George H Morris

Author: George H. Morris
ISBN: 9781425102647
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Sports & Recreation

George H. Morris has challenged readers of The Chronicle of the Horse since 1989. This collection of his best 50 columns is a "must-have" book for any serious horseman.

Northern Virginia s Equestrian Heritage

Author: Mary Fishback
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9781439629161
Release Date: 2002-05-07
Genre: Nature

For over 200 years, Northern Virginia has enjoyed a respected reputation for its equestrian heritage. The present-day home of horse museums and libraries, as well as breeding, sports, and shows of all sort, Northern Virginia truly is “hunt country.” Northern Virginia's Equestrian Heritage showcases the area's early hunting history and offers a singular glimpse into the past glory days of fox hunts, hound-breeding, horse races, and horse shows. Beautiful estates where men and women gathered, partied, and hunted once dotted the landscape; today, however, many of these estates remain only in photographs and memories. The area's picturesque countryside has enticed well-known families, including the Kennedys and the DuPont Scotts, to join in the local favored pastime. Some of the world's best fox hunting took place in Loudoun County before the Civil War; afterwards, the hounds were let loose and very few quality packs remained. It took the combined help of fox hunters and land barons to reinstate the breeding of prestigious hounds and increase the sport's popularity once again. Upperville, the home of America's oldest horse show, dates to 1853 and has given shape to horse shows all over the country. Even women's place in equestrian history was rallied for in Northern Virginia; Viola Townsend Winmill, who became one of the “first ladies” of fox hunting, and her husband Robert C. Winmill lived in Warrenton for more than 50 years and played polo, raced horses, raised hounds, and collected coaches.

The Daily Telegraph Chronicle of Horse Racing

Author: Norman S. Barrett
ISBN: 0851126499
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Horse racing

The best articles and despatches of the last 100 years have been compiled to produce this chronicle. Reliving great moments and personalities of racing history that made the headlines, from Fred Archer and George Fordham to Red Rum's National success.

Sohn der Verdammnis

Author: Wendy Alec
ISBN: 3785760523
Release Date: 2011

Drei Brüder: Jason, Adrian und Nick. Der eine beherrscht das grösste Medienimperium der Welt. Der zweite ist Präsident der Europäischen Union. Der dritte ist ein Archäologe und Playboy im letzten Stadium von Aids. In New York versammelt sich der Rat der Illuminati. Flugzeuge stürzen in Wolkenkratzer, die globalen Märkte brechen zusammen, der Dritte Weltkrieg steht bevor. Jetzt ist die Zeit gekommen, da der Sohn der Verdammnis seine Herrschaft antritt. Er ist bereits mitten unter uns. Denn er ist einer der Brüder. Ein uralter Krieg steht vor der Entscheidung, der einst unter drei Brüdern im Himmel begann: Michael, Gabriel - und Lucifer.

Heimskringla The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway

Author: Snorri Sturluson
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 9781465503510
Release Date: 1889

Halfdan the Black got a wife called Ragnhild, a daughter of Harald Gulskeg (Goldbeard), who was a king in Sogn. They had a son, to whom Harald gave his own name; and the boy was brought up in Sogn, by his mother’s father, King Harald. Now when this Harald had lived out his days nearly, and was become weak, having no son, he gave his dominions to his daughter’s son Harald, and gave him his title of king; and he died soon after. The same winter his daughter Ragnhild died; and the following spring the young Harald fell sick and died at ten years of age. As soon as Halfdan the Black heard of his son’s death, he took the road northwards to Sogn with a great force, and was well received. He claimed the heritage and dominion after his son; and no opposition being made, he took the whole kingdom. Earl Atle Mjove (the Slender), who was a friend of King Halfdan, came to him from Gaular; and the king set him over the Sogn district, to judge in the country according to the country’s laws, and collect scat upon the king’s account. Thereafter King Halfdan proceeded to his kingdom in the Uplands. In autumn, King Halfdan proceeded to Vingulmark. One night when he was there in guest quarters, it happened that about midnight a man came to him who had been on the watch on horseback, and told him a war force was come near to the house. The king instantly got up, ordered his men to arm themselves, and went out of the house and drew them up in battle order. At the same moment, Gandalf’s sons, Hysing and Helsing, made their appearance with a large army. There was a great battle; but Halfdan being overpowered by the numbers of people fled to the forest, leaving many of his men on this spot. His foster-father, Olver Spake (the Wise), fell here. The people now came in swarms to King Halfdan, and he advanced to seek Gandalf’s sons. They met at Eid, near Lake Oieren, and fought there. Hysing and Helsing fell, and their brother Hake saved himself by flight. King Halfdan then took possession of the whole of Vingulmark, and Hake fled to Alfheimar.