He Drown She in the Sea

Author: Shani Mootoo
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 1555847021
Release Date: 2006-06-09
Genre: Fiction

Set on a fictional Caribbean island during World War II and in modern-day Vancouver, He Drown She in the Sea is the spellbinding story of two childhood friends reunited late in life. As children, Rose Sangha and her housekeeper's son, Harry, are inseparable, blissfully unaware of the subtleties of class hierarchy until the night Harry is banished from the Sangha home. When Harry and Rose meet again in Canada years later, the gulf separating them is not so apparent. They have a life-affirming affair and Rose dares to reroute their destinies. This is a haunting, sensuous, and suspenseful story about love against all odds, and the sacrifice and euphoria that come with defying the life one is born into.

Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab

Author: Shani Mootoo
Publisher: Akashic Books
ISBN: 9781617755545
Release Date: 2017-05-02
Genre: Fiction

"Readers who enjoy rich details of place will find Mootoo’s writing about her settings to be luxuriant; we are especially treated to abundant descriptions of Trinidad...[A] thoughtful exploration of place and identity." --Kirkus Reviews "Mootoo’s character-driven novel is rich in setting and slow in pace, inviting the reader to linger over its closely observed details. " --Booklist "Queer Canadian visual artist and writer Shani Mootoo's latest novel Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab follows the journey of writer Jonathan as he searches for the mother who left when his parents divorced." --Baltimore Out Loud "Jonathan Lewis-Adey's mother left when he was nine, but when he finds his estranged parent again, he is surprised to find that the person he knew as his mother has become a man named Sydney. Set in the Trinidad of her upbringing, Shani Mootoo's vivid writing explores the pain and confusion Jonathan experiences as a result of Sydney's choices." --World Literature Today, Nota Bene section "A powerfully moving tribute to the lasting power of storytelling and the surprising and unpredictable nature of human emotion. It's truly an excellent literary feat and a great story to get lost in!" --Bookworm Shawn (blog) Long-listed for Canada's Scotiabank Giller Prize. Short-listed for the Lambda Literary Award. "Mootoo has produced a stunning meditation on story...[This novel] portrays the beautiful (yet often tense) bond between a parent and child, the complexities of immigration, the fluidity of gender, and provides a juxtaposition between two extreme climates, Toronto and Trinidad. It is a gorgeously written novel." --National Post "A fascinating premise that gives voice to the queer-identified...Mootoo's brilliant evocations of [Trinidad's] paradisiacal glow...are a real gift to the reader." --Globe and Mail Jonathan Lewis-Adey was nine when his parents separated, and his mother, Sid, vanished entirely from his life. It is not until he is a grown man that Jonathan finally reconnects with his beloved lost parent, only to find, to his shock and dismay, that the woman he knew as "Sid" in Toronto has become an elegant man named Sydney living in his native Trinidad. For nine years, Jonathan has paid regular visits to Sydney on his island retreat, trying with quiet desperation to rediscover the parent he adored inside this familiar stranger, and to overcome his lingering confusion and anger at the choices Sydney has made. At the novel's opening, Jonathan is summoned urgently to Trinidad where Sydney, now aged and dying, seems at last to offer him the gift he longs for: a winding story that moves forward sideways as it reveals the truths of Sydney's life. But when and where the story will end is up to Jonathan, and it is he who must decide what to do with Sydney's haunting legacy of love, loss, and acceptance.

Mehr als das

Author: Patrick Ness
Publisher: cbt Verlag
ISBN: 9783641125158
Release Date: 2014-03-24
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

In welcher Wirklichkeit leben wir? Ein Junge ertrinkt, verzweifelt und verlassen in seinen letzten Minuten. Er stirbt. Dann erwacht er, nackt, verletzt und durstig, aber lebendig. Wie kann das sein? Und an was für einem seltsamen, verlassenen Ort befindet er sich? Während er versucht zu verstehen, was mit ihm geschehen ist, regt sich Hoffnung bei dem Jungen. Ist das vielleicht doch noch nicht das Ende? Bietet dieses Leben vielleicht doch mehr als das?

