Faculty priorities reconsidered

Author: KerryAnn O'Meara
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Inc Pub
ISBN: UOM:39015062566503
Release Date: 2005-08-03
Genre: Education

No reform effort in American higher education in the last twenty years has been more important than the attempt to enlarge the dominant understanding of the scholarly work of faculty—what counts as scholarship. Faculty Priorities Reconsidered assesses the impact of this widespread initiative to realign the priorities of the American professoriate with the essential missions of the nation's colleges and universities: to redefine faculty roles and restructure reward systems. Faculty Priorities Reconsidered traces the history of the movement to redefine scholarship. It examines the impact of the 1990 landmark report Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate from The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and the decade-long work of the American Association for Higher Education's Forum on Faculty Roles and Rewards that initiated and sustained much of the work reported on here. The struggles to move beyond narrow definitions of research, to distinguish between scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching while acknowledging the importance of both, to encourage faculty engagement in meeting the scholarly needs of the larger civic community, and to recognize the importance of academic synthesis and integration—all elements of a broader understanding of scholarship—are addressed in this book. In Faculty Priorities Reconsidered the leading pioneers of the movement reflect on their own work with campuses nationwide and examine concrete issues involved in introducing new perspectives on the different forms of scholarship. In addition, the book contains studies of nine very diverse institutions—Madonna, Albany State, South Dakota State, Kansas State, Portland State, and Arizona State universities, Franklin College, the University of Phoenix, and the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Each study tells a unique story of the struggle to change faculty work and its rewards. This book offers practical advice to academic leaders considering similar changes and responds to questions for the future about encouraging, supporting, assessing, and rewarding multiple forms of scholarship.

Priorities of the Professoriate

Author: Fred A. Bonner, II
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 9781681230726
Release Date: 2015-04-01
Genre: Education

Established in 2006, the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE), formerly constituted as the Black Caucus (American Association of Higher Education), has been the consistent voice of Black issues in academe. According to the stated mission, the AABHE pursues the educational and professional needs of Blacks in higher education with a focus on leadership, equity, access, achievement and other vital issues impacting students, faculty, staff, and administrators. AABHE also facilitates and provides opportunities for collaborating and networking among individuals, institutions, groups and agencies in higher education in the United States and internationally. This 2012 year will mark the beginning of the AABHE research consortium, an arm of the organization that will advance scholarly research and publications to highlight critical issues pertinent to the success and uplift of Black populations across the higher education diaspora. This book will explore important issues across multiple fields—fields represented by the scholars/members of AABHE. AABHE scholars will contribute chapters based on their disciplinary expertise. The work of Earnest Boyer as articulated in the book Faculty Priorities Reconsidered: Rewarding Multiple Forms of Scholarship will be used as the conceptual foundation to ground this important work. A particular focus on the elements of Boyer’s seminal work will include chapters devoted to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Scholarship of Engagement; Scholarship of Discovery; and Scholarship of Integration. This scholarly book is unique in that it provides essential insight on how not only faculty, but also administrators who are invested in insuring that the priorities of the professoriate are aligned with the mission and vision of urban postsecondary institutions.

Faculty Members Scholarly Learning Across Institutional Types

Author: Vicki L. Baker
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119448174
Release Date: 2017-08-22
Genre: Education

Explore an important, yet understudied concept: faculty scholarly learning. Taking a broad view, this volume explains how scholarly learning is defined and conceptualized by scholars. The authors synthesize the recent literature and organize the findings according to Boyers four forms of scholarship (discovery, teaching, engagement, and integration). They then offer a counternarrative to faculty scholarly learning and the ways in which it is enacted and supported. Recommendations for developing, supporting, and evaluating faculty scholarly learning are also presented. This volume answers: What does scholarly learning look like at different types of institutions? What contexts and/or supports hinder or help faculty members scholarly learning at the different institutional types? What challenges are noted in the extant literature on faculty work around further study or better understanding of faculty members scholarly learning across institutional types? This is the second issue of the 43rd volume of the Jossey-Bass series ASHE Higher Education Report. Each monograph is the definitive analysis of a tough higher education issue, based on thorough research of pertinent literature and institutional experiences. Topics are identified by a national survey. Noted practitioners and scholars are then commissioned to write the reports, with experts providing critical reviews of each manuscript before publication.

Scholarship Reconsidered

Author: Ernest L. Boyer
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119005759
Release Date: 2015-10-06
Genre: Education

Shifting faculty roles in a changing landscape Ernest L. Boyer's landmark book Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate challenged the publish-or-perish status quo that dominated the academic landscape for generations. His powerful and enduring argument for a new approach to faculty roles and rewards continues to play a significant part of the national conversation on scholarship in the academy. Though steeped in tradition, the role of faculty in the academic world has shifted significantly in recent decades. The rise of the non-tenure-track class of professors is well documented. If the historic rule of promotion and tenure is waning, what role can scholarship play in a fragmented, unbundled academy? Boyer offers a still much-needed approach. He calls for a broadened view of scholarship, audaciously refocusing its gaze from the tenure file and to a wider community. This expanded edition offers, in addition to the original text, a critical introduction that explores the impact of Boyer's views, a call to action for applying Boyer's message to the changing nature of faculty work, and a discussion guide to help readers start a new conversation about how Scholarship Reconsidered applies today.

