Pursuing Open Heavens

Author: Marc Dupont
Publisher: Sovereign World
ISBN: 1852403047
Release Date: 2002
Genre: God

Marc Dupont points to many in the Church today who are experiencing holy prophetic frustration - those who are burdened with the weight of revelation regarding God's purposes - and examines the common thread running throughout their prophetic messages. This is a critical book for those who want to know what God is saying to the Church today and are willing to act upon it. OPEN HEAVENS - what does it mean and can it really happen this side of heaven? The term is used many different times in the Bible. It denotes a time, season, or place, in which there is a great freedom for some on earth to experience the fullness of God and His reign more clearly and powerfully. It is a time when either God's favour or wrath is released on the earth - a time for the release of His blessing and/or judgement. But it is always a time of exponential increase on the earth of God's power and purposes. Marc Dupont points to many in the Church today who are experiencing holy prophetic frustration - those who are burdened with the weight of revelation regarding God's purposes - and examines the common thread running throughout their prophetic messages.This is a critical book for those who want to know what God is saying to the Church today and are willing to act upon it.

Toxic Churches

Author: Marc Dupont
Publisher: Chosen
ISBN: 0800793625
Release Date: 2004-02-01
Genre: Religion

Spiritual abuse devastates its victims perhaps more than any other form of violation, because it targets those who are most unprepared and vulnerable. In Toxic Churches, Marc Dupont reaches out to those who have given their time, money, and talents to the Body of Christ, only to find themselves hurting, frustrated, and confused. He also writes to Christian leaders who may have inadvertently hurt the flock of God entrusted to their care. This book explores all aspects of spiritual abuse in the church. With care and tenderness, Dupont offers help and hope to those caught in abusive situations-people who might even be blaming themselves. He provides a healing balm to those with residual pain from past abuse. And he warns those engaging in abusive behavior, flagging telltale signs of warped and broken patterns. Those who have been used or abused by church leaders will find a deeper understanding of God's healing grace-both for themselves and for those who hurt them.

Droit hospitalier

Author: Dupont Marc
Publisher: Dalloz
ISBN: 9782247172689
Release Date: 2017-06-14
Genre: Law

La nouvelle édition du Cours de droit hospitalier s'accompagne d'une refonte importante de l'ouvrage. Elle fait suite aux nombreuses évolutions qu'a récemment connues cette matière du droit de la santé. En premier lieu, le cours prend en compte l'impact des lois du 26 janvier 2016 de modernisation de notre système de santé et du 2 février 2016 créant de nouveaux droits pour les personnes en fin de vie. Parmi ses multiples dispositions, la première loi réforme l'organisation de notre système de santé, y promeut notamment la notion de parcours de santé, renforce la coopération des hôpitaux publics désormais réunis en groupements hospitaliers de territoire (GHT) et restaure un service public hospitalier. La seconde traduit l'évolution de notre droit sur la question difficile de la fin de vie. S'agissant des droits des malades, l'ouvrage mentionne également les dernières évolutions des textes et de la jurisprudence concernant l'information des personnes sur leur santé, la circulation des données de santé, le dossier médical, le principe du secret, le traitement des données personnelles par les nouvelles technologies. Les plus récentes réflexions portant sur la bioéthique sont exposées, notamment en matière de procréation médicalement assistée et de prélèvement d'organes. Enfin, dans le domaine de la responsabilité médicale, cette nouvelle édition intègre la création de l'action de groupe en santé et les décisions de jurisprudence nouvelles sur l'exercice médical en établissement de santé.

Healing Today

Author: Mark Stibbe
Publisher: Authentic
ISBN: 186024517X
Release Date: 2005-12
Genre: Religion

One of the principle demonstrations of God's power is divine healing. This is happening more today than it did during the whole of church history. The authors confront the belief that spiritual gifts like healing, ceased at the close of the apostolic era at the end of the first century. The authors believe that God heals the sick today as we pray for them in the name of Jesus from what they have discovered about the way in which healing functions as just one expression of the love of God.

