Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases

Author: Laura Gail Pettler
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781498711197
Release Date: 2015-08-06
Genre: Law

Individuals who perpetrate murder sometimes pose or reposition victims, weapons, and evidence to make it look like events happened in a different way than what actually transpired. Until now, there has been scarce literature published on crime scene staging.Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases is the first book to look at this practice, p


Author: Arthur S. Chancellor
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 9780398091392
Release Date: 2016-12-02
Genre: Social Science

This unique text has been written as a practical reference for detectives, crime scene investigators, and prosecutors on how to recognize a staged scene and how this offender behavior could be used as evidence in subsequent trials. The book is designed to help those actively engaged in conducting criminal investigations identify the red flags or those common findings at a crime scene that point to the scene being staged or altered and thereby assist the investigative process. The text is not only research based but also includes the authorsf 30-year experience and personal observations in conducting hundreds of different crime scene investigations ranging from homicide and death, burglary and other property crimes, to rape and other sexual crimes. This experience also includes interviewing hundreds of victims and suspects, and conducting investigations from initiation of cases through prosecution. The authors have located hundreds of examples of staging and have included many of them as case studies throughout the text. Many of the case studies presented are based on the authorsf personal involvement in them. In addition to defining and categorizing the various aspects of staging, the reader is also introduced to new terminology describing the different elements of staging based on offender motive and the dynamics of the events. Other major discussions include primary and secondary staging as well as the two subcategories of primary staging: premeditated and ad hoc staging. Staging by individuals other than the offender and victim, described as tertiary/incidental scene alterations, are included as are several chapters on a variety of crimes and how to identify the red flags relevant to them. A final chapter is written especially for prosecutors and offers suggestions and references on how the concept of staging might be introduced in court. A very thorough Appendix provides reviews of many appellant court decisions from across the U.S. and Canada specifically addressing issues of staging.


Author: Joan Swart
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781315352985
Release Date: 2016-09-19
Genre: Law

Forensic psychology plays an increasingly important role in criminal investigations and legal decision-making. Homicide: A Forensic Psychology Casebook guides readers through the practical aspects of homicide cases across the entire criminal justice system, from the investigative process to the criminal trial process, and beyond. Each chapter contains a description and analysis of selected cases and offenders, and provides a crime narrative and offender narrative to illustrate the underlying theory and practical considerations of homicide investigations. Criminal justice students and practitioners alike will benefit from the comprehensive scope of this text. In order to ensure fair and efficient criminal justice practices in the field of forensic investigation, there is still a need for conformity and standardization of sound protocols and approaches based on improved knowledge and education. This book is part of that effort to understand homicidal behavior and offenders better in order to prevent similar crimes.

The Psychology of Death Investigations

Author: Katherine Ramsland
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781351737562
Release Date: 2017-11-06
Genre: Law

The Psychology of Death Investigations outlines definitively how behavioral evidence can often provide the necessary components and "missing pieces" to complement physical evidence as an essential tool for incident reconstruction. In order to determine the direction of an investigation and to prioritize leads, if necessary, death investigators must establish the manner of a death: natural, accident, homicide or suicide. The most overlooked aspect of death investigation is the psychological dimension, which can provide unique leads, correct false assumptions, enhance investigative awareness, and solve cases in surprising ways. In an estimated 10–20% of cases, the manner of death cannot be determined, or worse, has been erroneously categorized. Since many jurisdictions can’t afford behavioral consultants, this book has been written to provide practical information for a basic psychological analysis. If the circumstances surrounding a death are equivocal, psychological consultants can compile information retrospectively about a deceased person’s mental state and possible motive to assist with unravelling ambiguity about the manner of death. This is the primary function of a psychological autopsy, and, as such, this is the first book of its kind dedicated solely to the topic. In the event that the manner of death is determined to be a homicide, behavioral profiling can help to focus the potential pool of suspects. Professionals and students alike will benefit from the exercise of cognitive awareness and the application of psychological logic presented. Psychologists, medical examiners, coroners, attorneys, fraud examiners, law enforcement personnel, death and homicide investigators, and students enrolled in criminal profiling, forensic psychology, and criminal justice programs will find this text to be a compelling and insightful reference to add to their professional toolkit.


