Body Count

Author: Burl Barer
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 9780786030255
Release Date: 2012-12-04
Genre: True Crime

Family man. Decorated Gulf War veteran. Serial Killer. “A must read” from the Edgar Award–winning author of Broken Doll (True Crime Book Reviews). On August 26, 1997, the decomposed bodies of two young women were discovered in Spokane, Washington. Within months, four more women were added to the mounting death toll. Authorities knew they were looking for a psychopath—but even they were shocked when they discovered who he was . . . By day, Robert Lee Yates Jr., was a respected father of five, a skilled helicopter pilot who served in Desert Storm and the National Guard, and the recipient of nearly a dozen military service awards. No one suspected him of a deadly secret life. By night he prowled Spokane’s “Skid Row” for prostitutes, and gained their trust before betraying them with a bullet to the head. From American hero to American psycho, award-winning journalist Burl Barer delves into the dark heart of one of the country’s most devious serial killers. “Brilliant investigative journalism . . . A nonstop chilling thrill ride into the mind of an evil and savage killer.” —Dan Zupansky, author of Trophy Kill

Body Count

Author: William John Bennett
ISBN: STANFORD:36105019236566
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Criminal justice, Administration of

"Body Count diagnoses America's plague of violent crime. Its authors - William Bennett, John DiIulio, and John Walters - define the epidemic's size, its range, and its scope. Through stories and anecdotes they present the very real human tragedies behind the numbers. Most important, they describe the source of violent crime: abject moral poverty, the destitution visited upon children raised without loving, capable, responsible adults who teach right from wrong. Though dozens of other explanations have been offered for America's horrifying rates of violent crime - from academics and clinicians, cops and social workers, politicians on the right and the left - they are, at best, proxies for the real cause. It is not prisons (or their scarcity), guns (or their excess), the death penalty, the exclusionary rule, or even material impoverishment. Look to the root of a criminally twisted tree, the authors argue, and you will find only moral poverty and its parasite: drug abuse." "And argue they do, with both powerful rhetoric and rigorous analysis. Bennett, DiIulio, and Walters demolish such myths as economic poverty causes crime; the United States imprisons a disproportionate number of its citizens; drug abuse is a victimless crime...and nothing useful can be done about it anyway; the death penalty is today a major deterrent of crime; and incarceration doesn't work." "Each and every one of these myths is not merely wrong but tragically mistaken. The authors draw upon an immense fund of hard data and offer some of the most serious analysis ever given to America's criminal justice system - a system designed to protect America from violent crime, a system that has, for all practical purposes, failed, with one in three violent crimes committed by a person on either probation, parole, or pre-trial release. Body Count offers a radically new reading of the problem, proposes controversial but necessary policies at every level of government, profiles cities that are making progress against violent crime, and appeals to responsible citizens from all points on the political compass to join forces in the battle against moral poverty. It is certain to be one of the most read, discussed, and argued about books of the year."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Body Count

Author: William Turner Huggett
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
ISBN: PSU:000012675203
Release Date: 1974-09-15
Genre: Vietnam War, 1961-1975

A novel about the fears and obsessions of a lieutenant and his men fighting in Vietnam in the sixties reveals the author's concern about the character of the United States Marine Corps

Body Count

Author: P.D. Martin
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781459211834
Release Date: 2011-09-15
Genre: Fiction

TO CATCH A KILLER, YOU HAVE TO THINK LIKE ONE FBI agent Sophie Anderson has been trained to uncover the minds of serial killers, to understand their vile impulses and cravings—to catch them before they kill again. Newly relocated from Australia, Sophie is settling in to her job at Quantico with the help of her new friend, Agent Samantha Wright, and a potential new boyfriend, Agent Josh Marco, and is quickly becoming the FBI's star profiler. The only problem is the nightmares. These intense images are more than dreams. They are psychic visions, like those she experienced during childhood when her brother was abducted. When grisly details match recent crime scene photos, she confides in Sam, and her visions lead to several breakthroughs in the case. But when Sam is abducted, Sophie must finally trust her visions and use them. She may not have been able to save her brother, but perhaps she can save Sam—and herself.

