Climate Change and Tourism in the Asia Pacific

Author: Bruce Prideaux
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317747826
Release Date: 2015-09-07
Genre: Social Science

Climate change will exert an enormous impact on all societies in the medium to long term. Tourism, as both a commercial activity and social phenomenon is not immune. To date, industry has been slow to recognise the scale of the threat posed by a changing climate on its operations and consumers have been extremely reluctant to modify their travel behaviours. The Asia Pacific region is well on the way to being the 21st Century powerhouse of tourism, however the manner in which it develops will, in part, be determined by how the global community responds to climate change. This book examines climate change issues related to tourism in the Asia Pacific region. Chapters discuss demand and supply side issues, explore government policy responses and introduce several new adaptation models. The book also calls for a more effective linking of social science research with the scientific discourse to create long term resolution of and adaptation to this issue. This book was published as a special issue of Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research.

Responding to Climate Change

ISBN: 9284416191
Release Date:
Genre: Climatic changes

Responding to climate change: tourism initiatives in Asia and the Pacific explores the general causes and effects of climate change on tourism at a global and regional level. Presenting specific case studies from Asia and the Pacific, the publication examines tourism's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately calling for greater mitigation and adaptation measures from the public and private sector. The study concludes that the socio-economic impacts of climate change on tourism require greater vigilance and further research to ensure the sector's long-term sustainability and its effective contribution to the great challenge of climate change.

Climate Change in the Asia Pacific Region

Author: Walter Leal Filho
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319149387
Release Date: 2015-04-02
Genre: Business & Economics

This book investigates the socio-economic impacts of Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific region. The authors put forward a strategy and action plans that can enhance the capacity of government agencies and non-governmental organizations to reduce the negative impacts of climate change. The needs and interests of critical and neglected groups are highlighted throughout the book, alongside the need for improving knowledge management on climate change. The case studies presented offer regional analyses for countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, China, Fiji, India, Mongolia, Nepal and the Philippines and cover issues such as livelihood vulnerability and displacement, climate migration, macroeconomic impacts, urban environmental governance and disaster management.

Tourism Climate Change and Sustainability

Author: Maharaj Vijay Reddy
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781849714228
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Business & Economics

This book addresses many of the key themes that are seen as challenges to achieve sustainability and to mitigate climate change impacts in the near future, in the tourism sector. In particular it focuses on the economic drivers for growth in tourism as they relate to sustainable development, low-carbon travel and climate change impacts. A major feature is the integration of climate change and sustainability challenges, rather than treating them separately or with sustainability as an add-on. The first group of chapters addresses conceptual issues concerning the relationships between sustainability, climate change and tourism. The second section considers regional, national and international responses and initiatives, including those of agencies such as UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves, and the UK's South West Tourism. The third part provides a range of investigative research, including topics such as air travel and coral reef tourism, and case studies from locations such as southern Africa, Scandinavia and the Pacific islands. Other research dimensions discussed in the book are drawn from Brazil, Hawaii, England, Australia and New Zealand. Overall, the book focuses on some of the most crucial challenges facing tourism in developed and developing countries.

Global Warming and China s Environmental Diplomacy

Author: Hongyuan Yu
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 1604560169
Release Date: 2008-01-01
Genre: Science

Since the early 1990s, there are two increasingly hot topics attracting numerous scholarly attentions in Chinese politics: first, it is the transformation of China's political system. Second, it is China's increasingly involvement in international regimes. Nevertheless, until now, there are only a few scholars to work out the distinctive relations between them, and even less people work on the bureaucratic politics level. By explaining and evaluating the development of policymaking coordination in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the author demonstrates the argument that international regimes have contributed to the development of coordination in Chinese Policymaking, taking the UNFCCC as a departure.

Energy Security in the Era of Climate Change

Author: L. Anceschi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9780230355361
Release Date: 2016-01-12
Genre: Political Science

Leading scholars assess the transformations in energy security policy that flow from recognition of global climate change. They explore through case studies the key policy responses formulated in the Asia-Pacific and identify potential synergies between energy policy and climate mitigation efforts.

