God and Man at Yale

Author: William F. Buckley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781596988033
Release Date: 2012-02-06
Genre: Education

“For God, for country, and for Yale…in that order,” William F. Buckley Jr. wrote as the dedication of his monumental work—a compendium of knowledge that still resonates within the halls of the Ivy League university that tried to cover up its political and religious bias. Buckley’s harsh assessment of his alma mater divulged the reality behind the institution’s wholly secular education, even within the religion department and divinity school. Unabashed, one former Yale student details the importance of Christianity and heralds the modern conservative movement in his preeminent tell-all, God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of “Academic Freedom.”

Nearer My God

Author: William F. Buckley, Jr.
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 9780307803023
Release Date: 2011-10-05
Genre: Religion

His Roman-Catholic faith has been an enduring part of the life and personality of William Buckley, Jr. Now, for the first time since his ground breaking God and the Man at Yale he has written a book about faith--his own. Nearer, My God, An Autobiography of Faith is William Buckley's superbly written story of his life seen through his abiding love for the Catholic Church, a love instilled in him from childhood. He reminisces about his school days in England, his family, the affect the Lunn/Knox dialogue had on him, and examines many aspects of Catholicism and its theology, doctrine and liturgy and on the way discourses about Lourdes, the vernacular mass, the Church and the State, the Crucifixion, the priesthood, contraception as well as the many people who have assisted him on his life's journey. A remarkable, revealing book about one man and his faith.

Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription

Author: William F. Buckley, Jr.
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 9781458759467
Release Date: 2010-05-01

National Review has always published letters from readers. In 1965 the magazine decided that certain letters merited different treatment, and William F. Buckley, the editor, began a column called ''Notes & Asides'' in which he personally replied to the most notable and outrageous correspondence. Culled from four decades of the column, Cancel Your Own God dam Subscription includes exchanges with such well-known figures as Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, John Kenneth Galbraith, A.M. Rosenthal, Auberon Waugh, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., and many others. There are also hilarious exchanges with ordinary readers, as well as letters from Buckley to various organizations and government agencies. Combative, brilliant, and uproariously funny, Cancel Your Own God dam Subscription represents Buckley at his mischievous best.

William F Buckley Jr

Author: Lee Edwards
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781497620766
Release Date: 2014-04-08
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The modern-day Renaissance man who forged the conservative movement Noted conservative historian Lee Edwards, who knew William F. Buckley Jr. for more than forty years, delivers a much-needed intellectual biography of the man has been called “arguably the most important public intellectual in the United States in the past half century.” In this concise and compelling book, Edwards reveals how Buckley did more than any other person to build the conservative movement. Once derided as a set of “irritable mental gestures,” conservatism became, under Buckley’s guidance, a political and intellectual force that transformed America. As conservatives debate the ideas that should drive their movement, William F. Buckley Jr.: The Maker of a Movement reminds us of the principles that animated Buckley, as well as the thinkers who inspired him. The four most important intellectual influences on this great molder of American conservatism, Edwards shows, were libertarian author and social critic Albert Jay Nock, conservative political scientist Willmoore Kendall, former Soviet spy Whittaker Chambers, and realpolitik apostle James Burnham. Having dug deep into the voluminous Buckley papers, Edwards also illuminates the profound influence of Buckley’s close-knit family and his unwavering Catholic faith.

Conscience of a Conservative

Author: Barry M. Goldwater
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781625587268
Release Date: 2013-03-12
Genre: Political Science

The Conscience of a Conservative reignited the American conservative movement and made Barry Goldwater a political star. It influenced countless conservatives in the United States, and helped lay the foundation for the Reagan Revolution in 1980. It covers topics such as education, labor unions and policies, civil rights, agricultural policy and farm subsidies, social welfare programs, and income taxation. This significant book lays out the conservative position both politically and economically that would come to dominate the Conservative Movement in America.