War Violence and Population

Author: James A. Tyner
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 9781606234013
Release Date: 2009-03-03
Genre: Social Science

Grounded in theory and research, this book offers a spatial perspective on how and why populations are regulated and disciplined by mass violence—and why these questions matter for scholars concerned about social justice. James Tyner focuses on how states and other actors use acts of brutality to manage, administer, and control space for political and economic purposes. He shows how demographic analyses of fertility, mortality, and migration cannot be complete without taking war and genocide into account. Stark, in-depth case studies provide a powerful and provocative basis for retheorizing population geography. Winner--AAG Meridian Book Award for Outstanding Scholarly Work in Geography

Body Count

Author: Peter Gill
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 9781847651082
Release Date: 2010-09-03
Genre: Social Science

With 20 million dead and another 40 million infected, AIDS is the world's worst epidemic, but the catastrophe could have been prevented. This book shows how millions could have been saved and many millions more infections could have been prevented if the world had responded properly to the crisis. Peter Gill reveals how politicians and religious leaders in both the rich and poor worlds have failed in their duty to protect their people from the disease. Simple messages about safe sex and condoms have been consistently downplayed out of embarrassment or misplaced moral fervour. Just as the world begins to wake up to the enormity of the AIDS disaster, the America of George W. Bush is threatening to undermine the global effort. The Christian Right has decided that sexual abstinence is the answer to the pandemic. Big business manoeuvres to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry against cheap AIDS drugs from developing countries. And the US challenges every other Aids initiative that does not square with its determination to export a conservative and Christian ideology. Twenty-five years on from the first identification of AIDS in America in 1981, this book at last fixes historical and contemporary responsibility for the tragedy.


Author: Kevin Eastman
ISBN: 1932413995
Release Date: 2008-06-01
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels


Body Count

Author: William Kienzle
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9781449423711
Release Date: 2012-11-13
Genre: Fiction

"As regular as the solstice, Kienzle annually provides a new Catholic whodunit, inviting the readers to shut out the rest of the world and spend a few absorbing hours watching his venerable alter ego, Koesler, peel back the layers of a puzzle to plumb the tortured depths of the human should and elegantly solve a murder." —Chicago Tribune "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I killed a priest." So begins Father Robert Koesler's fourteenth compelling involvement in a murder mystery. Echoing the moral dilemma of William X. Kienzle's classic mystery The Rosary Murders, Father Koesler is bound by the storied seal of the confessional. But is he? By odd coincidence, a new priest-in-residence, Father Nick Dunn, overhears the confession and Dunn, a product of the modern church, contests Father Koesler's need for silence. To his further distress, Father Koesler discovers that Father Dunn has joined him in his rectory not only to study at the University of Detroit, as he had claimed, but to apprentice himself to Father Koesler as an amateur detective! In the extraordinary confession heard by both priests, they learn that the murder of the priest Father John Keating was part of a contract. The Detroit Police Department, unaware of Father John Keating's fate, calls on Father Koesler to aid in finding the missing priest. Father Koesler faces the ultimate dilemma. He knows that what the police think is a missing persons case actually is a homicide. He also knows whodunit, but may tell no one. More—he must keep a tight rein on Father Dunn. This page-turner is Kienzle at his finest: a narrative of murder most foul and most funny.

