La ballata di Adam Henry

Author: Ian McEwan
Publisher: Giulio Einaudi Editore
ISBN: 9788858417461
Release Date: 2016-01-12
Genre: Fiction

Una travolgente passione per la vita può accompagnarsi a una strenua volontà autodistruttiva. Fiona Maye, stimato giudice dell'Alta Corte britannica, vede le due forze all'opera nel giovane Adam Henry, malato di leucemia, che per ubbidire a un precetto religioso rifiuta la trasfusione che può salvarlo. Stretta nella morsa di una vita privata fragile e di un ruolo pubblico che la vuole esempio di misura e distacco, Fiona dovrà dare un nuovo senso alla parola responsabilità.


Author: Adam Henry Carriere
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1520136773
Release Date: 2016-12-19

"Every bit as intense and vivid as James Joyce's 'Araby', this tender, sweet tale nearly startles in the accuracy of its portrayal of the powerful emotions of young love," MILES takes you on an unforgettable journey through the limbo of emerging sexuality to chronicle a way of life barely imagined by those outside its boundaries. With the shadow of his parents' bitter divorce looming over him, Miles struggles to make meaning of his emerging gay identity. By accompanying Miles on his passage, you will be repaid in pure entertainment, with players who are natural forces, emotional outcomes that will please you, and a quest that continually asks you what friendship and love not only are but can become. And without apology or cliché MILES gives readers a series of literary yet dynamic, bittersweet yet romantic ripostes. If you think that only one thing can happen between gay teenagers, surprise and delight awaits you in this "strangely beautiful work of art."


Author: Ian McEwan
Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG
ISBN: 9783257604528
Release Date: 2015-01-09
Genre: Fiction

Scheidungen, Sorgerecht, Fragen des Kindeswohls – das ist das Spezial­gebiet der Richterin Fiona Maye. In ihrer eigenen, kinderlosen Ehe ist sie seit über dreißig Jahren glücklich. Bis zu dem Tag, als ihr Mann ihr einen schockierenden Vorschlag unterbreitet und ihr ein dringlicher Gerichtsfall vorgelegt wird, in dem es für einen 17-jährigen Jungen um Leben und Tod geht.

Und das ewige Licht leuchte ihr

Author: Ann Granger
ISBN: 9783838708898
Release Date: 2011-06-24
Genre: Fiction

Lange Zeit hat Fran Varady nichts mehr von Edna gehört, einer schrulligen Stadtstreicherin, die sie von früher kennt und die mit wilden Katzen als einziger Gesellschaft auf einem Friedhof lebte. Doch dann kreuzt sie unvermittelt wieder ihren Weg. Inzwischen wohnt Edna in einem Heim, verbringt ihre Tage allerdings wie früher, indem sie planlos durch die Gegend streift. Scheinbar - denn Fran glaubt, eine Methode in ihrem Wahnsinn zu erkennen. Sie ist sich sicher, dass Edna verfolgt wird, und will der Frau helfen. Doch niemand glaubt ihr. Bis ein Mord geschieht ...

The Education of Henry Adams

Author: Henry Adams
Publisher: e-artnow
ISBN: 9788074842962
Release Date: 2013-08-20
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

This carefully crafted ebook: "The Education of Henry Adams" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Henry Adams (1838-1918) was a member of the political family founded by John Adams during the American Revolution. While his ambitions were literary and historical (his major work is a massive history of the United States in the age of Jefferson), he was not completely immune from the political life. The Education of Henry Adams is the Pulitzer Prize winning autobiography of Henry Adams. He recounts the education he received, lamenting that formal schooling failed to prepare him for a century of technological and philosophical change. This book is an excellent way to learn about 19th century America, interestingly he chose the third person to tell his own story The Education is much more a record of Adams's introspection than of his deeds. It is an extended meditation on the social, technological, political, and intellectual changes that occurred over Adams's lifetime. Adams concluded that his traditional education at Harvard failed to help him come to terms with the rapid changes he saw in his lifetime; hence his need for self-education. Many consider this the best autobiography ever written.