Harvard hates America

Author: John LeBoutillier
Publisher: Gateway Books
ISBN: 0895266881
Release Date: 1978-10
Genre: Education

LeBoutillier exposes the elitism and hypocrisy that he encountered at Harvard, the weaknesses of the Republican party, and the ways in which the Harvard Business School fosters a big-business mentality without a sense of public responsibility

Up From Liberalism

Author: William F. Buckley
Publisher: Ravenio Books
Release Date: 2016-03-10
Genre: Political Science

AMERICA, fashionable observers say, is a non-ideological nation; and it is understandable why this is a phenomenon from which one takes pleasure. No one is more tedious than the totally ideologized man, the man who forces every passing phenomenon into his ideological mold to end up, for example, concluding that every friend of Congressional investigating committees is an enemy of civil liberties, or that every enemy of Congressional investigating committees is a friend of civil liberties. American political conflicts are not generally fought on the battleground of ideas. The thoroughly non-Ideological Man is usually designated as steward of the American political community. This is partly a good thing, because everyone knows that ideological totalism can bring whole societies down, as it did Hitler’s, and permanently terrorize others, as Communism has done. The danger comes when a distrust of doctrinaire social systems eases over into a dissolute disregard for principle. A disregard for enduring principle delivers a society, eviscerated, over to the ideologists. America, most historians teach us, has sought to avoid the extremes, to be flexible without resembling Silly Putty; to be principled without being arch. I think our country is not clearly enough avoiding the former extreme. I think she is in danger of losing her identity—not on account of the orthodoxy that we are being told in some quarters threatens to suffocate us; but for failure to nourish any orthodoxy at all. I think the attenuation of the early principles of this country has made America vulnerable to the most opportunistic ideology of the day, the strange and complex ideology of modern Liberalism. I think, moreover, that disordered and confused though it concededly is these days, conservatism is the only apparent rallying point. To put forward such a thesis is to take on many obligations. Very well. But bear in mind the logical maxim that one man’s failure to prove a thesis does not render it invalid. I am by no means the ideal person to take on the job at hand, which is to discredit doctrinaire Liberalism and plead the viability of enlightened conservatism. I have many disqualifications, among them that of having personally experienced the tenacious ill will of some of the men about whom I shall be writing; and I see some of them, day after day, berating people who stand for the things I love. I herewith hoist high a flag of truce, respectfully inviting their attention to what I have to say; but I will not feign surprise if the flag comes hurtling down, felled by a withering burst of fire from a hotblooded evangelist in the Liberal camp—who was brought up to assume that the differences between us, Liberals and conservatives, are not negotiable. It is not as though the Communists had hoisted the flag.

Sex and God at Yale

Author: Nathan Harden
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312617905
Release Date: 2012-08-21
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

An editor of thecollegefix.com presents an incendiary report of what he believes to be a moral battle at Yale University, citing scandalous events from a classroom demonstration by a porn star to a professor's praise of a terrorist organization.

Private Truths Public Lies

Author: Timur Kuran
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674707583
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Business & Economics

Preference falsification, according to the economist Timur Kuran, is the act of misrepresenting one's wants under perceived social pressures. He argues that the phenomenon not only is ubiquitous but has huge social and political consequences. Drawing on diverse intellectual traditions, including those rooted in economics, psychology, sociology, and political science, Kuran provides a unified theory of how preference falsification shapes collective decisions, orients structural change, sustains social stability, distorts human knowledge, and conceals political possibilities.


Author: Whittaker Chambers
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781621573760
Release Date: 2014-12-09
Genre: History

#1 New York Times bestseller for 13 consecutive weeks! First published in 1952, Witness is the true story of Soviet spies in America and the trial that captivated a nation. Part literary effort, part philosophical treatise, this intriguing autobiography recounts the famous Alger Hiss case and reveals much more. Chambers' worldview and his belief that "man without mysticism is a monster" went on to help make political conservatism a national force. Regnery History's Cold War Classics edition is the most comprehensive version of Witness ever published, featuring forewords collected from all previous editions, including discussions from luminaries William F. Buckley Jr., Robert D. Novak, Milton Hindus, and Alfred S. Regnery.

Terrorism and the Constitution

Author: David Cole
Publisher: The New Press
ISBN: 9781565849396
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Political Science

Tracing the history of government intrusions on Constitutional rights in response to threats from abroad, Cole and Dempsey warn that a society in which civil liberties are sacrificed in the name of national security is in fact less secure than one in which they are upheld. A new chapter includes a discussion of domestic spying, preventive detention, the many court challenges to post-9/11 abuses, implementation of the Patriot Act, and efforts to reestablish the checks and balances left behind in the rush to strengthen governmental powers.

