Batman The War Years 1939 1945

Author: Roy Thomas
Publisher: Chartwell Books
ISBN: 9780785832836
Release Date: 2015-10-01
Genre: Art

New compilation of comic books from the early years of Batman detailing his involvement in WW2. First time ever look at Batman in this view of war. Batman, created in 1939, the caped crusader, lone mysterious vigilante, brooding anti hero. He was a great detective and solved crime in Gotham City. Here we see him battling Hitler and fighting the war.

Wonder Woman The War Years 1941 1945

Author: Roy Thomas
Publisher: Chartwell Books
ISBN: 9780785832843
Release Date: 2015-11-02
Genre: Art

New compilation of comic books from the early years of Wonder Woman detailing her involvement in WW2. First time ever look at Wonder Woman in this view of war. Wonder Woman, created in 1941, is the most popular female superhero of all time. Aside from Superman and Batman, no superhero has lasted as long or commanded such a passionate following.

Superman The War Years 1938 1945

Author: Roy Thomas
Publisher: Chartwell Books
ISBN: 9780785832829
Release Date: 2015-10-01
Genre: Art

New compilation of comic books from the early years of Superman detailing his involvement in WW2. First time ever look at Superman in this view of war. Superman was not like any previous comic book character. He was the first costumed man with two identities, who possessed extraordinary strength and powers. He would protect the public when ordinary measures would not do. He was not the first super hero, but the Man of Steel would become the prototype for all super heroes thereafter.

Gender Branding and the Modern Music Industry

Author: Kristin J. Lieb
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351662840
Release Date: 2018-01-12
Genre: Social Science

Gender, Branding, and the Modern Music Industry combines interview data with music industry professionals with theoretical frameworks from sociology, mass communication, and marketing to explain and explore the gender differences female artists experience. This book provides a rare lens on the rigid packaging process that transforms female artists of various genres into female pop stars. Stars—and the industry power brokers who make their fortunes—have learned to prioritize sexual attractiveness over talent as they fight a crowded field for movie deals, magazine covers, and fashion lines, let alone record deals. This focus on the female pop star’s body as her core asset has resigned many women to being "short term brands," positioned to earn as much money as possible before burning out or aging ungracefully. This book, which includes interview data from music industry insiders, explores the sociological forces that drive women into these tired representations, and the ramifications for the greater social world.

Keywords for American Cultural Studies Second Edition

Author: Bruce Burgett
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9780814725313
Release Date: 2014-12-19
Genre: Literary Criticism

Since its initial publication, scholars and students alike have turned to Keywords for American Cultural Studies as an invaluable resource for understanding key terms and debates in the fields of American studies and cultural studies. As scholarship has continued to evolve, this revised and expanded second edition offers indispensable meditations on new and developing concepts used in American studies, cultural studies, and beyond. It is equally useful for college students who are trying to understand what their teachers are talking about, for general readers who want to know what’s new in scholarly research, and for professors who just want to keep up. Designed as a print-digital hybrid publication, Keywords collects more than 90 essays—30 of which are new to this edition—from interdisciplinary scholars, each on a single term such as “America,” “culture,” “law,” and “religion.” Alongside “community,” “prison,” "queer," “region,” and many others, these words are the nodal points in many of today’s most dynamic and vexed discussions of political and social life, both inside and outside of the academy. The Keywords website, which features 33 essays, provides pedagogical tools that engage the entirety of the book, both in print and online. The publication brings together essays by scholars working in literary studies and political economy, cultural anthropology and ethnic studies, African American history and performance studies, gender studies and political theory. Some entries are explicitly argumentative; others are more descriptive. All are clear, challenging, and critically engaged. As a whole, Keywords for American Cultural Studies provides an accessible A to Z survey of prevailing academic buzzwords and a flexible tool for carving out new areas of inquiry.

On Racial Icons

Author: Nicole R. Fleetwood
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813565132
Release Date: 2015-07-15
Genre: Social Science

What meaning does the American public attach to images of key black political, social, and cultural figures? Considering photography’s role as a means of documenting historical progress, what is the representational currency of these images? How do racial icons “signify”? Nicole R. Fleetwood’s answers to these questions will change the way you think about the next photograph that you see depicting a racial event, black celebrity, or public figure. In On Racial Icons, Fleetwood focuses a sustained look on photography in documenting black public life, exploring the ways in which iconic images function as celebrations of national and racial progress at times or as a gauge of collective racial wounds in moments of crisis. Offering an overview of photography’s ability to capture shifting race relations, Fleetwood spotlights in each chapter a different set of iconic images in key sectors of public life. She considers flash points of racialized violence in photographs of Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till; the political, aesthetic, and cultural shifts marked by the rise of pop stars such as Diana Ross; and the power and precarity of such black sports icons as Serena Williams and LeBron James; and she does not miss Barack Obama and his family along the way. On Racial Icons is an eye-opener in every sense of the phrase. Images from the book. (

Batman Bat Signal

Author: Running Press
Publisher: Running PressMiniature Editions
ISBN: 0762445262
Release Date: 2012-05-22
Genre: Humor

As "The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters in July, fans can call upon the Dark Knight himself with this replica of the Bat Signal, which lights up to project the iconic winged Batman symbol. Includes a full-color book of Batman history.