The Early Novels

Author: Paul Monette
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781504057615
Release Date: 2018-12-11
Genre: Fiction

Four novels of humor, sex, mystery, and horror from the National Book Award–winning author of Becoming a Man. Taking Care of Mrs. Carroll: Mrs. Beth Carroll has tragically passed away. Now, it is up to the unlikely team of her lover, Phidias; her houseboy, David; David’s ex-boyfriend Rick; and a kitschy former screen goddess to protect Mrs. Carroll’s Cape Cod estate from lawyers, greedy developers, and her family in this madcap caper. The Gold Diggers: A historic Hollywood mansion seemed like the perfect place for Rita to take time away from her exhausting life and catch up with her old friend Peter and his lover, Nick. She just wasn’t counting on there being buried treasure beneath the house—or said treasure being key to their survival . . . The Long Shot: When celebrity heiress Vivien Cokes finds her husband dead of an apparent double suicide in the hot tub with his male lover, something doesn’t add up. To find the truth, she must team up with the lover’s boyfriend and descend into Los Angeles’s underbelly. Lightfall: A strange voice orders Iris Ammons to leave her idyllic life behind and move to the west coast to the village of Pitts Landing. The same voice calls upon cult leader Michael Roman. As coincidences and omens begin piling up, Iris and Michael find themselves in a dark mystery centuries in the making . . .

Wet Wonders

Author: Bob A. Ellison
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9780759646445
Release Date: 2002-03-01
Genre: Fiction

John McDonnell is a perceptive and intuitive observer. His insightful philosophy of life, science, faith and religion were fermented by early religious and classical academic studies, and life experiences in politics, business, theater and the arts. His fluent and expressive use of language enable him to impart his penetrating thoughts and analyses in prose and poetry. His poems are to be read for enjoyment of the colorful expression and unusual perspective. When reread the reader will perceive additional layers of meaning and greater depths of understanding.

Das Erwachen

Author: Kate Chopin
Publisher: edition fünf
ISBN: 9783942374767
Release Date: 2016-02-29
Genre: Literary Collections

Sommerfrische am Meer, Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts: Mit 28 Jahren ist Edna Pontellier längst Ehefrau und Mutter. Ihre Ehe scheint harmonisch, das Leben geordnet. Doch dann leistet ihr der aufmerksame Robert Gesellschaft, und Edna verliebt sich. Als die beiden ihre Gefühle füreinander entdecken, flieht der junge Mann erschrocken auf eine Geschäftsreise. Edna wartet vergeblich auf Post. Alleingelassen kehrt sie in die Stadt zurück und lässt alle gesellschaftlichen Konventionen hinter sich — mit fatalen Folgen ...

The Parting A Novel of the O C L T

Author: David Niall Wilson
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Release Date:
Genre: Fiction

There are incidents and emergencies in the world that defy logical explanation, events that could be defined as supernatural, extraterrestrial, or simply otherworldly. Standard laws do not allow for such instances, nor are most officials or authorities trained to handle them. In recognition of these facts, one organization has been created that can. Assembled by a loose international coalition, their mission is to deal with these situations using diplomacy, guile, force, and strategy as necessary. They shield the rest of the world from their own actions, and clean up the messes left in their wake. They are our protection, our guide, our sword, and our voice, all rolled into one. They are O.C.L.T. A vision from ancient Egypt and a call from an old acquaintance send Rebecca York, mystic, occult expert, and adventurer to Arizona, and then Jerusalem and the Dead Sea to prevent a horrifying attack from the annals of history. Rebecca and computer expert Wendell "Mack" Macklemore team up with a renegade Vatican monk, a street urchin from Jerusalem, and an agent of the Mossad to prevent Amunet, an Egyptian sorceress, from exacting an ancient revenge and unleashing a terrorist attack that could plunge the Middle East into an era of darkness. This is the first full length novel of the O.C.L.T. - the Orphic Crisis Logistical Taskforce. The events of this novel predate the actual formation of the O.C.L.T., joining with the novellas "Brought to Light" by Aaron Rosenberg, and "The Temple of Camazotz," by David Niall Wilson. Each of these works introduces another facet of team, which is formally introduced in the O.C.L.T. novel by Aaron Rosenberg : Incursion.