Institutionalizing Community Engagement in Higher Education The First Wave of Carnegie Classified Institutions

Author: Lorilee R, Sandmann
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118216781
Release Date: 2011-10-18
Genre: Education

Leading scholars of engagement analyze data from the first wave ofcommunity-engaged institutions as classified by the CarnegieFoundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The analysescollectively serve as a statement about the current status ofhigher education community engagement in the United States.Eschewing the usual arguments about why community engagement isimportant, this volume presents the first large-scale stocktakingabout the nature and extent of the institutionalization ofengagement in higher education. Aligned with the Carnegie CommunityEngagement Classification framework, the dimensions of leading,student learning, partnering, assessing, funding, and rewarding arediscussed. This volume recognizes the progress made by this first wave ofcommunity-engaged institutions of higher education, acknowledgesbest practices of these exemplary institutions, and offersrecommendations to leaders as a pathway forward. This is the 147th volume of the Jossey-Bass higher educationquarterly report series New Directions for HigherEducation. Addressed to presidents, vice presidents, deans,and other higher-education decision-makers on all kinds ofcampuses, New Directions for Higher Educationprovides timely information and authoritative advice about majorissues and administrative problems confronting everyinstitution.

Research on Service Learning

Author: Patti H. Clayton
Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781579228866
Release Date: 2013-04-30
Genre: Education

The purpose of this work is to improve service learning research and practice through strengthening its theoretical base. Contributing authors include both well-known and emerging service learning and community engagement scholars, as well as scholars from other fields. The authors bring theoretical perspectives from a wide variety of disciplines to bear as they critically review past research, describe assessment methods and instruments, develop future research agendas, and consider implications of theory-based research for enhanced practice. This volume, 2B, opens with chapters focused on defining the criteria for quality research. It then addresses community development, and the role of nonprofit organizations in service learning. It focusses on institutions, examining the institutionalization of service learning, engaged departments, and institutional leadership. The final section on partnerships in service learning includes chapters on conceptualizing and measuring the quality of partnerships, inter-organizational partnerships, and student partnerships. This work constitutes a rich resource that suggests new approaches to conceptualizing, understanding, implementing, assessing, and studying service learning. Each chapter offers recommendations for future research. Research on Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Assessment will be of interest to both new and veteran service learning instructors seeking to enhance their practice by integrating what has been learned in terms of teaching, assessment, and research. Staff and faculty who are responsible for promoting and supporting service learning at higher education institutions, evaluating community service programs, and working with faculty to develop research on service learning, will also find this volume helpful. For scholars and graduate students reviewing and conducting research related to service learning, this book is a comprehensive resource, and a knowledge base about the processes and outcomes of innovative pedagogies, such as service learning, that will enable them to locate their own work in an expanding and deepening arena of inquiry. Volume 2A, sold separately, also opens with chapters focused on defining the criteria for quality research. It then continues with research related to students, comprising chapters that focus on cognitive processes, academic learning, civic learning, personal development, and intercultural competence. The concluding faculty section presents chapters on faculty development, faculty motivation, and faculty learning.

Medical Education Theory and Practice E Book

Author: Tim Dornan
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780702049866
Release Date: 2011-12-02
Genre: Medical

Medical Education: Theory and Practice is a new text linking the theory and the practice for graduate students and educators who want to go beyond the basics. The scholarship of medical education is, above all, a ‘practice’, but one that has a strong theoretical foundation. Neither theory nor practice stand still, and both are grounded in research. The novelty of this book lies in its interweaving of practice, theory, innovation and research. The book starts with a theorised, contemporary overview of the field. Next, it explores the theoretical foundations of medical education in depth. The remainder of the book reviews a whole a range of educational contexts, processes and outcomes. This work has been edited by a distinguished, international team of medical educationalists and written by equally accomplished authors from across the globe representing a spectrum of disciplines. This will be an invaluable text for all Masters Students in health professions education as well as PhD students and education researchers wanting a background to the discipline. Educators and medical students will also find it a very useful resource. Written by key figures in medical educational research combined with a strong editorial influence from the international editorial team. The text has a strong evidence-based approach that is fully cognisant of research methodology issues, The book provides a scholarly explanation on the topic, rather than aiming to say the last word. Written throughout in a clear and comprehensible style. The content is extensively referenced with additional suggestions for further reading.

