My Enemy My Love

Author: Judith Levine
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 1560255684
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Social Science

Women want change: egalitarian sexual relationships, families, and workplaces. But women, like men, also fear change—to achieve it, both men and women will sacrifice what are now thought of as prerogatives. In intimate interviews with eighty women, Los Angeles Times Book Prize winner Judith Levine grapples with the negative stereotypes of men that, in “naming the enemy”—Mama’s Boy, Bumbler, Betrayer, Seducer, Brute, Prick, Killer, and others—both militate for change and self-protectively maintain the status quo. My Enemy, My Love makes clear that gender roles, the social definitions of masculinity and femininity, the culture’s assignment of certain exclusive traits to each biological sex, have imprisoned us on either side of a divide. She writes: “Gender allows a person citizenship in only one country.” This timely investigation of man-hating, misogyny, ambivalence, and accommodation ends with the hope that “When better-than and worse-than give way to different-from, and different-from ceases to be a signal for enmity, categorical hatreds will lose their utility, and we will be disarmed.”

My Enemy My Love

Author: Julia Byrne
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781460360620
Release Date: 2014-04-15
Genre: Fiction

A feud between King Stephen and Empress Matilda brought chaos to Isavel de Tracy's life, so much so that she found herself hostage in exchange for her brother Edmund's safety. But through it all, she held fast to the memory of a tough but tender soldier, Guy fitzAlan. How could she guess that when they finally met again, the circumstances would turn him against her? On the run from a scheming empress, they were forced to be together, and Guy's sense of betrayal made him savagely angry. In the face of such disbelief, how could Isabel tell him the truth?

My Love My Enemy

Author: Jan Cox Speas
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781402255779
Release Date: 2011-02-01
Genre: Fiction

This novel of high romance set against the background of the War of 1812 moves on wings, from Annapolis to Bermuda to London and back to Washington, zigzagging across the ocean as the British and Americans fight out the war against the impressments of Americans. The heroine is an irresistible and fiery little 18-year-old American patriot and the handsome English hero is involved in espionage for Wellington. Mrs. Speas does the history part very well right down to the burning of Washington... Recommended for its high romance and its history value. - Library Journal Review

The Longest Winter

Author: Mary Jane Staples
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781446488072
Release Date: 2011-10-31
Genre: Fiction

When Baroness Sophie von Korvacs meets British painter James Fraser one hot summer's day in Vienna, the attraction is instant. A whirlwind romance follows, with Vienna bathed in the brilliance of the last days of the emperor. And when James proposes to Sophie it seems a fitting end to that wonderful, enchanting summer. But darker days are on the horizon as Europe teeters on the brink of war. James must make the ultimate choice: love for King and Country or love for Sophie. Before he knows it, his difficult decision is made for him, and he and Sophie are on opposite sides of a bloody and devastating conflict. Four bleak years of fighting and death roll by. Will Sophie's long winter ever end and can their love conquer all?

My Enemy My Love

Author: David Fiedler
ISBN: 0983022518
Release Date: 2011-07-23
Genre: Brothers and sisters

With her brothers drawn into the fighting of World War II, Katherine Lorberg, a talented but lonely young woman, manages the extensive agricultural operations of her powerful father, a U.S. senator from Missouri. When POW laborGerman soldiers captured in fighting overseasare made available to offset the shortage of farm hands, Katherine believes her biggest problem is solved. The men are certainly a help, but Katherine grows resentful of the Germans as they are a constant reminder of the threat still facing her brothers and her country.Things change when POW Stefan Biermann arrives at the Lorberg farm and is given the important task of establishing a vineyard. He and Katherine are forced to cooperate to ensure its success, and in him she begins to see a different side of the Germans. This work brings them closer together, and despite their initial resistance, soon they discover an undeniable longing that can no longer be ignored.This relationshipfraught with risk from the startbecomes even more dangerous when one of the guards, Robert Whitcomb, becomes suspicious. He's an explosive and jealous man who also desires Katherine. These troubles are compounded when Karl Leider, a hard-core Nazi, arrives at the camp and partners with Whitcomb to run a black market operation stealing tobacco and fuel. When Stefan stumbles onto their scheme, together Leider and Whitcomb hatch a plan to eliminate their mutual problem, and force the pair into a situation with life-or-death consequences.

