Higher Education in Ireland

Author: Andrew Loxley
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137289889
Release Date: 2014-03-19
Genre: Social Science

This collection provides the first in-depth, interdisciplinary and over-arching review of higher education in Ireland, situating higher education within the socio-cultural, political and historical context of the country over the past 40 years and the development of European and national policies.

Higher Education in Ireland 1922 2016

Author: John Walsh
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137446732
Release Date: 2018-11-19
Genre: Education

This book explores the emergence of the modern higher education sector in the independent Irish state. The author traces its origins from the traditional universities, technical schools and teacher training colleges at the start of the twentieth century, cataloguing its development into the complex, multi-layered and diverse system of the early twenty-first century. Focusing on the socio-political and cultural contexts which shaped the evolution of higher education, the author analyses the interplay between the state, academic institutions and other key institutional actors – notably churches, cultural organizations, employers, trade unions and supranational bodies. This study explores policy, structural and institutional change in Irish higher education, suggesting that the emergence of the modern higher education system in Ireland was influenced by ideologies and trends which owed much to a wider European and international context. The book considers how the exercise of power at local, national and international level impinged on the mission, purpose and values of higher education and on the creation and expansion of a distinctive higher education system. The author also explores a transformation in public and political understandings of the role of higher education, charting the gradual evolution from traditionalist conceptions of the academy as a repository for cultural and religious value formation, to the re-positioning of higher education as a vital factor in the knowledge based economy. This comprehensive volume will appeal to students and scholars of the Irish education system, educators and practitioners in the field, and those interested in higher education in Ireland more generally.

Economic Insights on Higher Education Policy in Ireland

Author: John Cullinan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319485539
Release Date: 2017-03-25
Genre: Business & Economics

This book brings together research relating to the economics of higher education in Ireland and presents evidence that will help support policy decision making. It provides an analysis of prominent issues within the higher education sector from an economic viewpoint, discussing the relevant theory and offering an empirical analysis. The book examines three broad themes with a specific focus on issues related to undergraduate education: participation and preferences, progression and outcomes, and benefits and financing. Each chapter presents an accessible, non-specialist analysis of the topic of interest, making it relevant to a wider audience. In doing so, the book provides an important addition to our current knowledge and understanding of higher education in Ireland from an economic perspective. Key chapters discuss the factors influencing institution choices, student retention in higher education, and policy debates surrounding student finance. The book will serve as a useful and up-to-date resource for policymakers, researchers, academics and students across a range of disciplines, both in Ireland and internationally.

Assessing Quality in Postsecondary Education

Author: Harvey P. Weingarten
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 9781553395331
Release Date: 2018-04-09
Genre: Education

For many years the benefits conferred by a higher education went undisputed. But students, employers, governments, and taxpayers are now demanding evidence of educational quality and value. At the same time, fiscally strapped governments are raising questions about how institutions are funded and the role quality should play in setting funding levels. In the face of these mounting pressures, jurisdictions around the world are working toward designing meaningful indicators to measure the performance of postsecondary institutions that go beyond enrolment numbers, graduation rates, and ever-popular reputational rankings. Assessing Quality in Postsecondary Education: International Perspectives presents a collection of thought-provoking essays by world-renowned higher-education thinkers and policy experts that discuss ways of defining and measuring academic quality. The papers were presented at a conference convened by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario in May 2017 and provide valuable insight into this pressing issue and underscore the need for reform.

Access and Participation in Irish Higher Education

Author: Ted Fleming
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137569745
Release Date: 2017-02-08
Genre: Education

This book explores the access and participation issues present within Higher Education in Ireland. It examines policy, pedagogy and practices in relation to widening participation and documents the progress and challenges encountered in furthering the ‘access agenda’ over the past two decades. Access has become an integral part of how Higher Education understands itself and how it explains the value of what it does for society as a whole. Improving access to education strengthens social cohesion, lessens inequality, guarantees the future vitality of tertiary institutions and ensures economic competitiveness and flexibility in the era of the “Knowledge Based Economy”. Offering a coherent, critical account of recent developments in Irish Higher Education and the implications for Irish society as a whole, this book is essential for those involved both in researching the field and in Higher Education itself.

