Evolution of Phase Transitions

Author: Rohan Abeyaratne
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139449249
Release Date: 2006-05-08
Genre: Science

This 2006 work began with the author's exploration of the applicability of the finite deformation theory of elasticity when various standard assumptions such as convexity of various energies or ellipticity of the field equations of equilibrium are relinquished. The finite deformation theory of elasticity turns out to be a natural vehicle for the study of phase transitions in solids where thermal effects can be neglected. This text will be of interest to those interested in the development and application of continuum-mechanical models that describe the macroscopic response of materials capable of undergoing stress- or temperature-induced transitions between two solid phases. The focus is on the evolution of phase transitions which may be either dynamic or quasi-static, controlled by a kinetic relation which in the framework of classical thermomechanics represents information that is supplementary to the usual balance principles and constitutive laws of conventional theory.

Fundamental Contributions to the Continuum Theory of Evolving Phase Interfaces in Solids

Author: John M. Ball
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642599385
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Science

A traditional way to honor distinguished scientists is to combine collections of papers solicited from friendly colleagues into dedicatory volumes. To honor our friend and colleague Mort Gurtin on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday, we followed a surer path to produce a work of intrinsic and lasting scientific value: We collected pa pers that we deemed seminal in the field of evolving phase interfaces in solids, a field to which Mort Gurtin himself has made fundamental contributions. Our failure for lack of space to include in this volume every paper of major significance is mitigated by the ma gisterial introduction prepared by Eliot Fried, which assesses the contributions of nu merous works. We hope that this collection will prove useful and stimulating to both researchers and students in this exciting field. August 1998 JohnM. Ball David Kinderlehrer Paulo Podio-Guidugli Marshall Slemrod Contents Introduction: Fifty Years of Research on Evolving Phase Interfaces By Eliot Fried. 0 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 0 ••••• 1 I. Papers on Materials Science Surface Tension as a Motivation for Sintering By C. Herring 33 Two-Dimensional Motion of Idealized Grain Boundaries By W. W. Mullins 0 ••••••••••• 0 ••••••••••••••••••• 70 Morphological. Stability of a Particle Growing by Diffusion or Heat Flow By w. w. Mullins and R. F. Sekerka 75 Energy Relations and the Energy-Momentum Tensor in Continuum Mechanics By J. D. Eshelby 82 The Interactions of Composition and Stress in Crystalline Solids By F. e. Larche and 1. W. Cahn 120 II.

Handbook of Crystal Growth

Author: Tatau Nishinaga
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780444593764
Release Date: 2014-11-04
Genre: Science

Volume IA Handbook of Crystal Growth, 2nd Edition (Fundamentals: Thermodynamics and Kinetics) Volume IA addresses the present status of crystal growth science, and provides scientific tools for the following volumes: Volume II (Bulk Crystal Growth) and III (Thin Film Growth and Epitaxy). Volume IA highlights thermodynamics and kinetics. After historical introduction of the crystal growth, phase equilibria, defect thermodynamics, stoichiometry, and shape of crystal and structure of melt are described. Then, the most fundamental and basic aspects of crystal growth are presented, along with the theories of nucleation and growth kinetics. In addition, the simulations of crystal growth by Monte Carlo, ab initio-based approach and colloidal assembly are thoroughly investigated. Volume IB Handbook of Crystal Growth, 2nd Edition (Fundamentals: Transport and Stability) Volume IB discusses pattern formation, a typical problem in crystal growth. In addition, an introduction to morphological stability is given and the phase-field model is explained with comparison to experiments. The field of nanocrystal growth is rapidly expanding and here the growth from vapor is presented as an example. For the advancement of life science, the crystal growth of protein and other biological molecules is indispensable and biological crystallization in nature gives many hints for their crystal growth. Another subject discussed is pharmaceutical crystal growth. To understand the crystal growth, in situ observation is extremely powerful. The observation techniques are demonstrated. Volume IA Explores phase equilibria, defect thermodynamics of Si, stoichiometry of oxides and atomistic structure of melt and alloys Explains basic ideas to understand crystal growth, equilibrium shape of crystal, rough-smooth transition of step and surface, nucleation and growth mechanisms Focuses on simulation of crystal growth by classical Monte Carlo, ab-initio based quantum mechanical approach, kinetic Monte Carlo and phase field model. Controlled colloidal assembly is presented as an experimental model for crystal growth. Volume IIB Describes morphological stability theory and phase-field model and comparison to experiments of dendritic growth Presents nanocrystal growth in vapor as well as protein crystal growth and biological crystallization Interprets mass production of pharmaceutical crystals to be understood as ordinary crystal growth and explains crystallization of chiral molecules Demonstrates in situ observation of crystal growth in vapor, solution and melt on the ground and in space

