The Right to Privacy

Author: Brandon Garrett
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 0823932362
Release Date: 2000-12-15
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Explains how privacy became a recognized right in the United States, what that right means, how it is enforced, how it varies due to age and location, and how it affects people.

Convicting the Innocent

Author: Brandon Garrett
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674060982
Release Date: 2011-08-04
Genre: Art

DNA exonerations have shattered confidence in the criminal justice system by exposing how often we have convicted the innocent and let the guilty walk free. In this unsettling analysis, Garrett examines what went wrong in the cases of the first 250 people exonerated by DNA testing, and proposes systemic reforms.

Too Big to Jail

Author: Brandon Garrett
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674368316
Release Date: 2014-11-03
Genre: Law

Taking readers into a complex, compromised world of backroom deals, this unprecedented look at what really happens when criminal charges are brought against a major company in the United States presents data from more than a decade of federal cases that reveals of pattern of negotiation and settlement.

The Death Penalty

Publisher: Foundation Press
ISBN: 1634603214
Release Date: 2018-06-09

The death penalty is contested across modern social, political, academic, and legal institutions, and this interdisciplinary text helps readers analyze that debate. It begins with Furman v. Georgia, which doubles as the Supreme Court's only decision striking down the death penalty and as the origin of the modern American death penalty. The text explores the legal rules and moral reasoning behind the principle that the death penalty be reserved for the worst offenders, as well as the most uncomfortable realities of American capital punishment--the likelihood of wrongful executions and the undeniable influence of race on death penalty practice. Discussion of law and theory is always supplemented with appropriate empirical studies, and is connected to the practice of lawyers on the ground. The text concludes with a glimpse to the future of the death penalty, and situates the increasingly exceptional American experience in an international context. This legal material is carefully presented so as to remain accessible to non-lawyers, and it is intended for anyone with an interest in capital punishment.

Federal Habeas Corpus

Author: Brandon Garrett
Publisher: Foundation Press
ISBN: 1609301889
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Law

This casebook is the first to cover federal habeas corpus comprehensively, presenting post-conviction review and executive detention litigation in an accessible way. It is designed both for standalone courses on habeas corpus, and for courses focusing on post-conviction litigation, wrongful convictions, and national security detention. The first two chapters introduce students to the habeas privilege and the Suspension Clause. A four-chapter unit on post-conviction litigation carefully explores cognizability, procedural doctrines, and merits adjudication. Two chapters develop the role habeas plays in review of immigration and other types of civil detention. A substantial two-chapter unit examines habeas review of military custody.

The Death Penalty

Author: Roger Hood
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 9780191005312
Release Date: 2015-01-08
Genre: Political Science

The fifth edition of this highly praised study charts and explains the progress that continues to be made towards the goal of worldwide abolition of the death penalty. The majority of nations have now abolished the death penalty and the number of executions has dropped in almost all countries where abolition has not yet taken place. Emphasising the impact of international human rights principles and evidence of abuse, the authors examine how this has fuelled challenges to the death penalty and they analyse and appraise the likely obstacles, political and cultural, to further abolition. They discuss the cruel realities of the death penalty and the failure of international standards always to ensure fair trials and to avoid arbitrariness, discrimination and conviction of the innocent: all violations of the right to life. They provide further evidence of the lack of a general deterrent effect; shed new light on the influence and limits of public opinion; and argue that substituting for the death penalty life imprisonment without parole raises many similar human rights concerns. This edition provides a strong intellectual and evidential basis for regarding capital punishment as undeniably cruel, inhuman and degrading. Widely relied upon and fully updated to reflect the current state of affairs worldwide, this is an invaluable resource for all those who study the death penalty and work towards its removal as an international goal.

For the Love of a Soldier

Author: Victoria Morgan
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101609217
Release Date: 2013-03-05
Genre: Fiction

From an enthralling new voice in historical romance comes a heartfelt tale of love, deception, and redemption in the face of mortal danger… Captain Garrett Sinclair, the Earl of Kendall, has returned to England a changed man. As a survivor of the legendary Charge of the Light Brigade, he has spent months as a remorseless rake and dissolute inebriate in order to forget it. But Garrett has also made powerful enemies who want him dead… Desperate and down to her last pound, Lady Alexandra Langdon has disguised herself as a man for a place at the gaming tables. But when a hard-eyed, handsome man wins the pot, he surprises her by refusing her money. Indebted, she divulges an overheard plot against his life, and promises to help him find his foes—for a price. But even as Alexandra fights her growing desire to reveal herself—and her heart—to the determined Garrett, she cannot shed the fear that the cost of her alliance with the earl may be a price too dear: her own secret betrayal.