A balada de Adam Henry

Author: Ian McEwan
Publisher: Editora Companhia das Letras
ISBN: 9788543802121
Release Date: 2014-11-17
Genre: Fiction

Neste romance sombrio e poderoso, uma juíza em meio a uma crise familiar se deixa envolver por um garoto culto e sedutor. Poucos autores de língua inglesa são mais importantes na atualidade do que Ian McEwan. Em quarenta anos de carreira, ele compôs marcos da literatura contemporânea, como Amor sem fim (1997), Amsterdam (1998) e Reparação (2001). Seus livros são conhecidos pela precisão da prosa, pela atmosfera de suspense e estranhamento e também pelas viradas surpreendentes da trama, que puxam o tapete do leitor ao final do livro. Nos últimos anos, o traço decisivo de sua literatura tem sido a defesa da racionalidade científica contra os fundamentalismos religiosos. É esse o embate que está no cerne de A balada de Adam Henry. A personagem central é Fiona Maye, uma juíza do Tribunal Superior especialista em Direito da Família. Ela é conhecida pela "imparcialidade divina e inteligência diabólica", na definição de um colega de magistratura. Mas seu sucesso profissional esconde fracassos na vida privada. Prestes a completar sessenta anos, ela ainda se arrepende de não ter tido filhos e vê seu casamento desmoronar. Assim que seu marido faz as malas e sai de casa, Fiona tem de lidar com o caso de um garoto de dezessete anos chamado Adam Henry. Ele sofre de leucemia e depende de uma transfusão de sangue para sobreviver. Seus familiares, contudo, são Testemunhas de Jeová e resistem ao procedimento. O dilema não se resume à decisão judicial. Como nos demais casos que julga, Fiona argumenta com brilho em favor do racionalismo e repele os arroubos do fervor religioso. Mas Adam se insinua de modo inesperado na vida da juíza. Revela-se um garoto culto e sensível e lhe dedica um poema incisivo: "A balada de Adam Henry". Os sentimentos despertados pelo garoto a surpreendem e incomodam.

The Political Education of Henry Adams

Author: Brooks D. Simpson
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 1570030537
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

In this lively work of revisionism, Brooks D. Simpson offers a new understanding of Henry Adams's political career, looking beyond the oft-quoted Education of Henry Adams to discover the historian, journalist, and political gadfly as he truly was. In doing so, Simpson challenges portrayals presented by Adams's many biographers and reassesses positions of major historians. He demonstrates the unreliability of The Education as a factual account of post-Civil War American politics, cautions those who represent Adams as a typical political reformer, and discusses why Adams's fervent desire to achieve political success ended in abject failure. Arguing that Adams sought political influence and power, not office, Simpson follows the young republican's struggle to reconcile the dictates of family heritage with his own personal inclinations by carving out a career as a political journalist and behind-the-scenes manipulator of reform politics. But his arrogance and sarcasm, according to Simpson, doomed him to offend the very people he sought to influence and forced him to the margins of the reform movement. Simpson contends that even as Adams wrote about his failure in The Education of Henry Adams, he sought to conceal its true causes behind a facade of witty, derisive remarks about American politics and politicians. In contrast, Simpson places the blame for Adams's failure squarely on Adams himself, concluding that personality rather than politics thwarted his promising career.

Marriages of Loudoun County Virginia 1757 1853

Author: Mary Alice Wertz
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com
ISBN: 9780806311036
Release Date: 1985
Genre: Reference

This is a comprehensive listing of the 12,000 persons who were married in Loudoun County from the date of its creation until the introduction of marriage licenses in 1853. And not only does the work provide us with a list of married couples but also with all the other information in the records likely to be of value to the researcher: date of marriage bond and ceremony, place of residence, age, names of parents or names of bondsmen, sureties, and witnesses.

Henry Adams and the American Naturalist Tradition

Author: Harold Kaplan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351516006
Release Date: 2017-07-05
Genre: Literary Criticism

The naturalist tradition in American fiction was a product of the tremendous changes wrought in late nineteenth-century America by the development of science and technology and by the intellectual upheavals associated with the ideas of Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud. This book is an account of naturalism, perhaps the strongest and most influential intellectual tradition or, as Harold Kaplan would argue, mythology to affect modern American literature and culture.Kaplan approaches the naturalist writers through a study of Henry Adams. He sees in Adams the paradigmatic intelligence of his time a prophetic mind, though not a seminal one and a man absorbed with the twin notions of power and order. Adams's major work illustrates the joining of a literary imagination and moral temperament with an almost obsessive response to the science, economic life, and politics of his world. Adams's work exemplifies what Kaplan calls the myth of metapolitics a view of human struggle and fate profoundly dominated by naturalist concepts of power.Kaplan then turns to the fascination that power in its various manifestations material, moral, social, political held for writers such as Dreiser, Norris, Crane, and others. Their dramatic plots, characters, and allegorical images are examined in detail. In wider reference, this book should concern those who are interested in problems of modern ethics and politics in the effort to harmonize concepts of value with images of power and natural order.