The Solution is You

Author: Laurie David
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 155591621X
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Political Science

Global warminghas become the most important issue for the future of our planet, dominating news headlines and policy discussions. Stop Global Warming turns headlines into action, providing testimony ofleading environmental activist Laurie David's own passionate work and showing how and why others (particularly young people) should get involved inthis and other environmental issues.In accessible and inspiring prose, David explainsthat Global warming is not an opinion but a scientific reality, one thatpolicy makers by and large have failed to address. Interspersed throughout the text, short statements by celebritiessuch as John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and average Americans willreinforcewhy halting global warming is so important to ourfuture.An important book that will cause you to think more about our planet and change your habits, Stop Global Warming is required reading for the 21st century.

The Down to Earth Guide to Global Warming

Author: Laurie David
ISBN: 1741691249
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Environmental protection

The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming is the comprehensive resource readers can look to for understanding why global warming happens and how we can all work together to stop it. Irreverent and entertaining, packed with essential facts and suggestions for how to effect change, the book offers a message of hope. Kids and adults alike can help prevent the full consequences of global warming-we all have a part to play.

The Family Dinner

Author: Laurie David
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9780446584371
Release Date: 2010-11-03
Genre: Cooking

The producer of An Inconvenient Truth, Laurie David's new mission is to help America's overwhelmed families sit down to a Family Dinner, and she provides all the reasons, recipes and fun tools to do so. Laurie David speaks from her own experience confronting the challenges of raising two teenage girls. Today's parents have lots to deal with and technology is making their job harder than ever. Research has proven that everything we worry about as parents--from drugs to alcohol, promiscuity, to obesity, academic achievement and just good old nutrition--can all be improved by the simple act of eating and talking together around the table. Laurie has written a practical, inspirational, fun (and, of course, green) guide to the most important hour in any parent's day. Chock-full chapters include: Over seventy-five kid approved fantastic recipes; tips on teaching green values; conversation starters; games to play to help even the shyest family member become engaged; ways to express gratitude; the family dinner after divorce (hint: keep eating together) and much more. Filled with moving memories and advice from the country's experts and teachers, this book will get everyone away from electronic screens and back to the dinner table.

Pretty Pretty Pretty Good

Author: Josh Levine
Publisher: ECW Press
ISBN: 9781554906970
Release Date: 2010-12-15
Genre: Performing Arts

Larry David, the man behind two of the most successful and critically acclaimed sitcoms in television history, is the focus of this biography. This unofficial guide follows the career that has accorded him status as a comic genius and garnered a fanatical following—from his early exploits as a stand-up comic to his role as producer and cocreator of Seinfeld and HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. It explores the back-story of the conception and development of Curb Your Enthusiasm, a mostly improvised sitcom in which the actor stars as a fictionalized version of himself. The comic’s on- and off-screen relationships with colleagues and friends such as Richard Lewis, Ted Danson, Wanda Sykes, Mary Steenburgen, and the cast members of Seinfeld are discussed, and a detailed episode guide to every season of Curb Your Enthusiasm completes this informative and entertaining glimpse into the life and creative process of a great comic talent.


Author: Andrea Peyser
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0806533846
Release Date: 2010-02-01
Genre: Political Science

Andrea Peyser is a godsend, and I can't start my day without her. –Sean Hannity Celebutards. A compound of celebrity, debutante, and retard, this blunt term describes lazy and egotistical stars with too much money, fame, leisure time, and media attention, but too little common sense or knowledge, who love to spout off on topics about which they have zero expertise. With razor-sharp wit, award-winning New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser explodes the absurdities of the celebutard culture, showing how a dull thinker such as Madonna becomes a self-appointed sage on matters of faith; singer Sheryl Crow urges us to use a single square of toilet paper per wipe while she racks up mileage in her gas-guzzling caravan of SUVs; and hothead Sean Penn morphs into an expert on international diplomacy as he brazenly breaks bread with enemies of his own country like Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. Always outspoken, Peyser pulls no punches in exposing the Hollywood and Washington libtards for the morons they truly are. "With an attitude that would frighten James Bond, Andrea Peyser takes on the famous and powerful who are destroying America. Read her book." --Bill O'Reilly "With Peyser's trademark slashing wit, Celebutards is guaranteed to score a direct hit on pampered Hollywood spokes-persons and other great liberal thinkers." --Ann Coulter "Andrea tells it like it is. . . She's done a great job." --Donald Trump "Andrea Peyser's got a bloodhound's nose for hypocrisy and hijinks that we sorely need these days." --Jonah Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author of Liberal Fascism "Andrea Peyser. . . Today's Worst Person in the World!" --Keith Olbermann Now Updated with Even More Celebutards!

Hollywood Hypocrites

Author: Jason Mattera
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781451625622
Release Date: 2013-02-26
Genre: Business & Economics

Draws on the author's experiences as an "ambush interview" radio host to confront inconsistencies in the liberal views of leading Hollywood celebrities who support President Obama, from Michael Moore to Angelina Jolie.