Mine Enemy My Love

Author: Gigi Wells
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9780759688223
Release Date: 2002-04-01
Genre: Fiction

The Taste Of Paradise is the story of a young man who moves with his parents to a small town in South Georgia in the summer of 1956, where his father becomes the Superintendent of Schools. At a young age Canaan Cross witnessed the tragic death of a friend. He supressed the pain and sorrow he felt, and buried it somewhere deep within. But the summer of his arrival in a new setting is filled with sorrow, tragedy, death, and murder, including the most shattering event, the death of his grandfather. In the process he takes a job picking cotton on a local farm, becomes friends with migrant workers from Mexico, a strong African-American woman, and a boy who lives next door to him. But can his association with them enable him to make peace with life during that fateful summer?

My Enemy My Ally

Author: Diane Duane
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781471109010
Release Date: 2012-12-11
Genre: Fiction

Ael t' Rlailiiu is a noble and dangerous Romulan Commander. But when the Romulans kidnap Vulcans to genetically harness their mind power, Ael decides on treason. Captain Kirk, her old enemy, joins her in a secret pact to destroy the research laboratory and free the captive Vulcans. When the Romulans discover their plan, the Neutral Zone seethes with schemes and counter-schemes, sabotage and war

My Enemy My Friend

Author: Jack Nadel
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9780984628230
Release Date: 2013-10-04
Genre: Fiction

From the end of the war in Japan to the trade wars around the world, My Enemy, My Friend, tells the story of the love/ hate relationship that has existed between Japan and the U.S. for the last fifty years. Starting with the last days of World War II, My Enemy, My Friend, brings to startling reality the brutality and finality of the vicious air war over Japan that led to the dropping of the atom bomb, and to the abject surrender of Imperial Japan. It shows the dramatic rise of Japan from the ashes of destruction, bringing to life the country’s agonizing climb from poverty to wealth. Readers witness the friendship and love that grows between two formerly bitter enemies as romance blooms between their children as they are confronted with age-old prejudices.

My Enemy My Love

Author: Darlene Mindrup
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
ISBN: 9781624163890
Release Date: 2012-12-01
Genre: Fiction

midst the splendid walls of Jerusalem, a fateful encounter between a young, Jewish man and a young Samaritan womans sets the stage for a tempestuous courtship that will transcend strong barriers of racial prejudice. When Barak, a devoted follower of Jehovah, saves Anna's life, he barely realizis the far reaching consequences of his action. Although Barak fights his attraction for the despised Samaritan, Jehovah seems determined to bring them together. Before Barak walks out of her life forever, can Anna teach him about the Savior he still seeks? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

My Enemy My Beloved

Author: Karl Vanghen
Publisher: North Star Pressof st Cloud
ISBN: 0878393846
Release Date: 2010-09-01
Genre: Fiction

New Ulm, Minnesota in the fall of 1944 was conflicted by news of the war effort in Europe. The American army had just broken through into Aachen, Germany, and the people of New Ulm wondered what was going to happen next, both in their Fatherland and at the abandoned CCC camp south of town.

My Enemy My Love

Author: Ellie Lynn
Publisher: Deslisle Publications
ISBN: 9781775349167
Release Date: 2018-05-12
Genre: Fiction

Melissa Simmons—Lissa to her friends—is a young woman with many talents. A former field engineer with the Canadian Armed Forces, demolitions is just one of her military skills. When her childhood friend Fernando asks for Lissa's help, she doesn’t think twice, but hops a plane to his tiny island country. Alexander Demitrius is the reigning prince of a once influential Mediterranean island paradise. Warring rebels, headed by Fernando, have torn the prince's world apart. Alex is strong-willed, a powerful and charismatic leader with no intentions of allowing rebels to usurp his rule. He dreams of a unified island and being taken seriously by the world. When he meets what appears to be a guileless female tourist—the intrepid Melissa—his thoughts of warring are interrupted by dreams of her seduction. Alex is no stranger to the game of love, but meets his match in this evasive young woman. When a serious illness almost takes her life, Prince Alexander must decide which is more important: love or war.

My Enemy My Brother

Author: Hanna Shahin
Publisher: CLC Publications
ISBN: 9781936143382
Release Date: 2009-09-01
Genre: Religion

The incredible story of Hanna Shahin, a Palestinian boy raised in the old city of Jerusalem who was saved and transformed by the grace of God, then empowered to become a leading Christian broadcaster and an instrument of healing and redemption in the war-torn Middle East.