Community University Engagement A Process for Building Democratic Communities

Author: Tami L. Moore
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118917466
Release Date: 2014-04-29
Genre: Education

As the emphasis on economic development through community-university engagement intensifies, educators and policy makers must learn to think differently about the engagement process. This is particularly true when a narrowly defined group of leaders sets the engagement agenda, and those who are traditionally underrepresented continue to be marginalized in the conversations about their own futures. Emphasizing the importance of community as a context for engagement and building strong relationships over time, Moore calls on institutional leaders to intentionally facilitate broad participation by all members of a community in discussions about how and in what direction the community will develop. This is the second issue of the 40th volume of the Josse-Bass series ASHE Higher Education Report. Each monograph is the definitive analysis of a tough higher education issue, based on thorough research of pertinent literature and institutional experiences. Topics are identified by a national survey. Noted practitioners and scholars are then commissioned to write the reports, with experts providing criical reviews of each manuscript before publication.

Ist Moral lehrbar

Author: Georg Lind
Publisher: Logos Verlag Berlin
ISBN: 3897222558
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Psychology

Die Frage, ob Moral eine Fahigkeit und damit lehrbar sei, wird anhand von mehreren empirischen (Quer-, Langsschnitt- und kulturvergleichenden) Studien und Experimenten generell positiv beantwortet. Es finden sich in der modernen moralpsychologischen Forschung keine Anhaltspunkte fur die Annahme, dass moralisches Urteilen ausschliesslich eine Frage der Werthaltung und Einstellung und nur durch sozialen Druck zu andern ist. Es ergeben sich auch keine Hinweise, dass individuelle Unterschiede genetisch bedingt sind. Vielmehr zeigen alle Studien deutlich, dass die Menge und die Qualitat von institutionalisierten Bildungsgelegenheiten den mit Abstand grossten Einfluss auf die moralisch-kognitive Entwicklung von Kindern und Heranwachsenden haben und mit gezielten Bildungsmassnahmen dieser Effekt noch deutlich gesteigert werden kann. The question, whether morality is a competence and can be taught, is investigated through several empirical cross-sectional, longitudinal and cross-cultural studies and experiments. According to the findings the answer is yes, they can. Modern moral psychological research has produced no indication that morality is merely a matter of values and attitudes and can be changed only through social coercion. Neither are there any proves that individual differences in moral judgment are genetically determined. Instead, many studies clearly indicate that the amount and quality of intitutionalized education has by far the greatest impact on the moral-cognitive development of children and adolescents and that focussed educational interventions can increase this effect considerably.

Werkzeuge f r Ideen

Author: Christian Gänshirt
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9783034609227
Release Date: 2012-11-05
Genre: Architecture

Ausgehend von der Metapher der «Werkzeuge des Entwerfens», behandelt das Buch die Wechselwirkungen zwischen den Entwerfenden, den ihnen zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln und den im Entwurf verwendeten Materialien. Die Darstellung verschafft einen Überblick über das heutige Wissen vom Entwerfen, umreißt die wesentlichen Begriffe und Definitionen als Grundlage für die Verständigung und beschreibt den Entwurfsprozess in seinen Grundzügen. Im zweiten Teil werden die grundlegenden Werkzeuge des Entwerfens in ihrem Gebrauch beschrieben und in ihrer Bedeutung analysiert. Zu ihnen zählen u.a.: Geste, Skizze und Sprache, Zeichnung, Perspektive und Modell, Foto, Film und Video, Computer, Programm und Simulation, Theorie und Kritik. «Weil ein komplexer Begriff des Entwerfens im Alltag des Architekten alles andere als selbstverständlich ist, hält Gänshirt beharrlich an einer Synthese aus künstlerischer Arbeit, technischem sowie architektonischem Entwurf und wissenschaftlicher Reflexion fest. So soll's sein.» Frankfurter Rundschau

Das B se in deinen Augen

Author: Jenny Blackhurst
ISBN: 9783732556496
Release Date: 2018-04-27
Genre: Fiction

Niemand hat Angst vor einem kleinen Mädchen, oder doch? Als die Kinderpsychologin Imogen Reid den Fall der elfjährigen Ellie Atkinson übernimmt, weigert sie sich, den seltsamen Gerüchten um das Mädchen zu glauben. Ellie sei gefährlich, so heißt es. Wenn sie wütend wird, passieren schreckliche Dinge. Imogen hingegen sieht nur ein zutiefst verstörtes Kind, das seine Familie bei einem Brand verloren hat und ihre Hilfe benötigt. Doch je näher sie Ellie kommt, desto merkwürdiger erscheint ihr das Mädchen. Dann erleidet auch Imogen einen schrecklichen Verlust - und sie fürchtet, dass es ein Fehler war, Ellie zu vertrauen ... Jenny Blackhurst schreibt Psychologische Spannung mit Gänsehauteffekt.