Stop Global Warming

Author: Laurie David
ISBN: 9781458764324
Release Date: 2010-01
Genre: Nature

In accessible and inspiring prose, leading environmental activist Laurie David explains why global warming is the most urgent issue facing our planet. Newly revised and updated, Stop Global Warming turns headlines into action, providing testimony of David's own grassroots efforts to sound the alarm for the American people. Rousing statements from those who have joined her Virtual March to Stop Global Warming, including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Walter Cronkite, Laird Hamilton, and many others, show that this issue transcends age, gender, and political classification. Required reading for the preservation of the twenty-first century, Stop Global Warming is an important book that will bring out the activist in everyone and inspire all who read it to do something - today. ''We must act now with the rest of the world to curb emissions so that we can leave our children a safer, healthier planet.'' - Senator Barack Obama .....''The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to mitigate the effects of climate change. Are we going to hand our children and grandchildren a world vastly different from the one that we now inhabit?'' - Senator John McCain

The Family Cooks

Author: Laurie David
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 9781623362515
Release Date: 2014-04-22
Genre: Cooking

For families, eating right has become a monumental challenge. Cultural messages convince us that we no longer have time to cook, and food marketers spend billions persuading us that packaged, processed food is convenient, satisfying . . . and the key to happiness. Half of all our meals are now eaten outside the home. The result? Skyrocketing rates of heart disease and diabetes and unprecedented levels of childhood obesity. This crisis is movingly portrayed in author and activist Laurie David's new documentary (coexecutive produced with Katie Couric), Fed Up! Luckily, we have a solution: Studies have clearly shown that eating home-cooked meals reduces obesity and develops lifelong healthy eating habits. There is an exciting movement afoot that involves a skillet, a few good knives, and some fresh ingredients: Home cooking is making a comeback. In The Family Cooks, David inspires parents and kids to take control of what they eat by making it themselves. With her longtime collaborator, Kirstin Uhrenholdt, David offers more than 100 recipes that are simple, fast, "low in the bad stuff and high in the good stuff," and designed to bring kids into the cooking process. The authors also demystify cooking terms and break down basic prep techniques, creating stress-free meals that foster health, togetherness, and happy palates. The Family Cooks is the ideal companion for unseasoned chefs of all stripes, whether they're parenting or being parented.

The South Carolina Aquarium Guide to Aquatic Habitats of South Carolina

Author: Peter B. Laurie
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 1570034605
Release Date: 2002-07-01
Genre: Nature

Showcases the vibrant ecosystems sustained by South Carolina's waterways; Sure to foster a greater appreciation for South Carolina's waterways as well as a desire to conserve them for future generations, The South Carolina Aquarium Guide to Aquatic Habitats of South Carolina introduces readers, hikers, boaters, reachers, and students to the remarkable beauty and complexity of the state's wetlands. With almost a quarter of its acreage covered by water, South Carolina is a small state distinguished by biological diversity and an extensive range of habitats. This guide, written in an engaging and easy-to-read style by two experienced naturalists, tells the story of water's inexorable movement from mountains to coast, and of the abundant plant and animal species that benefit from its many stops, starts, and backtrackings along the way. Underscoring the fact that the state's streams, rivers, lakes, swamps, marshes and estuaries form a single, interrelated system, Pete Laurie and David Chamberlain explore the particular wetland habitats in each of South Carolina's five physiographic regions. They describe habitats as varied as waterfalls, blackwater swamps, and tidal creeks and as distin

Que es el calentamiento global

Author: Laurie David
ISBN: 8497543084
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Qué es el calentamiento global? es un libro de consulta para padres y educadores que ayuda a comprender por qué se produce el calentamiento global y de qué forma afecta a nuestro planeta. Irreverente y entretenida, esta obra está repleta de información y sugerencias para lograr entre todos detener el avance del efecto invernadero. ¡Ha llegado el momento de poner los pies en la tierra y detener el calentamiento global! Laurie David es activista contra el calentamiento global y la productora del documental ganador de un Óscar Una verdad incómoda, presentado por Al Gore. Cambria Gordon es una veterana y premiada guionista de publicidad que ahora se dedica por completo a escribir relatos para niños.

The Upside Down Church

Author: Greg Laurie
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 0842378472
Release Date: 2000-01-24
Genre: Religion

2000 Gold Medallion Award winner! The Upside Down Church is a must-read for pastors and church lay leaders to help them grasp the principles of biblical church growth. Any church can revolutionize its community for Christ by following a biblical model for local church ministry. Readers will rediscover the first century church priorities of fellowship, evangelism, worship, and discipleship.

Talk Like TED

Author: Carmine Gallo
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781447261261
Release Date: 2014-03-13
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

TED talks have redefined the elements of a successful presentation and become the gold standard for public speaking around the world. And yet the techniques that top TED speakers use are the same ones that will make any presentation more dynamic, fire up any team, and give anyone the confidence to overcome their fear of public speaking. Communications coach and bestselling author of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Carmine Gallo has broken down the top TED talks and interviewed the most popular TED presenters to uncover the nine secrets of all successful TED presentations. From 'Unleashing the Master Within' and 'Delivering Jaw Dropping Moments' to 'Sticking to the 18-minute Rule' Gallo provides a step-by-step method that makes it possible for anyone to create, design, and deliver a TED-style presentation that is engaging, persuasive, and memorable. Ideas are the true currency of the 21st century, and Talk Like TED gives readers a way to create presentations around the ideas that matter most to them, presentations that will energize their audiences to spread those ideas, launch new initiatives, and reach their highest goals.