Body Count

Author: Shaun Hutson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781405514521
Release Date: 2011-12-15
Genre: Fiction

The figure in the mask stumbles bleeding through the streets, his pursuers closing in. They also wear masks, but they don't stumble. They stalk. They carry machetes, clubs and knives. And they know how to use them . . . Who is kidnapping seemingly random victims and then slaughtering them in an elaborate game of cat and mouse? And why are these murders being streamed over the internet? Watching the horror unfold at New Scotland Yard is Detective Inspector Joe Chapman who searches for clues, hints - anything that might tell him where and when this savage hunt is happening. He'd give anything to know. But DI Chapman is about to learn that you should be careful what you wish for. Very soon, he will be closer to the blood-letting than he could have imagined. Forced to fight for his life and the life of someone he holds dear, the only way out looks to be to rack up the biggest body count. But even that might not be enough.

Body Count

Author: Darrell James
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595377831
Release Date: 2006-01
Genre: Fiction

Bodies pile up fast and furiously in this off-tilt, macabre collection of stories from author Darrell James. From "Who Wants To Kill Billy Tingle? (Raise Your Hand)" where a parlor full of jilted women have come together to decide the fate of their philandering lover. To "A Miracle for Father Vega"-where a humble priest decides murder can sometimes be a blessing. The author rounds out his grisly tales with a cast that includes bumbling extortionists, larcenous senior citizens, and lovers on the con, dropping them onto a landscape where murder has become the solution of choice. "Suspense never had it so good! Darrell James' range is not boxed into one aspect of the mystery genre and his characters are a Cracker Jack box of surprises!" -Babs Lakey, publisher FMAM 1996-2005, psychological suspense writer. "Darrell James has created unforgettable characters with stories to please; from the sci-fi flavored Lydia, to the hilarious Sweaty Money, to the horrifying Running in Place. And don't miss the tragic, yet triumphant Motherhouse." -Sue Ann Jaffarian, author of the award winning Odelia Grey Mystery Series.

Body Count Inspector Ikmen Mystery 16

Author: Barbara Nadel
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 9780755388950
Release Date: 2014-01-02
Genre: Fiction

Any bloody death will lead Inspectors Çetin Ikmen and Mehmet Süleyman out onto the dark streets of Istanbul. On 21 January, a half-decapitated corpse in the poor multicultural district of Tarlabasi poses a particularly frustrating and gruesome mystery. But as the months pass and the violence increases, it turns into a hunt for that rare phenomenon in the golden city on the Bosphorus: a serial killer. Desperate to uncover the killer's twisted logic as the body count rises, Ikmen and Süleyman find only more questions. How are the victims connected? What is the significance of the number 21? And how many Istanbullus must die before they find the answers?

Body Count

Author: LLC Books
Publisher: Books LLC
ISBN: 1156032385
Release Date: 2010-05

Chapters: Ernie C, D-Roc the Executioner, Victor Ray Wilson, . Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 20. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Body Count is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1990. The group was founded by Ice-T, best known for his contributions to the hip hop genre. Ice-T founded the group out of his interest in heavy metal, and took on the role of vocalist for the group, writing the lyrics for most of the group's songs, while the music was written by lead guitarist Ernie C. The group's self-titled debut album was released on Sire Records in 1992. The song "Cop Killer" was the subject of much controversy. Although Sire Records' parent company, Warner Bros. Records, defended the single, Ice-T chose to remove the track from the album because he felt that the controversy had eclipsed the music itself. The group left Sire the following year. Since then, they have released three further albums on different labels, none of which have been received as commercially or critically well as their debut album. Tracy Marrow, best known under the stage name Ice-T, had long had an interest in heavy metal and other genres of rock music, even before becoming famous as a rapper. He founded Body Count out of this interest. The band was composed of musicians Ice-T had known from Crenshaw High School. Ice-T cowrote the band's music and lyrics with lead guitarist Ernie C, and took on the duties of lead vocalist, even though he felt that he did not have a great singing voice. Aside from Ice-T and Ernie C, the original line-up consisted of Mooseman on bass, Beatmaster V on drums and D-Roc on rhythm guitar. According to Ice-T, "We named the group Body Count because every Sunday night in L.A., I'd watch the news, and the newscasters would tally up the youths killed in gang hom...http: //