New Voices in Higher Education Research and Scholarship

Author: Ribeiro, Filipa M.
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 9781466672451
Release Date: 2014-11-30
Genre: Education

Higher Education systems and universities worldwide are constantly being transformed due to ever-changing practices and policies. Recent research reveals the challenges between society and higher education continue to grow. New Voices in Higher Education Research and Scholarship explores the role of higher education in today’s society. It discusses the rapidly changing nature of higher education around the globe, especially the relationship between higher education and social development. This reference book will be of use to policymakers, academicians, researchers, students, and government officials.

Die Lifelong Learning Universit t der Zukunft

Author: Nino Tomaschek
Publisher: Waxmann Verlag
ISBN: 9783830988182
Release Date: 2018
Genre: Education

Hochschulen unterliegen seit geraumer Zeit einem Funktionswandel. Die zahlreichen Studienreformen, der Ruf nach vermehrtem Arbeitsmarktbezug im Hochschulstudium, der neue Fokus auf Third Mission, Rankings und Indikatoren, die mehr und mehr den Impact der Forschung aufgreifen, sowie die Öffnung der Hochschulen für nicht-traditionelle Studierende stellen einige dieser Herausforderungen der Zukunft dar. Mit der Anerkennung der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung als eine Kernaufgabe der Hochschule neben Forschung und Lehre im österreichischen Universitätsgesetz von 2002 / im deutschen Universitätsgesetz von 1998 begannen eine Diversifizierung der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung und eine Einflussnahme auf die Herausforderungen der Hochschulen. Die wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung kann einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Gestaltung der hochschulischen Herausforderungen leisten - so die These dieses Sammelbands. Die Lifelong Learning (LLL-)Universität der Zukunft zeigt einen klaren Bezug zu ihrem gesellschaftspolitischen Umfeld, greift auf bewährte, formale und non-formale Kooperationen zu relevanten AkteurInnen in der Stadt, Wirtschaft und der Zivilgesellschaft zurück und arbeitet mit professionalisierten Prozessen in der Bildungsberatung, der internationalen Ausrichtung und der zielgruppenspezifischen Lehre. Der Sammelband richtet sich an AkteurInnen der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung, an Berufsverbände, Lehrende, Bildungs- und SozialwissenschaftlerInnen, AkteurInnen der Hochschulentwicklung und -politik, sowie an Verantwortliche im Bereich der Third Mission.

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall
ISBN: UOM:39015078349514
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Sociology

CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.

Negotiating Neoliberalism

Author: Tim Rudd
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9789463008549
Release Date: 2017-01-28
Genre: Education

"Following the financial crises in 2007, we have seen the intensification of neoliberal policies in education, with radical and potentially irrevocable shifts in the educational landscape, promoted under the auspices of ‘austerity’. This book highlights the central features of neoliberal education policies, their origins, recent developments and also their inherent weaknesses and flaws. It provides insights into the day to day realities and negative impacts of recent policies on the professional practice and work of educators, demonstrating how the changing conditions have led to de-professionalisation, alienation and a loss of professional autonomy and identity. The book also provides a set of accounts that detail the new realities emerging as a result of ‘austerity’ policies and questions the degree to which austerity has actually been developed as an ideological ‘cover story’ for the further monetisation and privatisation of public services. The various chapters challenge the common assumption that the neoliberal project is a monolithic orthodoxy by highlighting its complexities, variations and contradictions in the ways policies are refracted through action and practice in different contexts. The book also challenges the common assumption that there are no viable alternatives to neoliberal education policies, and does so by presenting a range of different examples, theoretical perspectives, discourses and alternative practices. It is argued that such alternatives not only highlight the range of different approaches, choices and possibilities but also provide the seedbed for a reimagined educational future. The authors offer a range of conceptual and theoretical insights and analyses that highlight the weaknesses and limitations inherent within the neoliberal education project and also illustrate the dangers in following the prevailing hegemonic discourse and trajectories. It is postulated that alternative educational approaches warrant greater and urgent attention because history suggests that rather than having weathered the recent economic crisis, we may well be witnessing the long tail of decline for the neoliberal project.This book will be useful for educators, researchers, students and policy makers interested in the detrimental effects of neoliberal education, the range of viable alternatives, and the routes to resistance and ways of reimagining alternative educational futures."