Mera Tidebreaker

Author: Danielle Paige
Publisher: DC Ink
ISBN: 140128339X
Release Date: 2019-04-02
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Princess Mera is teenage royalty and heir to the throne of Xebel, a penal colony ruled by the other no-so-lost land under the sea, Atlantis. Her father, his court, and the entire kingdom are expecting her to marry and introduce a new king. But Mera is destined to wear a different crown.... When the Xebellian military plots to overthrow Atlantis and break free of its oppressive regime, Mera seizes the opportunity to take control over her own destiny by assassinating Arthur Curry--the long-lost prince and heir to the kingdom of Atlantis. But her mission gets sidetracked when Mera and Arthur unexpectedly fall in love. Will Arthur Curry be the king at Mera's side, or will he die under her blade as she attempts to free her people from persecution? An astonishing story that explores duty, love, heroism and freedom, all through the eyes of readers' favorite undersea royalty. From New York Times best-selling author Danielle Paige (Dorothy Must Die) and artist Stephen Byrne comes a Mera and Aquaman origin story that explores Mera's first steps on land, and her first steps as a hero or villain, forcing her to choose to follow her heart or her mission to kill.

Graphic Storytelling

Author: Will Eisner
ISBN: 0961472820
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Literary Criticism

Examines the fundamentals of storytelling in comic book style and offers advice on story construction and visual narratives.


Author: Greg Rucka
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 1563897261
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

Picking up where 'Batman - No man's land volume 5' left off, this trade paperback begins the rebirth of Gotham City. Once again sanctioned by the government, Gotham finds itself on the brink of a civil war between the OG's, those that stayed in Gotham when it was declared off limits, and the DeeZee's, those that left and have now returned. As Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl try to prevent a war on the streets from breaking out, the Dark Knight's greatest nemesis, Ra's al Ghul, enacts a deadly plot that will first consume the city and then the world.

How Comics Reflect Society

Author: Björn Saemann
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 9783640831128
Release Date: 2011-02-15
Genre: Literary Criticism

Master's Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 1,5, University of Hildesheim (Institut für englische Sprache und Literatur ), language: English, abstract: American superhero-comics have been around for over 70 years now. In that period not only the genre and its medium matured but also the social, cultural and political environment changed. This paper hypothesizes that superhero comics change over time to stay relevant and that the observant reader can make conclusions about the time during which a comic was written by analyzing it. The first part of this paper gives a short summary of the history of superhero comics from the creation of Superman in 1939 to the Modern Age of Comics. It explains how the superhero comic originated in the late 1930s, blossomed in the 1940s, struggled in the 1950s and reinvented itself in the 1960s. Events like the introduction of the Comic Book Code and the death of Gwen Stacy will be presented and it will be explained why they had an immense impact on the comic-book culture. Also, the definition of the term superhero will be discussed. Afterwards, the essay focuses on the different kinds of comic-book revisionism and the different reasons for it. This and the chapters before help to understand how the comic book industry works and how innovations in comic books are introduced and why they happen. The main part of the essay continues to prove the hypothesis on the example of three superheroes that have all existed since the Golden Age of Comics: Wonder Woman, Captain America and Batman. Each of those superheroes will provide an example for a different kind of social change: With the help of Wonder Woman, the change of the women's role and the change of feminism will be examined. Captain America is a great example of a superhero created out of a social and political need and of the struggle that arises when this need is fulfilled. He also poses as an example for how comics comment on political changes. Finally, the Batman comics are used to illustrate the power Dr. Frederic Wertham's book Seduction of the Innocent had over society and over comics itself. That chapter also discusses what the changes, made to Batman comics in reaction to the accusation of homosexuality, say about the reputation of homosexuals in the 1950s. The last part of this essay gives an example for the possibilities to use this topic in school, in English as a foreign language or history classes.

Jerry Robinson

Author: N.C. Christopher Couch
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 0810977648
Release Date: 2010-09-01
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

Describes the life and career of the comic book artist known for creating such iconic comic book characters as Robin and the Joker.


Author: Jack C. Harris
ISBN: 1852866055
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Batman (Fictitious character)

When young Bruce Wayne finds the living brain of his father stored in a unique chemical compound, he attempts to restore Thomas Wayne to life. But the experiment goes awry and when the fearsome Bat-man is unleashed, only Bruce can set things right - by destroying the creature that was his father.


Author: Peter Coogan
Publisher: Monkeybrain
ISBN: STANFORD:36105114428712
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

An upbeat evaluation of the superhero genre traces its roots in mythology, science fiction, and pulp magazines while chronicling its development to current venues in film, literature, and graphic novels. Original.