The Rational Spirit in Modern Continuum Mechanics

Author: Chi-Sing Man
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402023088
Release Date: 2006-01-19
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Through his voluminous and in?uential writings, editorial activities, organi- tional leadership, intellectual acumen, and strong sense of history, Clifford - brose Truesdell III (1919–2000) was the main architect for the renaissance of - tional continuum mechanics since the middle of the twentieth century. The present collection of 42 essays and research papers pays tribute to this man of mathematics, science, and natural philosophy as well as to his legacy. The ?rst ?ve essays by B. D. Coleman, E. Giusti, W. Noll, J. Serrin, and D. Speiser were texts of addresses given by their authors at the Meeting in memory of Clifford Truesdell, which was held in Pisa in November 2000. In these essays the reader will ?nd personal reminiscences of Clifford Truesdell the man and of some of his activities as scientist, author, editor, historian of exact sciences, and principal founding member of the Society for Natural Philosophy. The bulk of the collection comprises 37 research papers which bear witness to the Truesdellian legacy. These papers cover a wide range of topics; what ties them together is the rational spirit. Clifford Truesdell, in his address upon receipt of a Birkhoff Prize in 1978, put the essence of modern continuum mechanics succinctly as “conceptual analysis, analysis not in the sense of the technical term but in the root meaning: logical criticism, dissection, and creative scrutiny.

Dissipative Ordered Fluids

Author: André M. Sonnet
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387878157
Release Date: 2012-01-24
Genre: Science

This is a book on the dissipative dynamics of ordered fluids, with a particular focus on liquid crystals. It covers a whole range of different theories, mainly concerned with nematic liquid crystals in both their chiral and nonchiral variants. The authors begin by giving a detailed account of the molecular origins of orientational order in fluids. They then go on to develop a general framework in which continuum theories for ordered fluids can be phrased. Within this unified setting, they cover both well-established classical theories and new ones with aspects that are not yet completely settled. The book treats a wide range of hydrodynamic theories for liquid crystals, from the original 1960s works by Ericksen and Leslie to new, fast-developing ideas of liquid crystal science. The final chapter is devoted to nematoacoustics and its applications. Old experiments on the propagation of ultrasound waves in nematic liquid crystals are interpreted and explained in the light of a new theory developed within the general theoretical infrastructure proposed in the body of the book. This book is intended both for graduate students and professional scholars in mathematics, physics, and engineering of advanced materials. It delivers a solid framework for liquid crystal hydrodynamics and shows the unifying concepts at the basis of the classical theories. It illustrates how these concepts can also be applied to a wide variety of modern topics. Andre M. Sonnet is in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (Scotland) and Epifanio G. Virga is in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pavia (Italy). They have a long history of working together in liquid crystal science and have contributed, in particular, to the theories of defects and biaxial nematics.

Collective Dynamics of Nonlinear and Disordered Systems

Author: Günter Radons
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 354021383X
Release Date: 2005-01-12
Genre: Science

Phase transitions in disordered systems and related dynamical phenomena are a topic of intrinsically high interest in theoretical and experimental physics. This book presents a unified view, adopting concepts from each of the disjoint fields of disordered systems and nonlinear dynamics. Special attention is paid to the glass transition, from both experimental and theoretical viewpoints, to modern concepts of pattern formation, and to the application of the concepts of dynamical systems for understanding equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties of fluids and solids. The content is accessible to graduate students, but will also be of benefit to specialists, since the presentation extends as far as the topics of ongoing research work.

Calculus of Variations and Geometric Evolution Problems

Author: F. Bethuel
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540659773
Release Date: 1999-10-19
Genre: Mathematics

The international summer school on Calculus of Variations and Geometric Evolution Problems was held at Cetraro, Italy, 1996. The contributions to this volume reflect quite closely the lectures given at Cetraro which have provided an image of a fairly broad field in analysis where in recent years we have seen many important contributions. Among the topics treated in the courses were variational methods for Ginzburg-Landau equations, variational models for microstructure and phase transitions, a variational treatment of the Plateau problem for surfaces of prescribed mean curvature in Riemannian manifolds - both from the classical point of view and in the setting of geometric measure theory.

Modern Methods in Scientific Computing and Applications

Author: Gert Sabidussi
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402007817
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Computers

The influence of scientific computing has become very wide over the last few decades: almost every area of science and engineering is greatly influenced by simulations - image processing, thin films, mathematical finance, electrical engineering, moving interfaces and combustion, to name but a few. One half of this book focuses on the techniques of scientific computing: domain decomposition, the absorption of boundary conditions and one-way operators, convergence analysis of multi-grid methods and other multi-grid techniques, dynamical systems, and matrix analysis. The remainder of the book is concerned with combining techniques with concrete applications: stochastic differential equations, image processing, thin films, and asymptotic analysis for combustion problems.