Catching God s Heart

Author: Che' Ahn
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN: 9780768491197
Release Date: 2010-08-01
Genre: Religion

Take advantage of the wisdom and power of intimacy from Catching God’s Heart as you read decades’ worth of combined experience from well-known and respected Christians: Ché Ahn, Sam Hinn, Christy Wimber, S.J. Hill, Ed Piorek, Stephanus W. Vosloo, Gary Wiens, Marc A. Dupont, Peter Fitch, Steve Long, David Ravenhill All you do as a Christian springs forth from an intimate relationship with God, and it’s in His presence that you receive His love and His direction for your life and ministry. The main objective of a Christian’s life is to love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Catching God’s Heart tells you how to accomplish that objective. As you become the Bride of Christ, you must leave your old ways and your old loves behind, and cleave to your Bridegroom—Jesus Christ. This thought-provoking compilation of messages about intimacy with God instructs and encourages you to catch God’s heart and become an heir to the unfathomable riches that accompany a lifestyle of such delectable intimacy.

Soins sous contrainte en psychiatrie

Author: Marc Dupont
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer France
ISBN: 2850308633
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Mentally ill

La loi du 27 juin 1990 prévoit les conditions dans lesquelles des personnes atteintes de troubles mentaux peuvent être soignées contre leur gré. Ces conditions sont nécessairement très restrictives : le fait de contraindre une personne à se soigner et de lui refuser de quitter l'hôpital ou l'unité de soins constitue dans son principe une atteinte grave à ses libertés individuelles. La mise en œuvre de soins sous contrainte en psychiatrie est souvent délicate. Elle justifie de multiples précautions et une grande vigilance afin que les mesures prises soient toujours proportionnées aux besoins des patients, dans une perspective résolument sanitaire. Le présent ouvrage, issu d'une collaboration entre l'AP-HP et l'établissement public de santé de Maison-Blanche, expose les dispositions légales et jurisprudentielles en la matière et esquisse les voies d'un compromis entre les deux impératifs que sont le respect des libertés publiques et la nécessité dans certaines circonstances d'imposer à un patient des soins psychiatriques.

Becoming the Friend of God

Author: Marc A. Dupont
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9781620951491
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Genre: Religion

‘Becoming the Friend of God’ is devoted to knowing the person of God as one’s best friend. Four situations in the life of Abraham, called by God His ‘friend’, are examined from the standpoint of what characteristics qualify one for friendship. Each of those four scenarios are applicable to the life of all who truly desire to know God as the greatest friend possible.

The Way I see It

Author: Henry Field
Publisher: Dolman Scott Publishing via PublishDrive
ISBN: 9781905553747
Release Date: 2012-08-08
Genre: Religion

This book is meant to challenge, is often controversial, even something of a whistleblower and, being radical, does not settle for the status quo as I speak out against these terrible times we live in.It is about dealing with life and death with all that that means in joy and heartache and the realities of such with both the physical and spiritual supernatural sides of life, something of how they interact in good versus evil, right and wrong also the intense and desperate warfare we are locked into here on Planet Earth and the Divine judgement we are under.Where each of us stands regarding these matters is of paramount importance as it affects life now and life’s other side.From 1961 after experiencing some ‘hell on earth’ in my earlier years I was determined to search, seek, sift, ask questions and find the meaning of life and by 1968 I found LIFE in my Maker, Father God, through His Messiah Son and got the big picture and I became radical in my living for Him within the framework of His wonderful, powerful love that He gives to us.It is all about the Truth and the Truth alone will set us free. The book consists of three parts: my autobiography; tying it in with the condition of the world, the church and so on; and further information of varied interest including my late father’s survival from the troopship, Lancastria, in the world’s worst single maritime disaster in June 1940.


Author: Marc Dupont
ISBN: 1549630644
Release Date: 2017-08-30

C'est une histoire de disparition, d'�tres chers dont on entend encore la voix dans le lointain des souvenirs. C'est l'histoire d'un monde qui se perd, qui oublie l'essentiel. C'est l'histoire d'Eouma, si fragile et si seule. C'est notre histoire, peut-�tre...