Climate Change and Tourism

Author: Susanne Becken
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136471742
Release Date: 2012-06-25
Genre: Science

The contribution of tourism to climate change, and the likely consequences of climate change for key tourist destinations, has been well reported and discussed. Yet, there is a lack of evidence-based systematic practical advice as to how the tourism industry should respond to the challenge of climate change. Building on a sound conceptual understanding of the links between climate change and tourism, this book shows how the tourism sector might best respond. It not only focuses on the roles of supportive policies and institutions in ensuring a strong "enabling environment" for practical responses, but also on the practical responses themselves. This practical approach is presented through a large number of case studies and examples which illustrate how policy and industry initiatives have been implemented in tourism, and if or why they were successful. The majority of examples come from places such as the Caribbean, Spain, the Maldives, Nepal, and the UK, as well as Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the Pacific. The examples are presented within an overall framework that facilitates the translation of adaptation and mitigation policies into practice. This book offers the tourism industry, students and academics the opportunity to advance from the earlier, more conceptual texts on tourism and climate change by taking a much more practical approach. Its global coverage, through the use of international case studies, fosters a cross-fertilisation of ideas and initiatives. This text provides a detailed analysis of best practices in the face of climate change, across countries and geographically diverse tourist destinations and operations.

Climate Change and Tourism

Author: Prabha Shastri Ranade
ISBN: 8131427110
Release Date: 2012-01-12
Genre: Climatic changes

CONTENTS: Climate Change Impacts & Responses; Tourism Feels the Heat of Global Warming; Measuring the Environmental Impact of Travel: Business Intelligence for Informed Travel Choice; Too Hot to Handle? The Hospitality Industry Faces Up to Climate Change; Climate Change & the Caribbean; Climate Change & Local Awareness: A Comparative Study on Tourism Stakeholders in Zandvoort (NL) & Costa del Sol (ES); Climate Change Adaption & Mitigation in the Tourism Sector: Frameworks, Tools & Practices -- Adaptation; Climate Change & Nature -- Based Tourism, Outdoor Recreation, & Forestry in Ontario: Potential Effects & Adaptation Strategies; Weather & Climate as Limiting Factors in Winter Tourism in Polar Areas: Changing Climate & Nature -- Based Tourism in Northern Finland; Tourism Destinations -- Carbon Footprints.

Tourism Recreation and Climate Change

Author: Prof. C. Michael Hall
Publisher: Channel View Publications
ISBN: 9781845413149
Release Date: 2005-02-24
Genre: Business & Economics

Climate change is one of the major issues facing us today and has been described as a threat greater than terrorism. As the world's largest industry tourism both contributes to and will be dramatically affected by climate change. This is the first comprehensive book-level examination of the relationship between tourism and climate change, of interest not only to students of tourism but to policy makers and the industry who will have to respond to the challenges posed.

Managing Asian Destinations

Author: Ying Wang
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9789811084263
Release Date: 2018-04-05
Genre: Business & Economics

This book focuses on the planning, marketing, and management of Asian tourism destinations, and evaluates current developments within Southeast-Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific region. As more Asian destinations enter the global tourism arena and more Asian travellers look to explore destinations in Asia and beyond, an understanding of how Asian destinations practice tourism is crucial to the future sustainable development of global tourism. This book provides an invaluable stock of research and knowledge based on the Asian practice and experience in destination planning, marketing, and management, offering insights into the latest development and trends in the region.

The Economics of Climate Change in the Pacific

Author: Asian Development Bank
Publisher: Asian Development Bank
ISBN: 9789292543198
Release Date: 2013-11-01
Genre: Science

The Pacific developing member countries of the Asian Development Bank are highly vulnerable to the predicted effects of climate change, including higher sea levels, intense storm surges and cyclones, erratic rainfall patterns, and major temperature fluctuations. This study identifies the effects and quantifies the costs of these adverse outcomes to the Pacific island economies, with details provided for selected key sectors including agriculture, fisheries, tourism, coral reefs, and human health. It then presents policy recommendations and action steps for the countries to minimize or mitigate these impacts, particularly by mainstreaming climate change in their development plans, adopting forward-looking and risk-based approaches to climate change, and climate-proofing both their programs and infrastructure so that poverty eradication and sustainable development efforts can continue regardless of the vagaries of climate.