A Man and His Presidents

Author: Alvin Felzenberg
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300166897
Release Date: 2017-05-02
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A new understanding of the man who changed the face of American politics William F. Buckley Jr. is widely regarded as the most influential American conservative writer, activist, and organizer in the postwar era. In this nuanced biography, Alvin Felzenberg sheds light on little-known aspects of Buckley’s career, including his role as back-channel adviser to policy makers, his intimate friendship with both Ronald and Nancy Reagan, his changing views on civil rights, and his break with George W. Bush over the Iraq War. Felzenberg demonstrates how Buckley conveyed his message across multiple platforms and drew upon his vast network of contacts, his personal charm, his extraordinary wit, and his celebrity status to move the center of political gravity in the United States closer to his point of view. Including many rarely seen photographs, this account of one of the most compelling personalities of American politics will appeal to conservatives, liberals, and even the apolitical.

Atlantic High

Author: William F. Buckley
Publisher: RosettaBooks
ISBN: 0795311400
Release Date: 2010-07-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Atlantic High is ostensibly the tale of Buckley’s 1980 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, a recond of Buckley’s meditations on the pleasures of sailing and the importance of good company. Not surprisingly, as much thought seems to have gone into stocking the wine cellar as to charting the route across the high seas. This is an essay on appreciation, and a chance for Buckley to exercise his unique sense of humor and share his spirited point of view. fter a leisurely aside-filled discussion of other trips, Buckley sets out with several close friends and a photographer to make his second trans-Atlantic crossing. The first crossing provided the basis for his popular book, Airborne. When asked by People magazine why he chose to make the crossing for a second time, Buckley replied with characteristic drollness, “the wedding night is never enough.” It is a passion for sailing that motivates Buckley and enlivens these pages. The book ranges easily from observation to speculation, from humorous character sketch to wry editorial commentary. It is peppered with anecdotes, including one in which Buckley, armed with a hacksaw, breaks into a boatyard to steal his own boat back from an unscrupulous repairman. In another, President Reagan calls to discuss a conflict that is brewing in Africa, but all Buckley can think about is the weather ahead of him and his crew. From the Mujeres Islands to Fiji to Bermuda, to Sao Miguel and Gibraltar and beyond, the reader is treated to Buckley’s observations of the places he visits and the people he encounters. A work as hard to categorize as Buckley himself, Atlantic High offers a real glimpse into Buckley’s philosophical meanderings as well as the good life on the high seas.

Whittaker Chambers

Author: Sam Tanenhaus
Publisher: Modern Library
ISBN: 9780307789266
Release Date: 2011-04-20
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Whittaker Chambers is the first biography of this complex and enigmatic figure. Drawing on dozens of interviews and on materials from forty archives in the United States and abroad--including still-classified KGB dossiers--Tanenhaus traces the remarkable journey that led Chambers from a sleepy Long Island village to center stage in America's greatest political trial and then, in his last years, to a unique role as the godfather of post-war conservatism. This biography is rich in startling new information about Chambers's days as New York's "hottest literary Bolshevik"; his years as a Communist agent and then defector, hunted by the KGB; his conversion to Quakerism; his secret sexual turmoil; his turbulent decade at Time magazine, where he rose from the obscurity of the book-review page to transform the magazine into an oracle of apocalyptic anti-Communism. But all this was a prelude to the memorable events that began in August 1948, when Chambers testified against Alger Hiss in the spy case that changed America. Whittaker Chambers goes far beyond all previous accounts of the Hiss case, re-creating its improbably twists and turns, and disentangling the motives that propelled a vivid cast of characters in unpredictable directions. A rare conjunction of exacting scholarship and narrative art, Whittaker Chambers is a vivid tapestry of 20th century history. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Miles Gone By

Author: William F. Buckley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781596983243
Release Date: 2012-02-06
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Here is a unique collection of fifty years of essays chosen to form an unconventional autobiography and capstone to his remarkable career as the conservative writer par excellence. Included are essays that capture Buckley's joyful boyhood and family life; his years as a conservative firebrand at Yale; the life of a young army officer; his love of wine and sailing; memories of his favourite friends; the great influences of music and religion; a life in politics; and exploring the beauty, diversity, and exactitude of the English language.