How to Get Government Contracts

Author: Olessia Smotrova-Taylor
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 9781430244981
Release Date: 2013-01-30
Genre: Business & Economics

How to Get Government Contracts demystifies the process of how a company can enter the government market, win its first and subsequent contracts, and then grow itself into a multi-million-dollar government contractor within a couple of years. It offers an insider’s view into the latest best practices that government contractors use to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, and it shows exactly how your company can apply these techniques to build a strong business. Many companies venture into the government market with a certain naiveté and pay a hefty price to find out that there is much more to winning a contract than writing last-minute proposals in response to publicly posted solicitations. To stop the bleeding of precious resources, they need to step back to learn how professionals win business in the federal arena. This book shows you how to find, for example, the best potential customers and opportunities for your company. It also explains the secret to winning consistently by conducting pre-proposal preparation (also called "capture") and practicing a disciplined, process-based approach to proposal development. This book provides a recipe for winning government contracts over and over again, the way seasoned government contractors do it. After reading this book, you will know exactly what to do to position your company to win a government proposal before a solicitation becomes public, including building customer relationships, gathering intelligence, developing a "win strategy," performing competitive analysis, selecting the best teammates, and developing a solution. As a result, you will apply professional techniques to organizing your proposal effort, outlining a proposal document, and writing RFPs that persuade evaluators to award the contract to you.

One Nation Under Contract

Author: Allison Stanger
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300156324
Release Date: 2014-05-14
Genre: Business & Economics

Allison Stanger examines the American government's approach to outsourcing, discussing the evolution of military outsourcing, the privatization of diplomacy, and homeland security; and offering an alternative approach.

2013 The FBI Story

Author: Federal Bureau of Investigation (U.S.)
Publisher: Government Printing Office
ISBN: 0160923158
Release Date: 2014-07-08
Genre: Political Science

Message From FBI Director James B Comey: This past year, the FBI and its partners again addressed a wide range of national security and criminal threats. Together, we responded to numerous crisis incidents, such as the terrorist bombings of the Boston Marathon and the shootings at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC. We confronted a continued surge of cyber attacks against targets ranging from everyday citizens to our largest and most successful businesses. And we stopped those who would strike at the heart of our communities-from violent gangs and white-collar criminals to child predators and corrupt public officials. A glimpse of the challenges we faced-and what we achieved together-can be found in this latest edition of The FBI Story, our annual collection of news and feature articles from the Bureau's public website. Here you can read about some of our most successful recent major investigations and operations. These include a three-day nationwide sweep targeting child prostitution in which we identified and rescued more than 100 young victims and arrested more than 150 pimps; the rescue of a 5-year-old boy held captive in a heavily armed bunker in Alabama; and uncovering of the largest domestic bribery and bid-rigging scheme in the history of federal contracting cases-one that siphoned more the $30 million dollars of taxpayer money. This edition of the FBI Story also highlights some of the Bureau's remarkable capabilities. You will find a multi-part series on our elite Hostage Rescue Team-which marked its 30th anniversary this past year-and a feature on the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC)-an FBI-established, multi-agency operation that celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013.

Eine kurze Geschichte der Menschheit

Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Publisher: DVA
ISBN: 9783641104986
Release Date: 2013-09-02
Genre: History

Krone der Schöpfung? Vor 100 000 Jahren war der Homo sapiens noch ein unbedeutendes Tier, das unauffällig in einem abgelegenen Winkel des afrikanischen Kontinents lebte. Unsere Vorfahren teilten sich den Planeten mit mindestens fünf weiteren menschlichen Spezies, und die Rolle, die sie im Ökosystem spielten, war nicht größer als die von Gorillas, Libellen oder Quallen. Vor 70 000 Jahren dann vollzog sich ein mysteriöser und rascher Wandel mit dem Homo sapiens, und es war vor allem die Beschaffenheit seines Gehirns, die ihn zum Herren des Planeten und zum Schrecken des Ökosystems werden ließ. Bis heute hat sich diese Vorherrschaft stetig zugespitzt: Der Mensch hat die Fähigkeit zu schöpferischem und zu zerstörerischem Handeln wie kein anderes Lebewesen. Anschaulich, unterhaltsam und stellenweise hochkomisch zeichnet Yuval Harari die Geschichte des Menschen nach und zeigt alle großen, aber auch alle ambivalenten Momente unserer Menschwerdung.

The Project Managers Guide to IDIQ Task Order Service Contracts

Author: Mark E. Salesky
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319411569
Release Date: 2016-11-04
Genre: Business & Economics

Every year the US federal government will spend roughly 100 billion dollars through competitive IDIQ (Indefinite Duration Indefinite Quantity) contracts. When you add in contracts awarded by State governments and commercial organizations using very similar processes you’re looking at 700 billion dollars’ worth of business. Getting a slice of that pie depends on how well you manage the contracting project. This is because IDIQs are essentially empty contract structures which then require a second round of winning task orders. For contracts with the government, this two-step structure which is specified in law and regulation, has specific pitfalls and opportunities which are rarely the subject of contract and project management training. Salesky’s coaching style talks you through the specific challenges in the startup, management, and closing of the IDIQ. This book gives a pragmatic and best-practice description of the entire life cycle of this type of contract offering you the “inside advisor” you need to help you through the pragmatics issues of clients’, performers’, and bosses’ expectations.

The Small Business Guide to Government Contracts

Author: Steven Koprince
Publisher: AMACOM
ISBN: 9780814431979
Release Date: 2012-06-14
Genre: Business & Economics

Each year, the federal government awards billions of dollars in small-business contracts. It's both the lifeblood of hundreds of thousands of companies and a quagmire of red tape. One misstep can result in hefty fines, cancelled contracts-even jail time. The Small-Business Guide to Government Contracts puts a wealth of specialized legal counsel at readers' fingertips. It's the one book that looks beyond winning a piece of the $500 billion pie and concentrates on the crucial but complex Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and other rules required for keeping the contract alive and avoiding penalties. Clear answers to the most important compliance questions are inside, including: * Is a small business really small? * Who is eligible for the HUBZone, 8(a), SDVO or WOSB programs? * What salaries and benefits must be offered? * What ethical requirements must be followed? * When does affiliation become a liability? No one can afford to be lax with the rules or too harried to heed them. This book helps contractors meet their compliance obligations-and keep the pipeline flowing.

Der Preis der Ungleichheit

Author: Joseph Stiglitz
Publisher: Siedler Verlag
ISBN: 9783641098193
Release Date: 2012-10-08
Genre: Social Science

Viele Arme, wenige Reiche - Warum die wachsende Ungleichheit uns alle angeht Die Ungleichheit in der Welt nimmt zu: Immer weniger Menschen häufen immer größeren Reichtum an, während die Zahl der Armen wächst und die Mittelschicht vom Abstieg bedroht ist. Doch diese Entwicklung, so zeigt Nobelpreisträger Joseph Stiglitz in seinem neuen Bestseller, ist keine zwangsläufige Folge einer freien Marktwirtschaft, sondern Ergebnis einer globalisierten Ökonomie, die zunehmend vom reichsten einen Prozent der Bevölkerung beherrscht wird.