Tourismus und mobile Freizeit

Author: Roman Egger
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 9783738685930
Release Date: 2015-01-14
Genre: Business & Economics

Hat die Spaßgesellschaft ausgelacht und hat die Krise der Wirtschaft und der Werte sämtliche Lebensstrukturen durchdrungen, sodass schon aus psychohygienischen Gründen eine permanente Ablenkung erforderlich wird, um das Leben durchzustehen? Oder haben sich die Gewichte einfach so verschoben, dass Arbeit oder besser sinnstiftende Arbeit ihren Stellenwert zurückbekommen hat und sich in den Arbeitsprozessen heutzutage mehr Entfaltungsmöglichkeiten bieten, sich Arbeit und Freizeit also nicht mehr als Antipoden einander gegenüberstehen, sondern eher ineinander greifen? Sind Urlaubs- und Ferienzeiten einfach dadurch geprägt, dass man sich von Routinen befreit bewegen kann und das möglichst weit weg oder man an solche Orte reist, die der Anmutung von Paradiesen entsprechen, Heterotope mit Glückseligkeits¬versprechen, wohl wissend, dass es sich nur um ein zeitweiliges Abtauchen in solche Glücksräume handeln kann? Oder suchen wir nur nach Phasen der Ruhe, weil der kinetische Overkill zu einer Überhitzung des Systems Mensch führt, Kopf- wie Atemlosigkeit die Sinne benebeln und das Kontrastprogramm in einem demonstrativ rasenden Stillstand besteht, in Zeiträumen, in der Zeit keine dominierende Rolle spielt? Es sich leisten können, sich im Lotussitz niederzu¬lassen und die Augen auf die Ewigkeit zu richten – wäre das eine Alternative zu den Millionen Stunden verlorener Zeit in den Wartehallen der Flughäfen und im Stau auf Autobahnen? Die dramatischen Veränderungen in unseren Gesellschaften während der letzten Jahrzehnte haben Arbeit und Freizeit entgrenzt und ent¬koppelt, eigene und doch ineinander verzahnte Bereiche geschaffen. Was können wir erwarten und welche Aussichten ergeben sich im Kontext von Klimawandel, demographi¬schen Verschiebungen, der Beschleunigung des Lebens durch die Entwicklung der Technik – das sind entscheidende Fragen für den Tourismus- und Freizeitmarkt der Zukunft.

Tourism and Climate Change

Author: Dr. Susanne Becken
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
ISBN: 184541263X
Release Date: 2007-08-17
Genre: Business & Economics

This book discusses the tourism-climate system and provides a sound basis for those interested in tourism management and climate change mitigation, adaptation and policy. In the first three chapters, the book provides a general overview of the relationships between tourism and climate change and illustrates the complexity in four case studies that are relevant to the wide audience of tourism stakeholders. In the following seven chapters detailed discussion of the tourism and climate systems, greenhouse gas accounting for tourism, mitigation, climate risk management and comprehensive tourism-climate policies are provided. This book compiles and critically analyses the latest knowledge in this field of research and seeks to make it accessible to tourism practitioners and other stakeholders involved in tourism or climate change.

Economics of Climate Change in East Asia

Author: Michael I. Westphal
Publisher: Asian Development Bank
ISBN: 9789292542894
Release Date: 2015-01-01
Genre: Science

This regional study includes the People's Republic of China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Mongolia and examines how strategies for adapting to climate change up to 2050 can be combined with measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in East Asia. Besides discussing climate model results for costs of adaptation in infrastructure, coastal protection, and agriculture, the study estimates costs for sector-specific mitigation options and the total abatement potential for 2020 and 2030. Long-term strategies for addressing the impacts of climate change in East Asia are explored with a focus on the linkages between adaptation and mitigation taking account uncertainty about key climate variables. Finally, it discusses opportunities for enhancing the effectiveness of some critical climate change policies such as regional carbon market.