Author: David J. George
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781315354484
Release Date: 2017-11-13
Genre: Law

A unique book on recognition and investigation of criminal poisoning for investigators of all backgrounds and stages of their careers. Poisons: An Introduction for Forensic Investigators is a concise yet comprehensive overview of toxicants and unanticipated circumstances in which poisoning occurs. This book expands awareness of poisoning possibilities, heightens recognition of the toxic potential of many substances, and provides information to aid in focusing investigations. Poisons discusses life-threatening toxic substances and agents that modify behavior to achieve criminal goals. These include drugs that facilitate sexual assaults and robberies, and those found in medical child abuse and drug-product tampering. More than 230 case studies illustrate both unintentional and intentional poisoning and highlight situations where poisoning may not immediately be apparent. Information is included in pertinent criminal poisoning cases to illustrate the temperament of poisoners, their relationship to victims, their basis for poison selection, and their method of administration. Since Poisons is written by a single author, the discussions, format, educational level, and terminology remain consistent to aid crime scene investigators, homicide detectives, forensic scientists, death investigators, toxicologists, medical examiners, attorneys, and students. The book's more than 650 references are an asset to frame knowledge as well as a resource to return to again and again.

Zeit geh rt zu werden

Author: Amanda Knox
Publisher: Droemer eBook
ISBN: 9783426417843
Release Date: 2013-04-30
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Es war ein bestialischer Mord. Am 1. November 2007 wurde in Perugia die britische Austauschstudentin Meredith Kercher in ihrer Wohnung vergewaltigt und brutal abgeschlachtet. Im Fokus der Ermittlungen stand sofort Merediths amerikanische Mitbewohnerin Amanda Knox. Gemeinsam mit ihrem Freund Raffaele Sollecito und einem Afrikaner soll sie die Bluttat begangen haben. In einem spektakulären Indizienprozess wurde Amanda Knox schuldig gesprochen und zu 26 Jahren Haft verurteilt. Doch die Ermittlungen waren durch schwere Pannen und massive mediale Vorverurteilungen gekennzeichnet. In einem Berufungsverfahren im Oktober 2011 wurde dann die Beweisführung der Anklage verworfen – Amanda war endlich wieder frei und konnte in ihre Heimat ausreisen. Nun meldet sie sich zu Wort und erzählt, wie sie Opfer eines Justizskandals wurde. Sie berichtet über die beispiellose Hexenjagd und die rüden Verhörmethoden der italienischen Polizei; über ihre seelischen Qualen während des Prozesses und der über 1400 Tage im Gefängnis. Sie erzählt aber auch von dem starken Rückhalt, den sie von ihrer Familie, ihren Freunden und vielen Unbekannten aus aller Welt erfahren hat. Es ist die Geschichte einer jungen Frau, die fast für ein Verbrechen gebüßt hätte, das sie nicht begangen hat.

Des Todes liebste Beute

Author: Karen Rose
Publisher: Knaur eBook
ISBN: 9783426413920
Release Date: 2011-09-12
Genre: Fiction

Staatsanwältin Kristen Mayhew hat einen Verehrer. Er bezeichnet sich selbst als ihren ergebenen Diener – und schickt ihr regelmäßig Fotos seiner grausam zugerichteten Opfer. Es sind alles Verbrecher, gegen die Kristen vor Gericht keine Verurteilung durchsetzen konnte. Als der selbst ernannte Rächer auch den Sohn eines Mafiapaten auf seine Todesliste setzt, ist Kristen in Gefahr. Denn nun hetzt die Mafia ihre Killer auf sie. Detective Abe Reagan, der in der Mordserie ermittelt, schwört, alles daranzusetzen, die schöne Staatsanwältin zu schützen ...

Der Hauch des B sen

Author: J.D. Robb
Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 9783641029395
Release Date: 2009-11-20
Genre: Fiction

Unsterblichkeit heißt Sterben ... für immer! „Sie war die erste und ihr Licht war rein!“ Zusammen mit dieser Botschaft werden einer Journalistin eine Reihe professioneller Modelfotos zugespielt. Nur – das Model ist tot und liegt in der schwülheißen Sommerhitze New Yorks in einem Recycling-Container. Eve Dallas ermittelt gegen einen Killer, der nichts dem Zufall hinterlässt, denn sein Werk muss vollendet werden. Er hat eine Mission: Die Unschuld, Jugend und Lebendigkeit ihrer Jugend einzufangen – mit einem einzigen Schuss ... Ein Serienkiller, der seinen Opfern die ewige Jugend verspricht! Hochdosierte Spannung von Nora Roberts alias J.D. Robb: Der 16. Fall um Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