Through the Eyes of a Champion

Author: Jeff Kinley
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781614581222
Release Date: 2001-08-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

An inspiring biography of a young man of integrity who achieved many things and excelled at life because of his love for Christ and humanity An excellent book to inspire the athlete in your family Great reading for all ages, but especially teens "We had team. We had unity. We had Brandon Burlsworth. He had a total commitment to be the best?" Houston Nutt, Head Football Coach at University Of Arkansas. Brandon Burlsworth could have been just another statistic of a young man who tragically lost his life in a 1999 car crash, just one of the many who was here and now is gone, only to be remembered by family and close friends. But Brandon Burlsworth is remembered by thousands as a Christian who lived as close to the mark as possible while excelling academically (Academic All-American), (All SEC, All-American guard for the Arkansas Razorbacks, selected in the draft to play for the Indianapolis Colts). Most importantly, Brandon Burlsworth excelled at life. A man of character and integrity, he left indelible marks on the lives of countless friends, acquaintances, and even those who only knew him as a player. This is a biography of an influential young man whose memory will live on through the many people who knew him and loved him.

Der Analyst

Author: Drew Chapman
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 9783641131661
Release Date: 2014-04-21
Genre: Fiction

Garrett Reilly ist ein Mann der Zahlen. Als der Bondtrader eines Abends im Computer Finanztransaktionen in Milliardenhöhe beobachtet, weiß er sofort, dass etwas nicht stimmt. Nur ein paar Stunden später steht die Agentin Alexis Truffant in Garretts Büro und will ihn für den Geheimdienst rekrutieren. Eher widerwillig lässt sich Garrett darauf ein und findet schnell heraus, dass China die Wirtschaft der USA durch gezielte Computermanipulationen zerstören will. Aber die Chinesen wissen längst von Garrett und wollen ihn mit allen Mitteln ausschalten ...

Power Rights in US Constitutional Law

Author: Thomas Lundmark
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780195368727
Release Date: 2008-04-17
Genre: Law

This book provides a coherent, readily accessible analysis of the tensions inherent in American constitutional law between the governing body and the governed. Combining extensive analysis with text from seminal Supreme Court decisions, each chapter examines different components of constitutional law. It has been updated to include the most current legislative and Supreme Court decisions affecting constitutional law.Part One examines the structure of the federal government of the United States, focusing on the core principles of separation of powers and federalism. Part Two presents an overview of the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. For ease of understanding, these are divided into liberty and equality rights. A thorough review for students of constitutional law as well as a systematic reference for lawyers and scholars, Power & Rights in U.S. Constitutional Law is an invaluable guide to the delicate balance between governmental power and the constitutional rights of individual citizens.

End of Its Rope

Author: Brandon L. Garrett
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674970991
Release Date: 2017-09-25
Genre: History

Today, death sentences in the U.S. are as rare as lightning strikes. Brandon Garrett shows us the reasons why, and explains what the failed death penalty experiment teaches about the effect of inept lawyering, overzealous prosecution, race discrimination, wrongful convictions, and excessive punishments throughout the criminal justice system.

The Machinery of Criminal Justice

Author: Stephanos Bibas
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199705511
Release Date: 2012-02-28
Genre: Law

Two centuries ago, American criminal justice was run primarily by laymen. Jury trials passed moral judgment on crimes, vindicated victims and innocent defendants, and denounced the guilty. But since then, lawyers have gradually taken over the process, silencing victims and defendants and, in many cases, substituting plea bargaining for the voice of the jury. The public sees little of how this assembly-line justice works, and victims and defendants have largely lost their day in court. As a result, victims rarely hear defendants express remorse and apologize, and defendants rarely receive forgiveness. This lawyerized machinery has purchased efficient, speedy processing of many cases at the price of sacrificing softer values, such as reforming defendants and healing wounded victims and relationships. In other words, the U.S. legal system has bought quantity at the price of quality, without recognizing either the trade-off or the great gulf separating lawyers' and laymen's incentives, values, and powers. In The Machinery of Criminal Justice, author Stephanos Bibas surveys the developments over the last two centuries, considers what we have lost in our quest for efficient punishment, and suggests ways to include victims, defendants, and the public once again. Ideas range from requiring convicts to work or serve in the military, to moving power from prosecutors to restorative sentencing juries. Bibas argues that doing so might cost more, but it would better serve criminal procedure's interests in denouncing crime, vindicating victims, reforming wrongdoers, and healing the relationships torn by crime.

Brilliant Mistakes

Author: Paul J. H. Schoemaker
Publisher: Wharton Digital Press
ISBN: 9781613630112
Release Date: 2011-11-08
Genre: Business & Economics

Named #1 Best Business Book of 2011, by If you have ever flown in an airplane, used electricity from a nuclear power plant, or taken an antibiotic, you have benefited from a brilliant mistake. Each of these life-changing innovations was the result of many missteps and an occasional brilliant insight that turned a mistake into a surprising portal of discovery. In Brilliant Mistakes, Paul Schoemaker, founder and chairman of Decision Strategies International, shares critical insights on the surprising benefits of making well-chosen mistakes. Brilliant Mistakes explores why minimizing mistakes may be the greatest mistake of all, situations when mistakes are most beneficial and when they should be avoided, the counter-intuitive idea that we should deliberately permit errors at times, and how to make the most of brilliant mistakes to improve business results. Brilliant Mistakes is based on solid academic research and insights from Schoemaker's work with more than 100 organizations, as well as his provocative Harvard Business Review article with Robert Gunther, "The Wisdom of Deliberate Mistakes." Schoemaker provides a practical roadmap for using mistakes to accelerate learning for your organization and yourself.