzung für Gen-Experimente missbrauchen, ahnt sie, dass eine kleine Clique Machtbesessener mit Hilfe der vulkanischen Psi-Kräfte die Galaxis ins Chaos stürzen könnte. Den einzigen Ausweg sieht sie in einem geheimen Bündnis mit ihrem Erzfeind James T. Kirk. Es gelingt ihr, Kirk zu einem halsbrecherischen Plan zu überreden: Nach einem Scheingefecht soll die Enterprise als ihre Beute tief ins romulanische Gebiet verschleppt werden, um die gefangenen Vulkanier zu befreien und das Labor zu zerstören. Kirk setzt sein Schiff und seine Besatzung aufs Spiel, und wenn Ael sie täuscht, sind sie verloren. Schon glaubt Kirk, der Romulanerin vertrauen zu können, da wird ihr Plan durchkreuzt.