Forensic Nursing Science E Book

Author: Virginia A. Lynch
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780323066389
Release Date: 2010-07-23
Genre: Medical

Written and edited by the most respected authorities in forensic nursing and forensic sciences, this new edition provides the tools and concepts you need to collect evidence that is admissible in court, determine the significance of that evidence, and provide accurate, reliable testimony while administering high-quality patient care. Now in full color throughout, it remains the most comprehensive, highly illustrated text of its kind. Provides a comprehensive, updated guide to forensic nursing science, paying special attention to the International Association of Forensic Nurses’s (IAFN) goals for forensic nursing. Retains a focus on assessment skills and the collection and preservation of evidence, following the established guidelines of the forensic sciences. Prepares you to provide testimony as a fact witness or a forensic nursing expert. Includes an illustrated case study in almost every chapter, helping you relate the information to clinical practice. Highlights important recommendations for interventions in Best Practice boxes, including the evidence base for each. Summarizes important points in Key Point boxes, so you can quickly review the most important concepts in each chapter. Explores the evolving role of forensic nurses in today’s health care facilities and the community. Edited by Virginia Lynch, founding member and first President of the International Association of Forensic Nurses and Janet Barber Duval, both well-respected pioneers and educators in the field. Contains 300 full-color illustrations integrated throughout the text, so you can view evidence quickly and easily, as it is likely to appear in practice. Presents information on courtroom testimony and depositions in one reorganized, streamlined chapter, giving you a full, organized treatment of this extremely important topic. Includes twelve new chapters: Digital Evidence, Medical Evidence Recovery at the Death Scene, Asphyxia, Electrical and Thermal Injury, Intrafamilial Homicide and Unexplained Childhood Death, Human Trafficking, Credential Development for Forensic Nurses, Gangs and Hate Crimes, Ethics Issues in Forensic Nursing, Forensic Physics and Fracture Analysis, Sexual Deviant Behaviors and Crime and Forensic Epidemiology. Contains heavily revised information on Prehospital Evidence, Forensic Investigation in the Hospital, and Human Abuse and Deaths in Custody. Features critical thinking questions with every case study, so you can thoroughly consider the implications of each clinical scenario. Evolve site will include appendices and additional documentation materials.

Das Dickicht

Author: Joe R. Lansdale
Publisher: Tropen
ISBN: 9783608107272
Release Date: 2014-08-23
Genre: Fiction

Jack Parker dachte, er hätte schon einiges durchgemacht. Seine Eltern sind soeben an den Pocken gestorben. Doch auf dem Weg zur Farm seiner Tante ermorden Banditen auch noch seinen Großvater und entführen seine Schwester. Zeit für Jack, die Verfolgung mit Hilfe zweier Kopfgeldjäger selbst in die Hand zu nehmen. Allein in einer gewalttätigen Welt, muss Jack schnell erwachsen werden, wenn er seine Schwester retten will. Und er braucht dringend Hilfe, die beste, die er kriegen kann. Aber die einzigen Kopfgeldjäger, die zur Verfügung stehen, sind Shorty, der Zwerg, und Eustace, der Sohn eines ehemaligen Sklaven. Zusammen mit Jimmie Sue, einer genauso klugen wie käuflichen Dame, nehmen sie die Verfolgung in eine berüchtigte Gegend auf: das Dickicht. Dort sprudelt aus den ersten windschiefen Bohrtürmen illegal das flüssige Gold, doch Jack ist fest davon überzeugt: Blut ist dicker als Öl.

Castle 01 Hitzewelle

Author: Richard Castle
ISBN: 3864250072
Release Date: 2012

Die 26 Romane des Mystery-Autors waren allesamt Bestseller. Sein Debütroman In the Hail of Bullets hat ihm sogar den renommierten Nom DePlume Society's Tom Straw Award for Mystery Literature eingebracht. Sein bekanntestes und beliebtestes Werk ist die inzwischen abgeschlossene, 12-bändige Roman-Reihe um den pensionierten New Yorker Polizisten Derrick Storm. Seine neue Serie um Nikki Heat basiert auf wahren Fällen, die er gemeinsam mit einer Beamtin des New York Police Departments gelöst hat. Bisher sind zwei Bände erschienen.