Der Ozean am Ende der Stra e

Author: Neil Gaiman
ISBN: 9783838758329
Release Date: 2014-10-08
Genre: Fiction

"Ich habe dieses Jahr nichts mit größerer Begeisterung gelesen!" Daniel Kehlmann Es war nur ein Ententeich, ein Stück weit unterhalb des Bauernhofs. Und er war nicht besonders groß. Lettie Hempstock behauptete, es sei ein Ozean, aber ich wusste, das war Quatsch. Sie behauptete, man könne durch ihn in eine andere Welt gelangen. Und was dann geschah, hätte sich eigentlich niemals ereignen dürfen ... Weise, wundersam und hochpoetisch erzählt Gaiman in seinem neuen Roman von der übergroßen Macht von Freundschaft und Vertrauen in einer Welt, in der nichts ist, wie es auf den ersten Blick scheint.

Salz f r die See

Author: Ruta Sepetys
Publisher: Königskinder
ISBN: 9783646929225
Release Date: 2016-09-29
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Die letzten Kriegstage des Jahres 1945: Tausende Menschen flüchten aus Angst vor der Roten Armee nach Westen. Darunter Florian, ein deutscher Deserteur, Emilia, eine junge Polin, und Joana, eine litauische Krankenschwester. Eine Notgemeinschaft, in der jeder ein Geheimnis hat, das er nicht preisgeben will. Denn der Krieg hat sie Misstrauen gelehrt. Im eiskalten Winter wählt der kleine Flüchtlingstrek den lebensgefährlichen Weg über das zugefrorene Haff. In Gotenhafen, so heißt es, warte die Wilhelm Gustloff, um sie nach Westen zu bringen. Doch auch dort sind sie noch lange nicht in Sicherheit.

Whispering Sea

Author: Marie Campbell
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781450253833
Release Date: 2010-09-17
Genre: Fiction

The story is about a young child, Serena wandering the countryside with her father. So poor that sometimes she had to go around in barefoot. Eventually they were befriended by a kind old shop owner who gave them an old house on the beach. There they found contentment but Serena always longed to find out about her past. Mighty Ocean where have you been what wonderous things have you seen that sun kissed land with beaches white the frozen shores no sun did light Such change of mood Such depth untold what many stories could unfold We remember not its angry roar white tipped spray rising high but listen very quietly as it reaches the shore it whispering gently after its mighty journey Marie Campbell

Land of Love and Drowning

Author: Tiphanie Yanique
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780698168800
Release Date: 2014-07-10
Genre: Fiction

Recipient of the 2014 American Academy of Arts and Letters Rosenthal Foundation Award A major debut from an award-winning writer—an epic family saga set against the magic and the rhythms of the Virgin Islands. In the early 1900s, the Virgin Islands are transferred from Danish to American rule, and an important ship sinks into the Caribbean Sea. Orphaned by the shipwreck are two sisters and their half brother, now faced with an uncertain identity and future. Each of them is unusually beautiful, and each is in possession of a particular magic that will either sink or save them. Chronicling three generations of an island family from 1916 to the 1970s, Land of Love and Drowning is a novel of love and magic, set against the emergence of Saint Thomas into the modern world. Uniquely imagined, with echoes of Toni Morrison, Gabriel García Márquez, and the author’s own Caribbean family history, the story is told in a language and rhythm that evoke an entire world and way of life and love. Following the Bradshaw family through sixty years of fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, love affairs, curses, magical gifts, loyalties, births, deaths, and triumphs, Land of Love and Drowning is a gorgeous, vibrant debut by an exciting, prizewinning young writer. From the Hardcover edition.

Das Geheimnis der Schwimmerin

Author: Erika Swyler
Publisher: Limes Verlag
ISBN: 9783641159542
Release Date: 2016-10-17
Genre: Fiction

Um einen Fluch zu bannen, musst du seine Quelle finden Simon Watson lebt allein in einem verwitterten Haus an der Küste Long Islands. Eines Tages findet er ein altes Buch auf seiner Türschwelle, das ihn sofort in seinen Bann zieht. Die brüchigen Seiten erzählen von einer großen Liebe, vom dramatischen Tod einer Schwimmerin und vom tragischen Schicksal einer ganzen Familie – Simons eigener Familie. Denn wie es scheint, finden die Watson-Frauen seit 250 Jahren im Wasser den Tod – immer am 24. Juli. Auch Simons Mutter ertrank in den Fluten des Atlantiks. Als nun seine Schwester Enola zu Besuch kommt, scheint sie seltsam verändert – und der 24. Juli steht unmittelbar bevor ...